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“Wake Up”, my little sister screamed at me. Once I rose from my bed, she took off to go wake our Mom. Even though my sister was 12 years old, she was awfully pushy. I didn’t need an alarm clock ’cause she’d wake me every morning. She took the responsibility for waking people up in the morning. She’d also take the responsibility for pushing me around. Often times I wondered who was in charge, Mom or my little sister? I don’t know why I took her verbal assault since she is seven years younger than me. I guess I did it because I was a nice person, and I loved her.

I jumped in the shower to get the day started. I had a long day ahead of me. I had several exams to take at school, and I didn’t need anything to go wrong that day. Of course, it doesn’t ever work out that way.

“Damnit Tara, you used all the hot water again”. I complained.

“Sorry”, she said in a sweet voice.

I could never get pissed at Tara, she was so sweet and so cute, especially since she hit puberty. I thought it would work the other way, but thank God it didn’t. When she hit puberty at her early age, I thought I was in for it, but it didn’t happen that way at all. I also figured that it wouldn’t be too long before I was meeting some punk kid she called her boyfriend. I was lucky that that hadn’t happened either.

I finished getting ready, fixed myself breakfast, and fixed Tara’s breakfast as well. Our Mom had already left while I was in the shower. Our Mom just got up and left to work today, just like everyday. Tara and I ate breakfast and left. I dropped her off at school, and then made my way to my college. My first test of the day was on genetics. I never got genetics, especially when I related it to my family.

I looked nothing like my Mom, and Tara didn’t look like her either. My Mom had dark brown hair and brown eyes, I had light brown hair and green eyes, and Tara had blonde hair and hazel eyes. If any members of our family looked even close to the other, I’d say Tara looked a little like me when I was young. I had blonde hair and hazel eyes like she does, but my hair turned brown and my eyes turned green. She managed to keep her blonde hair. I’m glad she didn’t change, Tara was a cutey. She had her blonde hair at shoulder length, she was in great shape for a little girl, her size was perfect for her, lean, but not too lean. And her little smile could light up a room.

I somehow puled through the day and went home. Tara was already home. Mom had picked her up from school. However, Mom wasn’t home.

“Hey, were’d Mom go?”, I asked Tara.

“She just left, She’ll be out all night with friends from work.”, Tara replied.

So, I made dinner, and put on a movie, in hopes Tara would get tired. After dinner and the movie, she started falling asleep. I carried her into her room and laid her on her bed. “Goodnight.”, I said.

I leaned down to kiss her on the forehead, but as I did, she quickly reached up and puled my head down, and our lips met. This was no sisterly kiss. She didn’t know how to French kiss, so she just pressed her lips to mine for a long time. I was shocked at first, I felt something gaining in stature in my pants. I couldn’t let her know, so I pulled away, told her to go to sleep, and left her room.

I stripped to my boxers and climbed in bed. I tried to sleep, but that kiss just kept replaying in my head. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t aroused by the thought of it. I did manage to finally fall asleep. I had a dream of Tara. We both were completely naked. She told me to lay down, and I did as I was told. She stood over me. I stared at her little forming breasts, then my eyes wondered to her still hairless center.

She crouched next me, took my penis in her hand, and lowered her head to it. She took the tip in her mouth. She licked around it, and slowly started bobbing her head up and down over my prick. It felt so good. I wasn’t disgusted over the thought that this was my baby sister. I was overcome by the feeling. It felt so real. And then I awoke.

I lay silent, before regaining my senses. I felt something warm on my dick. I looked down and realized that I wasn’t just dreaming. Tara was sucking my cock. She didn’t really know how. She just had her mouth over the tip of it, bobbing her head up and down. She was completely naked, but I still had my boxers on even though they were around my thighs. Her small lips caressed the head, then she moved down further on my pole. She took as much of it in her mouth as she could. This attempt at a blow job was very inexperienced, but what Tara lacked in knowledge and experience, she made up for in trying. With her mouth stuffed full with my cock, she started sucking on it like a straw. It felt so good, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I sat up, pulled her away, and laid her down on the bed. I moved to position myself over her, but she said, “No I want to be on top”.

I rolled her over onto me. She straddled me. I told her to raise up a little. She did as told, and I positioned my throbbing manhood up to her very young, hairless, and unexplored pussy. I rubbed the head of it into her entrance, but it wouldn’t go in with a gentle push. I didn’t want to hurt her. I tried it again with a little more force, but it didn’t go in. So, I took hold of her hips, pushed her down hard, and I slid into my baby sister’s cunt.

She let out a load moan mixed with pain and pleasure. She sat there relishing in the feeling more a few moments before slowly rocking up and down. I felt like I was going to cum. She was so hot and wet, and very, very tight. Her pussy felt like it was trying to choke my prick to death. The pleasure was intense. She started picking up speed. Her little ass slapped against my thighs. She thrust faster and faster. Moans escaped her lips, and sweat formed on her face. My little sister fucked me hard.

As my manhood plummeted in and out of her steamy channel, I took hold of her ass cheeks greedily. I felt her pussy muscles start to clench and I knew she would cum soon. I told her to stop. She started to slow down, and then finally stopped.

“Fuck me doggy-style” she demanded.

“Where did you learn this?” I asked.

“I found one of Mom’s adult tapes and watched them, now fuck me.”

My sister’s dirty language just turned me on more. She lifted herself off of me and got in position. I came up behind her. I put my cock to the entrance of her core. Before I attempted to enter her, I stared at her lovely, tight ass. She looked so perfect, I just wanted to fuck the hell out of her. I pushed into her. This time I was a little easier to enter her. I wasted no time. I took hold of her little hips and pumped my cock in and out of her as fast as I could. She screamed in pleasure. I thought if Mom came home now, we’d be dead. I was sure the neighbors could hear her.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

I fucked her hard, and then stopped.

“Come on, fuck me.” She demanded again.

I started driving in and out of her again, but this time, very slow. I kept up the lovely torture for several minutes before exiting her.

“What are you doing?” she wondered.

I pushed her onto her back, positioned myself over her and inserted my prick into her fiery pussy again. I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. I Looked into her face, her eyes were half closed, I could tell she was totally gone, abandoning herself to the act. Our hips slammed together as I drove into her cunt. She started writhing in pleasure. She cocked her head back, arched her back off the bed, and let out a load scream as she came. I was right behind her and soon filled her young pussy with my cum. She then slowly faded, and passed out.

I laid next to her and held her naked body in my arms until I fell asleep. The next morning she woke me up especially early with a wake up call similar to the one the night before. Amazingly Mom didn’t hear us. Since that time, we have fucked many more times, but we halted it when we found out that she is pregnant. Now I just have to find a way to tell Mom who the father is.

-The End-