My name is Kammi and this is a story of a vacation my husband, Glenn and i, had taken this past summer. I am 30 years old 5’6″ and 125 lbs. brown hair and brown eyes, 44D-24-34 with pierced nipples. It was a Tuesday afternoon and we were getting ready to go on a vacation in Knoxville, Tennessee. My husband Glenn and i had just finished packing the car after dropping off our kids at their grandparents house and packed our bags in the car…my husband had me wear a tight denim mini-skirt and a button down shirt with a bikini bra and no panties. Everytime we go out my husband insists on me not wearing any panties. Glenn said “Kammi you look so damn sexy i don’t think we are going to make it to the interstate before i have my hand in your hot cunt.” I just laughed and told him to get his perverted ass in the car and we pulled out of the garage in our ’99 convertible mustang.
And true to his word we pulled out on the interstate and his hand was up my skirt and he was rubbing my wet slit…i laid back the seat in our car and he opened up the roof of the car and i unbuttoned my shirt and opened it up, hell i figured we were going to be driving a while and i might as well get a start on my tan. My 44D’s were straining to escape from the tight bikini bra i had on and you could easily see my nipple rings through the thin material of the top.

I had fallen asleep and was awaken by the sound of an 18 wheeler driving on my side of the car. Glenn told me that he had been following us for about 5 miles now. I turned my head back towards the truck and smiled and waved to which the driver blew his horn in recognition. After about 5 more miles we pulled into a rest station and took a break, we had been driving for 6 hours and it was beginning to wear us down a little, Glenn then said maybe we should liven our trip up a little by having fun with the truck drivers as we are driving down the road. I asked what he had in mind and he just told me to get in the car he would tell me along the way.

We drove for about 20 miles and things were pretty uneventful then we came up one a big rig and we slowly pulled along side him. Glenn then told me to unbutton my shirt again and we could see the driver looking in his mirror back at us. Glenn then slid his hand up my skirt and was feeling my pussy as we pulled up even with the cab, all i was thinking is this guy better be paying attention to the road also because we really didn’t need being squashed by a big 18 wheeler. Glenn’s fingers started getting to me and i began to grind my hips against his hand. He was rubbing my clit then sliding a finger up in me, between this and my exhibitionism i was getting really close to having an orgasm.

After driving like this for about 20 minutes the driver of the big rig waved for us to pull over, so we continued on to the next rest stop were we stopped and the driver of the truck jumped out and came running over to our car, he looked very handsome, about 5′-10″ 200 lbs. had brownish hair and a slight beer belly. He leaned into my side of the car and said “hi my name is Barry”…and my husband told him “my name is Glenn and this is my wife Kammi.” He said “nice to meet you guys and just wanted to let you know how much i was enjoying Kammi’s little show she was putting on.” I looked over at Glenn and smiled and turned back to Barry and said “by the look of the bulge in your pants i can tell you were enjoying it.” After that we all just burst out laughing and i said i had to use the little ladies room and hopped out of the car, as i walked away i could hear Glenn and Barry whistling and making cat calls as i walked away which just made me laugh, while i was gone they had moved over to Barry’s truck and he was showing Glenn the inside of the truck and the sleeping quarters.

When i got to them Glenn said to me “hey hun, Barry here wants to know if you would be interested in riding with him for a few hours.” I then pulled Glenn over to the side and asked if you thought it was safe to go with a total stranger and Glenn reassured me that he wouldn’t lose him and he would be right behind us the whole way so i agreed to ride in the truck with Barry, besides i had always wanted to see the inside of a big rig. I climbed up in the truck and Barry told Glenn “don’t worry ill take care of her.”

As we were pulling out of the rest stop Barry pulled out first and Glenn was following closely behind us, Barry and i began making small talk, talking about each of our respective lives, then the subject of body piercing and tattoo’s came up and i proudly stated i had my boobs pierced and Barry said “Kammi i would really be grateful if you let me see them” so i unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my bikini top up to show him…he reached over and began rubbing my breasts with his powerful hands and i started moaning as he rolled my nipple rings in his fingers. My pussy was getting very wet right now, Barry slid his hand down my stomach up my thigh then up skirt to find my moist opening. He began rubbing his fingers into my hot slit, i turned with my back resting on the door of the cab so Barry could get full access to my cunt. Barry slid two fingers in me and started pushing deep in me. Barry said “damn Kammi you have a hot pussy,” he then slid a third finger in me causing me to push my hips against his hand, “god Kammi your tight, I’m going to have to loosen you up.”

I was moaning out loud, “OH BARRY SLIDE YOUR FINGERS IN MY CUNT, I AM SO CLOSE TO CUMMING, COME ON BARRY FINGER MY CUNT TILL ITS RAW…” i was squeezing my cunt muscles around his three fingers when i felt him slide one finger up to my swollen clit and another finger up my ass and this drove me over the edge. “YES BARRY THATS IT….FUCK ME…OH GOD I’M CUMMINGGGG.” After my orgasm swept over me and i let my vise grip like cunt off of his hand which was soaked from my juices, he put his fingers in his mouth and licked all of my juices off of his hand. After a few minutes i was recuperated and i sat up and adjusted my skirt and shirt…i then reached over to unbutton his jeans and pulled his cock out and sucked the whole six inches in my mouth and started sucking like a wild woman. I was rubbing up on his balls and deep throating him, sucking very hard making popping sounds with my mouth, i knew he wasn’t going to last long. He was saying “god Kammi your going to suck my balls right out of my dick.” Barry made some grunting sounds and pushed his hips up as i sucked down his tasty little load. I continued sucking until his dick was back to its normal size and i sat back up.

He said “damn baby that was the best blow job i ever had.” And i replied “thanks and your welcome” but thought to myself I’ve giving better than that buddy. We continued down the road and felt relieved to see Glenn still behind us. Our switch over rest stop was coming up and i couldn’t wait to get back in the car with Glenn.

At the rest stop i went to the bathroom and Glenn and Barry were talking when i came back, i could of sworn i saw them exchange something but didn’t give it much thought. When i got back we told each other by and have a safe trip. Glenn and i jumped back in the mustang and drove on down the road. I didn’t really like that last experience to much i was telling Glenn when he tossed a wad of money in my lap, i unrolled it and counted, $300. WOW!!!…i thought. $300 dollars for that, i have sucked dick so much better than that, hell how much would those blowjobs be worth as i laughed to myself. “You earned it hun.” Was all that Glenn said to me, i nonchalantly put the money in my purse and laid back to get some rest. I awoke when we were arriving at our hotel in in southern Alabama. Glenn got us checked in and said he was beat and he was going to get some rest but i had slept practically all night long, i told Glenn i was going to go out and check some stuff out, maybe do a little shopping and would be back later.

I went back out to the car and drove off just driving around for a while, finding places i might be interested in. I took this one turn off and was going down this road when my car stalled out, damn thing overheated. Well i popped the hood and raised it and smoke was all over the place. Cars were flying past honking their horns, that was pissing me off, i mean hell don’t blow your horn pull over and help me out, well enough ranting. Just as i had thought that a beat up el camino pulled over, there were four guys in the back and two in the front, all black men, going home for lunch. The driver walked up to me and said “hello ma’am, my name is Leroy…looks like you could use some help,” i said “my name is Kammi and i said i think it overheated.” and i heard coming from the car “woo hoooo now that don’t look like the only thang overheatin out here in the sun”….”damn that white woman is fine as hell.” Leroy turned back to the car saying “now yall boys keep it down in there” then turned to me and apologized for his friends discourtesy saying that “it isn’t everyday that a beautiful woman showed up in these parts.” Leroy grabbed a rag out of the back of the el camino and released the radiator cap causing steam rushing out and said well it looks like you are going to be awhile and if i wanted i could ride with them to their small town up the road where we could send a tow truck to get the car and i could rest at his house while he had the repairs taken care of. Sounded like a good idea to me. Glenn was passed out back at the hotel and wasn’t going to get up until later if not the next day and i didn’t have anything planned so the guys cleared out a spot in the back of the el camino and i climbed in and Leroy introduced me to the guys, there was Tyrone, Maurice, Nathan and Luke in the back and sitting in the front with Leroy was Isaac, he seemed the quietest…just catching glimpses of my sweat covered chest as i sat down between Tyrone and Maurice.

We pulled out and we all sat there making small talk, i was telling them i was on vacation from up north for a couple days and I kept feeling Tyrone put his hand on the underneath part of my thigh. Coupled with the summer heat and being a nymphomaniac, i spread my thighs slightly giving Nathan and Luke a very good look at my bare pussy underneath my skirt. Tyrone’s hand moved up to the top of my thigh and i just laid my head back and i felt Maurice’s hand on my other thigh rubbing up towards my crotch. As their hands moved up i spread my thighs far apart picking my feet up and bending my knees, they pushed up my miniskirt and i could hear Nathan proclaim “my gawd look at dat white woman’s coochie” “yes sir i think we gonna git us some of that white slut.” Tyrone and Maurice both reached my cunt at the same time and each pulled on the side, spreading my labia apart causing my swollen clit to stick out. Luke called up front and said “Leroy you mind if we play with this white whore,” “it doesn’t look like she stopping you fools back there now does it, just don’t hurt her, we don’t need the man down on us cause we roughed up a white woman.” replied Leroy. He added,”just don’t fuck her till we git her back to the house.”
All four of them had their hands on my pussy, i felt fingers deep in my cunt, fingers in my ass, Nate was sucking on one breast while Maurice was sucking on the other one. “Oh guys i need some hard black cock in me,” i repeatedly said, “gawd you guys are going to make me cum back here.” Tyrone said “Leroy said we couldn’t fuck you till we get to the house, now shut the fuck up you white bitch.” I screamed out “Leroy step on it i need some big black sweet meat in me and i need it now.” Five minutes later we pulled up into a small town in the middle of no where, once the car stopped i tried to get up but my legs were trembling so Leroy came around and the guys had just finished taking my clothes off and they handed my naked body to Leroy and he carried me into the house, i heard the guys following behind us saying “come on Isaac you gonna git you some sweet white pussy.” Leroy laid me down and told the others to get ready to have some fun and go get the others, Leroy stood towering above me as i laid there and said my car would be taken care of and i was about to pay up with my sweet white pussy. Leroy unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, there is nothing i love more than a big hard black cock. I went to sit up to grab it and suck it in my mouth, but Leroy had other plans, he knelt down between my thighs and pushed my legs behind my head, he grabbed his cock and aimed it at my wet slit, rubbing his purplish head up and down my slit. I yelled out “Leroy slam that fat black cock up in my wet hot pussy, fuck my white cunt and fill me up with your hot cum.” He slipped his cock head in my wet slit, then with a mighty thrust slammed his cock deep in me causing my body to shake violently as my cunt muscles began to contract around his fat cock.

Every time he slid back i begged him to fuck me harder and he continued to slamming deep in me. Wave after wave i continued to cum all over Leroy’s cock….he told me he was ready to cum and i yelled out…”YES OH YESSSS FILL MY HOT CUNT WITH YOUR CUM,”…our hips moved as one mine grinding up to meet his and he began to pant heavier and i felt his hot cum shooting deep in me as i finally noticed that we were surrounded by what looked like 20 black men….ranging from early 20’s to older looking men in their 60’s. Leroy got up off of me and told the others to act out their fantasies with me, they were permitted to use all of my holes and cum all over or in any part of me, to use me as they wished. My cunt was dripping from Leroy’s cum oozing out of me.

Leroy turned and walked towards the door, once leaving the room i was told to get on all fours….someone lifted my hips up and placed some pillows under them….i turned my head to the left and there was a cock being shoved in my face, i opened my mouth and ran my tongue down the length of what seemed to be a 11″ cock and sucked on this nubian studs huge ball sac, someone pushed up between my legs now and was rubbing an enormous cock head down my slit. As the man behind me slowly slid his cock deep into my tight pussy my eyes were nearly popping out of my head. His cock was stretching my pussy so much, i could feel the veins on his cock as my cunt walls and hips shook as i began to cum. The cock in my face was being forced down my throat as i was having a hard time trying to scream with a mouth full because the cock in my cunt was laying assault to my g-spot. At the same time both cocks were pulled out of me and cum was sprayed all over my back and face.

Someone then pulled the pillows out from under me and and a man slid under me and i was told to sit on his cock….it didn’t take to long for me to get it all in me but just like the rest he fit very snuggly into my tight cunt. As i was grinding my hips down someone climbed behind me and pulled my hair back and said, “someone feed this white slut some black cock” and i screamed out, “I NEED MORE BLACK COCK….FUCK ME, I NEED TO FEEL YOUR BIG BLACK COCKS DEEP IN ME.” Two cocks showed up, one on the left of me and one on the right of my head. I alternated between sucking on them, then i felt a cock pushing against my tight asshole, once he got his cock head in my ass he used three strokes to get all the way in my ass once i felt his his big balls slap against the cock i was sitting on i began to pump my hips for all i was worth. I was in a state of total bliss, i was being used in every possible way by these black men, I felt totally full as every hole in my body was full of huge black cock. My body began to convulse as i had huge orgasms, “damn this white bitch gots once tight asshole” the guy in my ass called out, “I’m gonna fill this white bitch up” as he tensed up and slammed deep in my ass and began to cum deep in me. The guy i was on top of was the next to cum…the guy pulled out of my ass and moved away and i ground my hips down into the 10″ cock i was riding, he started thrusting upwards while sucking on my nipple rings, squeezing my boobs together. I felt his hot cum spurt against my uterus as he tensed up and we came together. I got up off of him and continued sucking the two big black cocks in front of me…pumping one with each hand alternating sliding each one down my throat, they both began cumming at the same time, they had me lean backwards as i pumped their cocks and they shot their huge loads all over my chest.

I laid on my back rubbing their cum into my chest running my hands down my tight stomach down to my pussy, i ran my fingers over my clit and rubbed it gyrating my hips in the air, spreading my cunt lips apart and i could feel all the spunk oozing out of me down to my asshole. They were becoming frenzied as i laid there masturbating in front of them. I began begging for more black cock when an older man was pushed forward, he must of been in his sixties, he crawled between my thighs and easily slid his 8″ cock up in me and began pumping away…i began cumming again as i wrapped my thighs around this guy, i could hear in the background,”FUCK THAT WHITE SLUT POPS,””BANG THAT WHITE ASS.” He didn’t last too long, it must of been 5 minutes when he tensed his ass up and shot his load into me.

After he was done he rolled off of me and Isaac was led over to me, everyone started cheering him on and it wasn’t until he pulled his pants down did i understand why everyone was cheering. His cock must of been over 15″ long and as round as a snapple bottle, his balls hung there like two big tennis balls. I was forced to stand up and turn around. Isaac walked up behind me and i was forced to bend over at my hips. I felt Isaac probing at my pussy with that big monster. I have had some big cocks in my time and i wasn’t so sure about this one, i felt his cock split between my labia and he pushed forward hard, he wasn’t being to gentle, i began to scream…”ITS TO BIG…NO I CANT HANDLE IT…NO.” He pushed forward until he bottomed out in my cunt, i felt his cock head trying to enter my womb, i thought i was going to pass out, my cunt was so stretched, i never felt so full in my life. I was then helped to stand up, Isaac grabbed a hold of my wrists and he pulled my arms back while at the same time leaning back himself. He then started pumping my pussy upwards making me bounce off of his cock, i gathered up enough strength to wrap my legs around him backwards and he really found a rhythm and was attacking my uterus with that big black cock…”FUCK ME…FUCK ME HARD…DRIVE THAT BIG BLACK HORSE COCK IN ME,” i couldn’t stop cumming….i felt my juices running down my thighs….orgasm after orgasm swept over me. I looked down and i could see a bulge in my stomach from his cock. After what seemed like forever Isaac started laughing and i saw his balls tighten up and i felt his cock erupt deep inside my stomach. It felt so hot i thought i was receiving an enema. He kept pumping my cunt full of his hot jizz then he just dropped me like a sack of potatoes, all those guys went nuts, high fiving Isaac, patting him on the back. After that i was rather worn out and for the next hour or so i continuously had a cock stuffed up my cunt, as soon as one blew his load in me he was replaced by a new one. They kept stuffing cocks up my ass, in my cunt and in my mouth, filling all of my holes with the black seed.

Finally Leroy showed back up and everyone cleared a path as he walked into the room, he asked “you guys taking care of this white slut Kammi.” Everyone was yelling and going crazy still, Leroy then said he was ready for some more, he came over to me and he laid down and told me to squat down on his cock.I stood up and walked over to him where he was lying. I turned around and took a hold of his cock and held it upright and guided him into my well worn out cunt. When his cock entered me it entered with no problem at all and i sat all the way down on it. He grabbed my ass and lifted it up and pushed it back down. I felt another orgasm come over me and i began bouncing up and down on his hard cock. Everyone in the room gathered around, i looked up and noticed they all had their cocks out pointed at me and were stroking them. They were chanting, “KAMMI, KAMMI, KAMMI, KAMMI.” This pushed me over the edge and i began grinding my hips into Leroy’s upward thrusts. Leroy began cumming adding his load to the insurmountable amount of cum that was already in my stomach. Leroy slid out from under me and they kept up the chant, “KAMMI, KAMMI, KAMMI,” i laid there rubbing my pussy bringing on another orgasm and all those black men, 20-30 of them, began shooting their cum all over my body, i laid there moaning as i myself continued to cum.

I began to pass in and out and was carried to a shower and i felt the cold water running over my body, waking me up a little bit, i noticed Leroy had brought me some new clothes, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with what i thought was a very funny saying on it. I got dressed and entered a kitchen where Leroy was sitting and he asked how i was doing. “I am sore but had a very good time.” He told me my car was parked outside, it was fixed and i didn’t owe him anything. Letting every guy in the town have my pussy was payment enough. He handed me my keys and led me outside where he helped me get in the car and i drove off. I turned the car radio on and saw by the time that i was gone for a whole day, i hurried and returned to the hotel where my husband was at.

I walked into the hotel and people were staring at me, i got in the elevator and their was a man who got in with me and just smiled. When i went to my room my husband was sitting on the bed watching TV and he jumped up and asked where i had been, thats when he saw my t-shirt i was wearing and he started laughing. “I WENT TO KNOXVILLE AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS SHIRT AND GANG BANGED BY BLACK COCK’S,” was sprawled across the shirt. He then said he should of know i was out having some fun. I told him it was a blast and i related what had happened the last 24 hours.

After telling him he sat there rubbing his hardon, he pulled off my shorts and began licking my well used pussy, he stuck his tongue up in me licking the cum out of me. He licked up to my clit and sucked it in his mouth. I grabbed his head and began grinding my hips up into his face as he sucked my cunt dry, he then got up and slammed his cock in me, he told me he could barely feel the walls of my cunt because they were stretched so much. He was so horny he lasted only a few minutes before he also added to my collection of cum deep inside my pussy. We kept fucking the whole time we were there and never left the room until we left 3 days later. On our ride back home i flirted with the truckers again, even caught the eye of a few female drivers. Glenn and i drove home contemplating my next adventure.

The End