This all happened when I was 17, I had not had any sexual experience in my life and masterbated all the time. I would masterbate 5 times a day and would always want more. I was about 5’11” and 155 lbs. My cock was only about 7 inches long and I did not see my self as very attractive. Well after years of only masterbation I realized that I had to have sex…and soon. I had been attracted to many women, skinney women, fat women, women with big breasts and womn with big butts. For my first time I decided to go with a Fat women, and why not, they have big breasts and big butts. Plus I figured that I knew the women I wanted already.

She worked at a store by my house and was kind of quite. She was pretty heavy but with a nice face and huge tits, and a nice ass. Plus I knew that she had not had a man in a long time so chances were that she would not reject me. One week later I set my plan in motion, I had went down to the store she worked at and brought up a conversation between the two of us. I had turned our conversation to sex. I said that I thought she was really sexy, she acted as if I was just being nice. I of course said that, that wasn’t it, it was the truth. Then I let the sympathy trick flow. I told her that I had often had fantasies about her but that I was not good enough for her. She disagreed and said that she did like me, but that I was too young. I then saw her notice the huge bulge in my pants and she slipped a hand down through her panties. I told her that I noticed it and she acted embarresed. I asked her why it mattered if I was young. She looked up at me and didn’t respond.

Right away she stood up and pulled her pants down leaving only her wet panties on. She grabed my head and pulled it towards her wet pussy. I started licking away at her pussy through her panties but that wasn’t enough and pulled her panties completly off and jammed my tounge in her. I quickly found her clit and began sucking on it until she climaxed. She held my head there while she cooled off and i cleaned her pussy up. She then got down on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her cunt. I was rock hard already as she grabbed my cock and led it to her slit. I, being new to this, jammed it in, giving her another orgasm.

She told me that if I wanted to hold my cum back, just to fuck her slow then fast then slow again. I did just that. After about 5 minutes I wanted to cum in her. She said she wanted to lay on her back with her legs up so that I had more access to her pussy. Within no time I was about to cum, she said to aim at her face. She grabbed my cock and held it so that it sprayed all over her.

I of course figured that she would clean it off of herself. To my surprise to whistled to her dog. Her dog quickly got a huge hard on and went to lick at her pussy and the cum that covered her. Then she got back on her hands and knees and let the dog fuck her. Needless to say this was a day I could never forget.