My name is Melanie. I want to tell you what happened to me. First let me tell you about myself before the incident that changed my life.

I was a good Christian girl from a very nice family. I lived in Springfield, Illinois. I was 4.0 student in high school, basketball cheerleader and played soccer. I was very popular. I’m considered very pretty with a very shapely body

I had graduated from college and was in Chicago looking for a job. I was staying in the suburbs with friends of my parents because I couldn’t afford a place for myself until I got a job.

I was taking the train into the city for a job interview when a very attractive businesswoman sitting next to struck up a conversation.

I told her I was going for a job interview. She said she worked for a film distributor and they had a job opening for an account executive. She gave me the address and said I should stop by after my interview and look into the job. She said just ask for Carol if I decided to come by.

I went on my original interview. It went okay but they said they had several more applicants to interview before they made their decision.

This Carol’s address was in a part of the city that I wasn’t familiar. I decided to splurge and took a cab to the address she gave me. It was a huge warehouse with about a third of it in office space.

I asked for Carol. About 15 minutes Carol comes to the front office and greets me. I follow her upstairs to the 4th floor and down a long hallway. She put me in a room that was painted bright red. The only piece of furniture in the room was one chair. She told me to wait there and she would come back and get me.

About 10 minutes later 2 young girls came in carrying a ladder. One of them climbed the ladder and hooked two ropes to two rings in the ceiling.

Suddenly they grabbed me and slipped a rope around each of my wrists. I was screaming and kicking to no avail. The left me there with my arms in the air secured by the two ropes. I finally stopped screaming when I saw it wasn’t doing any good.

Half-hour later another girl comes in. I try to tell her the reason I’m here and to go get this Carol. She pays no attention to my pleas. She pulled my blouse out of my skirt and unbuttoned it. She then cut the straps on my bra and took it completely off. I was left standing there, arms secured in the air with blouse wide open and my breast hanging out.

A little while later another girl comes in and proceeds to play with and suck on my breasts. I tried to talk to her but she doesn’t respond either. She would suck on one breast while playing with the other. I couldn’t believe how my body betrayed me because she managed to get my nipples stiff and hard. Then she stopped as abruptly as she started and left the room.

It was awhile before anybody else came by. It was another, different girl. This was like the 5th or 6th different girl I had seen there. She took over from the last one and proceeded to play and suck my tits. My nipples got hard immediately.

I thought to myself, this is insane. How do these people in a big business like this in the middle of the city think they can get away with this?

Now one of the same girls I had seen before came in. The other girl was still there sucking my tits. This girl slides her hand under my skirt and begins rubbing my pussy through my panties. They now have my attention. When my panties started to get wet they stopped.

They stood in front of me and one got on her knees, lifted the other girl’s skirt and began licking her pussy. The girl standing was thrusting her hips against the invading tongue, like trying to fuck her mouth. The standing girl started to moan and erupted with an orgasm. I could see the cum running down her leg as the kneeling girl was licking up as much as she could.

They left. Late in the afternoon the first two girls returned. They both knelt in front of me, each taking a leg, and proceeded to lick every inch of both of my legs.

They now took off my skirt, one in front and one in back; they began licking my pussy and ass hole. I heard a low moan, not realizing at first, that it came from me. I had never even had a boy lick my asshole before. This was a new sensation. My body is really betraying me now. I’m quivering and shaking all over. I could feel an intense orgasm growing inside of me. I knew I needed relief. They stopped and left the room. As much as I needed to cum I was too embarrassed to beg.

I knew it had to be nighttime by now. In walked Carol, the woman I met on the train. I started to speak but she slapped me. She then grabbed me behind my head and pulled my lips to hers. I could feel her tongue pushing between my lips. By now I willingly submit. Her tongue slowly began to extend until it was snaking down my throat. I couldn’t believe anyone had a tongue this long. She would retract it, then slide it completely down my throat again.

Now my pussy juice was really running. She was rubbing her perfect body up against mine as she kissed me. I was slowly building to the orgasm I so desperately needed. She suddenly stopped, straightened her clothing and headed for the door.

I was so hot and wet I thought I would burst it I didn’t cum. I begged her shamelessly to make me cum before she left. She ignored me and was gone. I was sure I was the only one left in the building.

During the night I had to go to the bathroom. I held out as long as I could. I could hold it no longer. The stream of piss went all the way to the wall. God did it feel good. I felt something else welling up inside of me. I had to shit. My god this is inhumane, I thought. A big long turd forced its way out of me and plopped to the floor. It felt so wickedly degrading to stand there, legs spread, a pile of my shit lying on the floor. A wave of pleasure swept over me.

After a while fell I asleep standing up. I don’t know how long I slept but I felt this extreme pain in my arms. I was literally hanging by my arms. My legs had collapse while I was asleep.

I got my feet back under me again to release the full tension on my wrist. The pungent smell of my shit filled my nostrils and I was once again overwhelmed with shame.

In the morning an older woman appeared and cleaned up the mess on the floor. I was totally humiliated.

Sometime during the morning two girls came in, gave me water, then proceeded to play and suck my tits again. I was begging them them to make me cum. I was so close when they stopped. I had to cum. I couldn’t take this any more.

An hour later a girl came in with bowl of hot water, wash rags and towels and cleaned me up. I never felt so humiliated, yet aroused, as this young girl washed the shit from between my ass cheeks. She even sprayed an unfamiliar but intoxicating perfume on me.

The two girls who had licked my pussy and ass the day before came in. Both had huge Dildo’s hanging heavily from their snatch. I had never seen anything like this before. They caressed and fingered me till they had me moaning deliriously. They then positioned themselves, one in front, one behind me, and teased my cunt and ass with these giant dicks.

I felt them enter me. The one in my ass hurt terribly. I thought I was going to pass out. But after the initial pain subsided my whole body was in rhythm with their thrust. This time I was not going to be denied. My climax was coming fast. I was begging them not to stop like before. Both dicks were buried in me. I couldn’t believe that was possible but I didn’t care. They were right where I wanted them. In my womb.

When the first orgasm hit I almost passed out. I was screaming for release. My hips were fucking in total abandonment. I never, in my wildest imagination, thought an orgasm could be so intense and pleasurable.

And now another one was coming. Bigger than the first. Thick cum juice was dripping to the floor. I heard myself screaming.


I felt my legs buckle under me. The two girls propped me up. I had never had an orgasm so intense in my life. Little mini orgasms continued to rack by body. It seemed like forever before my body allowed its final shudder.

The two girls released my arms from the ropes. Finally one of them spoke.

“You have not even come near true bliss yet. Carol can make a woman come continuously for hours.” That was all that was said. They left;

I dressed and found my way out of the building.

The family I was staying with had been worried sick but I assured them everything was all right.

Two days later I arrived for a job interview. I asked for Carol. When she saw me she smiled wickedly, turned, and started up the stairs. I followed her obediently as she led me into a room painted red. There was one chair in the room. I felt my pussy beginning to drip as I sat waiting for, I hoped, my final interview.

— The End —