She shuffled out of the ward like an old woman, the nurse supporting her and whispering words of encouragement.

“He’s here Michelle, waiting for you like he said he would be”

I held out a hand and immediately felt stupid,

“Mickey, I’m here darling” I said and hoped the emotion in my voice didn’t show.

She took my hand after groping for a moment and I hugged her tightly,

“Come on home baby”, I whispered, “Doctor Dave at your service”

She managed a grin in spite of herself and allowed me to guide her down the front steps of the hospital to my car.

There were hugs and kisses all round from the nurses, her doctor, a lovely man I’d met many times leaned into the car and took hold of her hand,
“I want you to promise me something Michelle”

I saw her hand squeezing his as she said with a smile,

“What?” as if she knew his question,

“Come back and SEE us, when you’re better”

She tilted her head back so he could kiss her and there were tears in her eyes as she whispered,

“Yes, yes I will” then she laughed and I thought it was more like the old Mickey, the one I knew, the one I’d been reared with!”

“I’ve never said thank you to you Dave”

“Don’t start that bloody rubbish again or I’ll take you straight back to cell block H”

Her laughter filled the car and I smiled with her,

“Yeah I suppose it was a bit like a prison wasn’t it?”

“Not really Mickey, when the bandages come off tomorrow, you’ll see it, they’re lovely people there you know, so bloody dedicated and working for a pittance”

“You don’t have to tell me bro, I’ve been there for three weeks, remember?”

“What do you want to do tonight babes?” I said, eager to change the subject, they were lovely people there without doubt, but it was the place where our parents had been taken to after the crash, the place where they died and I just didn’t want to talk about it any more”

“I’ll need to impose on you bro”

“There’s no such thing as imposing Mickey, not as far as I’m concerned”

“I want nice music, fine champagne and a lovely, long soak in a hot bath”

“So where’s the imposition?”

“Well you may not have noticed dear brother, but I’m blind and…”

“YOU ARE NOT BLIND” I shouted and regretted it immediately.

“You’re temporarily without sight”

I felt her hand groping for mine as I turned into the driveway of our cottage, then she giggled,

“Ok, Dickhead, don’t get your knickers in a twist”

I laughed with her and squeezed her hand,

“Men don’t wear knickers you tart”

And with that, my outburst was forgotten,

One advantage of being a twin, is that both of us often know what the other one is thinking, or about to come out with and this was such an occasion,

“I can tell you that I won’t look while I help you into the bath if that helps”

“That’s not it”

“I’ll guide you to the loo and then leave, I’ll even put your hand on the loo roll”

“No, that’s not it either”

I switched off the engine and went round to her side of the car and it was then that I saw them, all the neighbours or near neighbours from the village were there, all of them sombre faced but wanting to see her.

“Shit Mickey” I hissed, “All the bloody neighbours are here, oh bollocks”

“Oh”she was as surprised as I was, “They mean well Dave”

And then they descended on us!

There were bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, sympathy cards, get well soon cards, you name it, there was a card for it and every one given with love and affection, Mickey couldn’t see them of course, but she smelled the flowers and her eyes filled with tears, if she said thankyou once, she said it a hundred times.

I became quite emotional myself, we’d known these people all our lives and taken them for granted, I vowed silently never to take them for granted again!

It was almost an hour later before the last one left and to be honest I was knackered, I’d made what seemed like thousands of cups of tea, the British universal remedy, in times of stress, put the kettle on!

She looked exhausted, but her face showed her pleasure at the welcome home,


“I’m here sweetheart”

“That was lovely”

“Yes, yes it was” I agreed, “And I know you won’t believe me, but it was nothing to do with me”

“I know” she said, “Old Fred told me”

Old Fred was the landlord of our local pub, where our parents had been regulars, a crotchety old bugger with a heart of gold and a nose as long as Pinochio’s on a bad day!


“Bath, champagne, nice music?”

“Oh right, I’d forgotten about that”

“Fred said he’d bring champagne” As if on cue a car horn sounded and Fred leapt out of his ancient Morris Minor clutching two bottles of Moet et Chandon, as if they were brown ale.

I met him at the door and reached for my wallet, but his steely gaze stopped me,

“If I thought you were going to pay me” he said and drew himself up to his full height of five foot six, “I’d beat the living day lights out of you, ok?”

“Ok Fred, Thank you, thank you very much”

“Bollocks” came floating from the car as it wheezed into life again and stuttered down the driveway.

“He wouldn’t let me pay” I said.

“I heard him” she laughed,”Aren’t they lovely people?”

I had to agree with her.
“Right, I’ll go and draw a bath for you, stay there”

“Oh, I was going to go jogging, it’s a good job you told me!”

Ignoring her sarcasm, I went upstairs and drew the bath,

“Right bath time” I said and took her hand to lead her upstairs,

“Dave you didn’t let me finish telling you what I need you to do for me”

We reached the bathroom and she stood beside the sink while she took off her clothes,

“I’m not looking” I laughed and she said, “Liar, you’ve been peeking since we were eleven, I caught you remember?”

She had too, I’d gone up into the tree house to watch her in her bedroom and ended up with a broken leg when I leaned out too far and the branch snapped!

She had to lean on me to steady herself as she slipped out of her panties and I did actually look away, I really did!

It was then that I realised what she wanted me to do for her,

“You need a shave don’t you?”

“Yes” she said shyly, “Do you mind?”

“Oh Christ Mickey”1 was aghast!

“Please Dave, it’s driving me absolutely mad!

Then she stopped and turned to me and I could almost feel her eyes burning into mine under the bandages,

“How the hell do you know that?”


I stammered and stuttered, I blustered for a while and then went the brightest red I’ve ever seen,

“Well I er, it was when, er I mean, oh shit Mickey, I peeked at you one night on holiday when we were in the chalet, I’d never seen a bare one before, I mean that you were, er, you know no hair”

“On my head?”

“No” Oh God she was bloody well enjoying making me squirm,

“Where then?”

I hung my head and I must have looked like a naughty schoolboy, I certainly felt like one,

“Sorry Mickey” That was all I could say,

“Where are you, come here”

I took her hands and she reached up to touch my cheeks,

“You’re burning up Dave”

“I’m embarrassed”

“Don’t be, I was only teasing you, will you do it for me then please?”

“Have you ever known me to refuse you anything?”

“No” and I felt her lips kissing my cheek,

“Help me in and let’s have the champagne”



“Sorry babe”

“De nada”

I settled her down in the hot soapy water and turned to go for the champagne when she giggled and said softly,

“I knew you were there you know”

My grin was almost wider than the door!

I sat on a low stool beside her while she soaked, she looked lovely naked, even better than I’d imagined, her breasts were large and firm with beautiful rose pink nipples that seemed to stick out of their own accord, I washed her long blonde hair for her before the water got too cold and wondered what had happened between her and her boyfriend.

“So what’s with you and Peter?”

“Nothing” her face screwed up and she snorted, “He’s a twat”

“He certainly is” I said as I replenished our glasses,

“He came to see me once at the hospital and when he saw the bandages on my eyes, he never came back”

“Oh Mickey” I said and touched her cheek, “I’m sorry”

She laughed bitterly,

“Stop being sorry Dave, he was an arsehole, I was going to finish with him anyway”

“Really, why?”

“Help me out will you?”

She held out her arms to me and I thought how beautiful she was, just for a moment my emotions caught up with me and my voice cracked as I helped her out.

“So why were you going to finish with him?”

“What’s up with your voice?”

“Nothing” I said and handed her the towel,

“You’re crying”

“No I’m not don’t be daft”
“David, you were crying, I’m not going to dry myself until you tell me why!”

What a typical response from a woman, as if I cared whether or not she caight a cold!

“David I’m freezing”

She only called me David when she was angry, but I was getting angry as well,

“I looked at you as you held your arms out and I just happened to think how beautiful you are, now dry your bloody self”

“So why were you crying, is there something you’re not telling me?”

I couldn’t help myself, I reached out for her and held her tightly,

“No, I promise there’s nothing I’m not telling you sweetheart, I just got a bit emotional, that’s all”

She clung to me too and I suspect she cried a little bit as well until I noticed she was shivering,

“Come on baby, let’s get you dry”

She giggled as I scrubbed her with the towel and found my hands with hers,

“Enough Dave, I’m dry now”


“Why are you always saying sorry Dave?”

At least she’d dropped the David!

I managed a laugh,

“Because I’m about to shave your pussy and as it happens it’s a very nice pussy and I’m very embarrassed about it”

“Pour two more glasses of champers out bruv and neither of us will care, ok?”


“Where’s the chair and can you give me a cigarette please?”

Guiding her to the chair in what had been our parent’s bedroom, I sat her down and went for the last bottle of champagne,

When I got back, she was humming along to the Carpenters on the stereo, her legs were slightly apart and the towel was on the floor at her feet,

“I don’t mind if you don’t want to do it Dave”

“Yes you do” I laughed as I gave her the glass of champagne,

“I just hope I’ve not had too much champagne”

“Not half as much as I do bro” she giggled and lifted her legs up over the arms of the chair!

It doesn’t seem right to call it a cunt, my sister’s vagina was every bit as lovely as the rest of her, it was a delicate cleft at the juncture of her thighs, a gateway if you like, a gateway to paradise for those lucky enough to be invited to enter within.

I worked diligently and silently, firstly smoothing in the shaving foam, taking care to do it evenly, even into the crevasse of her tight little anus.

“It’s okay Dave” she said quietly, “I’ve got my eyes closed”

When we finally stopped laughing, I said quietly,

“They’ll be open soon Mickey, trust me they will be!”

“I wish they’d open now so I can see what you’re doing Dave”

“You’re not meant to be enjoying it Mickey”

“I’m not”

“Your pussy says you are, it’s wet”

“I didn’t dry it after the bath”


I began the actual shaving and she bit her lower lip as I stroked the razor over her outer labia, she lost the thread of the song she’d been humming as I did her inner thighs and she gritted her teeth as the razor lovingly caressed between her cheeks.

“All off?”

“Yes, all of it”

“You’ll look like a little girl”


I smoothed some more foam into the swelling of her mound and she moaned almost inaudibly in the back of her throat,

“Can I ask you something Dave?”

“Go ahead” Once again I knew what she was going to say,

“Have you got an erection?”

She was smiling at me,


I continued massaging the foam in, but my thumb caught the nub of her clitoris, the effect was instantaneous, her hands shot out and grabbed my hand, she held my thumb against her clitoris and seemed to grind herself furiously against it!

It took about five seconds but they were seconds that changed our lives forever,

“David” she gasped, “David” and the climax sent her whole body into a spasm of trembling and shaking!

She reached for me and drew me into her arms, I could see the tears trickling out from under the bandages, “Dave I’m so sorry darling, I shouldn’t have done that”

“Ssh, baby” I whispered, “Don’t be silly, I understand”

“It’s been so long Dave and when you touched me…”

She left the rest unsaid, it didn’t need to be said,

Kissing her cheek and sweeping the hair out of her face, I held her by her shoulders,

“Mickey, if you don’t mind me saying so, I feel very lucky”


“Yes, I mean it, I’ve got a sister who’s beautiful and sexy, very sexy and watching you, helping you even just then was one of the sexiest moments of my life”

She hugged me tighter making me very much aware of her naked breasts pressing into my chest, even through my tee shirt I could feel the hard points of her nipples.

“Kiss me Dave”

I did and she moaned again, this time in my mouth, her hands moved and she took hold of my right hand, placing it on her left breast,

“You can finish shaving me in the morning, take me to bed Dave, please”

She reached for me even as I lay her on the bed, her voice husky with emotion,

“Let me feel you Dave”

I stepped out of the boxers and moved a little closer, my penis throbbing with desire for her, her fingers found my stomach first and stroked it gently,

“You’re very muscular bro aren’t you, I’d never realised before!”

Then we both gasped as her hand moved lower and her fingers closed around my penis,

“Oh shit Dave, you’re huge!”

“No I’m not” I laughed, “But are you sure about this Mickey?”

It was her turn to laugh,

“I’m sure darling” she whispered, “You’re fucking huge all right!”

I moved onto the bed beside her,

“I mean about making love Mickey, it’s a hell of a step you know”

She pulled me on top of her and opened her legs,

“I know it is, but who else have either of us got now?”

She guided my erection to the warmth between her legs,

“No-one” I said softly, “There’s just us two, ooh God Mickey”

We made love as if it was the first time for both of us, it softly and sensually, she moved beneath me in time to my own thrusting, her legs wrapped tightly around my buttocks, hands on my back, pulling me into her wetness, her teeth nibbled at my lips, at my neck.

I’d never known myself so hard, I felt like I could go on forever, until suddenly it began in my toes, a funny kind of tingling sensation that quickly spread to my thighs, then my groin and I realised I was about to cum!

“Yes Dave” she hissed beneath me, “Yes, oh God yes”

Her lips were drawn back over her teeth in a snarl, almost as if she were straining,


The relief as I came was tangible, like her it had been three weeks since my last release, she thrust herself up so that our pubic bones ground together as I emptied myself into her and just clung to me while she rode out her own orgasm.

Slowly we sank back down onto the bed, neither of us wanting to be parted from the other, I nuzzled my face into her neck and she purred like a contented kitten,

“I want to sleep like this Dave” she murmered, “With you inside me”

“Yes baby” I whispered, “You’re not sorry are you?”

She nodded, “Yes I am” and then she giggled, “We’re twenty two years old, what’s taken you so long?” and we slept.

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