BIRTHDAY GIFT I’m teaching my Social Studies class when someone sticks their head in the door and lets me know I have a phone call.

Who would be calling me during school hours, I wonder to myself.

I tell the 11th graders to behave themselves while I’m gone. I go to the Administration office, pick up the phone and impatiently speak.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“Is this Mrs Thompson?” a strange female voice answers.

“Yes, I answer back. Mrs Sarah Thompson.

What is it you want? I’m right in the middle of a class and your interrupting me.”

“Listen, and listen carefully, the voice sounded sinister. We have your daughter Lisa. If you don’t want any harm to come to her you will do as I say.”

My blood ran cold. Are they lying, I wondered. I took my daughter to school this morning at the Jr High. How could someone have her.

Suddenly I hear Lisa on the phone.

“Do what they say Mom or their going to hurt me. Please.”

The other voice comes back on the phone. “Do I have your attention now Mrs Thompson?”

“Yes, I quickly answered. Don’t hurt my daughter. I’ll do what ever you say just please don’t hurt her.”

“I want you to go back to your class and give your students a lecture on what ever subject they are studying this week. While you talk to them I want you to slowly begin stripping off your clothes. First your blouse, your skirt and your bra. Leave your panties, nylons and shoes on. Is that understood?”

“I can’t do that,” i blurted out without thinking.

“OHHH, don’t, please don’t,” I heard lisa scream in the background.

“Okay, Okay, just don’t hurt her, please. I’ll do as you say.”

“One more thing, Mrs Thompson. After you have stripped I want you to lean back against your desk, legs spread, and finger yourself to an orgasm in front of the class. Make sure this is all done before class is out. We will know whether your faking it so make sure you do exactly as I say. Do you understand?’

“Yes,” I replied meekly.

The phone went dead. They had hung up. My heart was pounding as I returned to my class. God, how can I do this? But I have to or they will hurt my daughter. She’s my whole world.

Getting back in front of the class I began lecturing on our current subject. As instructed I slowly began unbuttoning my blouse, pulling it out of my skirt and removing it. I’m standing in front of my class in my bra. The students, both boys and girls are in awe. You could have heard a pin drop.

I continued talking as I slowly un-zipped my skirt and let it puddle around my feet. I then unclasped my bra, undoing the front clasp letting my firm, full breast fall into view. My nipples, for some reason, were hard and long.

I looked at the clock. It was 5 minutes till the class bell would be ringing. I knew I had to hurry.

As I leaned back against my desk I could see all the boys in class with big lumps in their jeans. My god, even Heather, my daughter’s babysitter was slyly hiding her hand under her skirt fingering herself.

I placed my fingers against my pussy lips and began to stroke slowly. I couldn’t understand why my panties were soaking wet?

I heard the students begin to moan. I opened my eyes and there were at least 8 or 9 boys now openly masturbating, their big cocks clutched in their fist.

Heather made no pretense now. She was slumped down in her seat, skirt pulled up, legs spread, and at least 3 fingers buried in her cunt. I was now rubbing my pussy furiously. I felt an orgasm begin to swell up in me. My fingers were now under my panties as I rubbed my clit shamelessly. I heard the bell, I heard Heather screaming, and my body began convulsing as waves of pleasure swept over me. What I was doing was so wicked and depraved the thought of it intensified the flow of pussy juice that flowed out of me, dripping to the floor.

My orgasm subsided. The students were still staring as I grabbed my clothes and ran to the teachers lounge. The lounge was empty as I dressed quickly and ran to my car.

Driving to my daughters school I tried to collect my thoughts as to what had transpired in the last hour. I was filled with guilt because, under the circumstances, how could I have had such an intense orgasm while my daughter may be in harms way!!!

I pulled into the Jr High parking lot and ran in. Mrs Paul, the principal, was walking down the hall.

“Mrs Paul, I shouted. Someone called me and said they had kidnapped Lisa. Have you seen her? Is she in her class?”

“Someone’s pulling a sick joke on you, Mrs Paul replied. I’m sure Lisa is in her classroom. Lets go check to make sure.”

Mrs Paul opened the classroom door and there sat Lisa. No harm had come to her. Mrs Paul called Lisa out of class. I grabbed her and hugged her and told her about the call.

“No Mom, I’ve been here at school all day,” she said.

“I could have sworn that was your voice on the phone when those sicko’s called me, I muttered bewildered. My God, what a terrible trick to play on someone. I can never go back to my school after what happened.”

“What exactly happened?” Mrs Paul asked as she sent Lisa back to her class.

I told her the whole sordid story.

“My god, she gasped. That was terrible. And you did what they asked?”

“Yes I did it. I didn’t have a choice.”

“And you had an orgasm too?”

“Yes, I replied meekly. I don’t know why or how but I did.”

“What are you going to do now?” Mrs Paul inquired.

“I don’t know, I said. I can’t go to the police. It sounds like a fairy tale. It was a bad joke that someone”s going to get away with I guess. I’ll probably get fired from my job. I couldn’t go back and face that class anyway.”

Since Lisa was getting out of school in 30 minutes I decided to wait on her. We hardly spoke on the ride home. My mind was pre-occupied with what I was now going to do.

The phone was ringing as we entered our home. I answered it. I heard a boys voice say,

“Mrs Thompson, that’s the hardest I ever cum in my life.” He hung up but not before I recognized his voice as Tommy, one of my students.

The next call was more graphic. “My god, Mrs T, what a slut you are. I’ve jacked off 5 times since you stripped for us this afternoon and I’m still hard.” I hung up the phone on him.

In all, 8 boys called. Two of them wanted to come to my house and service me. I don’t know why these calls were having such an effect on me but I felt a warming between my legs.

About 7:30 the phone rang again. It was Heather. Suddenly I remembered her shamelessly fingering herself in class during my forced, lewd act. Heather has been my daughter’s babysitter for several years. It was just un-believable what she did in school today.

“Thank you Mrs Thompson. I have never had such an orgasm in my life like I had today in your class. Your about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

I didn’t know what to say. There was a long silence on the phone.

“I spread myself for you Mrs Thompson when I was masturbating. Did you like looking at my wet pussy while you fingered yourself?”

I’m flattered Heather, I started to say but she interrupted me. “You know today is my birthday and Lisa said she would give me a birthday present I would never forget. I don’t know how Lisa talked you into doing what you did but tell her it’s the best gift I ever received.”

My mind went numb. I felt my heart begin to pound. I felt a someone behind me but I couldn’t move. I felt little fingers sliding up my legs, up under my skirt and touch my soiled panties.

“Keep talking to Heather Mom,” I heard Lisa say as her hands firmly pushed my thighs apart. She was kneeling behind me, her little fingers now snaking between my legs, under my panties and into my cum soaked pussy. My mind was whirling. My body was responding to her touch.

I felt all of her fingers slide into me and I spread my legs even wider to accommodate her. Now her hand was inside me. I looked down and saw she was in me up to her wrist. My cunt was full. I was moaning like the slut I had become in the last 3 hours.

“Is she fisting you, I heard Heather say on the phone. Is she fucking you with her hand?”

“Yesssssssss, I cried out. Fuck meeeee baby girl, fuck mommyyyyyy.”

I was lowering my self down on her hand. She held it firm as impaled myself up to her elbow.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” I screamed out as this depraved pleasure swept over me.

My pussy craved for her big dick arm to reach into my womb. She was fucking me, her arm pumping vigorously, up and down, up and down filling my cunt like it had never been filled. My mind was powerless to the shame and degradation I felt. I was over powered with lust.

“Pump meeeeee baby girl, I was screaming. Fuck your mommy. Fuck meeeeee.”

My body stiffened, then slowly started to tremble as a giant orgasm rose from the depths of my womb. I was now beginning to shake violently as wave after wave of the wicked pleasure swept over me. I didn’t want it to ever stop.

“I’m cuummmmmmmmmmmmiiinggggg,’ I screamed as the phone fell from my grasp to the floor. Cum juice was flowing from my cunt down my daughters arm and dripping all over the floor.

I don’t know how long I came. My legs suddenly seemed so weak as I crumpled to the floor. Lisa sat next to me, running her arm across m lips, filling my mouth with my own cum juices.

I heard Lisa pick up the phone and speak. “Heather, tell your mom you want to come over and babysit me tonight. Tell her its an overnighter.”

I didn’t protest. My swollen cunt was already craving that arm again. And Heather’s arm will even be larger, my now perverted mind was thinking. And in my depraved state I could see Heathers arm buried in my pussy, my daughter’s arm buried in my ass and my daughter’s pussy glued to my mouth. The thought was so wicked my whole body trembled with another wave of shameless pleasure.

As I rolled over on the floor I was looking up at my daughter’s dripping wet panties. As she stood over me, her legs spread invitingly, I opened my mouth and licked my cum wet lips in depraved surrender.

-The End-