It was Friday night and Sarah was relaxing after a long week at the office. Her daughter Tiffany was spending the night with a friend and she had the whole apartment to herself.

The phone was ringing. “Hello,” Sarah answered.

“Mrs. Carson?” a woman asked.

“Yes, this is Mrs Carson,” sarah said.

“You don’t know me, the woman said. I see you every morning when you go to work. I just want to tell you that I think your the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. In fact my panties are getting wet just thinking about you now.”

“Who is this? Sarah demanded. Is this a joke?”

“This is no joke Sarah. Like this morning. You were wearing that tight red sweater and short blue skirt. I love the way your tits fill out that sweater. God your tits must be lovely.”

“I’m going to hang up and don’t you ever call here again” Sarah shouted as she slammed down the phone.

My god, what a pervert, she thought. That”s all I need to ruin my weekend. Deep in her mind she knew she felt less threatened because it was a woman and not a man. She had read about men stalkers who end up killing the woman they prey on.

She tried to put it out of her mind by settling down to a night of TV.

Saturday morning she went shopping. She tried to see if she noticed anybody watching her but there were so many apartments it was impossible.

When she go home her 13 year old daughter Heather was home. “Hey honey, she said. How was your slumber party last night?”

“Neat, Heather answered. We didn’t go to bed till 5 this morning.”

Sarah smiled remembering the slumber parties when she was Heather’s age. Nothing changed, she thought.

“By the way you had a phone call, Heather said. A woman. She said her name was Tiffany and she would call back later.”

My god it must be that pervert who called last night, she thought. I don’t know anyone named Tiffany.

She was in bed asleep when the phone rang. She looked at the clock. It was midnight.

“Hello.” she whispered.

“This is Tiffany, the voice said. Don’t you hang up on me again. By the way your daughter Heather is as sexy as you are.”

A fear swept over her when her daughter’s name was mentioned. The woman had her complete attention now.

“I need to cum and I want you to talk me thru it, the strangers voice said. What are you wearing Sarah?” she asked.

Sarah’s mind was whirling. Should she go along with this to possibly find out who this was. Bringing her daughter’s name up scared her and it was obvious this woman or girl wasn’t going to stop calling.

“I sleep in a t-shirt and panties,” Sarah said.

‘That sounds sexy, Tiffany said. By the way go to your front door. I slid a picture of myself under it. I’ll wait till you come back to the phone.”

Sarah went to her front door. Sure enough there lay an envelope. She pulled the picture out. It was a picture of a girl about 25. She was sitting on the couch wearing nothing but black stockings, garter belt and high heel shoes. Her legs were spread apart seductively. She was beautiful.

Why would a woman like this want me, she wondered. I don’t understand. I’m not a lesbian. This city is full of beautiful lesbians I’m sure. She looks like she could have her pick.

Sarah returned to her bedroom and picked up the phone. “Hello,” she said.

“Did you find the picture?”Tiffany asked.

“Yes I have it,” Sarah answered.

“What do you think? Tiffany whispered. Would you like to eat my pussy? Would you like to kneel down between my legs and lick my wet cunt?”

Sarah had never heard language like that. It was disgusting. Why was she getting warm.

“Answer me,” Tiffany demanded.

“You’re very beautiful, Sarah said. If I were a lesbian I probably would.”

“Listen to me carefully Sarah. I want you to lay down in your bed. Sarah complied. Now rub those beautiful tits of yours. Get your nipples nice and hard. And don’t fake it. I’ll be abel to tell if your faking.”

Whether is was out of fear for her daughter or curiosity Sarah complied. She began rubbing her nipples. She felt them getting hard. She never noticed how long they were. She felt her breathing begin to labor.

“Are you getting hot Sarah?” she asked. Are you nipples getting hard? Put your left nipple in your mouth and suck on it. Do it.”

Sarah lifted her tit to her mouth. She sucked the large nipple between her lips. Ummmmmmm. God that feels good, she thought.

“Now lower your hand to you pussy Sarah, Tiffany ordered. Rub your pussy thru your panties. Feel your panties getting wet? They are getting wet aren’t they?”

“Yes they are, Sarah murmured. So wet.”

“Now put your hand down in your panties and slide your fingers into your cunt, Tiffany ordered. Doesn’t that feel good? Look at my picture. Finger fuck yourself and look at my picture.”

Sarah was looking. God she’s beautiful. Those spread legs are so inviting. Sarah’s cunt was on fire. Her hips were thrusting at her fingers. My god, this woman is going to make me cum.

“Do you want to cum Sarah?” Tiffany asked. Are you getting close?”

“Yes soooooo close, Sarah whispered. So close…… “Ughhhhh. I’mmmmm cummmmmiiiinnnnnggggggggggg.”

The phone clicked. Tiffany had hung up. There lay Sarah, covered in sweat with cum all over her sheets. God did she feel guilty. Why did she do that? She hung the phone up and tried to go to sleep.

Tiffany didn’t call Sunday or Monday. Monday night as Sarah lay in bed she pulled Tiffany’s picture out of her night stand drawer. The longer she looked at it the hotter she got. She masturbated to an orgasm that was more intense than the one she had the last time Tiffany called.

Tuesday at work she thought about the picture all day. The first thing she did when she got home was get the picture and masturbate. Each time she felt guilty when it was over but the thoughts never left her mind.

By Friday she was dripping cum juice from her cunt on the picture and licking it off. She was begging for Tiffany to call again.

It was about 8 o’clock when the phone rang. Sarah and Heather were sitting in the living room watching TV. The phone made Sarah’s heart leap. She picked up the phone.

“Sarah this is Tiffany. What are you doing?”

“I’m watching TV with my daughter, Sarah said. Will you hold on while I go to my phone upstairs?”

“No, stay where you are, Tiffany ordered. Are your nipples getting hard just from hearing my voice?” she asked.

“Yes, Sarah whispered. They are.”

“Good, Tiffany said. Now reach under your skirt and rub your pussy.”

“I can’t here, Tiffany whispered. My daughter is here with me.”

“Do it right there, Tiffany ordered. Rub your pussy now.”

Sarah was so excited now her head was reeling. This was so wicked she couldn’t stand it. She slowly slid her hand under her skirt. She couldn’t believe how wet she was. She slowly eased her fingers under her panties and slid her fingers in her self.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,”, she groaned as she tried to muffle her moan.

‘Whats wrong mom,” Heather asked. Then Heather noticed what her mother was doing.

“My god, what are you doing mom, Heather cried out. Sarah could only moan. She was fingering her cunt in front of her 13 year old daughter and the wickedness of it now had her oblivious to how wrong it was.

She heard Tiffany on the phone. “Sarah put your daughter on the phone.” Sarah was beyond caring. She handed the phone to her daughter.

“Heather, Tiffany said. My name is Tiffany. What is your mother doing?”

“She’s playing with herself,” Sarah whispered.

“Does that excite you Heather. Your mother is going to make herself cum. I want you to help her. Reach over and rub her tits. Pinch her nipples real hard. It’s alright. Your mother will enjoy it.”

When Sarah felt Heathers hand touch her tits she exploded.

“Unnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggg” she groaned loudly.

She was cummmiiingg. Her orgasm was so intense she didn’t think it would ever end. She didn’t want it to end. She wanted it to go on forever. Her pussy was on fire and the cum juices were erupting, gushing on to her hand and down on to the couch.

As her orgasm subsided she heard the phone click. Tiffany had hung up.

Sarah removed Heathers hands from her tits. She was engulfed in guilt. My god I’ve hit bottom she thought. She couldn’t even face her daughter. Without a word she got up and went to her bedroom. She lay across her bed trying to clear her mind. She finally cried herself to sleep..

She woke up laying on her back. She felt something pressing her down. She opened her eyes and was met with Heather spread eagle over her face, her daughter’s pussy just inches away from her face. With one hand Heather was holding the phone to her ear, the other was rubbing her little cunt.

“Yes she’s awake now Tiffany,” she heard her daughter say into the phone. She heard her daughter hang up the phone. She watched as her daughters dripping little cunt lowered to her waiting mouth and tongue.

— The End —