Thought you would enjoy a true story of how John and I met in the most unusual of circumstances, we both remember it to this day and often fantasize about it, so I thought you might enjoy it as well. People talk about not having sex until the third or fourth date; well our first date was sex, not just for he and I, but for a dozen of his friends as well.

It was the late 70’s and I was going out with a real hunk called David who played football for the local club. The best thing about him was that he was really well hung and was as crazy about sex as I was. We did it everywhere and had great fun dreaming up new adventures. He was my introduction to a number of new and different experiences that involved every opening in my antimony and several bodily functions, but more about that another day. Apart from being well hung in the cock department, he had the most enormous pair of balls that produced gallons of the wonderful stuff, I can still remember the taste of it to this day, I couldn’t get enough of it and it became a real joke that however much he could shoot inside me, or over me, I just had to lap up every last drop and still demanded more.

We became pretty inventive; one of those long, thin jelly spoons was great for scooping it out of my cunt and David would spoon-feed me afterwards. Inside my arse was more difficult, we tried his sucking it out with a straw but the temptation was always for him to swallow some for himself, oh yes he learned to enjoy his delicacy as well. So in the end I would insist on him wearing a condom so I could suck it empty afterwards. Then David came up with a scheme to try and satisfy my insatiable addiction for more and more cum. He was planning a bachelor’s night for one of his football buddies and I gather they had organized a previous send off with a couple of hookers who proceeded to service the groom to be and half a dozen of his team mates, everybody loved it and even the onlookers were ready for the next team member to get hitched.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday night to cum around and we spent the next couple of nights talking excitedly about what was to cum. David described the team or rather their more private features and specialties. There were two blacks in the team who were even better equipped than David, one of them nicknamed horse had famous recuperative powers and had received a round of applause when he finished servicing the two girls for the second time. I wanted to make sure that I got the chance to taste every one of them so David promised to help me out there. I had not met the team so David told them that he had just met this nymphomaniac with a fetish for eating cum who was available for the cost of as many gin and tonics as she could drink to wash down at least a dozen of their loads, additional deposits more than welcome. Well you can imagine how that offer was received.

On Friday I met up with an old girl friend Jane who had been as nearly sex mad as I was over the years, we’d done a couple of threesomes at college, and I couldn’t help but tell her all about my adventure to cum. Well you guessed it, she wanted in as well, or should I rather say “in her”. I thought for a moment and decided that I might need some help after all, I’d only ever had to service a couple of cocks so I decided on safety in numbers “but I get all the cum, you can get them going and then hand them over, agreed” “you bet” said Jane excitedly, after all she was known for the best blow jobs back in high school.

So you can imagine the surprise when the two of us turned up at Dave’s friend John’s house early Saturday night. The team was already there and the party was already in full swing, Jane and I hit the gin and tonics sitting on bar stools around John’s bar. This turned into a perfect place for the party to start as a succession of the team gradually introduced themselves to the two of us, usually accompanied by having our tits squeezed or exploratory hands up our skirts, imagine their surprise when a couple of the guys put a hand up both our skirts at the same time to discover Jane and I both had on matching pairs of open crotch panties complete with already dripping cunts. We had both been to the bathroom as soon as we arrived to liberally apply the old KY jelly to all our openings, actually we’d had fun squirting it up each other and managed to empty a good sized tube between the four holes and then put on the matching peek a boo bra and panty sets that I bought specially for the occasion.

Half an hour later found Jane and I side by side on an old mattress John had pulled into the middle of the lounge floor. We were both down to our bra and panty sets kneeling in doggy fashion and already getting a good workout from the boys. John had explained the rules to everybody, Jane was there to get them going but they had to cum in or on me, either way they had to help me get a good tasting of every serving. So being the good team they were they had positioned us side by side, a new customer would start off by getting warmed up in any one of Jane’s orifices and then move across and finish off in my same hole. Most of the time there were four team members getting serviced, we had cocks down our throats most of the time and our arses seemed to be getting the most service at the other end, I guess a lot of the guys didn’t get anal regularly so who could blame them now it was on offer. The guys were real gentlemen when it came to the tasting ceremony, each would proudly present me with a spoonful to taste, unless of course they had already fed me directly by shooting their load down my throat.

The highlight was certainly our two black cocks, each was bigger than anything I’d ever experienced. They let a number of the guys loosen us up first and then the first time, they both took it real gentle, first one stretched my cunt wide and then the other only managed to get the head of his huge black cock inside my anus, like the gentleman he was, he then stroked his huge shaft until he shot his load just inside my arse. An hour later and things were very different; I was so loose I needed something bigger and better. First John and David decided I needed double servicing so as I lowered my cunt onto David’s nice big cock, John went inside by arse hole, which was delicious. One better, John pulled out and added his cock to David’s already in my cunt, they both started to ride my poor vagina that was now stretched wide to accommodate both of them. When they both came at the same time I got served up a nice tasting of their mixed cum cocktail. A couple of minutes later and I had the two black cocks well and truly nailed inside me. In the end I had to accommodate the larger of the two in my now, pre stretched cunt, the other finally managed to edge his way fully inside my intestines, it felt as though the two of them were going to both cum out of my mouth, they were so far inside me, we never did find that load of cum up my arse, I think he discharged it straight back into my stomach.

At one point I looked across at Jane who was kneeling between two guys lying on their backs with erect penises in both her hands, standing up like a pair of flagpoles. She began to give them her deep throat treatment, each in turn, first she would take one of the cocks all the way down, swallowing their entire length like a professional, until her lips were right down the shaft and you couldn’t see any cock left out at all. She would stay down for quite a time and she has a special trick of swallowing on the erection down her throat, it drives the guys crazy. Back out and then turn around to swallow the second cock, back and forth she went. Not convinced that her two cocks were ready for me yet, or unwilling to give them up, she then knelt over the first cock and ever so slowly squatted down, taking the length of cock all the way up her vagina until she was sitting down with all her weight to drive every last inch deep inside. She sat in this position for a couple of minutes while another cock was offered up to her mouth to receive it’s own deep throat treatment. Standing up, the guy’s cock was left standing and glistening with Jane’s juices. She stepped across to his friend and lowered herself onto the second shaft, back and forwards she went sharing juices between the three of them. Unfortunately the experience was too much for one of the cocks, he bucked up in the air, ramming his cock deep inside, groaned and came inside her like a freight train. “Hey that’s not allowed” I yelled “Remember the deal, I get all the cum” Jane giggled and replied “no problem here it cum’s” She stood up with her legs held together so as not to loose a drop, waddled over to me and crouched down over my mouth. I opened my lips and Ann sat down to sucker her cunt to my mouth. Cum began to run out from her cunt, straight into my open mouth, the cocktail of their juices was delicious, I swallowed and swallowed, there was more than one load of cum in there I was sure, I could even taste the difference as I swallowed down what was obviously a couple of different guys cum. I sucked on her still open cunt and this set Jane off with a huge orgasm that shook her whole body and released another flow of juices down my throat. I was looking straight up at her obviously well serviced arse hole and as her orgasm hit the sweet hole went into spasm, opening and closing so that I could catch sight right inside. A huge glob of some guys cum, mixed with her anal juices, was squeezed out and ran down my nose into one eye. At last her orgasm subsided and the juices stopped flowing, she lifted herself of my now drenched face, I licked my lips, scooped up her anal discharge with my fingers and sucked that down as well “Delicious, I’ll forgive you this time but you were hiding a few loads in there, I know” Jane giggled and went back to servicing another couple of guys.

At the end of a couple of hours the guys were pretty well all done, most had managed a couple of loads and our black cocks at least three, one maybe four, I had lost all count. I’d had cum shot in every orifice of my body, one inventive lad managed to get it up my nose. It had become matted in my hair, I certainly had some in one ear and my tits had been covered many times. Everybody had joined in to make sure I got to taste most of it, I’d had it spooned out of my cunt, squirted several loads in one go out of my arse into a Champaign glass to drink its murky but tasty contents, and Jane, being the inventive sole she is, used a magnum sized condom on both of our black friends as they rode both my holes filling the condom to what looked like a quarter full with their combined sperm. This was a special treat I saved to the end, tipped back my head and emptied the contents straight down my throat to a round of cheers from the group. I sat there in the middle of the mattress a sticky but very satisfied mess. ” I think I need a shower” I said looking down at the mess I was in. “Glad to oblige” said John stepping forward, his now very limp member still in his hand. “What on earth are you planning to do with that thing” I said jokingly. With that he aimed straight at my sticky, cum covered tits and began to pee. I was so shocked; I think it was that moment that I took real interest in John for the first time. This was fun, I held up my tits to have them washed off and John obliged. David and I had experimented with wet sex a couple of times in the shower but never before like this and in front of everybody. What the hell I thought, don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it first, I opened my mouth wide and tipped my head back. John knew exactly what to do and aimed his stream straight in my mouth. I nearly gagged at first; it was a very strange taste, my mouth was full and overflowing, I swallowed, not too bad I thought. John stepped closer and positioned his still flowing knob in my mouth; I kept swallowing until the last few drips. “Well done you’ve got a job for life” he said, never a truer word spoken in jest.

Several of the lads stepped forwards, they didn’t need further encouragement, after all they had been drinking all night and with all the excitement going on, few had taken a break to relieve themselves. My hair was soon getting a wash and my matted pubes were getting a lot of attention from several healthy streams. I reached down, pushed in a couple of fingers and stretched my cunt lips wide to let them wash inside. Jane wasn’t going to miss out and stepped into the shower, squatted over my face and began to relieve herself straight into my mouth. I reached up, held onto her waist and pulled her down so her pee hole was right in my mouth; I kept swallowing until her bladder was empty. All the time streams of pee had been aimed up at Jane’s body, ran down over my upturned face and continued down my body to soak the mattress below. Now I needed to relieve myself as well, my stream started like a torrent. John was on his knees in a flash, mouth clamped around my sex and returning the favor by gulping down my urine. As a party piece when we have special friends over these days we still on occasion entertain them with a bet that we can’t drink down each others bladder full of pee; we’ve won ten bucks a couple of times.

– The End –