I have an online slave named niki who is really into public exhibition,
although she has never been gutsy enough to do anything really daring before.
She is temporarily away from her home on a job assignment, and that is where
we met online. She has had submissive relationships in real life, but has
none now. She is in her early 30s, slender and athletic, about 5’8″ and
125 lbs. 36-24-35 measurements. Her hair is long and brown. She
confessed that her pussy is shaved bald, and she wears small rings in
each nipple. She is very intelligent, and has a very responsible job in a
highly technical field. She had very few clothes with her, and even
fewer ones of a revealing nature. However, she did bring one short-short
red dress. It was sleeveless, cut low in front to reveal an ample amount of
cleavage, and barely covered her ass. She had matching red 5″ heels.

I gave her instructions as follows: She was to dress in her red dress and
matching heels, no underwear or hose. She was to drive into the city and
go to a mall. She was to go to a department store and have a man wait on
her as she pretended to be looking for something. Then she was to go to
a shoe store and find a man to wait on her while she tried on several pairs
of shoes. When I found out that she was planning to go around lunch time,
I added the task of going to lunch in a place where she would be noticed and
would have the opportunity to exhibit herself. During her mall trip, she
was to ride the escalators, and make sure she was observed. At no time,
in the department store, the shoe store, at lunch, or on the escalators, was
she allowed to completely close her legs or cross them. Moreover, at all
times while in the car, she was to keep her skirt hiked up over her waist,
and was to wear a clothespin either on one labia of her pussy, or directly
on her clit–I left that choice to her. When she arrived at the mall, she
was to remove the clothespin, lower her skirt, and get out. At no time
while walking through the parking lot was she allowed to put her skirt
down if it were whipped by the wind. She was to let it fly where it might,
with two exceptions. If it got stuck, she could lower it, and if any
small children were in a position to see her, she could keep it down.

Then she revealed another problem. She was having to share her room with
a female business associate, but felt she could get around that. She told me
that her associate had a full-time female lover, but she didn’t
think she was into the bondage and domination scene. The next thing I know,
I have an email from niki that she had revealed all (literally) to her
associate, who was fascinated by niki’s shaved pussy and nipple rings. She
found the idea of niki parading around a mall exposing her pussy and nipple
rings to masses of people so exciting that she volunteered to go along to
make sure niki fulfilled ALL the tasks as ordered, and to be a safety valve if
she was needed. After that revelation, Rosie and I corresponded, and some
additional instructions for niki were given to Rosie.

These then, are the accounts of what happened that day. First, Rosie’s
account, then niki’s own account of the activities.

Subj: niki’s adventure
Date: 96-07-04 18:34:30 EDT
From: RosiRose
To: LineMstr


I don’t know exactly what you are telling her but my friend actually is
one sexy gal.

After I wrote you this morning I told her it was time to get ready, no more
thinking about business problems. It was a holiday, and we had places to
go. With a sigh she got up and went to shower. She had been very quiet
today, moreso than usual, so I thought I would lighten it up and get her in
the right mood. I got out her clothes, no bra, no panties, only her thin, red,
short-short dress, shoes and the clothespin.

When she came out of the shower she looked like I imagine the day she was
born, smooth and very soft and not a hint of hair below her eyebrows. Her
hair was so pretty down. I asked her to leave it that way, only to tie it
with a ribbon if she needed to. She got into the dress and shoes and turned
to look at herself in the mirror. I have to say she look incredible! The
red color of the dress complemented her hair color and really fit her to show
off her shape. The shoes made her that much taller and really tapered her
legs. I arranged her hair so it came down over her nipples which were so hard
I could see the rings easily. I could not believe this was my associate, my
quiet, serious friend. I thought if only the office could see her now.

I helped with her make up and then she started to panic a bit about getting
out of the room. I gave her my raincoat that covered her dress, and out the
door we went. She had almost forgotten the clothes pin, so I clipped it to
her lapel. Once in the car, she did as you instructed and pulled her skirt up
high over hips, completely exposing her pussy, and put the pin on her labia.
I asked her to change it, that it would please you for her to put it on her
clit. She really didn’t think she could drive that way but I told her to
give it a shot. Well she did, and as I watched, it started to pulsate up and
down. She must have been more bothered or aroused than she let on. She can
be so hard to read at times. Anyway I started to giggle, I have never even
thought of doing something like this, so watching her was marvelous!
Well, she started to laugh until she had to stop the car. I told her we would
never get done at this rate and for her to think about gutting fish (what my
Dad would tell my brother) and get going. She visibly relaxed and started

We had only gotten onto the freeway when this trucker she passed started going
nuts, honking, flashing his lights, and waving. I asked her what she did and
she just looked at her lap and smiled. The whole trip was that way until she
passed a minivan. The look the woman gave her should have killed her but
then the women turned to her husband and just started yelling at him. I did
not know Niki could elicit such emotion!

We arrived at the mall and she dropped me off at Sears, and went to park the
car. I told her I would be near by, but would not interfer unless she did
not complete her tasks. I went in the store and waited for her to come in.
She came in the door bold as brass, and stopped this guy to ask for directions.

Then she went on about her business. As I watched, every male head in the
place swiveled around to look at her ass as she passed. Some looked in spite
of the disapproving looks of the women that were with them. I have never seen
her so stunning and so oblivious to the commotion she was causing. She got
to the phone/computer supply (surprise, surprise) counter and started in on
the sales guy. I really could not hear her but she was so cute, seemingly
trying to understand how it worked, knowing she could explain the electron
exchange to Einstein.

She really looked like she was having fun and the guy’s face was as red as her
dress. She made the purchase and moved on to the shoes. She did not do
very well with this. I think she got too embarrassed. She rushed it and
left the store. I stopped her and made sure she was ok. She did not use the
safeword, and said she was ok. So I told her she had to do it again, but at
another store. I think she as hoping I would tell her that she did not need
to do it again, but you told me to make sure she did every task, so I did
not let her get away with it.

She then got a coke and sat on a bench in the mall in full view. You could
not miss a thing on her. Her long shapely legs were extended well out in
front of her demurely crossed at the ankle, her arms extended along the top
of the bench putting her breasts to attention for all to see. The dress
clung to her ass and breasts so every bit of their form was accented. I have
to give her credit for sitting there as long as she did. Now, she
did not draw crowds, but NO ONE passed her without a double take.

She then got up and went to try on shoes again. This time she did a much
job. The sales clerk must have gotten every pair in her size for her. Finally

she made a selection, and the sales clerk started making a pass. I know she
uncomfortable, so I intervened, and we left the mall. I do have to say I
intervened in a manner not uncommon for a dyke to her girl, but it did stop
the situation so we could go. We got outside and laughed and laughed. We got
in the car and I handed her the clothespin. She started to protest. No
safeword though, so she put the pin on her labia this time.

Now, neither you nor Niki told me we had another stop, the adult sex toy store.

We pull up to this place and she told me you instructed her to get two
some chain, a collar, handcuffs and a butt pug. Now I have never shopped for
such, or been in a store that sold those things. I was a little embarrassed
now. She looked at me telling me we have to do this, and I need to come with
her. So I go. I tried not to look around, and she knew exactly what she
needed. The sales clerk asked me if I were going to use this on her, and did
she need to try any of it out. Well, I am evil in my own way, so I say,

“Yes, the handcuffs. She needs to try on the handcuffs.”

He had her turn around and he locked the cuffs on her wrists behind her back,
because I really think he wanted to see her breasts better. I asked her how
they felt, and she said,


So I paid for them for her, since I had no intention of letting her out of this

yet. The clerk put it all in a bag, I place the bag in her cuffed hands, and I

took her arm and lead her out. I know she was mortified–as mortified as I was

entering the store! We got to the car and I unlocked her, saying,


We both started to laugh again. The drive back to our room was as noisy as the

ride to the mall, all the time with her skirt up, pussy completely exposed,
and the clothes pin on her labia.

I have to say she was different than I have ever seen her! Other than the
reluctance with the first shoe-buying experience, she did exactly as you
instructed her with little protest and no use of her safeword. Now I don’t
know what that means for her within your D/S relationship but I was amazed with

her performance and her desire to complete every task you gave her. She is
taking a nap so I will send this now and let her sleep so she can be rested to
write you about her experience herself.


Subj: a day at the Mall
Date: 96-07-04 20:42:05 EDT
From: nikigirl
To: LineMstr


When we first got back from the mall i had to lie down for a minute but i did
it as you instructed…..i paraded myself up and down the mall did some
shopping in Sears and generally stopped traffic there for about 30-45
minutes, or at least felt i did, as everyone stopped and stared.

Rosie told me about 10 am that it was about time to get ready for our mall
trip. Evidently you and she had communicated again this morning because she
was very insistent i not putz around any more. i showered, shaved and, paying
particular attention to my sex, made sure my pussy was smooth and very bald.
When i came out of the shower, Rosie had laid out the outfit of the day….my
red mini dress, matching red heels, and a clothes pin–nothing else. She
suggested i wear my hair down today and not braid it, all to appear more
sexy. i assumed you had given her some instructions, so i acquiesced and let
it dry naturally around my shoulders. i next slithered into the dress, not
remembering it being so snug. i slipped on the shoes, looked in the mirror,
and almost fell over! The dress was almost a second skin and very short,
revealing my very feminine shape, and my long legs were accented by the shoes.
i had to admit i looked pretty good even as my nipples pressed against the
bodice just slightly, revealing the nipple rings, if one were to look. Behind
me, Rosie started to giggle and whisper how delicious this trip was going to
be. i started to apply my makeup but my hands were shaking, so Rosie did it
for me. i was surprised she had a shade of red lipstick that just matched
the dress. So now everything was in readiness for the trip. Now real panic
set in…how to get out of the B&B without arousing too many….questions.
Rosie was prepared and gave me her raincoat which covered the dress so no one
would see. We left, but not before Rosie clipped the clothespin to the
lapel, and, with a wry smile, told me now we NOW had everything.

We got to the car without seeing anyone I knew. i took off the coat and
threw in the back, sat in the car seat, hiked up my skirt so my my pussy was
exposed, and i put the clothespin on my labia. Rosie then asked me if i could
get it on my clit instead. i told her i was somewhat surprised my clit was
not hanging out because i was getting wet and aroused by this adventure. She
laughed and told me to give it a try. After all, wasn’t that what this was
all about?! i moved it to my clit and the pin started to involuntarily move up

and down as i started the car and drove down the road. i could not concentrate

on what i was doing, and the pin was really moving down there….i thought i
would cum right there, when i started to giggle. i don’t think we had gone
15 ft when i slowed down and we both just dissolved in laughter. That relieved

alot of the stress of the last few days and now we started out in earnest. i
told her i would try and keep it there but i wasn’t sure i could, she just
smiled at me.

We got on the interstate and headed into the city. i was keeping close to the
speed limit (a first for me) when i started to pass an 18-wheeler. You know
how as you pass someone you turn and look at the person driving? Well, i
turned to look up and he almost dropped the cigarette out of his mouth. As
i passed he signaled with his lights and horn and tried everything he could
short of dumping his load to catch up to us. i am also sure he told all his
buddies via the CB what was in the blue taurus….because every trucker was
flashing lights and honking. i have never felt so—powerful, i quess is the
word! All the truckers were going wild imagining what kind of gal i was.
Rosie was amazed. Anyway the trip went on that way–truckers going wild…guys

looking at what was going on…until i passed a family in a mini van. The
mom gave me a look that drilled me into the seat, but the best part is she
gave her old man a worse look as he swevered to get another look at me. i
thought Rosie was going to lose it, she was laughing so hard. (An aside here.
i am glad you had me not sit on my skirt…i was so wet).

We finally reached the mall and i could take that accursed clothespin off my
clit! i dropped Rosie off and went off to park the car. i took off the
clothespin and closed my legs as the blood rushed back into the area just
to ease the pain a bit, pulled my skirt down and got out of the car.

Rosie and i had decided to go to Sears in the mall to actually purchase
telephone equipment to splice the jack. So i proceeded there. i could not
see Rosie anywhere as i sashayed into Sears and asked the first man I saw
for directions to the phone counter. i had also thought more men would be
working in that area, so i would accomplish two objectives at once. i found
it, and asked the salesman for some assistance in helping me. i have
to tell you that i was really enjoying this! The guy was stocking some shelves

when i got there, and he did not know where to look when i asked him for help.

He had on one of those trainee red ribbions, and when i was done with him, he
had graduated! i had him explain how to use the splice, how to put it in
the teeny weeny little hole….i had him going…it was great! Now, this was
easy so far, because i had not risked anything…but trying on shoes was next
on the agenda, and that would be different.

i headed for women’s shoes, all the time looking for Rosie, hoping to see her.

i picked out a pair of 4 ” black pumps to try on. The sales guy was more than
eager to help me find my size and fit the shoes. i sat in a chair facing the
register (maximum exposure to the sales force) and waited for the guy to bring
the shoes. Because i did not have stockings on, i had to put on one of those
little brown peds. i leaned forward to remove the shoe and put on the ped.
When i did this, of course my legs opened up, and he got full view of all of
me! i thought every man in there was going to explode! The guy in front of
me just about dropped over and he could hardly hand me the shoe. well, i
was almost as embarrassed as he was, so i quickly tried on the shoe and took
it off and told him i had to go. He just sat there saying, “Ok, ok, ok.”
i got up and left, only to run into Rosie, who was perplexed about how abruptly

i stopped trying on the shoes. She told me i had to go out into the Mall
and find another store, and i had to do a better job trying on shoes. i
protested a little, saying maybe we should go now. She laughed and told me
i had a lot to do yet before we could go. She asked if i was really alright
and i said yes. So she said, “Back to the trenches!” You wanted me to
have lunch, but i really was not hungry, so i thought a coke would be good.
As i walked over to the first place i could get a coke, i noticed that i
had attracted a fair amount of attention. Heads would turn as i walked by,
eyes glanced up and down my body, and men smiled as i passed. i have
never done anything like this before, and in fact, i spend time trying not
to be noticed. But now i really felt sexy and was willing to try on shoes
again, but in not Sears! i have to say the looks i got from women were some
of encouragement and some of disapproval. Oh well, i couldn’t please
everyone! i did not see any stools, so i sat on a bench and drank my coke
with my legs extended out in front of me, and my arms spread widely over the
top of the bench so my tits were on full display…nipple rings and all!
i don’t think there was a male there that did not get a good look…at least
i felt that way!

i finished the coke and went to look for a sports store, thinking there were
mostly male sales people in that kind of store, and i could try on shoes
which i might actually buy. i took the escalator up to the second level as
you instructed me with my legs open, one leg on the higher step the other
behind me and near the edge so anyone could clearly see i was not wearing
any panties. i flipped my hair back as an attention getting move so no one
would miss me. i looked around and did not see a store I wanted, so i took
the escalator back down standing on the edge of the step for all to see.

Finally, i found one that sold women’s althetic shoes. i stopped one of the
sales guys and sweetly asked him to explain the difference between Nike and
Reebock shoes for jogging, which was better, and would he help me find a pair.

He just stopped and stared at me and then fumbled around. i have to say
this was the first time i had the guts to look at anyone’s crotch, and he
was becoming erect! i never thought i could effect anyone that way! Well,
i decided to have some fun with him. i asked him to help me find just the
right pair, just the right color, just the right fit, not too tight not too
loose. i let him show me where to sit as he went to get several pairs for
me to try on. He handed me a ped to put on, and i asked him if he could
help me by removing my shoe. In order to remove my shoe, he had to sit
exactly at eye level with my pussy, and i know he saw it all because he
just stared for a second until i caught him staring. i thought his penis
would poke a hole out of his pants! i closed my legs to stop his
staring and put on the ped so he could regain his composure…and i mine.
Every time he handed me a pair, i would let him put on one of the shoes,
so he got another look, and then i would close my legs extend my leg, look
at my foot and say, “No, not what i had in mind,” and would repeat the
process. This guy would have let me try on every shoe in the store as long
as i would sit there. It was great, until he started asking questions, and
began to hit on me. i selected a pair of shoes from the pile and he went
to ring them up. i really do not know how he could straighten up. While
he was gone i removed the ped, put on my shoe and stood up. He came back,
handed me the shoes, said this was his break time, and asked me if i wanted
to go get lunch. He would not let go of the shoes, or take no for an answer.
Suddenly, Rosie appeared, put her arm around me, gave me a kiss on the cheek,
and announced “Ready babe? Let’s go!” i was so relieved i kissed her back
and said, “You bet!”

We walked back through the mall, noticing the turning heads, glances, and
comments. We went back through Sears, through the parking lot, and into
the car. We just sat and laughed and laughed. i have never in all my
32 years EVER generated so much attention!

Rosie handed me the clothespin. i asked her if it was really necessay, and
she said you had told her it was. So, i hiked up my skirt and this time, i put
it on my labia. Now we had to drive through town to the adult store i found
in the phone book and purchase the other items. i had thought you had told
Rosie, so i didn’t! She was surprised when we drove up and i parked the car.
i told her you had a few items for me to get and she needed to come with me.
Now she was embarrassed! She had never been in such a store. i guess they get
more women dressed the way i was, because it did not bother the sales guy at
all. Rosie, on the other hand, was uncomfortable, and i thought she would die
when the guy asked her if i was purchasing the stuff for her to use on me. He
asked her if she need to try out anything on me. She recovered well, and
said, “Perhaps the handcuffs.” He removed them from the display and showed
her how they would not tighten once locked–real police cuffs–as he cuffed
my hands behind me. She then looked right at me and asked me if they felt
ok. i said, “Yes, they were quite satisfactory.” She then reached in my
purse and took out my money to pay for them and the other things. Now i
fully expected her to unlock the cuffs, but she put the bag in my cuffed
hands and led me out of the store! Now there were other people in the store
who all stopped and looked at us! i could have died, and i could have killed
her! We got outside to the car and she removed the cuffs, telling me after
that, i am lucky she did not have him insert the butt plug! Then we both
started laughing again.

i got in the car, hiked my skirt up, put on the clothespin and
off we went to home. The trip home was again full of stares, flashing
lights, and honking! i could not believe all the stuff that went on to
get my attention….i didn’t know how i was driving the car at all!

Once back to the house, i put on the rain coat and carried my heels in my hand
to get back inside unnoticed. All in all, Rosie and i tallied up about
5000 stares, 25 comments, at least 3 erections, 1 hit on, 1 gotcha
to Rosie, and 1 to me, no injuries, no accidents, no bodily harm, new shoes,
equipment to splice the phone connection, and the toys you requested.

Not bad for an afternoon in the city.

Your obedient slave


The End