I was introduced to your stories about a year ago, but it’s been a while since the last time I logged on. I just noticed that you’ve added a section that features stories about incestuous relationships and I have a tale to tell. It happened five years ago with my cousins.

I grew up with my cousins. They lived just a few houses down from me, and they were my constant playmates all through elementary school and most of junior high. They are boys, two twins Joey and Ricky who are a year older than me, and Jimmy, who was born just three weeks after me.

My own siblings are five, seven and nine years older than me, so they weren’t really close enough in age to be regular playmates. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything because my cousins kept me company, and since I was a serious Tom Boy, I fit right in. As we got older and entered our early teens, we made other friends and quit playing kids games, but we still hung out together. My aunt and uncle were like a second set of parents and of course my parents were really close to the three boys.

As the two older boys entered their freshman years of high school, they started hanging out with older kids and chasing girls. They didn’t completely abandon Jimmy and me, we still spent a lot of time together, but Jimmy and I spent more time alone together and got we even closer. He really had become my best friend.

Then at the end of eighth grade, my uncle was offered a promotion with a huge raise but he had to move the family to Idaho, about seven hours away. I felt a bit lost when they moved. Not that I didn’t have other friends, but we had all been so close and saying goodbye was hard, especially to Jimmy.

Of course, close families don’t lose touch and we talked over the phone at least once a week. The guys and I exchanged a lot of e-mails.. But I didn’t have a chance to actually see them for nearly two years. Finally, our parents decided that it was time for a long family reunion and they planned a joint two week vacation at a resort mid-way between our homes. I was thrilled at the idea of seeing my cousins again.

As our vacation got closer, I found I could hardly wait to see the guys. The long drive to the resort seemed to last forever. My parents and I arrived at the resort first and I had already explored the resort and gone for a dip in the pool by the time my uncle, aunt and the three boys showed up. I was wearing a bikini with a cute wrap around skirt. Of course we were all happy to see each other and I wrapped my arms around each of them in a long, happy hug.

My outfit revealed that I had changed quite a bit in the two years since we had last seen each other, it was easy to see that my days as a Tom-boy were way in the past. My aunt, who is my dad’s sister commented on how tall and how pretty I had become. I had grown three inches to 5 -7, and had developed a nice figure. When the guys last saw me, my legs were still a bit scrawny and my boobs nearly non-existent. Like I said, that had changed. My long tan legs had filled out. They were well muscled but still lean and smooth. My bikini top highlighted my medium sized breasts. Not that I was trying to look hot for my cousins. But I thought surely there would be other guys at the resort who I could flirt with, and possibly sneak away with. I had been having sex for about half a year by then and was looking forward to using the summer bikini season to meet cute guys.

Of course the guys had grown and filled out too. They were all pretty cute with nice, slim athletic builds.

After we got settled in, the guys and I went down to the pool for a swim and I as removed my wrap around skirt, they got a good look at my firm, nicely shaped ass plus my flat tummy, slim waist and sexy curved hips.

Like I said, I wasn’t trying to look hot for my cousins, but I wasn’t oblivious to the fact that my body was worth admiring. Even though I had just finished my sophomore year, I had already had eight different sexual partners.

I didn’t have a steady boyfriend; my parents thought I was too young for steady dating. They had a rule that girls in my family weren’t allowed to go on real dates until the start of our junior years. Even though I was just a couple months away from being a junior, the rule was still in effect. That didn’t prevent me from experimenting with sex. I had my pick of guys back home, and I had made love with a number of my guy friends.

I knew, even though I had only been having sex for about half a year, that I’m really good in bed. Like I said, most of my partners were guy friends who were about my age. Of course, they loved having sex with me anywhere, anytime I would let them. But it wasn’t their opinions that mattered. They were all as new to sex as I was and any horny freshman or sophomore is going to be ecstatic anytime he gets access to a vagina. But they didn’t have enough experience to tell a good lover from a bad one. My confidence in my sexual ability came from the praise and compliments I got from two older guys.

About these two older guys: One was a college aged guy who worked as a lifeguard at the local beach. The first time I had sex with him was on the second day of summer break, just a few weeks before our family reunion. He saw me in my bikini and he began to flirt with me. One thing led to another and I agreed to go out with him. I lied to my parents, I told them I was going to a movie with a friend but I went to the guy’s apartment instead. We had fantastic sex and he taught me positions I had never imagined. I met him again a few days later for an encore. The other older guy was the beach safety instructor at soccer camp. He liked the way I looked in my bikini too. We had sex three times while I was at camp, the last time was just a few days before my reunion with my cousins. He had a fat, eight inch long penis and I was a bit apprehensive about having it shoved into me the first time. His entry was gentle and I did manage to get it all into me, and the sensation of having my pussy stretched so much was exhilarating. I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had to that point.

These two guys were both experienced enough to know a good lover from a bad one and they both said that I’m a very good lover. Aside from having a nice body I have a small, snug yet soft pussy and the kind of good muscle control that a girl needs to really milk and massage a guy’s penis. I was hoping to demonstrate my sexual skills to a hot guy or two while on this vacation. The trick would be finding a way to sneak away from my cousins. Not that I wanted to abandon them on our first day together, but I was hoping that over the next few days we might meet some cute girls who would distract them.

So there we were, swimming in the pool, getting reacquainted. We had the pool to ourselves for the moment and Joey mentioned that I had changed a lot since we had last seen each other. I asked if the changes were for the better and both he and Ricky said “better” almost simultaneously. Jimmy just looked at me with an admiring expression.

I wasn’t sure if I should feel flattered or self-conscious at the idea that my own cousins were looking at me like that. They had always been every bit as close to me as my own brother. My ego got the better of me and I slipped out of the pool and stood where the guys could admire my legs and figure.

My aunt and uncle were taking a walking tour of the resort and their exploring brought them down to the pool. Their arrival made our conversation turn away from my developing body although my aunt, on seeing me in my bikini said that I had the grown into a real beauty. She added that it was a good thing that my cousins were there to keep all the men from bothering me. I thought to myself that protection from cute guys is exactly what I didn’t want.

We had a great time hanging out that first day. My two sisters had to work and weren’t able to join us until the following weekend, and they were bringing our grand parents with them. My brother, his wife and new born baby weren’t scheduled to arrive until the second week. But my parents had reserved three large suites for the entire two weeks so that there would be plenty of room when the entire clan arrived. As bed time approached, my aunt and uncle retired to one suite and my parents to another. The kids all clustered in the third, and that first night we sat up late, watching movies, snacking, and just getting reacquainted. It was a good time.

The second night, the lack of sleep caught up to us and we all drifted off to sleep early. Although we had beds, I had fallen asleep on the couch alongside of Ricky. I woke up and discovered that his arms were wrapped around me. It was nice being cuddled and I drifted off to sleep in his arms.

When I woke up, there were Jimmy and Joey looking at us with grins on their faces.

“What” I asked sleepily.

“Nice boobs” said Joey.

Ricky was still asleep with his arm wrapped under my arm and across my upper chest. I realized that during the night, as I had shifted around my T-shirt had crept up exposing my 34B sized tits. Now I do have nice tits. The shape is round and perky, and the eraser sized nipples are worthy of sucking. The brownish pink quarter sized circles that surround them are perfectly round, with very few bumps. Every guy who has seen my tits couldn’t wait to wrap his lips around them.

I sat up, throwing Ricky’s arm off of me. I didn’t shriek or yell, but I was embarrassed. The movement woke Ricky and he asked what was going on. Joey told him I he had pulled my shirt up so that they could see “the most awesome set of tits.”

I was going to act pissed off but instead I blurted out “you think they’re awesomet?”

“Definitely” he answered and Jimmy nodded in agreement.

“I wanna see them.” Ricky declared.

I made a snap decision and impulsively turned toward him and raised my shirt.

“Gawd .they are perfect” he said.

I took my shirt completely off.

Joey’s eyes moved toward my shorts and I knew he wanted me to take them off, so I did. I made it a point to tease them a little, first sliding my shorts down my long legs ever so slowly, then I did an equally slow, teasing motion to remove my panties. There I was, standing naked in front of my cousins. The guys were staring at my neatly trimmed nest of soft brown pubic hair.

“Have you ever ?” Ricky asked.

I nodded and returned the question. All three nodded that they had.

“Do you wanna .you know with us?” Joey asked.

Again I nodded.

All three quickly stripped off their shirts, shorts and boxers and all three were already saluting me with nicely shaped six inch boners. In the five years or so since that I’ve been sexually active, I’ve seen well over one hundred erect cocks, and I’m serious when I say that theirs are as aesthetically perfect as any I’ve seen. The question of who got to fuck me first was settled by my having them pick a number between one and twenty five.

Jimmy would get to go first. But first I knelt down and took turns sucking each of their cute cocks. Then I laid back on the couch, my long legs spread wide as they took turns opening and examining my pussy with their fingers, then their tongues. Ricky said “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful.” I have a small pussy with delicate brown outer lips that are evenly shaped. Every guy tells me that it’s pretty, but showing it off to my cousins was extra thrilling.

“What do you think Jimmy, is it as nice as Suzie’s?” asked Joey.

Suzie I learned later was an older neighbor girl who had recently given Jimmy his first fuck. Jimmy said “It’s a lot nicer!.” “You got that right!.” Joey added.

Then Joey encouraged Jimmy to go ahead and do it. He eagerly obeyed. My pussy was quite wet by then, although I had yet to have an orgasm. Jimmy entered me without any difficulty. The guy who had taken my cherry was pretty big about seven inches and the camp counselor I already wrote about was big too. Since I was already accustomed to having my pussy stretched, Jimmy’s six inch penis fit into me quite nicely. It felt so nice, in part because I love Jimmy so much. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a lot of experience or control and he came quickly. It was nice feeling the cum gushing into me even though I didn’t come close to having an orgasm.

Ricky quickly took his place. The extra year of experience was obvious and he gave me a long, enjoyable fucking. I did climax spectacularly. Joey got sloppy thirds but he didn’t mind. I wrapped my long legs around him and milked his cock until he literally erupted inside of me but not before I had a second, huge orgasm. All three of my cousins had fucked me missionary style, and then they came back for more, this time doggie style.

We sneaked off a couple more times the next day for more sex. The guys were insatiable and I was loving it. Unfortunately, two days after my cousins and I first made love, my two older sisters arrived. Not that I was unhappy to have them there, but it really put a crimp on the recreational sex my cousins and I had been enjoying. I did sneak off with each of them a couple of times before our vacation ended, but secretive five minute quickies weren’t as much fun as being able to have a long, gentle gang bang with my cousins.

By the way, I did manage to hook up with a cute guy before the vacation ended. It was only a twenty minute quickie with a twenty year old resort employee, but it was my first ever one night stand with a guy I had just barely met. As far as I know, none of my cousins hooked up with any other girls during our two week vacation.

The following Thanksgiving, my parents flew us for a visit, and I managed to get some alone time with each of the boys. At Christmas, they came for a visit. I invited the guys to sneak into my room after our parents went to bed and we had a glorious little gang bang. The following summer, my treated me to a two week visit to Idaho. My uncle and Jimmy picked me up at the airport and all I could think about as we drove to their house was how much I wanted Jimmy inside of me.

I soon found out that he had gained a lot of experience that he used to give me more pleasure than I had with any of the guys back home. Between him, Ricky and Joey, I was getting laid every few hours. We had quickies whenever we could find a place to get away for some privacy. I sneaked out to the garage with after dinner the first night I was there with Ricky, hiked my mini skirt and had him make love with me as I leaned against the back of my uncle’s BMW. A half hour later, Joey told me to meet him in five minutes up in the attic. He was so ready he came in just three minutes but I enjoyed it so much.

All three guys visited me in the guest room in the wee hours of the morning for long gentle love making sessions.

I admit to being highly sexual and with over one hundred partners in my life so far, I’m in a position to judge lovers. My three cousins are three of the best I’ve ever had. I continue to spread my long, lovely legs for them whenever I get the chance, and will continue to do it as long as they want to be with me. I know that if I ever get married, I will cheat with them.

– The End –