The weeping girl beckoned my daughter to follow us as I took her upstairs impaled on my cock, every step seemed to send her into another spasm, she felt like a gooey swamp when I lay her down on the bed and rammed myself into her to get my own satisfaction!

“Fuck her daddy” Katie sat in a chair beside the bed, legs apart fingering herself with one hand and with the other hand, wiping her friend’s little panties all over her face!

Sharon used her cunt muscles to squeeze me, trying to get more of me inside her, there wasn’t any more, my heavy balls slapped against her buttocks as I fucked her mercilessly. Her teeth were on my neck, nipping and biting me, her hands gripping my buttocks, again and again she came until suddenly I felt a pair of hands between my own legs caressing my balls and Katie’s tongue in my ear.

“Fill her daddy, fill her nasty little cunt with your cum”

I erupted into her with an animal cry, totally spent and collapsed on top of the sweating teenager.

“Was I good daddy?” was the last thing I heard before drifting into the welcoming sleep I so badly needed!

The sound of feminine laughter from downstairs woke me and I looked at my watch,

“Shit, mid-day!” I’d slept about thirteen hours, pulling on a robe I went down stairs, following my nose to where the aroma of freshly ground coffee greeted me in the kitchen.

“Hi daddy” Katie jumped up and kissed me lovingly.

“Hello Paul” said Sharon, adding softly, “And thank you”

Both girls were dressed identically in cut off denim shorts and white blouses, fastened in a knot under their breasts, no bra’s of course and by the way the jeans were pulled up in between their delightful little buttocks, no panties either!

“Katie” I said, “I fell asleep darling!”

“You were shattered daddy” she replied, “I didn’t have the heart to wake you”

She slipped a hand beneath my robe and found my penis, which was already showing signs of stirring just from looking at the two horny teenagers.

“Put it this way daddy” she giggled, “You owe me one, a nice slow screw one night, ok?”

“Katie, you’re gorgeous” I said and kissed her on the lips.

Reaching out for Sharon, I pulled her into our embrace and kissed her too,

“And so are you Sharon” We all kissed each other.

Although I’d much rather have spent the afternoon with the girls, I had things to do, I spent the next couple of hours arranging the funeral and phoning round to inform people of the location etc, then I went into my office to speak to Joe about our forthcoming change of work direction!

On my way in, I called him up and told him to get as many of the guys as possible into the office urgently and apart from three who were on bodyguard jobs, they were all there.

“You got the bag Joe?”

He fetched it from the safe and placed it on the table.

“How many lads have we got working for us now Joe?”

“Twelve boss”


A couple of the lads hadn’t been involved in our little escapade, so they knew nothing about it, their surprise was all the greater as I proceeded to pull bundles of £50 notes out and put them in little piles, twelve of them.

None of the guys had money troubles, I paid them too well for that to happen, but even so, twenty five thousand pounds is a lot of money and that’s what I gave every one of them. Joe got fifty thousand for his part in the job and I made arrangements to put various amounts in the accounts of three different widows of men who’d died on the job, I believe in looking after my lads and in return they give me 101%!

It was six p.m when I arrived home to find a note on the kitchen table from Katie,

“My darling sexy daddy,

Sharon and I have gone to her house for a few drinks and some “fun” Frank called round earlier and he’s left you a present.

I think you’ll find it in the lounge, ring the bell for service daddy!



Katie xxxxx

I had no idea what it would be but knowing that sexy little minx, I would undoubtedly enjoy it and I was still puzzling over what she meant by “ring the bell for service” when the lounge door opened and my present walked into the kitchen, a glass of champagne in one hand and a long slim joint in the other!

The baby blue basque stopped just short of her nipples, the delicate suspender straps held up matching light blue stockings, no panties hid her hairless slit, her only other adornments were her blue high heeled shoes.

All I could do was smile as she drained her glass, took a long pull of the joint and passed it to me.

“Hi” I said and took a pull.

Not until she perched her lovely naked bottom on the table and spread her legs wide, placing her feet on two chairs, did she speak. Reaching down to the little gold clit ring, she flicked the tiny gold bell attached to it.

“Ding a fucking ling” Becky laughed sexily!

She giggled at my eagerness as I hurriedly stripped naked, my penis was already fully erect as I knelt between her legs and breathed in the sweet aroma of her sex.

“Dirty, Paul” she whispered, “I want it dirty”

Her desire was obvious, a trail of her fluids glistened on her inner thighs as I slid my hands beneath her bottom and cupped her cheeks.

“I want to fuck you here” I said and prodded my tongue against her anus.

My hands pulled her buttocks apart and she gasped as my tongue forced her anus to open.

“Oh, you dirty bastard” she moaned, “You dirty fucking bastard”

My tongue probed deeper, fucking her, sodomizing her, her back arched and her hips jerked.

“Fuck me Paul, fuck my fucking ass hole”

I didn’t need any persuading, I placed my cock against the tiny puckered hole and slowly pushed.

She lay back, suddenly very relaxed, a smile on her face as I slid easily into the tight clutching hole of her rectum.

“Oh Paul yes” she began moving slowly, her hips undulating in rhythm with mine.

“Deeper Paul, all the way for me darling, oh fucking hell yes, this is so fucking nice!”

I felt as if I wouldn’t last long, but I wanted to, how I wanted to continue ploughing into her bowels. I began moving faster, digging my fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks, she was whimpering, her body shaking as my thrusts became deeper and harder. We were like two animals in heat, I felt her sphincter muscles contacting around my cock as her orgasm approached.

“Becky” I gasped and let myself go.

She howled and rammed herself forward as my sperm washed her bowels,

“Paul, oh God, Paul”

She lost control of her bladder, her hot urine splashed against my stomach as she ground herself against me, seemingly lost in the overwhelming force of her climax.

We lay together on the coolness of the kitchen floor, the feelings I had were alien to me, I didn’t want to let this woman go, ever!

The phone disturbed our relaxation and for some reason her brother’s voice irritated me,

“Enjoy your present old boy?”

“Yes, I’ll put her on”

I thought he wanted to talk, perhaps even tell me of the happenings at his end, but that wasn’t for me.

“Hi” she said softly and sat up as I got to my feet.

“Yes ok” she said softly, her eyes fixed on mine, “Yes I’m sure he will”

I felt her hand in mine and she entwined her fingers through mine as I helped her to her feet.

“No, of course not, it was lovely, yes I think you could say he liked his present!”

As she replaced the receiver I took her into my arms and kissed her,

“Are you leaving?”

“Yes, come with me”

“What’s happening there?”

“He didn’t say, but Katie was with him and I think they’re in the garden, I heard splashing”

“There was some splashing here a while ago” I squeezed her hand.

“I’m embarrassed” she said softly, “I just couldn’t help it”

Taking her head in both my hands, I kissed her on the mouth,

“Don’t be sorry, I loved it, you’re amazing”

“Can I see you again” she looked at me anxiously, ” I mean, well you know, alone?”

“He won’t like it”

“Fuck him, I don’t care” she clung to me, “Do you?”

“No” I kissed her again, “Not one little bit!”