Indifferent to the occasion and as to where we were he pushed me against the sink grinding his pelvis into my buttocks. Together with his hands slipping around me grabbing my breast his lips trailed over the back and side of my neck to my ear. I tried to maintain my composer while endeavoring to slid from beneath him but the hands fondling my breast as well as the lips trailing over my throat were almost enough to turn me to jelly. My body began to betray me as his teeth nibbled my ear lobe and his hot breath scorched the inside of my ear. My buttocks as if with a mind of its own pushed back at him as a soft rumbling purr vibrated in my throat. I tried to think, tried to phantom the reason as to why the best man at my wedding was behaving so but my senses were to rattled. What brought an even more heightened sense of confusion to my addled brain was my inability to understand why I wasn’t struggling or telling him to stop.

No show of resistance or pretension of struggle marked me composer and no sound unless it was the quickening of my breath escaped me as he turned me to face him. The smile twisting his lips, the look in his dark bottomless eyes a micro second before he pressed his lips to mine sent a tremor through me. Without understanding why I did so I instinctively shifted in his arms seeking greater bodily contact while at the same time hungrily returning his kiss.

Shameless, I was shameless but I couldn’t stop myself from responding as his tongue dueled with mine and his hand slid up the side of my wedding dress to cup and squeeze my left breast. What the hell was wrong with me I wondered as my pelvis ground against his in response to his own grinding, pumping into mine? I had never in all the years of my young life been attracted to, let alone even thought of kissing a man of another race. Yet here I was not only kissing a black man but wondering what that hard thing between his legs pressing into me would feel like inside me.

Slowly, hesitantly my right hand slide between our bodies. Then throwing caution to the winds I moved my hand downward between his legs and touched him. A gasp of surprise, of disbelief issued from my mashed lips only to be swallowed by his mouth as my fingers squeezed his hardness through the material of his tuxedo. He felt unbelievably huge, unbelievably thick, much thicker, much longer then John.

John my new husband John, what was I doing? With a strength born of panic I pushed against Reginald’s chest freeing myself from his grasp. Then twisting to the side I made to move around him, but his hand lightly sliding down my arm then touching my own stopped me. I didn’t want to look at him, didn’t want to see the smug look on his face but as his fingers entwined in mine squeezing them tenderly I hesitantly turned my face up to look at him.

The same twisted smirk on his lips, the same look in his dark bottomless eyes again sent a prickling flash of heat through me. As I stood unmoving looking into those eyes his face appeared to grow bigger his lips closer then the spell was broken as the kitchen door opened. I barely heard the exchange between my new husband and his best man as my rapidly pounding heart thumped so loudly in my ears that it sounded like a bass drum. Then I was being pulled back into Reginald’s arms but this time instead of his lips mashing mine they lightly brushed the bridge of my nose.

His voice so soft that I wasn’t even certain I heard him correctly whispered I ain’t the best man in name only Becky. Snapping my head back I looked up into his face but he was looking at John and not me. His laughing voice despite sounding sincere as he told my husband you got yourself a hell of a women here buddy had me waiting for him to say something else, something like I wish it were me that was going to be fucking her brains out instead of you. I felt my face turning red. Sweat Jesus what was wrong with me, why had I thought such a thing especially on my wedding night?

I was so flustered that I didn’t even remember moving, though I do remember both of their arms about my thin waist. Bodies leaning into mine, pecks on my cheeks and words of congratulations were all a blur as thoughts of Reginald and what had transpired in the kitchen intermingled with then replaced ones of my new husband. Not until John swept me up and carried me toward the bedroom while laughingly saying I was beginning to think they’d never leave did consciousness and reality return.
A week, a whole uninterrupted week together in The Bahamas. No friends, no family, not to mention not having to go through the daily work grind. At least that’s what we had counted on when we’d made our honeymoon plans. But when we’d checked in at the airport the next morning we found out our travel agent had only booked us on standby instead of first class as we had paid them to do. Johns abusive rants as well as his threatening the ticket attendant as expected made matters worse instead of better. Before I could calm him down we were in separate rooms being closely watched by security personal.

Within minutes of my being ushered into a room I was ordered to strip. When I demanded to know why I was told I was suspected of terrorism. Starring dumbly at the two uniformed ladies I sputtered I’m not a terrorist I’m an American citizen but my words fell on deaf ears. Again they ordered me to strip but this time they finished the sentence saying that if I didn’t do so voluntarily they would strip me themselves. When I still didn’t move they advanced on me with looks of determination and malice in their eyes. Panicky I began to unbutton my blouse but evidently I didn’t move fast enough to suit them for the shorter of the two grabbed it pulling it apart totally oblivious to the sound of ripping material as the buttons went flying.

With trembling fingers I worked at the sash about my waist then undid the button and pulled down the zipper letting the laser cut moleskin skirt slid from my hips and pool at my feet. As I stood before them they jostled each other snickering look at little miss goody two shoes sexy underwear, the little bitch is even wearing a garter belt. I was startled into action as the smaller of the two savagely hissed the bra bitch, loose it! In full panic mood because of her earlier actions I reached behind me unfastening my bra but again I evidently didn’t move fast enough to suite her for she reached out yanking it from me.

Before I could cover myself the other one, the tall skinny one, the black woman, closed her fingers on my left breast squeezing it hurtfully. As if I were a piece of furniture or a mannequin they discussed, or rather tried to guess my breast size and whether a man would enjoy sucking on them as the one I began to think of as Mutt, of the old Mutt and Jeff cartoons my father used to read, began to roll my nipple between her fingers. Oh God this isn’t natural I silently screamed as together with shivering from the toying of my nipple I stammered 34B in answer to the question that Jeff screamed into my face.

A disembodied voice seemingly coming from every where and no where huskily said thats enough girls I’ll take it from here. With a last savage twist of my nipple that made my winch and with the snickering comment that maybe they ought to rip my skimpy panties off and do a cavity search was answered by the voice of the one I had begun to think of as my savior saying with a touch of anger now damn it. As they walked through the door Jeff looked back at me, her eyes seething with anger and something else.

Looking about the room for the first time I noticed that other then the desk and the chair behind it the only other thing that could be considered furniture was a large 3 X 7 mirror. As the minutes dragged on and no one came I thought of putting my clothes back on but decided against it because I didn’t want to go through what I already had a second time. Stepping from my discarded skirt I reached down and picked it up then after smoothing and folding it in half I draped it over the back of the chair. Then looking around for my bra I spotted it in the corner where Jeff had thrown it and after retrieving it placed it atop my skirt.

With nothing else to do but wait I stood by the desk absently fidgeting for a minute or so then began to pace about the small 8 x 10 room. As I passed the mirror for the third time I stopped to examine my left breast and nipple. After assuring myself no harm had been done by the tall skinny black man I called Mutt I turned and walked back to the desk. Half sitting half leaning against it with my legs stretched out in front of me I looked at the door silently praying for someone, anyone to come. Suddenly as if someone had flipped a switch in my brain I remembered that Reginald worked at the airport, not just worked here but was supervisor of some department, but which one though I couldn’t remember.

As I racked my brains the door suddenly opened and I found myself starring at the ugliest black male I’d ever seen. It wasn’t just that his face was ugly, he was fat, unbelievably fat. For another thing he needed a shave and from the smell that preceded him a bath wouldn’t have been a bad idea either. He was the opposite of Reginald in every way. Not that I thought Reginald was handsome, or that he smelled good by any means but at least he was trim and clean shaven and he bathed regularly. As the rotund smiling security guard approached I squeaked Reginald, I want to see Reginald he’s a friend and he can straighten this all out. But my plea fell on deaf ears for just before straddling my outstretched feet his hand dropped to his crotch and he chuckled it’s already straightened out Becky.

I was so shocked that he knew my name that besides failing to grasp the implication of his words and jester I simply stood there trembling. Though fog surrounded my brain I instinctively drew back as his other large coal black hand reached out and covered my left breast. My clouded brain was screaming at me but it was incoherent gibberish as again acting on instinct I raised my hand to bat at his. But even as I did so he leaned over me until his ugly unshaven face was against my cheek and his mouth was against my ear. The stink rolling off his body all but made me nauseous and my heart beat crazily as he whispered don’t even think about it cunt. Then words to the effect that he could make things rough for me, that he could have me photographed fingerprinted then thrown in jail until someone up the line figured out a few months from now that I wasn’t a terrorist scorched my ear.

Without realizing that I was doing so, my hand that had been hanging in mid air over his the whole time he had been whispering into my ear dropped atop his just as his thump and forefinger began to roll my nipple. Straightening up he smiled at me then moved forward another foot and a half until his crotch was inches from my own. Bending his head slightly he trailed his lips across my cheek then pressed them to my ear once more. I began to lean back in an attempt to escape his tongue which had began to probe my ear but his hiss stopped me so instead I leaned my face against his cheek and brought my shoulder up thinking that would stop him.

It didn’t. He instead took it as a sign that I was becoming aroused and after nearly filling my ear with saliva his thick lips moved to my ear lobe and he began to nipple on it. My mind screamed don’t kiss my throat, don’t kiss my throat. But even as I silently screamed for him not to his lips moved down my neck, his teeth playfully nibbling along the way until reaching the nap of my throat he began sucking as if he were a vampire. Unable to contain myself I shuddered and my hand gripped and squeezed his that was still rolling my nipple. Despite the fact that it was a black man that was kissing me a soft moan of pleasure escaped my lips and my head lolled to my right shoulder exposing my whole neck to him. His left hand which had been lightly moving up and down my right arm moved to my breast then just as his other fingers were doing to my left breast he began rolling, pinching and stretching my nipple.
Another tremor racked me and I visibly shivered. A loud drawn out yes escaped me as together with his mouth sucking the nap of my throat as if in a blood feasting frenzy his fingers stretched and pinched my rock hard nipples all the harder. Oh God, oh god please stop. This is wrong all wrong. He shouldn’t be touching me, shouldn’t be arousing me. He’s black, he’s — black. Ohhhh Goddddd send me to jail, I’ll sit there forever if I have to but please, please just stop. But he didn’t hear my silent scream as his thick lips moved over my throat then up under my chin. His tongue flicked out licking the underside of my chin before trailing up across my cheek, across my eyes then down my nose before hovering centimeters over my lips. For several rapid heartbeats he held motionless above me, his lips so close I could almost feel them and then I did. Not Reginald my mind gibbered as my lips parted allowing his probing tongue to slip between them.

Why had I thought of Reginald instead of my husband who for all I knew was just on the other side of one of the walls in my room? Why? But even more confounding to me then thoughts of Reginald and my readily responding to his caresses on my wedding night was that I was behaving in the exact same manner with this ugly smelly black man in a public facility, in a room that anyone might walk into at any moment. The answers though escaped me, and then the questions like a fog dissipating with the raising of the sun faded to nothingness as well when one of his hands slid feather like down my abdomen then beneath the waist band of my skimpy hip hugging panties.

My legs as if with a mind of their own parted as his fingers slid down and cupped me and though he did nothing further my buttocks squirmed and repeatedly bounced from the edge of the desk as if he were fingering me. My hands which had been fluttering as if not knowing what to do moved to his arms then upwards and around his shoulders as I hungrily, passionately ground my mouth to his.

Like two duelist seeking an advantage over the other our tongues prodded and stabbed at the other. My mouth filled with salvia and as if it were a fine liqueur I swirled it about before swallowing it. That not only was he the most grotesque black man I’d ever seen but that he was fat and that he smelled was inconsequential as I clung to him and hungrily passionately returned his kiss. Then his lips broke contact with mine and with his ugly face inches above mine he smiled down at me. His voice thick with lust asked if I wanted him to fuck me, if I wanted him to stick his big black dick into me and bred me. When I said nothing his fingers which were still in my panties fluttered against my lips teasing me, taunting me.

My breath come in gasp. My chest heaved with the effort and unbidden whimpers issued from my throat. Every nerve ending in my body seemed to spark to life then short circuit as the fingers of one hand pinched and stretched my right nipple while the fingers of the other fluttered over my moistening lips ever harder. Unable to contain myself I nodded yes but my nod wasn’t good enough, he wanted to hear my answer. He wanted to hear me beg him to fuck me.

No, no I can’t repeat what he’s asking me to I can’t I silently screamed. Yet despite my vow my body quivered as if from a chill as one of his fingers pushed between my lips and wiggled around. My mind screamed for God sake Becky he’s a black man, he’s a fat ugly black man and he stinks, but my minds protest seemed to have no effect on my body as my pert buttocks of their own free will rolled and bounced from the desk pushing my cunt to his probing finger. The sound of my labored breathing and incoherent mumblings were magnified in my ears a thousand fold as his finger probed and twisted rhythmically into me.

For a fleeting moment the hazy image of my husbands smiling face hovered before me and I bucked all the harder against the finger fucking me. But even as my mouth opened to scream for him to fuck me my vision cleared and my husbands image was replaced with that of the grotesque features of the black man wanting me to beg him to fuck me. My mind again hysterically screamed he’s black, a big fat hideous smelly black man don’t say what he wants you to. Indecipherable mumblings tried to make there way from my throat to answer my brain, tried to make the words I can’t say what he wants me to I can’t, I won’t, no matter what I won’t understandable.

My nipple no being longer being rolled and pinched, the hand in my panties withdrawing and with the lack of attention, with the lack of pleasure they had been giving me disappointment and the insatiable need for their return surfaced. My hands dropped from his shoulders grabbing his thick wrist trying to stop him from pulling from my panties as without shame I screamed yes, God damn it yes, fuck me, shove your big black dick in me and bred me. Yet despite my telling him what he wanted to hear he pulled his hand from my panties and yanked his wrist from my grasp.

Frustration overwhelmed me, and in desperation thinking I had only answered his taunts in my mind instead of verbally my voice rose to near hysteria as I unashamedly pleaded with him, begged him to fuck me. But instead of pushing me back onto the desk then falling atop me and using me like a cheap slut as I had pleaded with him to do he simply stood just beyond my reach grinning at me.

Shame at having begged a black man, a fat ugly smelly black man to fuck me only to be rejected flushed my face crimson as I looked into his hideous grinning face. Confusion and a look of askance played across my face as he continued to stand there without moving. Hadn’t I done as he’d demanded, as he’d laughing said I would do? What more could I possibly do to get him to fuck me? But even as the questions flitted through my mind the answer came to me. My panties, he can’t fuck me if my panties are still on and to remove them my garter has to be loosened.

With trembling fingers I unsnapped my hose then raising slightly from the desk slipped my panties from my hips and down my nylon covered legs. But in my haste to remove them they tangled on the three inch heel of my right pump. Even as I struggled to untangle them I felt him drawing near and then his hand lightly touched the side of my face and his fingers caressed my ear.

My panties are forgotten as from my bent over position I raise my face to look into his. Neither a word nor a jester comes from him but I know what he wants, know what he expects me to do in order for him to fuck me. He wants, expects me to undress him just as I have done myself. Eagerly I push away from the desk and fall to my knees before him and begin fumbling with his belt. Unfathomable eagerness and anticipation surge through me as my fingers tear at the buttons of his pants then tug them from his broad hips. For a moment I paused starring at the bulge hidden beneath his stained briefs and then I hook my fingers into the waistband and pull.

The stink that had issued from his pores previously was as nothing to that which assaulted my nostrils as I tugged his briefs down to join his pants about his knees. The musky odor that waft from his crotch was so pungent you could almost see it, almost taste it. But strangely instead of nauseating me it became like an aphrodisiac and I breathed deeply of its heady richness assure in the knowledge that in another moment his dark cock would be thrusting into me.

For a fleeting moment indecision griped me and my mouth literally salivated as my eyes beheld his nearly eight inch black as night uncut cock sticking up from between his legs. Mesmerized I reached out then closed my fingers about its girth and begin to slowly pump it. I wanted to kiss it, to take it into my mouth and lovingly suck on it but my insatiable need to feel its throbbing black hardness filling me, thrusting into me was more overpowering. Still holding his cock tightly I slowly rose to my feet, then together with leaning back across the desk spread my legs and pulled him between them.

With but my back crossways on the desk I was an easy target for him and he eagerly let me guide him between my widely splayed dangling legs. Hooking an arm beneath my left thigh he raised my leg high into the air then let it fall atop his shoulder before pushing against me. As the plum size head of his cock touched then began to worm between my cunt lips I relaxed my hold on him but instead of pushing into me he paused. Instinctively I knew what he wanted, what he expected me to do and unhesitatingly I did it.

But not only do I again tighten my fingers about his throbbing cock I also raise my right foot from the floor and hook it behind his flabby ass cheeks. Then together, my hand and the foot from which my panties still hang I pull him to me. My hips wiggle, my pelvis undulates as one, then another and yet another hard pulsing dark inch pushes into me. Despite the size of his cock, which is almost twice that of my husbands in both length and girth, my cunt flowers open and sucks him into me then snaps about him like a rubber band to squeeze and massage him. A gurgling gasp of wanton perversity burst from my trembling lips and my body writhed in both pleasure as well as anticipation of more to come.

It felt as if my mind had burst from the top of my head and small brilliant flashes of light burst into being on the backs of my fluttering eyelids as more cock then my husband possessed began to slowly, rhythmically saw in and out of me. Gasping whimpering pleas for him to fuck me deeper, to shove every inch of his wonderful pleasure giving black cock into me mingled with his grunts and labored breathing. Like a shameless slut my petite white body ground and pushed against his dark corpulent one urging him to fuck me harder, faster, deeper since evidently words had failed.

The hand that had been gripping my left thigh moved to my slim waist joining the other already there. Then together with a vise like grip that drew a choked gasp of both pain and pleasure from my heaving chest he lunged into me even harder. My head which was hanging from the edge of the desk bobbed about as if attached to my body by a spring as his powerful thrusting lunges jerked my slight frame about. Brilliant burst of multi colored lights erupted before my eyes as together with his thick dark instrument of fertility seemingly piercing my very soul the kinky short hairs surrounding his cock rasped against my splayed cunt lips.
Taunts intermittently interrupted by his labored breathing and animalistic grunts spill from his mouth. Taunts of my liking his black cock pounding my snatch, of being a black cock slut, of him seeding my womb and giving me a black baby are all answered with repeated warbling yeses. Yet even as I repeatedly whimper my need for his dark cock other taunts spill from his slobbering thick lips. Taunts of another black cock, a dozen black cock’s, a thousand black cock’s fucking my white trash body repeatedly beat against my ears as my loins quiver and lunge against his.

Teasingly he repeatedly dangles the perverted prospect of countless other black cock’s fucking me, of thrusting into me, of filling me with their thick hot spunk if I but ask. For a micro second my mind clears as the thought of becoming the pleasure receptacle of countless black’s flits across it. But the pleasure his cock is giving me and the very real possibility that the others will do the same short circuits all thought process but the one to have cock’s like his fucking me. Unable to any longer deny the hungry perverted desire that eats at me I scream the answer he wishes to hear.

No sooner had the words spilled from my trembling lips then something spongy yet hard brushed across the tip of my nose then prods my lips. Not completely understanding what is happening despite my just have begged the grotesque black man for others of his kind to fuck me, to bred me I try to move my head from the unknown object that persist in pushing against my lips. A voice, not that of the grotesque fat man that is so throughly fucking me but another’s demands that I open my fucking mouth. A seconds pause then suddenly comprehension dawns on me that my begging for another black cock has been granted and I obediently open my mouth.

As the cock pushed between my lips they tightened about the plum size bulbous head and I began drawing a suction as well as stabbing at it with the tip of my tongue. That my surrender is complete is beyond doubt as the two dark virile cock’s begin to thrust into me from either end. I am truly everything the grotesque rotund black man has said I was or would be. My mind like a small child’s giggles hysterically with the realization of it as fingers slide through my reddish blonde hair then close about the back of my neck tilting my head at an opportune angle for the throbbing dark shaft fucking my mouth to push unobstructed into my throat. My mind fills to the bursting point with the thought of countless other black throbbing cock’s being pushed into my lithe white body.

Desperately I swallow the salvia and pre cum that is filling my mouth in order to keep from choking as the cock repeatedly pushes against the entrance of my throat. My gag reflexes kick in but whosoever cock is fucking my mouth seems not to care about my discomfort for he pushes forward harder. Dimly I hear other voices, excited voices but I couldn’t understand them. Below me between my legs the grotesque black man’s hands jerk me to him and with a loud grunt as if he were a wild beast he holds me to him. His cum, like a raging river splashed against the walls of my cunt filling me but instead of quenching my hungry need his hot seed only intensifies it.

I tried to plead for another cock to fuck me, to fill me with its thick globular spunk but only mumbling whizzes issued from my cock stuffed throat. Again and again all but the bulbous head of his cock pulls from between my clinging lips only to rush forward and sink fully and deeply into my throat. Each time it does the kinky short hairs surrounding his cock tickles my lips and his hard egg size nodules slap my forehead. Sputtering choked words of how tight my throat is, of how it was squeezing his cock and that in another second he was going to drown me with his spunk faintly make themselves heard over the pounding in my ears.

Yet even as I concentrated on paying homage to the cock fucking my throat, tried to make the mans words a reality my attention shifted. As if in answer to the plea that no one had heard earlier I felt someone move between my dangling legs. A rapidly thumping heartbeat later I felt my legs being lifted, felt them being pushed back over me until my knees mashed my breast. Then to my immense joy and pleasure a cock in one bone jarring thrust lunged forcefully and deeply into my cum drenched cunt. As it did so my body quivered in ecstatic pleasure as yet another orgasm shot through me. Laughter and a voice sputtering that the fucking sluts cock hungry snatch was gobbling his cock shamed me but my loins instead of ceasing movement rotated and ground faster against the one whose cock was slamming into my cunt. I could feel my cunt flowering open then tightening up with each withdrawal and insertion of the cock.

A rippling wave then another and yet another flowed upward from my cunt to my brain, each one more intense then the one before. Such was the pleasure I was feeling from having a second cock thrusting into my cunt as well as the mouths suckling my breast, the teeth nibbling, gnawing on my arousal hardened nipples that when the cock in my mouth suddenly erupted I almost chocked. Only my brains screaming hysterically for me to swallow the warm thick slightly clorox tasting goo kept me from choking to death.

Constant rippling waves of pleasure shot through me as I hungrily gulped and swallowed. But even as the sensations began to fade another shook my writhing body to its very core as the cock animalisticly slamming into my cunt erupted like a volcano sending its lava hot cum deep into my womb. After what seemed like an eternity in which continuous rippling waves of pleasure coursed through my quivering body the two cock’s with a slurping squishing sound pulled from me. As they did so the two mouths and sets of teeth that had been sucking and gnawing on my nipples moved from my pleasurably aching breast.

Like two snakes they slithered lightly over my trembling body in either direction, one to my cum covered face while the other moved down between my legs. As the tongue licking my face lapped up the cum that despite my best efforts had dribbled from my nostrils and lips the one between my legs probed and lapped at my leaking cunt. As I tried to lift my head to see who’s mouth was slurping the cum from my cunt lips mashed against mine and a tongue probed my mouth as if searching for any cum I might not have swallowed. Surrendering to the wonderful feelings the two mouths were giving me my hips bucked up to the face between my legs while my cum coated lips hungrily returned the kisses they were receiving.

Finally after innumerable minutes the mouths left me and after a brief pause in order to gain a measure of strength I pushed myself slowly, laboriously upright. On legs that threatened to give out on me I stood looking into the faces of the five black men before me. A smiling Mutt and Jeff, who I strongly suspected had given me the final few minutes of pleasure, the fat grotesque black man who after Reginald — REGINALD. Oh God Reginald. One of the black men that had shoved their cock’s into me was my husband’s best friend.

As I sank to the floor and hung my head in shame I felt someone kneel beside me then Reginald was whispering into my ear for me not to worry. That it was our little secret and that no one, especially not my limp dick husband John need know I was a black cock slut. Turning my face up to his I looked into those bottomless dark eyes softly stammering but I’m not, I’m not. Yet even as I sat there leaning against the desk looking into his smiling face I knew I was. Knew with a certainty as sure as the sun rising in the morning that there would be countless other times, countless other blacks who I would willingly eagerly surrender my body to.

Yet even as Reginald took my face between his hands and kissed me deeply I couldn’t help but wonder what part he would play in my new life. Would he pimp me like I was a common whore or would he be more possessive, more selective in the blacks who would enjoy my body. Even as those thoughts as well as whether or not such a life could be hidden from my husband swirled about in my head he broke our kiss then after standing pulled me to my feet. Holding me tightly to him he whispered Gloria and LaTisha will help you get cleaned up and dressed. Then turning me in their direction and after patting my buttocks he chuckled that pussy’s mine now sweet thing so don’t you go balling any of them island darkies on your honeymoon understand.

A half hour later, after a smiling Mutt and Jeff with but slight pauses in which they each kissed and fondled my breast as well as fingered my cunt while washing my body, I was standing at the ticket counter with first class round trip tickets clutched in my hand waiting for my husband.

The End