“Mom can I sleep with you.”

Teresa woke from her sleep. “Whats wrong honey?” Teresa asked of her 13 year old daughter Paige.

“It’s thundering and lightening outside and I don’t want to sleep alone,” Paige said.

“Ok,” Teresa said, as she pulled back the covers for her daughter to climb in bed with her, “Now go to sleep. We have to get up early in the morning.”

“Ok,” Paige replied.

Now Teresa was awake. She felt her daughter snuggle up to her and felt her a firm little tits and nipples pressing against her back. She shuddered when she felt a sudden heat between her legs.

What the hell is wrong with me, she thought as a wave of perverseness swept over her.

Her hand dropped down to her pussy. I can’t do this with my daughter in bed with me, she said to herself. She slowly sank in to sleep.

The next day she couldn’t shake the feeling she had when Paiges tits were pressing in her back. I’ve never been with a woman in my life. Why would I have these feelings about my own daughter.

When she went to pickup Paige at Soccer practice after school she was still plagued by her perverted thoughts.

As Paige approached the car Teresa noticed her daughter’s firm little ass and tanned legs.

God i’m sick, Teresa thought of herself. Teresa was nervous all the way home.

After dinner, Teresa walked out of the kitchen into the living room. Paige was laying on the couch watching tv. She was wearing a t-shirt, panties and white bobby sox. My god I want to go over there, spread her legs and lick her pussy till she fills my mouth, Teresa fantasized. I can’t believe i’m thinking these things.

“Do you want to sleep with me again to night Paige?” her mother blurted out.

“Sure,” Paige answered, “Why not.”

Later on as Teresa prepared for bed she had no idea what she was doing. She just knew she wanted her daughters warm body next to her.

About midnight Teresa awoke. Her daughter was laying there in front of her with one of her tits exposed. Teresa slowly reached over and touched the nipple. She rolled it around between her fingers. It immediately got hard. She cupped the full tit in her hand. She heard Paige moan. I got to stop this. She’ll wake up for sure.

She slowly put her head under the covers and lowered her face to about 3 inches from her daughter’s pussy. She could smell it. She immediately began fingering herself. She came within a minute. She hoped the small moan that escaped her lips did not give her away.

Before she left for work next morning she went to the dirty clothes hamper. She found the panties that Paige had slept in. As she drove to work she held them to her nose and sucked the crotch into her mouth. by the time she got to work she was burning up. She immediately went to the restroom and masturbated, filling her own panties with cum.

Paige slept with her mom every night that week. Every night Teresa fingered herself to orgasm. she knew this had to stop.

Tonight wasn’t any different. They both got ready for bed. Teresa waited until she was sure Paige was asleep. She crawled under the covers to get her smell. This time she got within 2 or 3 inches. She was rubbing her pussy.

Suddenly Paige rolled over and her pussy was laying right on top of Teresa’s face and mouth.

“Is this what you want mom?” she heard Paige say teasingly.

She felt Paige pressing her pussy against her mouth. All sense left Teresa. She began licking and tasting Paige panties. She felt Paige pull her panties aside.

Paige shuddered as her mother’s tongue entered her cunt. Her young, athletic legs hugged the sides of her mothers head, Her little pussy thrust repeated against her mothers mouth forcing her mothers long tongue further into her cunt.

In no time Teresa felt Paige tense, heard her moan and tasted her daughter’s pussy juices as it filled her hungry mouth.

Teresa was overwhelmed. Her own body was racked with the hardest climax she ever had…..

She knew, however wrong, she would have to have that sticky, tangy juice night after night and the depravity of it sent new, quivering orgasms thru her body.

— The End —