Note: This story is 100% fictional. It is merely a fantasy written for the viewer’s own personal sexual satisfaction. If ever doing anything like this, do so at your own risk.

Vampire Fantasy

Xeric cut the water off in the shower and let the cold water drip off of his body. He grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower, drying his hair and body. He went to the table that had his clean clothes on it and he put them on. After brushing his teeth and getting his hair settled. His brother, Tim, got in his car and escorted Xeric to his girlfriend, Kristine’s house. Walking up to the door and ringing the doorbell, Kristine opened it and Xeric walked in. he waved at Mr. Blanch, Kristine’s father who was caught up in playing Galaga. They talked to her dad for a few minutes and then they went back to her room. They put in a movie and watched it. Kristine lay on the bed and leaned against Xeric with his arms around her. After about 20 minutes they decided to go for a walk to a graveyard down the road. Kristine grabbed her hoodie and told Mr. Blanch where they were going. They took off along the side of the road, holding hands the whole way. When they got there they went to the very center of the graveyard and sat on the benches, Kristine in Xeric’s lap. He had her arms around her and they talked and just sat there enjoying each other’s company for a while and then it started to rain and lightning heavily. They stood up and went to a large tomb under a tree and they sat on the wet ground, against the cold marble. They wiped the water from their faces but it made no use as it just got wet anyway and they hair and clothes were sticking to their bodies. Xeric looked over at her and saw her shivering and, always being warmer than her, he put his arms around her. They sat there and then He looked down at her and saw her smirking.

“What are you smirking at?” he asked. “Just think, Kitti. Of that little idea you had about us…and blood…and being in a graveyard when it’s raining.” He thought for a bit and then Kristine gave his crotch a little squeeze. He jumped and gasped slightly as he remembered. “Oh yes, that little fantasy. I think I might remember now.” “Yeah that fantasy.” He smiled and looked down at her, his wet hair hanging around his face. She removed some hair that was sticking to his face and smiled. Slowly he lowered to her and kissed her. Gently at first, and then he opened his mouth and bit her lip softly. She slid her tongue over his lip and he sucked on hers. She gave his lipped a bite and he lifted his head slightly and looked at her. She smiled and looked up at him, lifting her knee and rubbing his crotch a little making him jump. She laughed a little and they just sat there, looking at each other and then she slowly grabbed his shirt, pulling her to him and kissing Xeric more. He got an idea and he slowly slid her shirt up not letting her know and then slid his fingertip along her waistline.

She drew up a little and bit his lip and smiled. He looked at her, smiling and kept sliding his finger along her waistline. Kristine closed her eyes as Xeric laid her down and slid her shirt up and over her head. He sat at her side, nibbling on her waistline and worked his way up to just below her bra. He ran the tip of his tongue over her ribs, sucking and sliding his fingertips across them. He looked at her, smiling at the look on her face. He kissed her and then grabbed her hands, slowly moving her arms to behind her back. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and then handcuffed her hands behind her back. Grinning, he looked at her and said, “Let’s see how long you can hold up, okay?” Kristine groaned but finally agreed. Tossing the shirt aside, Xeric unclasped her bra and slid it down her arms.

The rain was pouring just as hard as every and it now landed on her finally bare breasts, sending shivers up her naturally cold body. He walked his fingers up her sides, looking at her all the while and then finally made slow circles around her nipple just before taking it into his mouth, giving it a gently bite. Kristine let out a slight groan form the heat of his mouth on her cold skin and bit her lip. With his other hand he ran it up her stomach and rubbed the tip of her other nipple with his fingertips to hardness. She wriggled some and after a few minutes of this, she said that she couldn’t take any more and she nodded, taking the handcuffs off. In a split second, she grabbed Xeric and flipped over with her on top. She slid his shirt up over his head and said, “It’s payback time.” “Oh no…” She made him turn over and handcuffed his hands to small tree trunks. The rain beat down on his highly sensitive back as Kristine straddled his legs. Slowly, she moved her hand up his back making him breathe in a rattling breath as if an ice cube was going down his spine. He looked back at her, giving her a jokingly evil look and then lay back on the ground. Kristine lowered her head down and started to slowly and teasingly lick up his spine. His lip was hurting a little now from him biting on it because of her teasingly slow torture. An aching pain started to grow in his pants and then she lay on his back, beginning to bite and suck on his neck. “Look in my pocket…there’s something there that might make this a little more…fun.” She looked at him curiously and then slid her hand down his pocket.

A pair of medium length authentic attachable vampire fangs were resting in his pocket and he smirked, seeing the look on her face. She smiled, quickly taking the fangs out and slid them onto her teeth. They fit perfectly along with her teeth and were just the right length, extending almost to her lowers gums. “You sure about this?” “You know me.” A smirk spread across her face and she took out the keys, unhand cuffing him. The handcuffs lay on the ground and Kristine was sitting in Xeric’s lap who was leaning back on the tomb. His arms were around the cold, bare skin of her waist while she had her hand on the back of his neck. Slowly the two of them got closer together and then finally their lips met. Xeric’s tongue slid into her mouth a little bit and he wrestled his with hers playfully. Their lips slid across each other’s and he sucked on her top lip a little while Kristine bit on his top lip. They kissed once more and then she licked a sensitive spot on his neck. She kissed on sucked on it gently for a few moments. At last, she opened her mouth and sank her newly acquired fangs into his waiting next. A groan of pleasure escaped his lips and felt blood trickling down his neck. Kristine closed his eyes and allowed the warm blood to flow into her mouth, drinking it. After she had had enough, she licked it clean and it stopped bleeding. He smiled and then kissed her, savoring the taste of his very own blood. They kissed for a little bit and then he licked down to her chest again, biting on her nipple gently. He sucked on it softly then left it, and laid her down.

He looked at her and said, “You ready for this?” She looked at him and nodded. He looked at her and then unzipped & unbuttoned her pants. Peeling them off from her elegant legs, he saw she was wearing one of the g-strings that he had bought her. “Sexy,” he whispered in her ear. Kristine grinned and then Xeric ran a fingertip down her neck, between her boobs, and right over the crotch of her sexy underwear. He applied a little pressure on her previously untouched love spot and she gasped, closing her eyes. Xeric looked at her and put some fangs on. He kissed her and licked down to her neck. The cold skin of her neck, wet from the icy rain, grew chill bumps and he sucked on Kristine’s collarbone gently. The fangs in his mouth grazed her skin slightly and then he sank them into her skin in one quick motion. A gasp and a moan slipped between her lips and her nails dug hard into his back, making it bleed. Warm blood trickled out of her veins and into his mouth with some going down her chest and dripping off her cold, sensitive nipples. He drank the blood from her neck and then licked it up from her chest. Xeric returned to her boobs and sucked in them savoring the blood on them.

Kristine kissed him and slid her tongue into his mouth to taste her own blood. He slapped her but a little and she smiled. Before he knew it, Xeric was on his back again and she bit his nipple, drawing blood with the fangs. There was a little snap and a zip and then his pants and boxers were down all at once. “Oooh. You never told me you pierced it.” “Thought I might let you get a little surprise.” A smirk went across her face and she gently grabbed his stone-hard dick in her cold hands making him gasp. Kristine looked up at him and then kissed the head of his cock. Her hot wet tongue did circles around the head and she slowly took the first few inches in her mouth giving it a little suck. Xeric bit down on his lip and watched her as she bobbed her head up and back down taking the full length of his cock down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down slowly and used her tongue to play with the body jewelry in his frenum piercing. A moan escaped him as he watched her beautiful face bounce on his dick and he could feel his balls tightening. His face twitched slightly and said, “Ah, I’m about to cum Kristine.” She increased her pace and sucked on the head harder. She could tell when he came and just before, she took the tip of her tongue and slide it from the base to the tip of his cock. His body tightened up as he exploded a load of hot gooey cum into her hungry mouth. Load after load filled her mouth and a little escaped through the sides but the rest was swallowed. He laid there panting some and looked down at her. Kristine wiped the extra cum from her face and licked it from her finger.

Xeric kissed her and rolled over with her, looking into her eyes. He went down on her and slid her black and pink skull designed thong off of her tight legs. After throwing it onto the ground, he sat back for a moment, admiring her sheer beauty. She smiled at him and then tackled him down so that he was lying on his back. She slid up his chest so that he pussy was a mere 2 inches from his mouth. “You are going to eat my pussy until I tell you to stop. Any questions?” she said. Xeric didn’t even answer and he just engorged himself in her tight, sweet virgin pussy. Kristine grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her more. Oh how she loved the feeling of his hands squeezing her ass hard and her lover sucking and biting on her clit. “Oh fuck yes just like that.” The rain was still falling at tremendous amounts. Between his tongue, the cold hard rain beating down on her cold and stiff nipples and her incredibly hot pussy, she was in heaven. She dug her claws into his neck harder, drawing blood from his neck as his tongue worked wonders on her clit. Xeric slid his tongue into her tight little hole, hardly able to get it in there. And then it happened, there was a sudden rush of bliss and his mouth was flooded with hot pussy juice actually squirting into his mouth. Oh how he loved the taste of her juices. After about 3 minutes she finally rested from the colossal orgasm, she lay on his chest and kissed him.

Kristine laid there and kissed his neck, sucking on it a little bit. Without warning, she bit his neck and her new fangs sank about a half inch into the side of his neck. Blood surged from his neck and he drank 2-3 mouthfuls of it. A pleasing grunt escaped Xeric’s lips and he just bit his lip taking in this divine feeling. He kissed her, sharing the taste of his own blood and he laid her down on the ground. Looking down at her, he smiled and he put her legs over his shoulders. He looked into her eyes and could tell that the time was right and that she thought that it was too. He held onto her sweet thighs and thrust into her quick. She screamed loudly, surely even the dead would here it. She was breathing heavily and then nodded when she was ready for him to continue. Xeric started to slowly slide his rock hard cock in and out of her newly popped pussy. Nothing had ever felt this good. Kristine was grunting in pain for about the first 10 thrusts but quickly turned to moans of pleasure. “Oh…oh…faster, Xeric.” He held her thighs a little harder and picked up his pace with the rain beating down on them and their bodies started to steam a little bit from the cold rain hitting their hot skin.

Kristine could feel the steel jewelry rubbing along her pussy walls, clamped tightly over his cock. “Ah fuck you’re tight, love.” They both started to breathe hard for air and Xeric rammed into her harder and faster, her boobs bouncing up and down along with him. “I’m almost there Xeric.” And indeed she was. He could feel the walls of her already incredibly tight pussy clamping down on his stone hard cock. He let go of her thighs and grabbed her ass, lifting her hips up off the ground and did a few final thrusts. Pussy juice dripped from her onto the ground and Xeric unleashed 6 shots of cum into her pussy. They both swallowed hard and Xeric lay on top of her, pulling out of her and he held her in his arms.

The rain was still pouring down and lighting was cracking harder and more often than ever. In his arms, Kristine put her hand on his cheek and kissed him deeply. He returned the kiss will equally as much meaning and then looked into her eyes. “I love you, Xeric. So, so much…” He smiled and said, “I love you too, Kristine. More then you can know.” They laid there and stared into each other’s eyes for a few minutes then finally fell asleep, Kristine in his arms.

– The End –