Alexis Johansson moved about her kitchen preparing herself a snack for dinner. She never cooked when she was alone. Her husband Jeff was in Europe working on one of his big real estate deals. She wanted to go with him but he said it was going to be a whirlwind trip with no time for sight seeing, so she decided to stay home.

She poured herself a glass of wine and sat at the kitchen table. As she sat down she realized her panties were wet. “I guess after I eat I’ll masturbate again,” she thought. Alex always masturbated four or five times a day.

As she ate her sandwich and sipped her wine her mind drifted to her husband and sex. She remembered her wedding night, she had been a virgin and had been totally protected from all things sexual by her very strict mother and father.

On that special night she really didn’t know what to expect. She went into the bathroom and changed into her nightgown. When she came out, Jeff was in bed with the sheet pulled up to his waist. She slid into bed next to him and he started to fondle her breast and kissing her mouth. She didn’t understand why but she became very excited. Jeff rolled on top of her telling her to spread her legs. Then he started rubbing his groin on her pussy and it really felt good she could feel his large balls rubbing up and down the crack of her ass. She felt his thing rubbing just inside her pussy lips then she felt something squirt into her pussy and it got very wet and started over flowing. Jeff rolled off of her onto his back.

“Man that was good Alex.” he said.

“What happened?” Alex asked.

“I came” Jeff panted.

“Wasn’t I supposed to feel something?” she asked looking at him.

Jeff grinned at her. “No darling, women don’t cum from fucking, they have to masturbate themselves.”

“But I don’t know how to do that,” she said.

“Don’t worry dear, I’ll show you.”

Alex was still lying with her legs spread wide, Jeff saw his cum running down the crack of her ass.

“First we better clean you up a little.”

He took tissue from the box on the nightstand next to him and wiped her pussy and ass clean.

“Now give me your hand Alex.”

He took her hand in his and folded all but her middle finger into her palm, then he placed her finger on her clit and moved it from side to side and up and down over her little nub.

“Ooooh That feels really good,” she squealed.

“Just keep doing that honey and you’ll be cumming in no time.”

Alex rubbed her pussy and soon she felt something happening that she had never felt before.

“Oh Jeff what’s happening to me. OOOOOH AGGGGG,” she screamed. Bucking her hips up against her hand, which was now just a blur.

When the contractions in her pussy stopped and her body relaxed, she looked at Jeff.

“That was so wonderful darling. Thank you so much for teaching me to do that. What did you call it? Masturbate?”

“Yes dear and you can do that as often as you like.”

“Can I do it again right now?” She asked.

“Of course, do it anytime you want. I’m going to sleep” Jeff said and rolled over and pulled the sheet up over his shoulders.

Jeff woke up during the night and Alex was doing it again, he smiled and went back to sleep.

That happened four years ago when Alex was eighteen. Jeff was eight years older then her and already had an established real estate business. From that day forward she masturbated several times a day. When they had sex it was always the same and afterward she would masturbate herself to sleep.

Then just three days ago something happened that made her think Jeff was lying to her. Friday afternoon he called her, he seemed very excited.

“Alex put on a nice dress and come down to the office, we’re celebrating. I just closed on that five million dollar property we’ve been trying to sell.” He said.

“That’s great Jeff. I’ll be right there, I just got out of the shower. All I have to do is slip on some clothes and I’ll be on my way.” She was at the office in less than a half hour.

Alex was a little surprised when she went in; the office was full of people. There were only three women and two men that worked for Jeff and there was many more than that. They were already drinking and laughing. She realized that they must be the spouses of Jeff’s employees. Jeff introduced her around; she had already met the employees and some of the spouses. She had not met Beth Simmons, Ted’s wife or Sylvia, Josh’s wife. She had a couple of drinks and was getting a little light headed. All of the men were coming by and talking to her and for some reason she couldn’t explain her panties were wet. Realizing she hadn’t masturbated in almost four hours she excused herself and went to the ladies room. The ladies room had two stalls and a long vanity. She entered one of the stalls and removed her panties then pulling her dress up around her waist and sitting on the toilet she put her feet on the door and began rubbing her clit.

The door to the ladies room opened and she heard voices.

“Can you believe the way those men are drooling over Jeff’s wife Alex.”

A voice that Alex believed to be Beth’s said. “Yes I can, have you seen that ass and tits of hers” Sylvia answered. “Josh says he has to have some of her ass,” she continued.

“Well I tell you what, if Josh ever gets that big black cock of his in her little pussy she’ll be following him around like a puppy dog.” Beth said.

“I guess your right Beth He is a pretty good fuck.”

“Listen Sylvia honey, he’s a lot better than pretty good. Every time he fucks me I cum like I’ve never cum before. No man has ever made me cum like Josh does.” “Your husband Ted does the same for me.” Sylvia giggled.

Beth smiled at Sylvia. “You know I can’t blame them I wouldn’t mind sucking on her little pussy and licking her sexy ass.”

“You got that right Beth, I wouldn’t mind having some of that myself.”

“Hey Syl, All this talk about cock and pussy is making me horny, Why don’t we swap husbands for the night?”

“Good idea Beth, but I’ve got a better one why don’t we swap for the whole weekend, we could get together Saturday night for a foursome.”

“OK baby you take Ted home with you and I’ll take Josh home with me and tomorrow night I’ll get to suck on that pretty black on the outside, pink on the inside pussy of yours.”

“Shit I can’t wait, I wish you could do it right now but somebody might walk in on us.”

With that the two women left giggling to each other. They evidently just came in to powder their noses and to talk, Alex thought and continued with her masturbation, all the time thinking of what they had said about Josh and his big black cock.

When she left the ladies room she glanced around trying to find Josh, when she did he was looking right at her smiling. Alex glanced away, feeling her face blush; she knew she was as red as a beet. She tried to look at him for the rest of the evening without him knowing but their eyes met several more times. Each time she turned away and blushed. She and Jeff left for home. Driving home in her car alone she could not get Beth’s words off of her mind. “That big black cock” and “Every time he fucks me I cum like I’ve never cum before.” Just kept running through her mind.

Jeff left for Europe early Saturday morning, leaving her alone. She masturbated many times throughout the weekend and all day Monday, always thinking of Josh’s big cock that made you cum and cum.

She finished her sandwich and refilled her wine glass. In the living room she pulled her panties down to her ankles and kicked them off. She never wore panties or a bra except when she went out and that afternoon she ran out to pick up a few things at the grocery. Pulling her skirt up to her waist she sat on the couch and began rubbing her fingers across her clit. A moan came from deep in her chest; she slowed her stroking and took a sip of wine.

In a little while she could feel her orgasm building, she knew this was going to be a good one. The doorbell chimed. She took a few more strokes.

“Damn what a time to be interrupted,” she said aloud.

She stood up and straightened her skirt, kicking her panties under the couch; she went to the door. When she opened the door she was surprised, she was looking into the face of a handsome black man. Josh.

“Hi Ms. Johansson. I’m Josh Miller. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we met a few times at your husbands office. I work for Jeff.”

“Oh yes I remember you, please come in.” Alex said. She knew why he was here. She knew he had come to fuck her and she was very glad he had.

As she led him into the living room, she looked over her shoulder.

“I’m having a glass of wine, would you like something?” She said.

Josh looked over at the bar. “Yes I’ll have a bourbon, no ice, if you don’t mind?”

“No I don’t mind that’s what Jeff always drinks,” she poured his drink and they sat on opposite ends of the couch.

He noticed how flushed her face looked. “Why is your face so red Ms. Johansson?” Josh said, looking concerned.

“Well Mr. Miller to tell you the truth I’m a little excited, you’re the first man I’ve ever been alone with except Jeff and my Father.”

“I find that very hard to believe. You’re so beautiful. Please call me Josh.”

“Ok Josh, I will if you call me Alex. Now what can I do for you?” she said. ” Let you stick your big black cock up my pussy?” She thought.

Josh smiled showing his pure white teeth, thinking of how good it was going to be to stick his big hard cock deep into her wet pussy. He knew she was wet; he could smell the scent of her hot pussy and realized he must have interrupted something. He had come here specifically to fuck her, knowing Jeff was out of town. He figured she knew that too, and since she had not turned him away at the door, he knew she wanted it too.

“Well my wife is out with some friends tonight and I knew you were alone too, so I thought I would drop in so we could chat for a while.”

“How nice of you, I do get pretty lonely when Jeff is away.” Alex squirmed her hips around a little rubbing her swollen pussy lips around on the rough material of her skirt.

” I hope you will forgive me Alex, but I’ve kind of made a study of women. I find them captivating. The few times you’ve been at the office you’ve seemed to be confused around strange men. It’s like your looking for something but don’t know what it is.”

Alex hesitated a moment, thinking about what he had just said. She knew it was curiosity that made her confused and excited. She remembered the women at parties talking about sex, both with their husbands and others. They spoke of how great so and so was in bed and how hung somebody or other was. Alex wondered about this and had begun to doubt what Jeff had told her about women having to masturbate. Then after what happened Friday she was sure of it.

She studied Josh’s face. She felt sure he had come there with the intention of fucking her. She desperately wanted to be fucked by this man with the big black cock. She had made up her mind to let him fuck her if she ever had the opportunity, that night at the party.

“You’re right. I do get confused around strange men and I don’t completely understand why,” She said.

“Well I think I know. First tell me how it’s possible for as beautiful a woman as you to never have been alone with a man except your Father and Jeff.”

“I went to a very exclusive private school for girls. During the school year I lived at the school. The teachers and staff were all women. No men were ever allowed to be with any of the girls unless they were chaperoned. During summer vacation my mother stayed with me constantly. I just simply never had the chance to meet anyone. All my friends were girls from school.”
“I see, so it wasn’t a matter of choice. How did you meet Jeff?” “It was the summer after my junior year, I was seventeen. My Dad brought him home for dinner one night. I was taken by him; he was so big and good looking. I think I fell in love right then. Anyway we talked for hours, and after that he started calling me and coming over almost every night. We never went out or anything, although I did let him kiss me good night a few times. He’s the only man that has ever kissed me except for a peck on the cheek by my Dad. The next summer he asked me to marry him. So here I am.”

“Since I’m the only other man to be alone with you, I would like to be the only other one to kiss you. Would that be OK?”

Alex looked at his handsome face “Well, he certainly comes right to the point,” she thought. “I think just a little kiss would be alright.”

Josh moved across the couch and sat next to her. She could smell his cologne and was very excited being this close to a strange man.

“Close your eyes, Alex.” Josh said.

She closed her eyes and Josh leaned over and kissed her very softly. Alex was surprised how soft and velvety his lips were. Josh took her shoulders in his hands and while watching her closed eyes pushed his tongue between her lips. Alex parted her lips slightly and Josh pushed it into her mouth. Alex’s eyes flew open, fluttered, then closed again as she started licking and sucking his tongue, moaning deep in her throat. Josh slowly broke the kiss and was surprised to see her head come toward him and feel her arms go around his neck. They kissed again and their tongues clashed, only this time Alex’s tongue was in his mouth. Josh could feel her large tits digging into his chest. His cock was so hard it felt as though it would burst. Without breaking the kiss he pulled an arm from around his neck and placed her hand on his large bulge. Alex squeezed it, wondering at the size of the thing. She broke away from him panting.

“God I’ve never been kissed like that before,” she said, looking down at her hand gripping the big bulge.”Josh could I see it? I’ve never seen a penis before, please show it to me.”

Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “You mean you’ve been married to Jeff for four years and haven’t seen his cock.”

“That’s right and I want to see yours. It will be my first. Please.” Alex begged.

The girls at the school Alex went to always used what they called “fuck talk”. So there were few words she hadn’t heard or for that matter used many times. Sometimes she had trouble tying the words to an actual thing or act. They were really raunchy with their talk in the dorms, or any place where there were no teachers or school managers. They referred to the teachers as the bitches or to a single teacher as, bitch so- and-so and to the head mistress as the head whore.

Jeff had always made a point of concealing his cock from her. He always wore boxer shorts to bed and when they had sex he would remove them only after he was under the covers. She had tried to feel him several times through his shorts after he was asleep but could not really determine anything.

Josh stood in front of her then he leaned over and kissed her upturned lips and their tongues intertwined again. Josh kicked his shoes off, unbuckled his belt, pulled his zipper down and pushed his pants and under shorts down around his knees. Kicking them free of his feet he began to unbutton his shirt. Before they broke their kiss he was completely nude except for his socks. He stood up straight pushing his hips in toward her face. He stood there with his long hard cock just inches from her nose.

Alex sat there, her eyes glued to his hard cock.

“It’s beautiful” She exclaimed not taking her eyes off it. “Big black cock,” she thought. “This thing is huge.”

Then she pulled her eyes from it and looked up at him, not realizing until then that he was nude.

“Can I touch it?” She asked.

“If you don’t I’ll go crazy,” he said.

She slowly lifted her hand and wrapped her fingers around it then she did the same with her other hand.

“Just move your hands up and down it a little.”

Doing as he said she was amazed how the skin moved and was more amazed when his big cock head slid out of the foreskin.

“I don’t think my husband has anything like this, when we fuck I don’t feel anything. I bet I could feel this.”

“Do you like it, Alex?”

“Oh Josh, I love it, do you mind if I play with it a little more?” She cupped his big balls in her hand and rolled them around

“Why don’t you give it a little kiss.” He asked.

“It has something oozing out of the little slit on the end,” Alex said.

“That’s just a little pre-cum, why don’t you taste it, you may like it.”

Alex looked up at him and grinned. “Jeff always says I should taste everything before I decide whether I like it or not.”

She put out her tongue and licked the pre-cum into her mouth. “Umm yes, I do like it I want more.”

“Why don’t you just put the head in your mouth and see if you can suck some more out.”

“Is that what you call the big bulge at the end of your cock? The head?”

Before Josh could answer her, she took the head of his cock into her mouth and started sucking. All Josh could do was to let out a loud groan. Alex looked up at him again, rubbing his cock head around on her lips.

“You like that huh, I’m not getting much more juice out of it but I like to suck on it anyway.”

“If you keep that up you’re going to get a mouth full.” Josh said pushing her head away.

Alex realized what a cocksucker was, and that she was one.

He grabbed her hands and pulled her up and kissed her again. Alex’s arms went around his neck and she met his lips with her open mouth. She felt his hard cock against her belly and moaned into his mouth. Josh lifted her skirt and grabbed her ass in both hands; he was surprised by her lack of panties, now his cock was pressing against her bare belly. He released the skirt and found the zipper. Alex felt her skirt fall down around her ankles but never broke the kiss. Josh put his hands between them and began fumbling with the buttons of her blouse. Alex pulled her arms from around his neck and helped him get the blouse off. Then she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Reaching between them she found his cock again and started squeezing it.

Josh was busy kneading her large tits and pinching her hard nipples. Josh stepped back holding her at arms length, his eyes drinking in her beautiful form.

“My God Alex, I knew you were beautiful, but I wasn’t prepared for this, turn around and let me see the rest of you.”

Alex smiled and slowly turned all the way around until she was facing him again.

“You like,” she giggled.

“Alex you’re fantastic. I have never seen a pair of tits or an ass that can even come close to yours.”

“Josh this is another first, no man, not even Jeff has ever seen me totally nude before.”

Josh took her into his arms and kissed her again.

“I think it’s time we fucked.” Josh said when they broke the kiss.

“Yes Josh, lets do, I want to feel that big hard cock of yours in my pussy. I’m a little afraid it won’t fit.”

“Don’t worry about that sweetheart it’ll fit just fine.”

Alex sat on the edge of the couch and lay back spreading her legs wide. Josh went to his knees between her legs and rubbed his cock head up and down her slit, and then he pushed it into her.

“Josh that feels fantastic I love it, Give me more.”

Josh slid about three inches in and hit a barrier.

“Holy shit! Alex, your a virgin.”

“A virgin, how could that be?”

“I guess Jeff’s cock is not long enough to break it.”

“I don’t know about that, but I do know I’ve never had anything up in me as far as you are right now.”

“Listen baby this is going to hurt a little when it first goes in, after that it should feel real good.”

“I don’t care if it kills me just put that big thing in further. Do it Josh, shove it in me.”

Josh pushed hard and when felt her hymen break, he stopped and remained still letting her get used to it.

“Shit, that stings and feels good at the same time. I feel stuffed and you’ve got less than half in me. Give it to me Josh. I want it all, now,” she cried staring down at his cock half buried in her pussy.

Josh with one smooth stroke, pushed in until his balls hit her ass.

“Ohhh Aggg.. Yes. Yes. Fuck meeeee!” Alex screamed.

Josh pulled back until just the head of his nine-inch cock was in her cunt, and then ploughed back in. He repeated this again and again. He had only made about ten strokes when Alex felt her orgasm hit her. She began fucking her cunt onto his cock her body bucking wildly and her head flailing from side to side.

“Ohhhhh. Goooooood, soooo goooood,” she moaned, again and again.

She slowly came down off her orgasmic high and realized Josh was still stroking in and out of her.

“Yes, keep fucking me, please don’t ever stop. Fuck me more; make me cum again. I love it Josh, I love to fuck and I love your cock. Oh fuck here it cums again, AGGGGGG.”

Josh kept fucking her through her second orgasm. Then he pulled her around so she was lying on the couch with him between her legs. He pulled her knees up, hooking his arms behind her knees and began fucking her in earnest with long swift strokes. Alex was pounding up at him as hard as she could, whimpering and cumming. Josh felt her cunt contracting on his cock continuously. Josh couldn’t hold off any longer, he felt his cum rise up from his balls through the long tube of his cock and spray into her still gyrating pussy. He shot and shot until his cum mixed with her juices coated his balls and ran down the crack of her ass.

Josh let her legs down and lay there. They found each others lips and sucked on each others tongue. After some time, Josh pulled her around to her original position. Alex thought he was going to fuck her again, she was ready for that, but she wasn’t ready for what he did. He pulled his cock out and pushed her legs up and buried his face in her sloppy pussy. He licked, slurped and sucked every inch of her cunt. He pushed his tongue in as far as he could and licked all around inside her. Then he attacked her asshole first licking it clean then shoving his tongue into it and repeating what he had done to her cunt. Satisfied she was all clean he started sucking and licking her clit.

“That feels so fucking good, do it more, you wonderful man, and make me cum again.”

And cum she did. Twice more before Josh pulled himself up and sat next to her, kissing her again letting her taste her own cunt juices from his tongue.

They sat close together, Josh had one arm around her neck fondling one breast and his other hand had the other. Alex had his soft slick cock in one hand and her other hand gently cupped his balls. Their heads were back and they were relaxed after their first fuck together and Alex’s first fuck ever. Josh felt Alex shudder, he opened his eyes and looked at her, she had tears running down her cheeks.

“Alex, Baby, what’s the matter, did I hurt you?” He asked.

“Oh Josh, no honey, you could never hurt me, Jeff lied to me, he told me women could only cum by masturbating. I could have lived my whole life and never knew about the wonderful things you just did to me or the wonderful feelings you just gave me.”
“He told you the only way you could cum was to jack off.” “Yes, I didn’t know that masturbating and jacking off was the same thing but I can see how it ties together. He lied and I’ll never forgive him for it, why did he do it Josh?” she sobbed.

Josh was quiet for a minute. “I think Jeff was afraid of losing you. He knew if you knew you were supposed to cum from being fucked and he couldn’t make you cum. Then you would probably leave him.”

“I would never leave Jeff, no matter what, I love him too much.”

They kissed again, Alex pulled back. “Josh I can’t believe how good your hard cock felt, filling my pussy and pushing so deep into my belly. I’ll never get enough of your cock after this, you must have the biggest cock in the world,” she said.

Josh laughed. “Honey, mine’s a long way from the biggest cock in the world. I guess mine’s above average but plenty of men have cocks a lot bigger than mine.”

“Really, a lot bigger?”

“Yes baby, do you remember Ted Simmons down at the office?”

“Yes I do. He’s Beth’s husband, isn’t he?”

“Yeah that’s him, his cock is at least two inches longer than mine.”

“Two inches, Oh my. How long is your cock Josh?”

“It’s a little over nine inches.”

” Then Ted’s is eleven inches. My God, I’d love to try that thing out. How long do you think Jeff’s cock is?”

“I know for sure it’s under two inches when it’s hard.” Josh said. “How do you know how long Ted and Jeff’s cock’s are?” Alex asked.

Josh was silent for a long time looking into her lovely eyes. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, I know because my wife Sylvia told me. She’s fucked both of them many times.”

“Jeff has fucked your wife?”

“Not just my wife baby, he’s fucked Ted’s wife Beth and Ophelia, Helen and Laura at the office. That’s all that I know about but I’m sure there’s plenty more. He’s been fucking those five since before you two were married.”

“Why do they fuck him, his cock is so small I know he can’t make them feel anything?”

“He’s the boss and in Sylvia and Beth’s case, he’s their husbands’ boss, besides, they all say he’s a great pussy eater.”

“Pussy eater. The bastard never ate my pussy. What do they do sit around the office and tell you what a great pussy eater Jeff is?”

“No, I guess I should tell you the whole story. Ted and I along with Ophelia, Helen and Laura’s husbands are into wife swapping.”

“I’ve heard of that, tell me more about it.”

“Well in our case we get together a couple a times a month at one of our houses. Everybody gets naked and we fuck all the women. The women even do each other, Beth is really into pussy eating.”

“I met Beth at the party, I wouldn’t mind her eating my pussy.” Alex giggled.

Josh continued his story. “Between parties we cheat on our wives and husbands but mostly just with members of the group. The ladies like to call it “cheating” because they say it makes the sex more exciting. It’s not really cheating since everyone knows it’s going on. For instance, I told you my wife was out with some friends tonight, actually she’s out with Ted. They’re at a motel somewhere, fucking each others brains out. I was on my way to fuck his wife Beth, when I decided to stop by here first. Now I’m very glad I did.”

“Me too Josh, come here and teach me something else. I want to learn everything about sex.” Alex said, stroking his hardening shaft.

“Alex, I have an idea. On my way over here I stopped at an adult bookstore and picked up a couple of X- rated movies. Sylvia just loves them, so when I get close to one of those stores I buy her a couple. I can’t think of a quicker way for you to learn all about sex then watching them. Would you like to see them?” Josh asked

“Yes I would. I have a lot of catching up to do.”

Josh stood and started pulling on his pants. “I’ll run out to my car and get them. Be right back. Why don’t you make us another drink while I’m gone?”

Alex was at the bar making the drinks when he returned.

“My God Alex, you have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen on a woman.”

“Jeff calls me Bubble bottom, says I’m sway back.” Alex giggled,

“I’ve always thought Sylvia had the sexiest ass around but you’ve got her beat by a mile.” Alex walked over and handed him his drink.

“What about these Josh,” she said, pulling her shoulders back and pushing her breasts out.

“Those babies are unreal. They defy gravity and the way the nipples ride high on your mounds and point up at the sky is something,” he said, handing her a tape.

“You like them then?”

“Honey every man wants to suck them and every woman wishes she had tits like that.”

Alex went to the VCR and inserted the tape wondering, what she was about to see. She picked up the remote and returned to the couch. She sat next to him and handed him the remote.

“Here you work the VCR both of my hands is full,” she said. Picking up her wine glass and grabbing his long cock. Josh started the tape.

The opening scene was a close up of a beautiful womans face with the head of a long thick cock in her mouth. The man was shoving in and out forcing more of his cock in with each thrust. The woman opened her mouth wide and pushed forward until her nose was in his cock hairs.

“My God Josh, where is that thing going.”

“She’s taking it in her throat, my wife loves to do that.”

“Your wife does that?”

“Sure all the girls in our group do it.”

“I don’t think I could ever do that.”

“Sylvia says anybody can do it if they want a cock in their throat bad enough.”

The scene changed and they could now see that another man was fucking the woman from behind, the camera zoomed in and they could see the large cock entering her ass.

“Shit Josh, he’s got it in her asshole,” Alex exclaimed.

“Sure does. And it looks like she likes it a lot. Doesn’t it?” The way the woman was pushing her ass back onto the large pole made Alex agree. The woman was enjoying it a great deal.

The scene changed again. Now the woman was lying on her back, the large cocks still buried in her throat and asshole. The man in her throat suddenly pulled out and his cock began shooting cum into her wide- open mouth. The woman engulfed his cock head and began to swallow.

“Good god she’s eating the stuff like it’s a vanilla malt,” Alex yelled.

Then the second pulled out of her asshole and moved up beside her head and started shooting his own cum, The first shot hit her on the cheek and the woman quickly turned her head and caught the rest in her mouth swallowing that too. The scene faded and the screen went blank. Another title came up “TWO MEN IN ONE HOLE” it said.

“Turn it off Josh.” Alex said.

“Have you had enough already?” Josh said looking down at her.

“No, I want to see the whole thing but right now I want to fuck some more.”

Josh started to push her back on the couch.

“No wait Josh. First, I want to suck your cock and make it shoot cum in my mouth, so I can taste it. Then I want you to take me up to my bed and fuck me. Do you think you could do it in my asshole, like in the movie?”

“I think I just might be able to handle that pretty lady.” Josh said standing and offering her his hard cock. It was covered with dried cum both his own and Alex’s.

Alex didn’t hesitate she opened wide and put it in her mouth. Sucking and licking with her tongue she slid it back to the opening of her throat, she gagged and almost threw up but she pulled back and fought it off. After a little more sucking and licking she tried it again, only slower. The same thing happened again, she tried over and over each time fighting the gag impulse. Finally on the sixth try she had his cock head at the opening of her throat and she wasn’t gagging. She pushed at a little more and felt the head slid into her throat, she noticed she couldn’t breath; she slid the head out and back in. After doing this several times, she decided it was now or never. She took a deep breath and focused on his cock hairs, she pushed slowly forward until her nose was buried in his hairs and her chin was against his balls. During all of this Josh was groaning and moaning. She removed his cock from her mouth and looked up at him.

“I guess I wanted it bad enough,” she giggled.

“You sure did baby.” Josh said pushing his cock back at her mouth.

“Josh fuck my throat like on the tape but don’t cum down my throat, I want to taste it,” she said taking his long cock back into her mouth and down her throat.

Josh grabbed her head and began fucking her face. Alex found she could breathe fine on the outstroke.

Josh felt his cum coming up from his balls so he pulled back until just the head was still in her mouth. With a loud groan he filled her mouth. Alex gulped it down except for the last that had drained from his cock head, and then she sucked hard getting the last dregs. Pulling back with her mouth closed she rolled it around in her mouth savoring the taste then she swallowed the rest of it.

“I love it. I love eating cum, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it,” she said taking Josh back into her mouth trying to get more.

“Whoa baby it’s a little tender now, take it easy.” Alex cleaned his cock and licked his balls.

“Now I want that ass fuck you promised me,” she said, standing and heading for the stairs.

Josh followed, watching her ass cheeks jiggle as she walked. By the time they got to her bedroom his cock was almost full hard again.

Josh fucked her ass and she loved that too, in fact she loved every thing he did to her. She especially liked it when he licked her ass hole before he fucked it and her pussy after he had fucked that.

They lay side by side resting, Alex was stroking his limp cock and he was fingering her clit.

“Josh, how does a woman go about finding men to fuck her? I mean I wouldn’t know how to begin, but I want to fuck lots of men.”

“Well I know how my wife finds strange men to fuck. She goes to one of the nice hotel bars and lets someone pick her up.”

“That’s a good idea, that might work. Do you think anyone would want to pick me up?” “Baby every man you meet is dying to get into those little panties of yours.”

“But I hardly ever wear panties,” she giggled.

Josh laughed. “I’m sure you know what I mean. Do you have any neighbor men? They’re another source for getting fucked.”

“No most of the people that live around here are older widows except one and she’s a widow with two children.”

“By the way, how long can you stay tonight?”

“I’m going to have to leave in about two hours, I promised Sylvia I’d be there when she gets home.”

“I was hoping you could stay the night and fuck me some more in the morning.”

“Listen baby, Sylvia is going to be away for the weekend, she’s telling everyone she visiting her mother but she’s actually spending the weekend with Ophelia’s husband Greg and Helen’s husband Jim who are supposed to be going fishing. So I could come Friday evening and we could fuck all weekend. What do you think?”

“I love it, can’t wait, but right now I want to eat some more of your cum.”
After Josh left, Alex showered and went to bed. She lay there thinking of all of the new experiences she had that evening she wondered how much more there was for her to learn. She remembered the tapes, Josh left them with her saying, “I’ll pick them up this weekend.” She got out of bed and went down and got the tapes, back in her bedroom she popped one into the bedroom VCR and pushed play. She fell asleep with the sounds of people fucking echoing around the room. She dreamed of fucking and sucking the cocks of men she had never seen before.

When Alex woke up the first thing she thought of was Ted’s eleven-inch cock. She yawned and stretched.

“Today I’m going to fuck Ted Simmons,” she said aloud.

She slid out of bed and after brushing her hair she pulled a short mini skirt up over her ass and slipped on a cut off tee shirt that came just below the bottom of her breast. She always dressed like this when she wasn’t going out because it gave her ready access to her tits and pussy. She picked up the tapes and went down to the kitchen to make coffee. The kitchen clock said it was ten thirty. She sat at the table listening to the percolator and thinking of her husband Jeff. She didn’t feel any guilt for having fucked Josh. After all he had been fucking other women for years. When he came home she would demand proper sex, even if he did have a tiny cock he could still lick her pussy and shoot her mouth full of cum. She decided to tell him everything she had done and was going to do during the days between now and when he returned. She wanted a full explanation of why he had made her jack-off for four years, never giving her a good cum himself. She was sure Josh had been right about Jeff being afraid of losing her but shit, he knew how much she loved him and that she would do anything he asked of her.

She poured a cup of coffee and went to the living room and popped a tape into the VCR. The movie that came on was of two women eating each other’s pussies. She started rubbing her clit.

“God I wish Beth was here, I would love to have her sucking and licking me like they’re doing,” she thought.

The next sketch was of two men and one woman fucking. She was surprised to see one of the men suck the other man’s cock into his mouth while he was fucking the girl’s cunt. They went on like that for sometime, and then the man pulled out of the others mouth and went around behind him and stuffed his cock into his ass hole. Now the man was fucking the woman while getting fucked himself.

“Gosh I didn’t know men had sex with each other. I guess if it’s OK for women it must be OK for men too,” she said. “I’ll ask Ted or Josh about that.” She finished her coffee after a delicious cum and went to the kitchen for another cup.

Just as she was coming back into the living room the door chime chimed. She flipped off the VCR and went to the door. She didn’t recognize her visitor immediately. He just stood their smiling

“Hi Ms. Johansson, Mom sent me over to borrow a roll of paper towels. She’s washing the windows and ran out. Say’s she’ll repay it after she goes shopping tomorrow,” he said.

“Jimmy is that you? My god, you’ve grown a foot since the last time I saw you close up.”

“Yes ma’am it’s me, and you’re right I’ve really grown the last few months.”

“Well come on in and we’ll see about those paper towels. You must be three or four inches taller than me,” Alex said.

In the kitchen Alex noticed he was staring at her breasts. Her hard nipples were tenting up the material of her tee shirt.

The paper towels were on the top shelf of the cabinet and she knew when she reached for a roll he was going to see most of her tits and a good bit of her ass. She remembered Josh’s words “A neighbor is a good source for a fuck.”

She reached up and fumbled around for the towels giving him plenty of time to look. When she handed him the roll he was still staring at her tits and she saw a big bulge rising in his pants.

“Why aren’t you in school today?” she asked. “Teachers meeting. Susan was really mad cause she had to go to school and I didn’t,” he replied. “How old are you, Jimmy?”

“Fourteen. I’m in junior high. Susan is sixteen. She’s in high school.”

Alex shrugged her shoulders a little causing her tits to jiggle and she could swear she saw the bulge in his pants jerk. She decided she was going to fuck this handsome young boy.

“Your mother goes to work in the afternoon, doesn’t she?” Alex asked.

“Yeah she leaves around twelve thirty?” “If you’re not doing anything this afternoon, why don’t you come over, I have some things you could help me with,” Alex said

“OK Ma’am I’ll be over as soon as she leaves.”

As Jimmy walked across the yard to his own house his hard cock straining against his pants, he was thinking about Alex and the glimpse he got of her ass and tits.

“Boy would I ever like to fuck that.” he thought.

Jimmy was no stranger to fucking, he had been fucking his sister everyday for over a year. Susan had taught him to do all the things that girls like. Things like eating her pussy and licking her asshole as well as fucking her in the mouth, ass and cunt. Jimmy decided he was going to fuck Ms. Johansson, if he got the chance.

Jimmy went into the kitchen holding the roll of paper towels in front of him to hide the aching hard-on in his pants. His Mom was cleaning the kitchen window and didn’t even look at him when he came in.

“Here they are Mom.” he said placing the roll on the table.

“Thank you dear,” his mother called after him.

He was already on the way to the bathroom to jack-off. Next-door Alex was on the couch watching the fuck tape and frantically rubbing her clit and pulling at her nipples.

Alex knew Carol, Jimmy’s mother, left for work at around twelve thirty. At twelve she went up to her bathroom and showered. After showering she looked in her closet for something sexy to wear. She selected a sheer robe that had a ribbon that tied at the neck and was open down the front, it was supposed to be worn with a negligee but she wanted Jimmy to be able to see everything. She looked in the mirror and decided it was just right; nothing was left to the imagination. Her nipples were plainly visible and she could even see the blond hairs of her pussy through the thin material.

“If this doesn’t scare him away at the door I’ll know I’ve got him,” she said aloud, giggling.

She went down stairs to wait. She heard Jimmy’s mother’s car door slam and went to the window. She watched as Carol backed out of her driveway and headed down the street. The car was not out of site when she saw Jimmy coming across the yard, to her front door. She hurried to the door and was opening it just as Jimmy was reaching for the doorbell.

“Come in,” she said opening the door wide so Jimmy could see her almost naked body.

Jimmy didn’t hesitate. He walked right past her and waited for her to close the door.

“Wow, she’s ready to fuck, She wouldn’t be wearing that if she wasn’t,” he thought, as he felt his cock start to harden.

“Jimmy I’m so glad you could come.”

“Yes ma’am, what was it you wanted me to help you with Ms. Johansson.” He said while thinking ” “I hope your pussy itches and you want me to scratch it for you.”

“We have to go up stairs to the bedroom,” she said and started up the stairs. Jimmy followed staring at her beautiful ass.

“YES” he whispered under his breath.

In her bedroom, Alex walked to the bed then turned to face him. Jimmy’s eyes locked in on her tits. Alex stood there for almost a minute.

“You like them don’t you? I noticed you staring at them when you were here earlier. Do you want to touch them?”

“Oh, Yes Ma’am. Could I?”

“Yes you can, if you promise never to tell a soul I let you do it.”

“Yes Ma’am I promise, I won’t tell anyone about anything.” He reached out and squeezed both of her tits.

“Oooh, that’s nice.” Alex moaned. Jimmy spread her robe and stroked her bare tits. Finding her nipples and rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers; he stepped closer and Alex found his mouth with her lips. She was a little surprised when his tongue slid into her mouth; she wondered where he learned to kiss like that. Alex untied the ribbon at her neck and let the robe fall to the floor. Jimmy broke the kiss and lowered his head to her tits, sucking first one nipple then the other.

“Oh yes, I like that a lot, it feel so goood.”

“I’ll show you something you’ll like more. Sit on the bed.”

Alex sat down and he pushed her back on her elbows then spreading her legs with his hands he quickly dropped down and covered her cunt with his mouth, his tongue stroking her clit. Alex fell back

“YES suck my pussy, eat it good.” and Jimmy did eat it good.

After her second orgasm, Alex sat up. Pushing his head away.

“Stop Jimmy, It’s too tender and besides it’s my turn now, lets get your clothes off.” Working together they soon had Jimmy as naked as Alex.

“She examined his cock, it was the first white cock she had seen, it wasn’t as long as Josh’s but it was thicker, it was snow white with blue veins running through it and a big pink head.

“Lets trade places, I want to suck your beautiful cock, I want a nice mouthful of your cum to eat.”

They switched around and Alex swallowed his cock. “Wow, I’ve never had anybody do that before. I can’t believe you can take the whole thing in your mouth.”

His sister always sucked his cock but never like this.” Alex just kept sucking and soon Jimmy was pumping her throat like it was a cunt.

“Shit I’m going to cum,” he yelled.

Alex stopped sucking when the first squirt hit the roof of her mouth then she started swallowing. The young boy filled her mouth so fast she had a hard time keeping up but she managed. She saved the last and swished it around in her mouth, enjoying the taste. She licked up and down his still hard shaft and sucked on his balls. Then she look up at him and smiled.

“That was delicious Jimmy and look your cocks still hard.”

“Yeah I have to cum four or five times before it goes down.”

“Could you do it again Ms. Johansson?”

“Why I’d love to but only if you call me Alex, after all I just sucked your cock and ate your cum, don’t you think that puts us a first name basis.” Alex said, slipping his cock back into her throat.

“Yes Ma’am, Ms Alex.” Jimmy groaned. She repeated the act with the same results. She couldn’t believe how much cum this boy squirted out of his cock.

After cleaning all of his cum from his cock, she sucked his balls. She looked up at him.

“Well, that was nice, what do you want to do next?” She asked grinning.

“I want to fuck you now, if that’s OK.” Jimmy said.

“Of course it’s OK. In fact it’s more than OK, I would love you to,” she said. Getting on the bed and rolling onto her back she pulled up her knees and spread her legs wide. Jimmy thought she was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

He positioned himself between her wide spread legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her crack. He pushed into her with one long stroke burying his cock to his balls.

“AAGGGG,” Alex screamed.
Jimmy fucked her with all his might using long hard strokes. Alex was in the throes of her second orgasm when she felt him tense and fill her cunt with his cum. Jimmy lay atop her with his still hard cock deep in her belly.

“Let me rest a minute and I’ll fuck you again.” He murmured.

Fuck her again he did. Afterward they lay still. Alex had her arms and legs wrapped around his body and their mouths were fused together.

“God, Jimmy that was good. Do you think you could fuck my asshole now?” “Yes Ma’am, just let me rest a little. I love fucking ass.” Jimmy said and glued his mouth back to her lips. After about five minutes Jimmy stirred, pulling his mouth from hers. “I think I’m ready to fuck you in the ass now Ms. Alex.” “Yes Jimmy, do it, Fuck it real good.”

Jimmy sat up. “Let’s put a pillow under your ass so I can get to it better.”

Alex slid a pillow under her ass and Jimmy pushed two fingers into her cunt, pulling out his own cum and her pussy juices, using this he lubricated her asshole. He pushed a well-greased finger into her ass as far as he could get it then returned to her cunt for more cum. He kept this up adding fingers when he felt her asshole loosen, until he had three fingers embedded in her ass.

“OK Ms. Alex I’m going to fuck it now, get ready.” He pushed his cock deep into her cunt and stroked it a few times then he pushed it against her pink puckered asshole. He felt the head of his cock pop through her sphincter and heard a loud, “YES” come from Alex. He pushed into her until his balls hit the cheeks of her ass.

“Oh yes Jimmy, Fuck my ass, fuck it harrrd.”

Jimmy pushed two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with the thumb of the same hand. While he fucked her ass he fucked his fingers in her cunt with matching strokes and squeezed and massaged her tits with the other hand. Alex was having her third orgasm when she felt his cock jerk and felt his cum spilling inside her ass.

“YES, FUCK, I’m cumming again. Oh baby it’s soooo gooood.” Alex screamed.

They lay side-by-side caressing each others body and kissing. Alex pulled back and looked into his eyes.

“You really know what you’re doing baby. Where did you learn to fuck like that?”

Jimmy was silent for a long spell. “Will you promise never to tell anyone?” he asked.

“Listen sweetheart, after what we just done how could I? I mean if you don’t tell on me I won’t tell on you.”

“It’s my sister, she taught me everything. She just tells me what she likes and I do it to her.”

“You’re fucking Susan?” “Yes Ma’am we’ve been fucking for over a year now, we do everything, she sucks my cock and balls and I fuck and lick her pussy and asshole. She likes having her ass fucked the best cause she can’t get pregnant that way. When I fuck her pussy I have to pull out and shoot in her ass.”

“Susan is really a pretty girl, I bet you really have a good time with her. “Alex said.

“Yes Ma’am, I do but not as much fun as I had with you.”

“Tell me what’s different about us.”

Jimmy thought for a minute. “Well, Susan is really pretty but you’re beautiful. Susan has nice tits and ass but yours are fabulous. Susan sucks my cock and you swallow it. You drink my cum and she goes to the bathroom and spits it in the toilet. Also your pussy is much tighter than hers.”

“My what nice compliments, I think I’ll give you another blow job for that. Why don’t you go to the bathroom and wash my shit off of your cock.” He did, and she did.

After another round, they were lying side by side again. Neither of them could seem to keep their hands off the other.

“What time does Susan get home from school?” Alex asked.

“Usually around five. She has cheer leader practice, then she likes to hang out with her friends for a while.”

“Won’t she be expecting a fuck when she gets home. She’ll wonder why you can’t keep it hard like always.”

“Nah we don’t fuck then, she cooks our dinner, then we do our homework. After that we take a shower together and then we go to bed and fuck until it’s almost time for Mom to get home. Sometimes we fuck in the shower.”

“What time do you get out of school?”

“Most of the time I’m home by three.” “So, you have two hours free everyday. You could come here and we could have a good fuck.”

“Yes Ma’am, I was hoping you would let me do it to you again. Every day would be just fine.” Jimmy said, grinning from ear to ear.

“You know what Jimmy, I would like to try that fucking in the shower. Do you think you can get it hard again?”

“I bet I can Ms. Alex.”

“You go ahead and get the shower started and I’ll be there in just a minute. I have to make a short phone call.”

Alex dialed the office number. When the receptionist answered she said, “May I speak to Ted Simmons please.”

She heard Ted’s extension ringing then he said “Hello, Ted Simmons.”

“Ted this is Alex Johansson, I was wondering if you could stop by for few minutes this afternoon?”

“Sure. What time?”

“It’s almost four now. Could you make it, say around Five thirty?”

“I’ll be there. What’s the matter? Do you have some kind of problem?” He asked.

“Well, it’s not really a problem, I just heard something about you and I want to check it out myself,” she couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“Really. What did you hear.” Ted said grinning. He felt like he knew what she was talking about and her next statement confirmed it.

“It had something to do with eleven inches,” she said giggling again.

Ted felt his cock stiffen. He couldn’t believe his good luck, he had been wanting to fuck Alex for years, now he was going to get the chance.

“Listen Alex, I’m not too busy, I could come right now.”

“No I have some other things to do first so don’t come until five thirty.”

After they said their goodbyes Ted had the hardest cock he had had in a long time. He went to the door of his small office and motioned for Ophelia to come in.

“What do you want?” she asked from her chair.

“I want to show you something.” Ted said

Ophelia rose from her chair and walked into his office. As she went through the door Ted closed it and dropped his pants.

“Take a look at this.” He said shaking his long cock at her.

“My God, it’s even bigger than usual,” she said as she dropped to her knees and took the big head into her mouth. She sucked for a moment then she stood and sat on the edge of his desk pulling her skirt up to her waist reveling her bare cunt.

“Feed that thing to my pussy, it’s hungry and could use a good cock sandwich.”

Ted stepped between her wide spread legs and buried the big piece of meat all the way to his pubic hair.

“Fuck yes. Push that long fucker out through my mouth. I think I’m starting to taste it already.”

Ted started fucking her for all he was worth. “Shit your fucking cunt is eating me alive, you’re going to have me cumming in no time.”

“FUCK, I’m already cumming.” Ophelia yelled.

Alex hung up the phone and went in to join Jimmy. She entered the shower and grabbed for his cock, which was standing almost straight up. “How about that shower fuck you promised me.”

Jimmy turned her around placing one arm around her waist pushed her shoulders. “Bend over and put your hands on your knees.” He said.

She did as he instructed and felt his cock enter her and begin fucking.

“I like this, I’ve never been fucked like this before,” she moaned.

“Susan calls it doggy fucking.” Jimmy said as he banged away at her hot wet hole.

It was almost five o’clock when they came from the bathroom.

“You better get dressed, Susan will be home shortly.” Alex said.

Jimmy started pulling on his clothes; Alex picked up her robe and put it on tying the ribbon at the neck. She walked him downstairs and to the back door. She put her arms around him and kissed him. Jimmy began to squeeze and knead her large breasts, his tongue entered her open mouth, Alex sucked his tongue, her hand went to his crouch and she realized he had a hard-on; She broke the kiss and stepped back.

“Jimmy, you have to go. Susan will be home any minute and I have a guest coming shortly. I want to redo my face before he gets here.”

“It’s a man, huh?” he asked with a frown.

“Yes baby, it’s a man.?

“Are you going to fuck him?”

“That’s my intention. Why, are you jealous?” she said smiling.

“I guess, a little.” he said with down cast eyes.

“Honey, don’t be jealous. After all while I’m fucking him you’ll be fucking Susan. Won’t you? I intend to fuck lots of men and besides I’m a married woman and I sleep with my husband every night, when he’s home. But still every afternoon when you get here I’ll be yours and yours alone.”

He smiled “Your right, I guess I must be the luckiest kid in the world having a beautiful woman like you to make love to everyday.”
They kissed again and Alex pushed him out the door. She felt bad about sending him home with a hard- on but she knew he had one almost all the time anyway.

Alex applied new makeup and brushed her long blond hair. She was just coming down the stairs when the doorbell chimed. She hurried to the door and opened it.

“Hi Ted, come in,” she said.

Ted’s eyes bugged out and his mouth started to salivate. He felt his cock start to harden and creep up along his belly.

“God Alex I didn’t expect you to be dressed like this,” he said, openly staring at her tits.

“I thought you might like me dressed this way, actually it’s more undressed than dressed,” giggling at her own brazenness. “I wanted to surprise you. Do you like it?” she said lifting her arms and spinning around showing him much of her legs and her blonde bush.

Ted could see everything she had through the filmy material, even before she flashed him.

“Yes I like it very much.” He said adjusting his cock to a more comfortable position.

“I can see that you like it, it’s quite obvious. Have a seat. Can I make you a drink?”

Ted sat on the couch. “Yes please, something strong.”

Alex went to the bar and poured them both straight bourbon. Returning to the couch she sat next to him letting her robe flow open and revealing everything but her tits. She handed him a glass and sipped from her own.

“Now let’s talk about that eleven inches. It appears to be true but I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.”

“Do you want me to just take it out and show it to you?”

“I think that would be nice,” she said giggling again.

Ted shrugged his shoulders and stood and turned with his back to her, he kicked off his shoes and lowered his pants and under shorts, as he was stepping out of them Alex could see his balls swinging between his legs.

“You certainly have nice looking balls,” she said “and ass too,” she added.

Ted removed his shirt and threw it on a chair with the rest of his clothes. The he turned slowly around to face her. When his cock came into view.

Alex gasped, “Oh my god it is true, but I think it’s longer than eleven inches. It’s got to be well over a foot.”

She put her fingers around it and stroked it up and down. Then looking up at him and smiling she opened her mouth and put just the head in and began to gently suck. After a moment of this she let it slide into her throat and down her gullet. Ted groaned loudly. She pulled it out slowly until she was sucking just the head again. She started to slide back into her throat.

“Oh fuck, I’m cummmminggggg.” He yelled.

Alex felt his cock jerk and received the first of many long ropes of his hot thick cum. She gulped it hungrily until there was no more to eat then she licked his balls taking each of them into her mouth and sucking gently. She dropped his balls and looked up at him smiling. Ted fell on the couch before his wobbly legs gave out completely.

“Shit Alex I’m sorry I came so quickly, but damn I almost cum when you opened the door in that robe, and I thought I would for sure, when you sat down next to me on the couch. You know a man can only take so much before he explodes.”

“Don’t apologize, I got a very nice reward for very little work. Besides I bet we can get it nice and big and hard again in no time.”

With that she stood and removed the robe, letting it fall to the floor. Now only clad in five-inch heels she began turning around in a slow circle.

“Tell me if you see any thing you like,” she laughed.

“Fuck I like everything but I can’t believe the ass and tits you have. Come over here and let me sample them.”

She went to him and sat on his lap. Ted sampled everything with his lips and tongue he licked every opening in her body, giving her several strong orgasms along the way. She wound up on her back with her legs spread-eagled, with Ted pushing his long cock slowly into her belly.

“Go slow with that thing I’m not sure I can take the whole thing,” she moaned

Ted was an expert; he didn’t hurry and just inched in a little at a time finally striking home when his balls hit her ass.

“Your killing me, I can feel the thing up around my heart. God it hurts so good. Fuck me, Fuck meeeee,” she screeched.

After Ted had his second orgasm, Alex freshened their drinks and led him up to her bed. They fucked and sucked for the rest of the evening. Ted having each of her holes more than once. Alex lost count of how many times she came, but she remembered she had sucked his cum from his balls and into her mouth three times. After the last go around, which was a nice ass fuck, they both fell asleep. When Alex awoke he was getting dressed.

“Are you leaving?” She asked.

“Yeah, I promised Beth I’d be home by eleven and it’s almost that time now.”

Actually he had told Beth not to look for him before midnight but he was just fucked out. He couldn’t get another hard-on tonight if his life depended on it. He leaned over and kissed her.

“I hope this won’t be the last time you come around.” She said.

“Don’t worry sweet pus wild horses couldn’t keep me away from that body of yours.”

After she let Ted out and turned off the down stairs lights, she sat on the couch in the dark sipping another bourbon and made plans for the next day.

The next morning Alex awoke early. Usually the first thing she did when she woke up was to masturbate. Today she had decided she would get her first cum of the day a new and more exciting way. After her usual breakfast of coffee and toast she showered, brushed her hair and applied her make-up, She came down stairs wearing a nice dress under which was her sexiest bra and panties she wore thigh high hose and high heels. She went into Jeff’s office and searched through his files until she found what she was looking for. Not long after that she was backing out of her driveway.

About a half hour later she arrived at her destination, which was a small dress shop, which she shopped at often. They had dresses and evening gowns, as well as very sexy and revealing mini dresses. She had seen the dress she wanted in the window just last week. She remembered thinking at the time (Who in the world would wear something like that.) A week ago she wouldn’t even considered trying it on. Now the thought of wearing it was making her panties wet.

Nora, the shops owner; looked up and smiled when Alex entered. Alex always thought Nora was very beautiful.

“Good morning Ms. Johansson how are you this morning? What can I do for you?”

“I’m fine Nora. I’d like to try on that black dress in the window.”

“You mean the black leather one with the low cut top?” Nora asked a little surprised.

“Yes that’s the one.” Alex said smiling.

“I think I have one more in your size. You’ll look stunning in that dress. It’s quite different than the dresses you usually buy. Isn’t it?” she said staring at Alex’s breast, trying to picture them in the small revealing dress.

“Yes it is, my husband is in Europe and I want something sexy to wear for him, when he returns.”

In the changing room she removed her dress and bra and wiggled into the tiny thing. The hem came just below the dark band at the top of her stockings and the top barely covered her nipples because they rode so high on her tits. She turned and looked over her shoulder, the back of the dress rode higher because her butt protruded back so far. She bent forward and looked under her arm. Her panty clad pussy and about half of her ass was exposed. She thought the dress was perfect.

She bought the dress along with a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of stiletto heels. She found the address she had copied from Jeff’s files. And was extremely excited when she rang the doorbell. When Beth opened the door she looked totally surprised.

“Alex, come in, how nice of you to stop by.”

“Sorry I didn’t call first, I was out doing some shopping and found myself in the neighborhood and decided to drop by.”

“That’s perfectly alright, I’m so glad you did.” Beth said licking her lips.

Alex smiled; she thought Beth looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. As they entered the living room Beth noticed that Alex had her packages with her but said nothing.

“Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

“Yes coffee would be nice.” Alex said as she sat on the couch.

Beth went to the kitchen and returned with two steaming cups. She sat next to Alex and placed one cup in front of her.

“I suppose your wondering why I brought my packages in.” Alex said.

“Why yes I was a little curious about that.”

“I bought a new outfit and I thought I would model it for you, I’d like your opinion of it. Would you mind?” Alex said sipping her coffee.

“No I wouldn’t mind, I’d love to.”

“We can do that later, right now I want to talk to you about something.”

“Go a head, shoot.”

“Do you remember last Friday at the party when you and Sylvia went into the ladies room and had a little chat.”

“Yes. Why?”

“Well I was in the ladies room too, in one of the stalls. I heard every word you and Sylvia said. I hope you aren’t upset about that.”

Beth was snickering into the back of her hand.

“Why are you laughing?” Alex asked. She was shocked.

“I’m sorry honey, I’m not laughing at you. It’s just that Sylvia and I set you up.” Beth said, still laughing.

“Set me up. What do you mean?”

“OK, let me explain. Ever since you and Jeff were first married, Ted and Josh have wanted to get in your little panties. The night of the party Sylvia and I decided to do something about it. We flipped a coin to see who would go first and Josh won. We know that if you mention a particularly large cock around another woman she can’t wait to get it in her pussy. When we saw you go in to the ladies room we waited a bit then followed you in. We told you about Josh’s big cock knowing if the occasion ever arose you would fuck him. We never mentioned that Ted had a bigger cock because Josh was supposed to get you first. The other night when Ted and Sylvia were going out she suggested to Josh that he should stop by and see you, on the way to my house. He called me and said he was stopping at your place and would be a little late. I told him to take as long as he wanted and not to worry about it. I also told him that if he fucked you to mention Ted’s big cock to you. Ted and Josh knew nothing about what we had done, we still haven’t told them. They each came home and told us all about it. They say you’re the best piece of ass they ever had. So you see, you were set up. I hope you don’t get angry about it.” Beth leaned back on the couch and waited for Alex’s response.
Alex sat looking at her thinking over what she had just heard. A big smile came on her face.

“Of course I’m not angry, you’ve done me a big favor. I probably never would have been fucked if you hadn’t done what you did. I want to thank you both for letting me use your husbands. I hope they’ll be back for more.”

“Don’t worry honey you couldn’t drive them away with a baseball bat.” Beth said laughing.

“I hope you’re right, I’ll never get enough of those two cocks. How about me showing you my new outfit now?” she said picking up her packages.

“Yes I would love to see it. Do you want to change in the bathroom.”

“No, right here will be fine,” Alex said lifting her dress and pulling a stocking down her leg.

After removing her stockings she stood and removed her dress. She heard Beth gasp when she removed her bra. Smiling at her, Alex slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them.

“God you’re beautiful.” Beth gasped.

Alex wiggled the black dress on then she sat and put on the black stockings and shoes. Standing she walked about the room like a model.

“That is so sexy. You’re the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” Beth was almost drooling.

“We’re about the same size, you try it now.” Alex said, starting to remove the dress.

Beth stood and removed her blouse and skirt, she wore neither bra or panties she stood there nude waiting for Alex to remove her stockings. Alex stood up and faced her.

“Hey Beth, you’re not so bad yourself.”

Beth didn’t make a move toward the dress or stockings.

“You know, you said something else that night.” Alex giggled.

“You mean the part about eating your pussy?”

“Yeah that’s the part.”

Beth took her in her arms and kissed her. Alex was a little surprised when she felt Beth’s tongue probing Her lips. She opened her mouth and gave Beth full access to it. After a while Beth broke the kiss.

“Lie down on the couch I want to suck your tits,” she said breathlessly.

Alex lay down and Beth went to her knees beside her. She stared at Alex’s breasts then she lowered her head and began sucking a nipple. Her hand wandered down Alex’s body until it found her pussy mound. Alex instantly spread her legs giving Beth all the room she needed to push two fingers into her wet slot.

“Oooooooo yes fuck me with your fingers.” Alex sighed, lifting her knees and trying to spread her legs wider. Beth sucked and licked both of her tits then she kissed her way back to her mouth. Then Beth rose up.

“Sylvia and I promised, if one of us ever got to you we would call the other to join in. Do you mind?”

Alex just shook her head, indicating she didn’t mind. Beth seated herself on the end of the couch next to Alex’s feet without removing her fingers from her hot hole. She picked up the phone from the end table and punched the numbers with her thumb, her other thumb was rubbing Alex’s clit.

She waited a moment then she heard Sylvia’s voice “Hello.”

“Syl, you’ll never guess what I have in my hand.”

“I’ll bet it’s either a cock or a cunt. which is it?”

“I should have said what I have my hand in.” Beth Laughed


“Alex Joh-” before she could finish she got the dial tone.

Beth Laughed and said to Alex. “She’ll be here before you can say Alex Johansson.”

Beth turned her attention back to Alex.

When Sylvia came in Alex was still in the same position but with Beth’s face buried in her cunt.

“I see you started without me,” she said, as she and started removing her clothes.

Alex watched as she revealed her beautiful brown body. When she was nude Sylvia attacked Alex’s tits both with her hands and her mouth. When she felt Alex stiffen she moved to her mouth. Alex was on fire. Her orgasm racked her body. She screamed, but Sylvia’s lips and tongue muffled the sound. Beth pushed her legs up to her tits and began licking her little pink asshole. Sylvia pushed her tits into Alex’s face; Alex took them in her hands and pulled them to her mouth. She squeezed the mounds and sucked the nipples. Beth was driving her crazy, she now had her tongue in Alex’s ass as far as she could get it and was licking around the inside. After Alex’s orgasm was totally subsided, Beth moved back to her cunt and soon had her in the throes of another even more powerful orgasm. Beth worked on her asshole again but this time when she returned to her cunt, Alex pushed her away.

“No Beth, no, I want to do you now, I want to eat your pussy. I’ve never sucked a pussy before but I want to try it.”

Beth said nothing, she moved to the center of the room and lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Alex got on her knees and elbows between her legs and spread Beth’s pussy lips with her fingers. Neither Beth nor Sylvia had any hair on their cunts. Alex examined Beth’s cunt carefully. She had never seen a cunt this close before. She put out her tongue and licked, she was like a swimmer testing the water with a toe. She decided it was fine and dove right in. Alex remembered everything Beth had done to her pussy and repeated those things for Beth. Sylvia was behind Alex and when Alex felt her tongue swipe from her clit to her asshole she spread her legs and wiggled her ass. Sylvia licked her cunt and asshole and sucked her clit. Soon both Alex and Beth were cumming. After a short rest Beth and Sylvia switched places and the whole thing was repeated.

Three hours later the three of them was seated on the couch with Alex in the middle. Both Beth and Sylvia had a tit in their hand and a nipple in their mouth.

“Listen girls, I hate to break this up because I’ve really had a great time but I have to go,” Alex said.

She knew Jimmy would be at her door in about an hour.

“Why do you have to go so soon? Beth asked with a disappointed look on her face.

“I have a date in about an hour and I want to get ready for him.” Alex explained.

“Alright, who is it. Is it Josh or Ted?” Sylvia asked.

“Neither.” Alex said.

Both women became more interested.

“Come on, Tell us about it, after this the three of us will be friends for life. Were not going to tell anyone.”

Alex told them about Jimmy.

“Wow a fourteen year old boy, It’s been years since I fucked a fourteen year old but as I can recall from when I was twelve and thirteen they were pretty clumsy lovers.” Sylvia said. Beth was nodding her head in agreement.

“Well, that’s certainly not the case with Jimmy. He’s an expert and he has a constant hard-on.”

Alex explained about his sister and how they were fucking everyday.

“Hey, maybe Beth and I should come and visit some afternoon and sample this stud,” sylvia said grinning.

“That would be fine, I’m sure Jimmy wouldn’t mind.” Alex said laughing. “I need some advice from you two, if you don’t mind,” she continued.

“Go ahead, we’re full of advice.” Beth said.

“Among other things,” Sylvia added.

Beth playfully hit Sylvia on the arm.

“I’m going out tonight to a hotel bar to try to get picked up and fucked by some strange cock. Just tell me what I need to know to go about doing this kind of thing. I know I have a lot to learn and I thought you two could help me out.”

“The first thing is to go early before it’s so crowded and everyone is tipsy.” Beth offered.

“Yeah, And tell them what you want upfront, these men will wine and dine you and take you dancing and before you know it your either too tired are too drunk to enjoy a good fuck.” Sylvia added

“She’s right they will wear themselves out trying to seduce you, when if they would just come right out and ask, in most cases they would get what they want. After all a woman by her self, dressed in sexy clothes is either a whore or she’s looking to get fucked for fun. The best plan is to come on to them and let them know what you want,” Beth continued.

“You just can’t come right out and say “Lets go up to your room and fuck.” That would scare the shit out of them, mainly because they’re not expecting it from a woman. Use your hands and body to let them know you want a hard cock. Rub your tits on them and grope their balls and cocks under the table. If you get them hard they’re easy. I wish I had a nickel for every cock I’ve squeezed under a table, hell I’ve even jacked-off a few,” Sylvia laughed.

Alex thoughtfully nodded her head. Then she stood and started gathering her clothes.

“I want to talk about one more thing, before I leave.” She said as she pulled on her dress. “Josh told me that both of you have fucked Jeff.”

“Yes that’s true, we’ve both been fucking him for years, I hope you’re not a jealous wife.” Beth answered.

“No, it’s not that, I was just wondering why? I have never gotten anything out of fucking him, I mean I can’t feel anything, Josh told me he has a tiny cock.”

“I don’t know if you can call it a cock or not, It’s only a little longer than my clit but it’s not as big around but you should know that,” sylvia said.

“That’s just it, I’ve never seen it, he keeps it hidden from me.”

“Listen honey, Jeff’s a great lover. I don’t have a cock and I bet you think I’m a good lover. Making love to Jeff is like making love to a woman.” Beth said.

“Why doesn’t he make love to me? All he does is rub it around between my pussy lips until he comes then he rolls over and goes to sleep. He’s never even seen me completely naked.” Alex was almost in tears.

“Jeff is very self conscious about his cock. He thinks if you knew, you would think less of him. That’s why he’s tried to keep everything about sex hidden from you. I’m surprised you didn’t know. Didn’t you have sex education in school?” Sylvia said.

“No I didn’t, the school I went to wouldn’t even allow the word “sex” spoken.”

“Jeff thinks that if you ever found out about fucking and his little pecker, you would go out and find a real man with a real cock. He thinks you would leave him and that would kill him.” Beth said.

“He’s right about one thing I’m going to find lots of men with real cocks. But he’s wrong about me leaving him, I love him more than my life, I’ll never leave him. Now tell me how you fuck him.”

Beth looked at her and smiled “You remember when I showed you how to put our clits together and rub them against each other until we had a delicious cum. That’s the way you fuck Jeff, the only difference is he shoots cum all over you, The man cums gallons. He has the biggest set of balls I’ve ever seen on a man I like to push them in me while we fuck, it gives my cunt something to chew on. He is a fantastic cunt eater and if you like cum, he shoots so much there’s no way to swallow it all. When he comes home, make him make love to you properly, shit just strip off your clothes. When he sees that body of yours he’ll come around.”

By this time Alex was dressed, she kissed the two women goodbye.

“I’ve got to go, thank you both for all your advice, I’ll let you know how I make out tonight.”
On the way home she found herself looking at both men and women as they walked down the street. She wondered how they would be in bed and how big the men’s cocks were. She had time to shower and make herself up for Jimmy. She was sitting at the kitchen table nude sipping a glass of wine when she saw him coming across the yard.

When he knocked on her back door she stood and said, “Come in.”

Jimmy opened the door and came in. When he saw her he grinned.

“Hey, I like this outfit even better than yesterdays.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her. Alex started tearing at his clothes.

“Get these off, I haven’t had a hard cock all day.”

After Jimmy went home, Alex showered and did her hair and makeup then she dressed in her new outfit. She studied herself in her full-length mirror. She had always been self-conscious about her large breasts. Now she pulled her shoulders back, making them more pronounced. She held her head high. So many people had told her how beautiful she was the last few days; she wanted to see for herself, she had never considered herself beautiful. She turned from side to side looking at herself from every angle. She slid her hands over her tiny waist and down over her wide hips.

“God, I really am beautiful,” she said aloud.

When Alex walked into the lobby of the big hotel she was a confident self-assured woman. She expected all heads to be turned toward her and they were. She walked with only a slight sway of her hips and she enjoyed the stares of every man and woman there. The bar was dark, she stopped when she entered to allow her eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. The only lighting was some dim lights above the bar. After a moment she could see there were two men seated in a booth across from the bar. There was a small dance floor between the booth and the bar. In a back corner there was a couple, which was talking to a waitress. Alex walked to the bar and slid onto a stool, the cool leather felt good on her bare wet pussy, she couldn’t help but wiggle a little bit.

The bartender came over and placed a napkin on the bar in front of her. “What can I get you Ma’am?” he asked.

“White wine, please,” she said smiling at him.

“When a lady comes in here alone, she gets her first drink free,” he said, while pouring her glass of wine.

“How nice, thanks Gus,” she said looking at the nametag pinned to his shirt.

Gus busied himself behind the bar stealing glances at her breasts. Alex pushed them out a little more. Alex had drunk about half of her wine when she saw the waitress go to the end of the bar and say something to Gus. He poured another glass of wine and sat it in front of her.

“What’s this for?” Alex asked.

“It’s from those guys over there in the booth. They wanted to buy you a drink.”

Alex leaned forward and whispered “Gus, what do I do, I’m new at this.”

“It depends on why you came in here, if you just came in for a drink do nothing, if you have something else in mind, pick up the drink and join them,” Gus whispered back.

Alex smiled at him, “Actually I have this little itch that needs scratching.”

“Damn, if this was my night off I’d scratch it for you.”

“I’m sure you would, but if this was your night off you wouldn’t be here.”

“Sure I would I get off at six on my night off.”

“When is your night off.”


“That’s tomorrow.”

“That’s right,” Gus said with a big grin.

Alex looked at him, she guessed him to be about fifty. His hair was gray but he was quite handsome.

“My name is Alex, I’m sure I’ll have another itch tomorrow, I’ll call you, say around five thirty.”

“You can bet I’ll be waiting for that call,” Gus said with even a bigger grin.

Alex picked up her drink and started across the dance floor. After taking a few steps she “accidentally” dropped her purse, she bent over and picked it up looking back at Gus under her arm. She held the pose for a second then she winked at him. Gus licked his lips and smiled. As she continued on to the booth she felt sure she had given Gus a hard-on.

As she approached the booth the two men stood up. One was tall and the other was about the same height as Alex in her five-inch heels. The tall one took the glass from her and shook her hand and introduced himself as Tim The shorter man said his name was Sam. The booth was one of those semi-circular kind, so Alex slid in to the middle and the two men sat on either side of her. As they talked Alex managed to rub her tits on both mens arm several times. After several minutes when she just couldn’t hold off any longer. She casually dropped her hand onto Tim’s lap. His pants started to bulge immediately. Tim said nothing. Being encouraged by this she put her other hand into Sam’s lap. Sam already had a bulge. She started squeezing their cocks through their pants. After rubbing and squeezing them for some time, Alex leaned toward Tim pushing her tit hard against his arm she whispered in his ear.

“Unzip your pants and take it out,” she said, then smiled at him.

Tim struggled but soon Alex had her hand around his cock stroking it slowly. Sam could see what she was doing so he took his own cock out. Alex was enjoying stroking the two cocks; Tim’s was about the same size as Jimmy’s. Sam’s was shorter but much thicker; she could barely get her fingers around it. Tim and Sam both were rubbing her thighs above her stockings. Alex tried to spread her legs but the men’s knee’s prevented her from spreading them very far. She raised her leg and draped it over Tim’s knee then she put the other leg over Sam’s. Tim and Sam both went for her wet cunt. Tim got a finger in her hole and Sam started rubbing her clit.

Tim leaned over and whispered “Which one do you want first.”

“No, I want you both at the same time.” Alex softly moaned.

Tim looked over at Sam who nodded his agreement.

“Let’s get out of here and go to my room.” Tim said.

The men put their cocks away and stood Alex followed them. As she went by bar she leaned over the bar and whispered to Gus “Five thirty tomorrow,” she said and winked.

Alex woke up a little after four in the morning. She was lying between Tim and Sam. Both men were dead to the world. She gave their cocks a final squeeze and eased herself out of bed and slipped into her dress and shoes. As she drove home she tried to remember all the things she had done. She was fucked in her mouth and cunt at the same time, in her ass and mouth at the same time and in her ass and cunt at the same time. She had cum leaking from both her cunt and ass and she had the taste of it in her mouth. She loved being fucked by two cocks at once.

“Well Jeff, It looks like you have yourself a sexy little slut on your hands. I wonder what you’re going to do with her,” she said aloud. “I hope you make love to her and let her make love to you. Your timid little masturbating wife is gone forever, been replaced by a beautiful sexy slut, that will fuck anything, man, woman or child. I hope you like her cause she loves you more than anything in the world.

Alex slept until almost one pm; she lay there going back over the night before. She really had a good time. She hadn’t showered when she got home and her pussy was still gooey with the two men’s cum, her thighs were covered with dried cum. She felt like masturbating, she ran her fingers through the mess between her legs and rubbed her clit. Then she got an idea, she picked up the phone and dialed Beth’s number.

“Hello.” Beth said.

“Hi Beth this is Alex. I called to tell you about last night.”

“Hold on hon., Sylvia’s here with me, I’m going to put you on the speaker phone.”

After a pause Beth said “Alex can you hear me?”

“Yeah, I can hear you just fine.”

“Hi Alex this is Sylvia, hurry and tell us all about it.”

Alex told them every detail of the evening before. When she was finished with her story, she said, “Just thinking about it made me horny as hell, I’m lying in bed jacking-off, with their cum leaking out of my cunt and asshole and it’s dried all over my legs. I must have drunk about a quart of the stuff.”

“I can’t believe you scored with two men and made a date with another on your first time out. What a slut you’re turning out to be,” Sylvia said.

“Yeah, isn’t it wonderful? I have you two to thank for it.” Alex breathed; she was quickly approaching her orgasm.

“You said you’re jacking-off, shit so are we, Sylvia’s strumming her clit like banjo,” Beth said, breathing hard.

Beth was the first to cum.

“Fuck I’m cumming,” she moaned.

“Me too.” Alex yelled.

“Shit so am I.” Sylvia screamed.

After a long pause, Alex said “Jacking-off with someone over the phone is fun, we should do this more often.”

“Your right it is fun and we will do it more often. When will we see you again?” Beth asked.

“I’m almost sure Gus will stay the night and I don’t think bartenders go to work very early. Then I’ve got Jimmy and as you know, Josh is spending the weekend. How about coming to my house Monday morning at ten, maybe you can stay long enough to meet Jimmy.” Alex said.

“I hope Jimmy will be m-e-a-t-i-n-g us.” Sylvia said laughing.

After she hung up the phone she showered and blow-dried her hair. She went down stairs nude, and made her self two sandwiches, she was starved. She took the sandwiches and a glass of wine to the living room, where she flipped on the TV and started the VCR. One of the tapes that Josh left started playing. She sat on the couch and watched as she ate. She was sitting in the same place still watching and masturbating when she heard Jimmy knock on the back door. She flipped off the VCR and started to the kitchen.

“Can’t let a minor see this, it might give him bad ideas,” she said aloud, giggling.

After Timmy left she showered again and did her hair and make up. Then she went back down stairs and started watching the tape again. At five thirty she picked up the phone and dialed the hotel. When the operator answered she asked foe the bar.

“Gus,” A voice said

“Hi, Gus this is Alex.”

“Alex! I really didn’t believe you would call but I’m sure glad you did. How did it go last night?” he asked

“It was great Gus, but I’ve got another itch. Are you going to come over and scratch it for me?”

“How far do you live from here?”

“Under thirty minutes.”

“I’ll be there by six thirty. And Alex would you wear that little dress you were wearing last night?”

“You liked that huh.”

“Hell yes, especially when you bend over.”

Alex gave him her address and directions and told him she would leave the porch light on so he could see the numbers.
She was fully dressed and watching the tape again when the doorbell rang. When she let him in he was grinning from ear to ear.

“You look like you’re very happy about something. I wonder what it is?” she chided.

Alex made them both a drink and they chatted for a while, Alex liked him immediately.

“How about my Itch, Gus?” she was horny from watching the tape, she wanted to get fucked.

“Baby I’ve never scratched the itch of such a beautiful woman before but I’m sure willing to try. First you have to show me where you itch.”

I’ll be glad to if you’ll show me what you’re going to scratch with.

“It’s a deal, you go first,” Gus said grinning.

“Well actually I have more than one itch. The first one is right here,” she said as she pulled up her dress and spread her legs and put a finger in her pussy. “But it’s too far up. I can’t reach it with my finger, do you think your scratcher will reach it.”

“I’ll bet it will, where else do you itch, baby.”

“Right here,” she said pulling her finger from her pussy and pushing it into her ass to the first knuckle. “I can’t reach that one either. The other one is here.” And she put the forefinger of her other hand in her mouth.

“Those are my favorite three places to scratch.” He said as he stood and dropped his pants to his knees, he wore no underwear. His long thick cock waved in the air, Alex grabbed it. It was almost as long as Josh’s and thicker than Ted’s. The big bulbous head was purple and it was so hard it looked like it was going to burst.

“Gus that’s a great scratcher, I think it’s going to reach my itches just fine. But I think I had better test it first just to be sure,” she said, taking it in her mouth and pushing it down her throat.

She pushed it in and out of her throat a few times, then she pulled back and looked up at him.

“Yes, It’s just right,” she said and started to put it back in her mouth. Gus put his hands on each side of her face and stopped her.

“Baby I’d like nothing better than a blow job, but I want to shoot my first load into that pretty little pussy of yours, I don’t want to waste it.”

“Gus It wouldn’t be a waste I would get to enjoy all those nice goodies floating around inside your balls.”

“Let’s find a bed and get you out of those clothes, I want to get at those tits. I want to suck that pussy of yours till it’s raw. Then I’m going to fuck you mindless.”

“Why Gus you say the nicest things to a lady.” Alex giggled

“I know it ain’t poetry but that’s what I’m going to do.”

“It sounds like poetry to me. “Alex said standing and stripping off her dress.

Alex helped him out of his clothes. He was mesmerized by her tits and wasn’t much help. When she finally got his clothes off and his lips unlocked from her nipple she led him up to her bedroom. Alex threw her self onto the bed, still wearing her stockings and shoes. Gus stood beside the bed staring at her for a long moment, then he went to work.

He used his hands, his fingers, his lips, his tongue, his teeth, his everything to bring her to the brink of orgasm. But he wouldn’t let her go over the top. Just when she thought “Just one more lick” the lick wouldn’t come, he would move on to something else. Alex was begging for release, she kept screaming at him, to please make her cum. But Gus didn’t, he kept her in this state for almost a half hour. Then he whispered in her ear.

“The rule is, Alex, you have to say fuck me three times.”

“Fuck me, fuck me. FUCK Meeeeeee,” she screamed.

Gus surprised her by lying down next to her and pulling her on top of him, he pulled her legs up until she was on her knees astride his body with his big cock touching her pussy lips. Alex grabbed it and lodged the head in her cunt, then she sank down on it until she had the whole thing inside of her. She started bouncing up and down, impaling her self with each stroke. On her third stroke, she came, the contractions were so strong she thought she would pass out, but she never stopped stroking up and down his cock. It wasn’t until her fourth orgasm that Gus finally groaned and filled her with his sperm.

Alex collapsed on top of him.

“God I’ve never been fucked like that before. I know women who would pay to get fucked like that'” she whispered, her voice almost gone from screaming.

“They do,” Gus said nuzzling her ear.

“They do what?” she asked.

“Pay to get fucked like that.”

“You mean women pay you to fuck them?”

“Yeah, all the time, right now I have about twenty that I fuck about once a month.”

“How do you do that, with only one night a week off?”

They come to my apartment after I get off, three nights a week I get off at ten and the other three, one. I never fuck them on my night off. I use that night to stay in shape.”

“Do I have to pay you?”

“Of course not, you’ll never pay me for anything and if you ever need anything just ask and I’ll see that you get it,” he said smiling.

“Thanks, If you ever need anything you call me, That’s what friends are for,” she said and kissed him.

“I want to know about these women that pay you.”

“Most of them are about my age or older, I have a couple who are in their middle to upper forties. None of them can even come close to your looks, of course, I’ve never seen a woman that did.”

“Thanks Gus, you’re sweet. I have a couple of friends who would love to get fucked the way you just fucked me. How much do you charge?

“Baby I told you, you get what ever you want. You set it up and I’ll take care of them.”

“One of them is black, does that make a difference?’

“No, I have several black clients.”

“Gus you know what I really want?”

“No, what?”

“I want to suck your cock,” she giggled.

“It’s sticky mess right now.”

“So what, it’s only got my pussy juice and your cum on it. I love pussy juice and I intend to eat quarts of your cum,” she said, moving down and taking his soft sticky cock in her mouth.

Gus taught Alex a lot about fucking. She loved to be on top because it gave her more control. She loved being in control. He taught her that she could do it like this either facing him or with her back to him and he taught her that she could put it either in her cunt or ass which ever she preferred at the time. He also taught her how to use her pussy muscles to pull his cock in then push it back out. She found that she could fuck his cock in and out without moving her body at all. Gus told her she had very strong pussy muscles and if she used them like this they would get even stronger.

Alex fucked and sucked him many times, but Gus was older and he didn’t get hard as often as a younger man would have. They passed the time between fucks and blowjobs, talking and joking over a glass of wine. By the time they fell asleep, they were fast friends and made a pact to always be friends no matter what. During the night, Alex woke him several times sucking his cock; somehow Gus didn’t seem to mind being awakened.

The next morning they fucked some more. Then Alex made him a big breakfast of bacon and eggs including pancakes. They sat next to each other at the table, occasionally one would stop eating long enough to fondle some part of the others nude body. Near the end of the meal Alex got a little pancake syrup on her chin. Gus leaned over and licked it off. That gave Alex an idea, she dipped her finger in the syrup on her plate and smeared it on her nipples, he grinned and licked both of them clean. Then she sat on the table in front of him and smeared some on her clit. He licked it off but he didn’t stop licking until she came. Soon they were back in bed fucking again.

Gus left at around ten, promising to keeping in touch. Alex was on the phone before he left her driveway. She phoned Beth first and told her all about her night, she gave her almost a word for word account. Beth was excited with the prospect of getting fucked by Gus and told her a night of the following week when she thought she could make it. Alex called Sylvia and gave her the same accounting and was met with the same results. She would call Gus later and make sure the nights were OK.

Alex went back to the dress shop and purchased three more sexy dresses. All three were short and very low cut. She bought a green one, a red one, and a yellow one along with shoes and accenting stockings.

Jimmy came and left, at the appointed time Josh came. She spent the weekend fucking, sucking and pampering Josh. She loved to cook, so she prepared a full meal three times Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. It was five o’clock on Sunday before Josh dragged himself to his car. He was totally fucked out. Alex on the other hand was fresh and ready to fuck some more. She showered and freshened up. She thought about going back to the bar but Gus had told her it was dead on Sunday nights. So she settled for watching a tape (that Josh had forgot to take) and masturbating.

At around six the phone rang.


“Hi baby.”

“Gus,” she said excitedly.

“How was your weekend?” he asked.

“It was fine but it would have been better if you had been here. I missed you.”

She told him the nights that Beth and Sylvia had picked and he told her they would be fine.

“Listen baby, these three young fellas came in about an hour ago, said they had to come to town this evening, because they have a ten o’clock meeting in the morning and there’s no flight in the morning that would get them here in time. Anyway they’re looking for some action, wanted to know if I knew where they could get a whore. I told them no. But since they look like pretty clean cut guys I told them I knew the most beautiful girl in the world and that you might take care of them. They’ve been giving me a pretty hard time about knowing the most beautiful girl in the world. So I was wondering if you would come down and let them see you. I don’t care if you go with them or not, you can make up your own mind about that.”

“Gus, you know I’ll do anything for you, of course I’ll come down. Three cocks at once sounds interesting. Be sure and tell them, if I do go with them, it has to be all of them at once, not one at a time.”

“OK baby thanks and I’ll be sure to tell them.”

“I’ll see you in about forty-five minutes.” Alex said as she hung up.

When Alex walked into the bar, she was wearing her new red dress with black hose and red stiletto heels. Her nipples tented up the thin material just below the neckline of the dress. She waited until her eyes were accustomed to the darkness. She saw the three men seated in the same booth she had been in the other night. She walked around the bar and put her arms around Gus’s neck and kissed him.

“God you look good Baby. Thanks for coming.” Gus said

Alex snuggled her head against Gus’s neck.

“I was thinking, If I don’t like the looks of these guys I could wait around until closing time and go home with you. “She said.

“Not tonight Baby, I have a client to take care of, a man’s got to make a living you know.” he said and patted her ass.
“Ok, just for that, I’ll give you something to remember me by,” she said with a mock pout.

“What’s that,” he asked.

She pulled his shoulders down until she could whisper in his ear.

“A hard-on,” she said.

When she looked at his face he was grinning.

Alex took three or four steps away from him and bent over at the waist exposing her ass and cunt to him. She wiggled her ass around until she could see the bulge rising in his pants. Then she straightened up and smoothed her dress, as she went around the end of the bar she threw him a kiss. She walked over to the booth.

“Hi guys, I’m Gus’s friend Alex.”

“God damn, he was right,” one of the men said.

The man seated next to him looked over at Gus. “Hey Gus we apologize. You were right. We just didn’t know man.”

The men introduced themselves, Alex liked them, they were all handsome men.

“Listen Guys, let’s not waste time, you know why I’m here, and I know what you want, Let’s just get out of here and get to it,” she said.

The men slid out of the booth and two of them offered her their arms. As they walked past Gus, he said.

“Have a good time Baby.”

Alex smiled and winked at him.

Alex left the hotel at one thirty, the men tried to convince her to stay. But she knew that Beth and Sylvia would be at her house at ten. The evening had been great, she was fucked in her ass, cunt and mouth simultaneously over and over again with a different cock in every hole everytime. She loved it.

Alex woke with a start. The doorbell was ringing, she looked at the clock it said ten. She hurried down the stairs and to the front door. Sylvia and Beth were standing there smiling. Alex led then to the living room her ass cheeks bouncing up and down as she walked.

“Now that’s the way a slut greets her guest Beth, naked and covered with dried cum.” Sylvia said.

“Yeah, and she smells like the inside of a two dollar whore house. OK, Alex tell us what you did to get cum all over you.” Beth said, smiling at her.

“I went back to Gus’s bar last night and fucked these three guys for about six hours,” she explained.

“I’ll bet the slut still has a cunt full, let’s get naked and check this bitch out.” Sylvia said and started removing her blouse.

Alex sat on the couch and watched as the two women removed their clothes. When they were naked, Beth dropped to her knees and pushed Alex’s legs apart.

“I’ll check out her cunt, you see about her mouth and tits,” she said to Sylvia.

Beth spread Alex’s cunt lips and peered inside her pussy.

“Yep the bitch was fucked, not only does she have a cunt full but it’s dried all over her legs and there’s even some running out of her ass.”

“Her mouth taste like the inside of a used condom.” Sylvia said pulling her tongue from Alex’s mouth.

“Let’s get her cleaned up, I’m not going to fuck around with a broad that’s covered with cum.” Beth said pushing her tongue inside Alex’s hole, lapping at the cum.

“Me either.” Sylvia said and began licking the dried cum from her tits.

Alex clamped down on Beth’s tongue with her cunt muscles.

Beth pulled her tongue out and looked up at Sylvia ” She’s developed a snapping pussy, since I last had my tongue in her. I like that,” she said and went back to licking.

“Gus taught me to do that.” Alex giggled.

The two women licked every inch of her body. Alex finally came when Sylvia stuck her tongue in her asshole and licked around the inside.

After Alex came, they sat next to her on the couch, she told them all about the previous evening. By the time she finished both women had cum from masturbating. Alex led them upstairs to her bathroom. After they showered, they crawled onto Alex’s bed. That’s where they still were when Alex noticed it was almost time for Jimmy to come. They went down to the living room and waited for him. Alex let him in and led him to the living room.

Jimmy wasn’t surprised that the women were there, because Alex had warned him on Friday. But he had not expected them all to be naked. His cock was hard even before he came in but now it grew harder. He was particularly horny; his sister was having her period. He hadn’t had any pussy since he fucked Alex on Friday. Alex introduced them and began taking his clothes off. Soon he stood before them as naked as they were.

“What a nice cock, come over here honey I want to get a closer look at it.” Beth said, licking her lips.

The women were sitting with their heads together with Jimmy’s cock only inches from their lips. Sylvia leaned forward and quickly took it into her mouth. Beth playfully pushed her away and took it in her own mouth. Then they began swapping it back and forth with one of them sucking it, while the other licked and sucked his balls. Jimmy was too horny to take much of this, he started cumming without warning, while they were in the middle of a swap. He shot a long stream of cum across the bridge of Beth’s nose and into Sylvia’s eye. Laughing Beth stuffed it into her mouth, She ate two more long squirts then she let Sylvia pull it out and have the rest. Then the two women licked Jimmy’s cum from each other’s face.

Beth and Sylvia left just after Jimmy. Alex had to laugh because she had never seen Jimmy so fucked out. She bet he wouldn’t jack-off for the rest of the day. She immediately began to get ready for Jeff’s home coming. She dressed in her new green dress, which was of the same thin material as the others and the matching hose and heels. She admired her self on the mirror and pinched her nipples to make them tent up the material even more. She liked what she saw very much.

“Jeff’s going to think he’s in the wrong house,” she giggled.

Jeff called at five thirty and said he was in town and would be home in about an hour. Alex put on an apron and started preparing dinner. She iced up a bottle of champagne and put some potatoes in the oven to bake. Then she made a nice salad. She wouldn’t broil the steaks until after Jeff came home. She took off her apron and went to the living room to wait. While waiting she made a shaker of martinis and poured herself one.

When she heard him come in the front door, she ran to him and threw herself into his arms. She kissed him and put her tongue in his mouth. After they broke the kiss Jeff panted.

“My god Alex. What’s come over you, you’ve never kissed me like that before. Where did you get that dress?

“I bought it silly. This is the new me, your old wife is gone forever,” she said and spun on her heel and returned to the kitchen.

She put the steaks on and returned to the living room. Jeff was sitting on the couch frowning. She poured him a martini and freshened hers. She sat next to him and handed him the glass, then she raised hers up.

“I want to make a toast,” she said.

They clinked their glasses together.

“To the new me, may I never go back,” she said and downed about half of her drink.

“I don’t understand.” He started, but she stopped him by putting her forefinger to his lips.

“Don’t say anything until after dinner I just want to sit here and cuddle. After we eat I’ll tell you everything.”

After dinner they returned to the couch with a glass of champagne. Jeff had frowned all through dinner.

Alex looked at him and smiled. “Honey don’t say anything, remain completely silent until I finish what I’m going to say. OK?”

Jeff nodded his head.

” Jeff, I know everything. I know that you’ve been having sex with the women at work and with Beth and Sylvia for years, even before we were married. I know what a cock is and I know what it feels like to have one poking deep in my belly. I know that you lied to me and that masturbation is not the only way a woman can cum. I also know that your very self conscious about the size of your cock. I know it’s tiny and for that reason you’ve hid it from me for all these years. I’ve changed. I’ve gone from a little girl to a woman in a week; I want you to change too. I want you to make love to me and I want to make love to you. I don’t care if your cock is little. From now on I’m the boss in the bedroom and believe me you won’t be sorry. Since you’re having sex with other women I think it’s only fair that I have sex with other men. I will too with or without your consent. But I promise you that I’ll always be here to share your bed with you. Remember I didn’t marry you for your cock, I married you because I love you and I’ll always love you no matter what,” she finished her little speech and waited.

Jeff’s head was hung so low his chin was in his chest.

“I’m sorry Alex, I’ve wanted to tell you so many times. But honey it’s so tiny, I can’t even pee like a real man. I have to sit on the toilet like a woman. I was so ashamed I just couldn’t.” he said with tears in his eye’s

“Honey let me explain it one more time, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.”

Jeff was taken aback “I know I shouldn’t have lied to you, but I was so afraid of losing you, I wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t care if you sleep with other men, you deserve a man with a cock, you can be the boss in the bedroom, I don’t care about that either. Just as long as you love me and stay with me.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, you couldn’t drive me away with a double barrel shot gun. Now, I want to see your cock,” she grabbed his hands and pulled him to his feet.

She dropped to her knees in front of him, and in short order had his pants and boxers around his knees. Jeff was standing with his arms limp at his sides and his eye’s closed. She couldn’t see a cock of any size; there was a hole at the top of his ball sack. She put a forefinger on each side of the hole and pushed. The little head poked out through the hole. She licked it and Jeff jumped, she licked again and kept on licking it until she had it full hard. It was the size of her little finger but just to the second knuckle.

“Jeff, It’s so cute,” she said as she took it in her mouth and started sucking.

Alex managed to get one of his balls in her mouth along with his cock. She kept switching from one of his balls to the other, constantly licking and sucking his cock. When Jeff announced that he was going to cum she dropped everything but his cock and sucked furiously. His first squirt filled her mouth to over flowing she swallowed all that she could but the second one came to soon and she had to let some of it flow out of her mouth. In the end she had only managed to swallow about half of it. The rest was in her hands on her chin and running down his balls. She licked it from his balls first then she cleaned it off her hands and wiped her chin with her fingers and licked them clean. Jeff collapsed on the couch. Alex lifted her dress and climbed on to his lap with a knee on either side of his hips.

“Alex you’re not any wearing panties.”

“Honey you can see everything I’m wearing,” she said and kissed him. “I want to tell you about my week, do you think you can handle it.”

“I want to hear every detail, don’t leave any thing out.”

Alex told him everything beginning with the party and ending with her activities of today.

“I know I went overboard, nine men and two women in one week is excessive. It was all so new to me I couldn’t help myself, from now on I’ll be a little more conservative. I’m still going to fuck Jimmy everyday, the others I’ll do only occasionally, except for Gus, he’s an all nighter, I’ll save him for when you’re out of town,” she said and kissed him again.
“Which one is your favorite?” he asked.

“Gus by a mile, we’ve become best friends, but you’ll always be my very best friend. Beth, Sylvia and I are good friends too. I like Ted and Josh but I don’t conceder them friends, they’re just a couple of big cocks that are fun to fuck. Jimmy’s different, he has this big crush on me, I’m sure he thinks he’s in love with me. As he grows older all of that will change, but for now I’m not going to disappoint him. As for the other five guys, I don’t even know their real names and will probably never see them again.”

Alex looked down at Jeff’s little cock. “Honey Tommy’s hard again, I think hearing about me fucking excites you.”

“I love hearing about it, and from now on whenever you fuck somebody, I want to hear all the details. Where did Tommy come from?”

She laughed, “I named him that, he cums like a machine gun but he’s not big enough to be a machine gun so I named him Tommy gun, Tommy for short.”

Jeff laughed; he was glad everything was out in the open and that she could joke about his little cock.

“I have something I want to show you,” she said standing and wiggling out of her dress.

She walked around in front of him, turning this way and that. She made sure he saw her body from every angle; she held her head high and her shoulders back.

“What do you think Jeff.”

“God I never realized you were this beautiful.” Jeff drooled.

“Lets get you out of these clothes, we’re going to bed. You’re going to eat my pussy while I give you another blowjob. Then we’re going to fuck,” she said as she pulled his shoes off.

“Fuck! How are we going to do that?” He asked.

“I’m going to sit on you and rub my clit on Tommy until he shoots a big load all over your chest and belly then I’m going to lick up every drop.”

The next morning at breakfast, Jeff was deep in thought.

“What’s the matter honey? You look concerned about something.”

“No I was just thinking about work. I’m the happiest man on earth, after last night it’s hard for me to think about anything but you.”

After breakfast, Jeff left for work and Alex busied her self, cleaning up the kitchen. Then she started on the rest of the house. She was surprised when Jeff came in the front door at about ten. She hugged and kissed him.

“Why are you home so soon sweetheart?” she asked.

“I have to make a quick trip to Dallas, I’ll be back early afternoon tomorrow. I’m going to pack an over night bag.” Jeff explained.

When Jeff came down with his bag, Alex hugged and kissed him again.”

“Have you got time for a quick blow-job?” she asked, hopefully.

He grinned at her “I think I could manage that.”

She sat on the couch and Jeff stood in front of her. He pulled his pants and boxers down and she went to work.

After the blowjob, Alex walked him to the door. Jeff kissed her passionately, and then whispered in her ear.

“I love you. Have a good time with Gus tonight.”

“Oh I will darling, I will,” she said grinning.

Alex did call Gus after Jimmy left that afternoon. She asked if he had a client that night. No he didn’t. She asked if he wanted her to come to the bar and go home with him. Yes he did.

Beth and Sylvia both called her after their bout with Gus. Both women had nothing but praise for him. Both had made arrangements to see him again, only the next time they would have to pay.

A week after he went to Dallas, on Tuesday, Jeff came home early again.

“I’ve got to go back to Europe, I’ll need to pack a lot of clothes. I’ll be gone a good while.” He explained.

“How long?” Alex asked.

“Around Six weeks.”

“Six weeks! Oh Jeff,” she complained.

“Honey I have to go. You’ll be OK maybe you can go out and find a few more strangers to fuck. I’ll be expecting to hear a lot of sexy stories when I return.”

The next six weeks was fairly full for Alex. Ted and Josh stopped by at least one night a week each. She saw Sylvia and Beth about twice a week, either together or separately. Ted and Beth even spent the night with her one night, it was fun being made love to by a man and a woman at the same time. On Sunday nights she went to the hotel and sat behind the bar with Gus, just talking. He always had a client on Sundays so she went home alone. She and Gus did manage to get together four or five times. Late one evening she went by the dress shop just at closing time and seduced Nora. She had been thinking of Nora ever since she sucked Beth and Sylvia the first time. Alex ate her pussy in the changing room, Nora must have liked it because she told her to come back anytime and kissed her as she left. Alex never tried to pick up any strangers; she was living up to her promise to Jeff to be more conservative. Jeff called her in the morning about three times a week. Finally, one Thursday morning, Jeff called and said he would be home at about ten the next day. He planned to spend the day with her and didn’t want her to make any plans. When Jimmy came that day she told him he couldn’t come the next day because Jeff would be home all afternoon. Jimmy was disappointed but when Alex told him she would try to get Beth and Sylvia to come on Monday to make up for it, he perked up and gave her an especially good fucking.

The next morning Alex spent hours getting ready for Jeff. Most of the time was spent on getting her hair and makeup just so. She put on some long dangly earrings and the diamond necklace Jeff gave her for Christmas. Then she put on her black thigh high stockings and white stiletto’s. The final garment was a white gauzy apron that she never wore in the kitchen because it was too pretty. It was one of those frilly things like French maids always wear in the movies. When she looked in the mirror she smiled, she wanted a “not naked but might as well be look” and this was perfect. When she finally came down to wait for him. It was ten minutes to ten. She poured her self a little bourbon and sat on the couch sipping it. She normally didn’t drink in the morning, but she was so excited, she hoped it would calm her down a little.

She was just finishing her drink when she heard Jeff come in. She stood and faced the door to the foyer, striking what she hoped was a sexy pose. When Jeff came in his face broke into a wide grin.

“Hi baby, God you look beautiful,” he said.

Alex threw her self into his arms. After a long kiss, “Let’s go up to bed darling, I want you right now,” she said, breathlessly.

“I brought a surprise I want to show you first, I’ll go up and get it ready, give me about five minutes before you come up.”

He got his bags from the foyer and went upstairs. Five minutes later when Alex entered the bedroom, Jeff was not there. Puzzled she went to the bathroom; Jeff was standing in the shower with his back to her.

“Honey?” She said.

Jeff turned around grinning. Alex gasped for air, because hanging between Jeff’s legs was the longest, thickest, blackest cock she had ever seen. Alex fainted dead away.

When she woke up she was lying on the bed with Jeff half sitting, half lying next to her. She looked down and sure enough, there was a big black cock lying across his thigh.

“For a minute there I thought it was real,” she said, taking it in her hand and tugging on it.

“OH MY GOD IT IS REAL,” she screamed. “How, where, it can’t be. Jeff how did you do this?”

She sat up and moved around until she had her head right above it, she squeezed it and pulled the foreskin back. It was a perfectly normal cock except for its size. She loved the way the kinky black hairs at the base of his cock blended with his own blond cock hairs.

“You’ve got to tell me how you got this thing,” she begged.

“Do you like it honey?”

“What’s not to like? Of course I like it; it’s a monster. How big is it hard?”

“You’ll have to check that out for yourself.”

Alex started stroking the long black shaft. ” Jeff you’ve got to tell me, I think I’m going crazy.”

“Do you want me to tell you before you check it out or after?” he asked.

“While,” she said.

“It all started the day I came home from Europe and you introduced me to my new wife. The next morning I was the happiest man on earth. On my way to work I got to thinking, I would never be able to fuck you. I’d never know what it was like to have my cock buried in your sweet little pussy. When I got to work I was pretty down. When Ophelia came in with my coffee, I was sitting there with my head in my hands. She was surprised because she always gives me a blowjob when she brings me my coffee, and this morning I didn’t look like I was interested in a blowjob. She asked me what my problem was, I told her about the evening before and what I was feeling. She asked me why I didn’t go to a doctor and see if they could do something about it. I told her that I had been to dozens of doctors and nothing could be done. Then she told me about an article she read in the paper. It was the story of this man who lost a hand, some doctor grafted a new hand from a donor on him and it was functioning perfectly. This got my interest up, I told her to see if she could find out who the doctor was. An hour later she returned with the name, address and phone number of the doctor, She had already made me an appointment for me at four that afternoon and made a airline reservation that would get me there in time. That’s when I came home that morning.

When I told the doctor what I wanted he told me no, in no uncertain terms. He said he didn’t do cosmetic surgery. I asked him just to take a look, he agreed because I had come so far to see him. When he saw it he was shocked. He said I was a prime candidate for a graft and would start looking for a donor just as soon as they run some test. I told him it had to be at least nine inches long. I didn’t realize it the time but he thought I meant nine inches soft. I came home and waited. A week later on Tuesday he called me and said they found a perfect match, could I get there that afternoon? I told him I could. Just before he hung up he told me the donor cock was black and asked if that made a difference. Thinking of you fucking Josh, I told him, no it didn’t. That’s when I came home that morning and told you I was leaving for Europe. Actually I went to Dallas. All those clothes I packed, I left in the trunk of my car except the one I packed with Pajamas, robes and toiletries. That’s the whole story; You can see everything came out just fine. From now on you can call me “Big Dick””

“I’ll say,” Alex said holding up his now hard cock and staring at it.

“How big is this thing?” she asked

“They tell me its thirteen and a half inches,” he said grinning proudly.

“I don’t know whether to eat it or fuck it. Will I be the first to test it?”
“No honey, I’m afraid not, let me explain. The first four weeks after the operation the Doctor was worried about me getting a hard-on. He wouldn’t let any female nurses near me, I couldn’t watch TV, and he even had the magazines and newspapers they gave me censored. At the end of four weeks he showed up with his nurse, a Ms. Kelly. He removed the final dressing, and the catheter that kept my bladder drained. Then he and she stood at the foot of my bed, they had the sheet draped back over my knees so I couldn’t see anything. The doctor wanted to see if it was going to get hard. He asked the nurse if she thought she could get it hard. She told him she thought she could, so they decided he would leave the room, and when she got my cock hard she would call him. After he left she unbuttoned her uniform and unsnapped her bra, she was wearing one that hooked in the front. Then she took her tits out and showed them to me. She had nice tits. She kept looking at my cock, it was starting to get hard but she wasn’t satisfied so she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside and showed me her cunt. That worked. I could feel that I was hard as a rock; she quickly put her uniform back in place and called the doctor. He came in and looked, he said everything seemed to be working fine. Then he told her that I would need therapy and they would have to get some volunteers. Nurse Kelly said she would volunteer, and she would recruit some others. The doctor left and she stripped off her panties and pulled my sheet off. That was the first time I saw it; I almost shit. She crawled on top of me and sank my cock into her cunt and started fucking me. I felt her cum eight times, and then I filled her cunt with cum. She was very business like. Without a word she cleaned us both up then left the room. I had this therapy four times a day for the last two weeks, there was a total of six nurses that gave it to me, but nurse Kelly was always the first one everyday.”

“Sounds like Nurse Kelly liked your big cock a lot.”

“Hell, they all did, they would get off six or eight times then they would act like they had just gave me an aspirin. It was weird.”

Alex was tired of talking; she wanted to try out her new toy. She opened her mouth wide and took in the head, but she didn’t stop there. She kept sliding cock into her mouth until her chin was pressed against his balls. Jeff watched fascinated, this was the first time his new cock was buried in anything. None of the nurses could take the whole thing; he didn’t think any woman could. Alex sucked, licked and swallowed as she fucked it in and out of her throat. After about ten strokes she pushed him flat on his back and crawled on top of him. She slid her dripping pussy down on his cock, she couldn’t take it all but she took as much as she wanted, she was never so stuffed. She fucked him with her cunt muscles. Jeff couldn’t believe the sensations she was giving him. After her fourth orgasm she slid off.

“No, don’t stop.” Jeff moaned.

He quieted when he felt her take him back into her throat. When she heard him shout that he was cumming and first squirt filled her mouth. She squeezed his cock with her thumb on his urethra, shutting off the flow until she had time to swallow what was in her mouth. Then she eased up on the pressure and let her mouth be filled again. This was a technique that Gus taught her. After she had completely drained his balls and swallowed every drop. She sat up and smiled at Jeff.

“How was that big boy?” She asked, as she crawled up and lay on top of him.

“That was fantastic,” he said kissing her “I can’t believe you can swallow the whole thing. How can you do that?”

“It’s easy when you want to bad enough.”

She lay quietly on his chest for a long time, and then she raised her head and smiled at him.

“Jeff, let’s get it hard again, I want you to fuck my ass.”

“Fuck your ass? You mean put this monster in your little asshole.”

“Yes that’s what I mean, I know you’ve never fucked a woman in the ass and I want to be your first.”

They fucked all day and into the night, only stopping when they ate a little something or had a drink. In between fucks they talked and made plans for the future. Alex couldn’t wait to show off Jeff’s new cock to Beth and Sylvia as well as the women at the office. They made plans for a party the next evening to unveil her new toy. They fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. The happiest two people on earth lay in each other’s arms and dreamed they were fucking each other.

The End