Marci Turner stood pressed up against the wooden gate of the ride. She was there with her sister and her nephew. Cathy had called her that morning and asked her to go to the amusement park with them. She promised Johnny she would take him before school started again. Marci liked the amusement park so she agreed to go.

Now they were on a crowded wooden platform waiting to get on the dodgem cars. She watched the little cars zoom around the metal floor and heard the sounds of the metal strip attached to a pole extending from each car sliding across the metal mesh ceiling, causing little sparks to fly.

Marcie’s face was a bright pink; it always got like that when she was excited, and she was excited. A man standing behind her had his hard cock between her ass cheeks. Marci knew that both of their clothes were between them, but it still felt as if it was on fire. She pushed her ass back against him, and he gently swayed from side to side.

The ride was finally over and the attendant opened the gate and let them through. She took a few steps and looked back at the man. It wasn’t a man at all but a boy of about sixteen or seventeen. She glanced down and saw that the shorts and tee shirt he was wearing did nothing to hide the fact that he had a hard-on. She found a car and felt her panties stick to her wet cunt when she sat on the vinyl seat. Throughout the ride the boy chased her, he managed to ram her several times. After the ride she waited at the exit for Cathy and Johnny to come out. When they joined her she looked around and saw the boy talking to two other boys.

“Cathy, you and Johnny go ahead. I’ll catch up with you later,” she said.

Cathy saw Marci’s pink face and since she knew her sister better than she knew herself, she knew what was going on.

“Ok, but don’t take all day,” she said.

Marcie walked over to where the three boys were, she thought of taking all of them but then thought better of it. That would take too much time.

“Hi,” she said looking directly at the boy. “Could I speak with you a moment?”

The boy thought she was going to give him hell for rubbing his cock on her and he didn’t want his friends to hear. So he nodded and they moved away out of the hearing of his friends.

“Ma’am, I didn’t,” he started.

“I was just wondering if you would like to go for another ride,” she interrupted. “Actually I would like to ride you. What do you think?”

“You mean now? Where?” he stammered.

“Come with me,” she said smiling.

She led him to the parking lot and to her van; the van had been prepared for just such an occasion. It had curtains that could be drawn on all the windows and behind the driver’s seat. The back of the two rear seats folded back and formed a perfectly flat bed. After Marci got everything prepared she told the boy to lie on the bed. She lifted his tee shirt and pulled his shorts and underwear down below his balls. She then put his cock, which by now had gone soft because the boy was so nervous, straight into her mouth. It started to get hard and the boy lost his nervousness. As she sucked, she pushed his clothing down to his feet. Her blouse snapped in the front. She ripped it open and pulled her bra up, baring her firm C sized tits. She pulled her shorts and panties down and worked them off her feet. She straddled him and worked his cock into her, then sank down on it. The boy groaned loudly.

“Now I’m going to fuck your balls off sonny, I’ll teach you to go around rubbing your cock in a lady’s ass crack.” She certainly was teaching him a lesson.

As always she was so excited that she started cumming as soon as his balls hit her ass. She bounced up and down as she twisted from side to side and she leaned forward and pumped her cunt at him. Her orgasm was continuous; it didn’t stop and start again. It just kept cumming. She fucked him until she felt him shoot into her, then go soft and finally fall out. She still fucked at him, then she stopped and with a loud groan and fell next him. The boy reached over and pinched her nipple. Her eyes flew open.

“It’s time for you to go,” she said. “Just get dressed and get out of here.”

After the boy left she lay with one hand on her pussy and the other pinching and pulling her nipples. The contractions in her cunt were still strong. This was normal for her. Sometimes it would last for ten minutes or more. When they finally stopped she dressed herself and returned to the park.

She found Cathy and Johnny. Johnny was rolling balls down a platform that had a sharp rise at the end trying to get the balls to go in the hole with the highest score. Cathy pulled her to one side.

“I guess you fucked that boy I saw you drag off,” she said.

“Of course. You know how I am when I have one of my spells.”

“Yeah, I know, but damn sis, I’m so afraid you’re going to get hurt one of these days.”

“When I have a spell, if I don’t get a hard cock in me I’d go mad, so I might get hurt. Big choice, get hurt or go mad. I’ll take the chance of getting hurt,” Marci said.

Marci had been having these spells since she was a teenager. She didn’t remember the first time it happened. She told her sister about them first, then later on her mother. Her mother insisted she go to their doctor. He examined her and said she was in perfect health, but was suffering from nymphomania. He suggested they take her to a psychiatrist, but her mother thought if you went to a psychiatrist, people would think you were crazy, so she didn’t send her.

She was normally a quiet, shy woman, very reserved. But when something set her off she had a complete personality change. It wasn’t like multiple personalities, she remembered everything that happed during her spells. She just changed to a sex hungry cock-craving slut. She never had any regrets for anything she had done. As a matter of fact she enjoyed everything.

Her husband knew all about her problem too. On their first date he kissed her good night at the door and she dragged him back to his car and fucked him better than he had ever been fucked. She always told him about her fucking someone during the day when he was at work, telling him about it always set her off, and they wound up in bed with her trying to fuck his balls off. Ned loved it when he came home to a story about another spell. Marci was twenty-two when they married, that was four years ago. They dated two years before that; Ned got fucked on every date, sometimes more than once. Her spells were brought on quite easily; anything that sexually excited her would set her off. If she kept busy and didn’t think about sex she was usually OK.

Two days after the amusement park incident, she was cleaning house. She was dusting a table in Ned’s den when she noticed a picture of Ned and her in their bathing suits. She thought she looked nice in her bikini. It was taken two years ago when they were on vacation; they went to Fort Walton Beach. She started thinking about that vacation.

It was late and they had been on the beach most of the day. They decided to stay until the sun went down. Marci went back to their room to use the bathroom, when she didn’t return for some time Ned went looking for her. He found her surrounded by five young men all in their early twenties. They were laughing and the men were trying to touch her. Ned broke it up and took her back to their umbrella; he noticed she had the glow she always got when a spell came on her.

“Ned I want a drink. Go up to the bar and bring me one,” she said.

“You look like your ready to explode. Are you sure you don’t want to go to our room?”

“No I’m OK, it’s probably just the sun. Go get me a drink.”

Ned went to the bar, and when he came back she was gone. Ned showered, went to dinner, watched TV and went to bed. He heard the door open at almost three in the morning. She took off her clothes and crawled next to him. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Ned fell asleep with his arm around her. The next morning Ned woke her at eleven, he noticed she had cum running out of her cunt.

“Don’t say anything. Just go take a shower and then we’ll eat. You can tell me about it this afternoon,” he said and felt his cock stiffen.

Marci stood looking at the picture, she remembered all of those hard cocks, she remembered how she came for hours fucking one cock then another, she remembered the cocks that filled her mouth with their sweet cum. God she was horny. She looked in a mirror, her face was a bright pink. She had to have a cock. She grabbed her purse and within minutes was cruising a known homeless area. She saw a man standing on the curb at a crosswalk. His jeans and tee shirt was dirty and he had a week old beard. She stopped next to him and pushed the button to roll down the passenger side window.

“Get in,” she said.

“What do you want, lady,”

“I want to fuck you, GET IN,” she screamed.

The man got in; she drove just a few blocks and turned into a hospital parking lot. She parked in the back of the lot away from the other cars. She prepared the van and told the man to get on the bed. An hour later she was back at home feeling calm and collected.

After dinner that evening she told Ned all about it. She got turned on and tried to fuck his brains out. Ned was concerned, he loved it when she fucked him like that, but he worried.

“Honey, I think Cathy may be right. She’s always saying one day you’re going to get hurt. That man today could have killed you, taken your van and your money and everything. I love you, I want you to go to a psychiatrist. I’ll make an appointment for you tomorrow.”

“OK baby, I’ll go. Just tell me where and when.”

When Marci arrived at the doctor’s office the next day she was nervous. But when he took her into his office and spoke to her she calmed down. She liked him. He told her to lie down on his couch.

“Now Miss Turner, your husband has told me all about your problem. He says you’re a nymphomaniac. I’ve never heard of a true case of nymphomania. So I want you to just relax and tell me about some of your experiences.”

Marci told him about the day before with the homeless guy.

“My, Ms. Turner, your face has turned a bright pink, and your breathing is labored. What do you think that means?”

“It means you’re about to get fucked to within an inch of your life, doc,” Marci said standing and stripping off her clothes.

That afternoon Dr. Johnston called Ned.

“Mr. Turner, your wife has a very interesting condition. I want to study her case. I want to see her at least twice a week. Of course, since she’s to be a scientific study and I’ll be doing a paper on her case, there’ll be no charges.”

“She’s a great fuck, isn’t she. Doc?”

“Yes, the best I’ve ever had, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be objective about her case. I’m not sure anyone can do anything for her but I want to try. I’ll send copies of my notes and recordings out to all my colleagues; maybe one of them will come up with an idea.”

They did send him many comments and ideas to explore. One suggested that when she became excited her body might be producing some kind aphrodisiac chemical, like Viagra. Several volunteered their services and wanted to see her first hand. One suggested a situation that would make her scared to have sex with strangers. A forced rape with some pain involved might do the trick. Dr. Johnston thought that idea might have some merit. The doctor called Ned and told him about it.

“Yes that might work?” Ned agreed. “I’ll get something set up. I know just the guy to do it.”

Marcus Tibbs was a co-worker of Ned’s; he was big, black and ugly, but Ned knew him to me a good man and very intelligent. He was a new employee and Marcie had never seen him. Ned decided he would be perfect for the job. He asked Marcus to come into his office.

“I have a favor to ask of you. I understand you’re not married. Is that right?” Ned asked.

“Yes, I’ve never been married. What’s the favor?”

“I want you to rape my wife, but before you think I’ve gone crazy, let me explain.”

Ned explained about Marcie’s condition, and about the doctor’s plan.

“You can do whatever you like to her, just don’t put any permanent marks on her. She’s very beautiful and I want her to stay that way,”

“Is that her there?” Marcus asked, pointing at the picture on his desk.

It was a picture of Marci in her bikini.

“Yes, that was taken two years ago when we were on vacation.”

“She’s really hot. Yeah, I’d love to fuck her.”

“You wouldn’t have any trouble fucking her, if you just showed up at our door. But this has to be a brutal rape, you have to force your way in, beat her, threaten to kill her, anything you can think of to scare her. We want her to connect fucking strangers to pain and suffering.”

“I think I can handle that. When do you want me to do it?” he asked, adjusting his hard-on.

“I’ll call her this afternoon and tell her I won’t be home until late. You can do it this evening after work.”

“What if she calls the police? I could get sent up for a long time.”

“I’ll be waiting outside and I’ll go in right after you leave. I’ll keep her from calling the police.”

Ned gave him his address and directions to get there and he made a sketch of the inside of his house. It was arranged that Marcus would arrive at six and Ned at six thirty. Marcus would park down the street and Ned would wait in his driveway until he saw Marcus leave.

When Marcus arrived at her door, he already had a hard-on; he adjusted it as he rang the doorbell. When the door started to open, he pushed it inward hard. Marci jumped back and screamed. He grabbed her by the throat and pushed her up against the wall. He then held a switchblade up in front of her face and pushed the button. When the blade flew open, he said, “Scream again bitch and it’ll be the last sound you’ll ever make.”

Marcie’s face turned white as a sheet. Marcus thought the photo didn’t do her justice; he felt his cock harden even more. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like a rag doll. He carried through the house and although he knew exactly where the bedroom was he opened a few doors as though he was looking for it. In the bedroom he threw her on the bed and ripped her blouse off, then he cut her bra away with his knife. Then using the knife and his hands he cut and ripped her shorts and panties off. When she was totally nude he stood and removed his belt. He dropped his pants and his long cock sprang out. Marcie couldn’t believe it, it was at least a foot long and as big around as a coke bottle. Her face changed from snow white to bright pink in a matter of seconds.

“I’m going to stick this thing down your throat, then I’m going to whip your ass. After that I’ll fuck your cunt and your ass, then I’m going to cut your fucking throat and watch you bleed,” he said trying to sound vicious.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to his cock. She opened wide and he stuffed it all the way down her throat. He pushed his balls against her chin hard. When he saw her turning blue he pulled it out.

“More, give me more, I want to suck more,” She cried.

Marcus shoved into her face again. She was enjoying this too much; it was time he moved on. He flipped her over on her stomach and hit her ass as hard as he could with his belt. She didn’t make a sound. The only reaction was the tightening of her ass cheeks. He hit her again then again.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming, hit me harder you bastard, harder,” she screamed.

He hit her a few more times, while he looked around for something else to hit her with. He spied a wide metal hairbrush on her dresser. He dropped the belt and went for it.

“Don’t stop mother-fucker, keep hitting me,” Marcie yelled. She raised her head to see what he was doing and saw him pick up the brush. “Yes, hit me with that, beat my ass raw, cocksucker.”

Marcus brought the brush down on her ass cheek with a loud smack.

“YES, HIT ME,” she screamed. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming so hard.”

Marcus continued to hit her but her cries were not of pain, her ass was blood red, and he was afraid he would break the skin. He dropped the brush and she grabbed his hand and pulled him off balance. He fell on the bed next to her and she was on top of him like a cat. She had death grip on his cock as she aimed it at her spasm- ridden cunt, Marcus forgot all about the game he was playing when he felt his cock enter her. He rammed up at her pushing about nine inches of his fat cock into her hungry belly. She started fucking him, screaming and groaning that she was cumming. She kept pushing down hard trying to get more and more of his cock into her. Marcus had been fucked many times before but never like this, he grabbed her tits and watched in disbelief as she took his whole cock into her, the pain was intense and she loved it. He had never had a woman take his whole cock before, but this one was. He couldn’t hold back any longer, he let out a loud groan and pumped her cunt full. She just kept on fucking him. His cock was so long soft that she was able to keep it in her. To his surprise he felt himself getting hard again.

“I’m going to fuck your ass now, bitch,” he said.

“YES, fuck my ass,” she screamed, raising her self up and getting the head at her asshole then she sat down on it. His cum acted as a lubricant and it slid in to his balls. She fucked up and down on it constantly screaming and cumming. When Marcus emptied his balls again he pushed her off, she fell on her back and rubbed her cunt.

“I want more, Fuck me more, beat me again, do anything to make me keep cumming,” she pleaded.

Marcus had had enough; He got up and started dressing.

“Please don’t go, I need more, do something more.”

Marcus reached down and took a nipple in his fingers. He pinched as hard as he could and pulled it as far out as it would go.

“Oh God YES!” she screamed.

Marcus walked out. Outside he walked over to Ned’s car. Ned saw him coming and stepped out.

“You better get going, I need to get in there in case she calls the cops, you must have done a hell of a job I could hear her screaming out here,” he said.

“Hell she was screaming because she liked it. I’m not worried about her calling the cops. She started cumming as soon as I started beating her and as far as I know, she’s still cumming. She gets off on pain. The stronger the pain the harder she cums. She really got off on my cock, but only because it hurt her so bad. I swear Ned, your wife is one crazy bitch. I’ve never been fucked like that. I think your going to need a different plan to keep her home.”

Ned thanked him and went into the house, feeling dejected. He had tried and failed. He heard a slapping sound coming from the bedroom; Marcie was lying on her back, hitting her tits with the hairbrush. Ned got the brush away from her.

“No give it back,” she screamed. Then she recognized Ned. “Oh Ned I’m cumming so hard, hit me, use your fist, I don’t want it to ever stop.”

Ned held her down until her orgasm subsided; it took almost a half hour. He gathered the remnants of her clothes and threw them in the trash. Then he called Johnston.

“It didn’t work. I think she’s worse than ever,” Ned told him.

He explained that it seemed she got off on pain and being debased, she loved it, and he didn’t know what would happen to her now. Johnston had no answers for him, and he hung up in disgust. He poured them each a glass of wine and went into the bedroom. Marci was propped up against the headboard, brushing her hair as if nothing had happened; she smiled at him and took the glass of wine. She told him every detail of what happened, but the pink glow didn’t come. For the first time she talked about the act without becoming excited by it. She seemed to be totally sated; her spells were completely under control.

“It was wonderful, darling. I’ve never cum so hard for so long. I wish someone would do that to me everyday,” she said, looking at him, her eyes pleading.

“You mean you want me to beat you everyday?”

“Yes and fuck me too. Go buy some whips and stuff. Anything that will cause pain.”

The next day Ned did just that. He bought whips, nipple clips, handcuffs and rope; he stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up a bag of spring loaded clothespins. That evening when he got home he drug her into the bedroom and cuffed her face down to the headboard and tied her legs spread-eagled to the foot of the bed. Then he beat her with the whip. He was surprised that she started cumming as soon as he started hitting her. When his arm was too tired to hit her anymore, he let her loose and she fucked him. When his cock went soft and fell out, he pushed her off and restrained her again, only this time face up. Then he put the nipple clips on and put clothespins all over her tit flesh, her cunt lips, and even her clit. Tomorrow he would buy a gag; she screamed entirely too loud. The neighbors would think he was killing her. Marci’s orgasm lasted almost an hour. He kept her restrained so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

She never went out looking for cock again. She was completely satisfied with what she was getting at home. She was a faithful wife, except when Marcus came by, which he did quite often. She went to see Ned one day at his office and ran into Marcus in the hall. He was embarrassed, but she was glad to see him and invited him to come by. Marcus never beat her again, but she got off on the intense pain his big cock gave her. She never told Ned about fucking Marcus, because she was afraid he would punish her by not beating her that evening.

– The End –