Kristine was glad that the mad real estate boom that had swept up the coast has skipped her little island. Since she and her husband bought the cottage twenty years ago she had looked at the island as hers and she was the self appointed guardian of it. The development that had carved up the coastal properties on the mainland made little progress thanks to her and her husband’s money.

At 40 Kris was still drop dead gorgeous with looks that just didn’t age. At 5’5 she weighed scarcely 100 pounds, still had golden blonde hair, deep blue eyes, a perfect ass, and even here tits were still perfectly firm B-cups. She worked out religiously and had a tummy you could bounce a quarter off of. She always got a kick out of dropping by her daughter’s high school and watching all those 18 year old boys drool and she always chuckled when she heard some boy mumble MILF under his breath as she walked by.

Today was going to be hot, even on the island. Kris awoke late, but seeing as she was the only one in the cottage now there wasn’t the urgency to get out the door. For twenty years Kris has risen early and snuck off for a swim whenever she could. The cool morning skinny dip was her moment’s peace and even if it was only five or ten minutes it kept her spirits up for the rest of the day. Since her daughter had left for college last month and her husband was going to be in the city for the rest of the month, Kris decided that this August she was going to enjoy herself and stop caring about everyone else around her. Kris even told all her therapy clients that she was going to be gone for the month so don’t call her, she never could figure out why her clients just couldn’t get it together like she could.

Kris grabbed a towel and a few things and struck out down the path to her beach, secure in knowing that everything was in place. She gave a quick look around to make sure there were no lurking kayakers (there were a few on the island, but they steered clear of Kris the bitch ), dropped her towel and clothes and headed for the surf.

Since the money was good, Steve didn’t mind the back breaking work of landscaping. But he began to wonder if it was only because he was the new guy that he kept drawing the shit assignments. The fact that he was a black kid didn’t really enter into his thinking until a few years ago when he noticed that he was the one always chosen first for a sports team, and everyone looked surprised when he pulled an A on a test. And when he was accepted into an ivy-league school few in the community thought it was for anything more than tokenism. But the ivy-league just wasn’t in the cards for him: his family was one of the many that were too rich for financial aid, and far too poor to be able to afford $30,000 per year in tuition. He settled on attending the local state university and this summer job would go a long way in taking care of the tuition. Now he had only one more job to do for the summer and it was probably going to suck: a month-long venture of clearing brush on some damn island away from friends and fun.

He heard that the lot had been purchased by some investment banker out of New York. Rumor had it that the guy had to purchase 15 acres of land so that his house would be secluded and not interfere with the tranquility of the island. Rumor also had it that the chief pain in the ass of this guy was his neighbor, some self-righteous bitch that saw herself as a queen. In turn Mr. New York hired the landscaping company to clear off as much of the 15 acres as they could in a month just to piss her off; money was no object to him. It didn’t really matter to him who was right or wrong because both Mr. New York and the Queen of the Island probably deserved each other.

He had caught the early morning ferry and at 8:00AM sharp, he was driving the truck off the ferry and onto the island. Packed in the cab of his truck were his camping equipment and a few odds and ends he thought would be nice to have along for his stay: a book, a few changes of clothes, and even his laptop. He had opted to camp out even though the company had given him a daily stipend to pay for a B&B, better the money went into his own pocket! Fifteen minutes later he was driving down a pathway that marked the entrance to the 15 acres. By noontime he had set up his camp as well as the tent for all of his equipment and his work was under way. The brushhog made quick work of the undergrowth around him, but with 15 acres to go he knew he had his work cut out for him.

Kris woke to the sound of a shredder in full swing. It was a ways off, but it could only be coming from the land of her new neighbor. Instantly her blood began to boil over memories of fighting that jerk from NYC the previous summer. She won the fight for stopping construction on the house for a year, but he came back this summer and won his appeal. Now her private sanctuary might be jeopardized, even though she herself had a 20 acre estate. She threw on her clothes and stormed back to her house, jumped into her Rover and tore up the road to see what was going on.

Steve jumped out of his skin when he saw the SUV tearing down the path and heading straight for him. It skidded to a halt and Kris jumped out of the SUV determined to make this fellow’s life as uncomfortable as possible. She screamed at him that the machine was making a racket, that he better not be running the machine too early, or too late, or for two long. She screamed that this was an island and that peace and quiet were a sign of respect, and that she could hear his machine all the way over to her property and that the noise was unacceptable.

Steve just sat there and watched her; it was his tactic to let blowhards like this wear themselves out before he responded. He watched her scream and began to recognize this woman from somewhere but couldn’t quite place it, and then he remembered it was from school. She was the mom of a friend of a friend, but he never spoke with her before. Like most guys in school he checked out every woman that came into sight, and he certainly remembered seeing this woman in the hallways. As much a MILF as a cockteaste from what he recalled. But Steve never had a chance to say a word to her before she jumped back into her SUV and tore back down the trail as quickly as she arrived. Steve knew this was going to be trouble not just for the owner, but for him personally if didn’t get things sorted out. So he set off on foot down a path that wound in the general direction of where he knew her house to be.

Kris was feeling triumphant at having put that kid in his place, and she thought that if she could keep him off balance for the rest of the month, winter would set in before the jerk from NYC could break ground on his house. But her blood was still boiling and she dashed off the cove to get in a refreshing swim. She knew she had to focus on screwing with that kid and all else would fall into place for the rest of the season; she was perfect and she knew it. She dried herself off and lay basking in the sun, confident she would destroy that kid, and that feeling of power made her feel as sexy as she knew she was. The power made her horny and she let her hands wander down to her clit and she began to lightly play with herself. Steve felt entirely different: looking down onto the cove from where the path ended, Steve stared at Kris lying there buck-ass naked and masturbating and the only thing he felt was the desire to fuck her brains out. She was going to underestimate him too, just like everyone else.

Steve got organized. He continued to work on the site and kept a very low profile. The distance from the cove to his worksite was only a 15 minute walk, but he was there in a heartbeat if he jogged. He constructed a small shelter overlooking the cove, just large enough to house his laptop, his digital camcorder, and a back-up battery supply. He would let his camera slumber through the day and programmed it to wake up every half hour and snap a photo of the cove. He’d set off early in the morning (missing her early AM swim, he never caught onto that one) and manually turn on the computer and head back for the day to do his work. He’d return after nightfall to retrieve his equipment to check on activity and recharge the batteries for the following day.

Kris’s routine was like clockwork. He found that each sunny day Kris was strutting around buck ass naked from 10:00 to noon, when she’d leave. One morning photo seemed to show her in the middle of getting herself off, but he couldn’t be certain about that. She’d usually return to the cove about 1:30 and remain there until late in the afternoon. While going over all the slides of the week he noticed that she always had the same blanket, wore the same sandals and even kept the same bottle of water on the same side of the blanket each day. What an incredibly anal-retentive bitch he thought to himself and thanks for making this so easy for me. He made a list of what he needed on the mainland, including one item he had seen some of the guys around school use to send the girls over the edge.

Monday was hot and sunny again and at 11:30 Steve quietly struck off down the path to see how his luck was holding out. He got there in time to hear the Land Rover heading out the driveway and down the road into town. True to form, Kris left her water bottle and towel lying in the same spot as before and Steve made a b-line for it. Just a few drops were all he needed, and then he just had to wait.

At about 1:00 (a bit early today) Kris came striding down the path stripping off her clothes as she got near the water. She took the time to fold her clothes and then she jumped in for a quick swim, emerging a few minutes later to bake on the rock. As her temperature rose, she started to sip from the bottle and in no time she had consumed half of it. Steve was told to give it 15 minutes to work, but he waited half an hour just to be safe.

Steve swallowed hard and stood up in plain view of her, if this stuff didn’t work he was going to be in a ton of trouble. She didn’t move. He cleared his throat and said hi again. All she did was raise her head and smile at him.

Cautiously he approached her but gained confidence with each foot forward. When he was only ten feet away Kris said “I was wondering when you d make it down to see me.” That was all the encouragement Steve needed and he sat down next to her. Her guard was down and she was absolutely sweet to him and even began to flirt with him, all the while seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was buck ass naked sitting in front of this young man. Steve wasn’t sure she knew she was naked until she said so when are you going to show me yours since you’ve had plenty of time to see mine? Steve smiled and began pulling off his shirt when she reached over and undid his belt. She smiled and said eagerly, “come on! come on!” as she pulled at his pants barely giving Steve time to get his shoes off. For the first time Kris’ expression went blank as she saw a semi-hard 9 jet black cock staring her in the face.

“Please tell me this is for me!” Kris gasped, unable to take her eyes off the cock. Steve, still a bit cautious, uttered back, If you’re sure you really want it.

“That’s why I love visiting school; you guys are so na├»ve” Kris said, taking her eyes off the monster only long enough to smile back up at him. Then in one fluid motion Kris gently grabbed his cock, lifted it up and licked from the scrotum to the head and gently wrapped her lips around the helmet of the quickly growing shaft.

Already the pre-cum was starting to dribble out and Kris was in heaven. She swirled her tongue around the head, teasing the piss-hole in an effort to get out every last drop. But she knew she wasn’t going to have an easy time with it. She had always dreamt of sucking a black cock but given her husband’s equipment she never had the opportunity to practice on anything large. Now for some reason she felt compelled to live out the fantasy and it appeared that she had more than she could handle and the damn thing was only getting bigger! She wanted it all but the more she tried to force in the bigger the piece of meat in her would grow she was choking gagging on it! But she didn t care: it was a fantasy she kept bottled-up in her since college and now was going to be the time she lived it out.

Steve’s eyes were rolling back in his head. This was the best damn blow-job he ever had, and plenty of the girls in school gave it a try. But none was as skilled as Kris and none was nearly as eager, she was choking herself on the damn thing! Although Kris had started off by rolling her tongue ( what an awesome tongue! he thought to himself) around the head and the shaft, Kris was now bobbing her head like a pornstar. Kris kept staring up at him with her beautiful blue eyes as she would seemingly slide down the shaft until she would gag. But each time she worked a bit more in, and soon she was swallowing about 2/3 of his 12 inches of love.

Steve had to stop her or else he was going to blow his first shot right down her gullet. He stepped back but Kris kept hanging on like a bass on a fishing lure. Gently he placed his hands around her jaw and coaxed her off of it. She looked up at him in disbelief and a hint or outrage; how dare this young black man take her treat from her!

That’s mine! was all she could think to say. But Steve hoisted her to her feet and looking in her eyes said, Don’t worry, I’m going to tag you all day long. But right now I think it’s time we move onto the fucking. Kris’ indignation turn to excitement as the picture grew in her head of being impaled on that tool, and a smile spread across her face.

Well if we are going to be fucking, we should get comfortable. Kris said as she turned and headed for the house. Steve grabbed his bag and walked, as easily as he could with a 14′ boner, to the house.

Kris giggled to herself that this boy was so insecure that he had to bring his backpack along, but at this moment in time innocent was exactly what she wanted to fuck. She turned and took hold of his cock and led him up the bedroom. Just put that damn bag down she laughed. Steve placed it on the dresser and before he could finish turning around Kris had his cock in her mouth again. On her knees, shuffling backwards, Kris steered him over to the bed.

Steve lifted Kris petite frame onto the edge of the bed and began fingering her pussy. It was sopping wet and by the time he sank his first finger up to the knuckle Kris closed her eyes and began letting out a growling moan. Steve started to tickle her clit with his other fingers driving Kris and low growl turned to a whimper.

You like that, don’t you? Steve taunted and Kris would just whimper louder. He would take his finger out and let her suck it dry before he’d plunge it back in and all Kris would do was smile more. Finally Kris had had enough and she began to whimper please fuck me. Steve lifted her legs and Kris grabbed for his shaft and placed it at the head of her pussy. Steve knew he was going to have to be gentle with her, he’d hurt some other girls with his package when he jumped in and he feared Kris might not be able to take it all.

But with the head just resting against her entrance, Kris’s whimpering pleas of please fuck me quickly turned more aggressive and she began to grit her teeth. Fuck ME! Please FUCK ME! And with a slight nudge Steve forced his head in. Kris winced and let out a yelp as Steve’s head broke the barrier. Once the head was in it seemed her eyes grew to twice their size and a smile spread across her face. Her whole body began to undulate as she smiled up at him. She began to grind her cunt towards Steve in a weak effort to get more into her. Steve obliged with her plea and began to inch in deeper and deeper and with each inch Kris petite frame wriggled around more and it seemed her smile grew wider and her eyes larger.

As a therapist Kris dealt with many issues and the one she always discounted was the fascination some of her clients had with huge black cocks. She always told herself size wasn’t everything and she could never relate to her clients on the subject, but now she was eating her words along with a few other things. Steve was only plunging in about half of his entire length and Kris began to shudder as the first of many orgasms ripped through her body. Kris had never dreamt fucking could feel so good. All her self-righteousness and analytical approaches meant nothing with just 6′ of black meat working over her pussy. OH GOD DAMNIT FUCK ME! Kris screamed with the orgasm still rippling through her delicate body.

Steve’s smile turned to a devilish grin as he lifted one leg and turned Kris a little on her side to work his shaft into her a bit easier. Kris didn’t care how this boy used her as a fuck doll just so long as she got fucked; she willingly rolled to her side and was immediately rewarded with another few inches of muscle hammering its way into her. Another orgasm ripped through her from the additional length and Steve only had 8′ into her. The fucking and the close in tandem orgasms were taking its toll on Kris and it was all Kris could do to look back at Steve and say through clenched teeth, Unnng gawwwd that feels sooooo good. Fuck me. Fuuuuuuccckkkk meeeee pleeeeeeaseeeee

And then Kris made a mistake that would cost her plenty down the road. She wanted to take all the cock this kid had to offer and the in her drunken and orgasm racked state of mind she had the idea to anger this kid. She gathered her thoughts as best she could while getting fucked by the largest slab of meat she has ever seen first-hand, and looked back at this kid and gurgled: I said fuck me so, FUCK ME! I AM THE MISTRESS AND YOU ARE THE SLAVE – SO FUCK ME BOY!

Up until Kris said slave Steve was enjoying the hell out of fucking this snooty neighbor. But with that one word Steve’s joy evaporated in a flash and was replaced by animalistic rage. And on the word boy he drew back and thrust his shaft into this bitch right up to his balls.

AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Kris let out a scream and her body grew rigid from the thrust but Steve didn’t skip a beat. He continued to thrust his shaft into the bitch’s delicate frame farther than he knew he should. But this bitch still thought she was better than him even while getting fucked by him! He knew instantly that it was never a desire for a funtime fuck that drove him to this point, he wanted to fucking humiliate this bitch. The video recorder that he had carefully concealed in his back pack was only a safety precaution in case things didn’t go well and she tried to scream rape, but now he realized he had this cunt and she was going to be his play toy for the rest of the summer or longer if he felt like it. Hell, if the recording was half as good as he thought it would be, she might even be convinced to pay for his college. Yes, this was a master and slave relationship alright, but it sure as hell wasn’t what she had in mind.

And so Steve actually picked up the pace of his fucking. Kris was taking it all now and her screams had subsided into a long moan and her rigid body had relaxed so that taking 12 of flesh was a bit easier to endure for her. Now after nearly 30 minutes of the fuck of her lifetime (up to this point, anyway) Kris had lost count of the orgasms and her body was now just trembling from what she thought was one long continuous orgasm.

Steve was about ready to finish with her for this first time and he leaned over and looked into her eyes and demanded from her, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! She gurgled back , pppppleaseeee keeeeeeppp fuckinggggg mmmmmeeeee auuughhh!

Steve was not put off by this and for a second time he yelled, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! Kris now knew the answer and she didn’t care how ashamed she was to say it. Looking him back in his eyes Kris said loud and clear, I want your nigger dick. I WANT YOUR NIGGER DICK! FUCK ME WITH YOUR NIGGER DICK, GOD DAMN IT! FUCK ME PLEASE! Kris had now embraced all that she had feared but secretly yearned for, it’s what in the world of therapy they call a breakthrough.

Steve pulled out and positioned his shaft in Kris’ face, being mindful now of the camera angle. Kris instinctively tried to place it in her mouth but the first wad of semen caught her square in the left eye. Startled, she drew back and the second shot caught her in the forehead, gooping half her face in the process. She clamped her lips around the head just in time to get the third shot down the gullet and she feverishly began swallowing down every drop that was left. She did this all while still orgasming from the fucking and whimpering like a 3 week old puppy.

Kris passed out half-way through the second fuck so Steve just dumped his load in her pussy and after taking care of a few things around the house, packed-up and hit the road.

Kris awoke the next morning sorer than when she had her c-section some 18 odd years ago. And she was covered in goo. What had happened? Slowly the fog lifted and the memories of the day before crept into her head. Sunbathing, the black kid from next door, then Oh my God she thought, I had sex with that kid! All she could think was that he must have attacked her and she was blotting out the memory. Or perhaps he drugged her. Yes, that must have been it. Either way it was definitely non-consensual and this kid was going to pay for it! She stumbled out of bed and damn near tripped right into the TV Steve had set-up for her. A big yellow PRESS PLAY note hung from the DVD player.

She stumbled back and sat on the edge of the bed afraid to move. It took her a few minutes to summon the courage to press play because she was going to face the reality of what took place that it WAS consensual and she LOVED it. She bean to sob lightly as she pressed the play button but the tears dried-up when the movie started. She began to finger herself as she watched herself take all 12 and beg for more.

Steve ended the DVD by saying that they should talk as soon as she could get over to his place. Kris knew what was coming next, and she didn’t mind it.

– The End –