Miriam hated this country! Hated it worse then any she had obediently followed her husband to in his career as a military officer. Not that she had been to all that many posting really, but of those that she’d followed him to since their marriage this one was undoubtedly the worst. It was stifling hot, and its people, if you could call them that, were savages in the truest sense of the word. Why she had even seen some of them carrying spears, can you believe it, spears.

Jesus H Christ she hoped Winford wasn’t going to put rifles in the hands of such beings. She knew that if he had anything at all to say about it he never would, but still she did worry. After all he didn’t make policy, that was for those in authority, those with a more worldly view. As if a chill wind had blown over her she shivered at the memory of Kanchenjunga. Now there was a classic example of why those in authority should never instruct the military to arm, let alone train, locals in the use of firearms.

The massacre of a hundred and seventy Royal Marines along with several of their officers was a direct result of the betrayal of supposedly loyal native troops. What the military mind, and hers too, could not fathom was why supposedly loyal Indian troops had chosen to join the enemy.

In the end though the traitors, along with a great many of those they had been in league with, had been put down like wild animals. A fitting and just ending for such betrayal, even though it had taken almost six months and several battalions of British soldiers to quell the rebellion. In that campaign not even the much revered and loyal Sikhs were trusted or used even though there was no doubt about their allegiance.

Going to the window she looked out into the gathering dusk at the compound surrounded by its makeshift wall of pointed wood stakes. A compound that, unless you counted the soldier walking his rounds, was bare of anything but deepening shadows. The fort was but a shell of its former self because nearly every Marine posted there was with her husband.

Why in heavens name Winford had taken it into his head four days ago to personally led an expedition against some savage and his fifty or so followers was a mystery to her. He could have, should have, given the task to his second but he hadn’t. Granted the savage definitely need punishing after having butchered a white trader and his household, but why not by someone else.

The biggest mystery to her though in this whole affair was why he had literally stripped this one fort of its Marines. What he should have done, at least to her way of thinking, was marshal troops from each of the other four forts. It was in his power as commanding officer to do so, yet for reasons only he knew of he had chosen otherwise. He had marched off into the hot barren wilderness leading 678 Marines and officers while leaving behind only sixty one enlisted and an Officer Cadet to protect her and the fort.

Oh well it had been Winford’s decision to make and not hers. Besides nothing as terrible as what had transpired in India involving Sharia Kahn and his followers could possibly happen. There was little harm that the savage Ndebele and his few followers would attack a British military post. He didn’t have the hundreds of followers that crazy fanatic in India had had. But even if he was crazy enough to try he had no modern weapons. He and his followers only had spears, and what good were spears against the new breach loading rifles and the well trained English troops that carried them.

So yes she was safe, no harm could possible happen to her, outside of heat stroke. God this heat was horrible, even worse then India she muttered. Then without conscious thought she loosened another button giving little regard to the fact that she was exposing herself to anyone who might be watching. Absently lifting her blouse away from her sweating flesh she began vigorously fanning herself.

Out of the corner of her eye she thought she detected movement. Turning she starred quizzically at the glob of darkness trying to pierce its depths. Had it been a trick of the eye, or had something indeed moved within the shadows just at the edge of her cabin. Shaking her head slightly she exhaled deeply, not realizing until she’d done so that she’d been holding her breath. God had her time in India effected her so that she was starting at shadows?

A whimsical smile touched the corners of her full pouting lips at the remembrance of her first time abroad as she gazed absently once more at the soldier walking post. After hardly a week into her marriage Winford had received his new posting, Canada. Despite her misgivings about leaving home and parents she had felt a measure of excitement. Yet that excitement had quickly turned to disappointment upon her arrival in Canada.

Instead of the large cities and masses of people that she was used to and had expected, she found instead a place of vast woodlands. It was a country where white colonist, not much more civilized then the red skinned savages that roamed the land, lived much as they did. Only the colonist living in and about the huge fort where Winford had been posted maintained a measure of civility, or so she thought.

Thankfully there time in Canada had been short. Fifteen months after her husbands posting there he’d received his much anticipated promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. What made it even better was that along with the promotion he had received orders to report to India. A country her father had once served in and had often talked about.

Her fathers stories of his time there had filled her head with childish hopes and dreams of one day going there. So to find upon her arrival that her father had not exaggerated or embellished his stories to appease the appetites of her or her sister had thrilled her immensely. The cities, at least the parts that she was familiar with, as well as the customs of the local populace were very much like those back home.

There was one thing she had not been prepared for though and it had shocked her proper English sensibility to its very core. She was never able to understand how sensible English women, some of them officers wife’s, took up with the locals. What possible reason could a civilized white woman have in doing such a thing. How in heavens name could they even abide having those brown skin heathens touch them, let alone visit their bed. In all her time there she had never gotten used to, nor was able to accept such sordid behavior.

Well, be that as it may she supposed she would still be in Calcutta if events had been different. But they hadn’t, Kanchenjunga and the uprising had seen to that. Her husbands bravery during the battle though had not only won him a promotion to full Colonel but also the Victoria Cross. Of course if the Brigadier hadn’t split his corp. If he hadn’t walked into a trap and gotten himself and his men killed. If Winford hadn’t kept what remained of an otherwise demoralized command a cohesive fighting force. If Kanchenjunga hadn’t of happened at all she’d still be in India instead of this festering shit hole.

Damn Winford, damn him to hell. What good were his promotion and shiny medal if instead of resting on his laurels in England as he should have been he, and she with him, were in this God forsaken place. Why in heavens name Winford had accepted posting to this stone age hot box instead of letting her parents intercede she’d never understand. Why, with her fathers help he very well could have gotten a billet in the war ministry, but he had refused. Why?

Was he so enthralled with battle and the possibility of further glory that he had accepted this posting in the hope of yet more acclaim. Whether or not that was true she couldn’t say. All she knew for certain was that he had changed since being heralded the hero of Kanchenjunga. Never the less while they had still been in India she had tried desperately to get him to accept her parents offer.

Yet no matter how many tears she had shed, or how woefully she had pleaded with him to accept her parents offer he had refused. She had even gone so far as to remind him that he wasn’t a young man anymore, that he was nearly as old as her father. Furthermore, if the rigors of another campaign didn’t kill him then the enemy very well might. All that had accomplished was in making him mad. So mad that he hadn’t visited her bed since then, nearly thirteen weeks now. Well she’d gotten even.

Turning slowly she moved to the bed pushing the mosquito netting aside and fell face down across its lumpy mattress. Seven weeks they’d been here and she the only officers wife in this shit hole because the wife of the First Lieutenant had gotten the vapors and had hurried back to England. Oh well, that aside it hadn’t been so bad really. Still though another woman on the post would have indeed been welcomed. At least then she would of had someone to gossip with and have teas.

Rolling over she pulled her blouse from the waistband of her skirt. Without worrying about the two remaining buttons that were holding her blouse together she tugged it open sending them flying. As the slightly less humid air of the evening caressed her bare slightly larger then teacup size firm breast her eyelids drooped and she sighed softly. Being the only woman on post definitely had its advantages. She was the center of attention, not just by the officers but by the enlisted men as well, most especially the enlisted men.

Memory’s of the long passage from India touched her consciousness and without being aware that she was doing so her fingers tightened on her nipples. She recalled the countless lecherous stares from the multitude of troopers as she had strolled the pitching deck. The lascivious remarks that more then a few had uttered as she had drawn neigh their lounging position. She had pretended not to hear, yet there was no denying the shivers that had tickled her shoulder blades or the dampness between her legs that such words had caused. Then later in the privacy of her cabin she had relieved her anxiety in a manner, or so she supposed, not proper for a lady of her social standing.

Her thoughts shifted to their arrival in port. Her husbands splitting his thirty seven hundred man battalion between five forts. Her and her husbands eventual arrival to this particular fort after a nine day, almost leisurely cross country trek in the company of 740 Marines and their officers. She recalled how after less then a day after arriving at the fort she had started going without her petty coats. Well, not just her petty coats, but all the other such nonsense that women of her social standing wore beneath their dresses.

Though her decision to go without the cumbersome attire had been based largely on seeking relief from the heat, the thought had tickled her mind that she was shedding such attire to attract the troopers attention. She knew full well that doing such a thing as going without underclothing would be considered risque’ by other lady’s of standing. But they were all back in England, and she, well she was here alone in this oppressive shit hole called Rhodesia. Her only apprehension had been what her husband might say, but other then inquiring as to whether she had lost weight he said nothing.

The lack of voluminous attire to her person, as she had expected and secretly hoped for, had indeed attracted the enlisted mens attention. Not a few times as she’d strolled about the compound lounging soldiers had huskily whispered suggestive remarks, which just as they had on the ship, had set her heart racing and a strange yet pleasurable tingling between her legs. Eventually, as was bound to happen, one of them, she couldn’t remember which, had managed to come upon her when she was alone.

It had been in the stables as she had prepared to go riding. The stable hand had gone outside under some pretext or other and as she had struggled with the horses bridle a soldier had come up behind her. She never saw his face, only felt his closeness as he’d pressed himself against her. His persistent hands as well as his hot breath on the back of her neck along with his elicit words had almost made her swoon.

Her legs had turned to jelly as the soldier, with his hands about her slim waist, had bumped and ground against her. The stable hand had found her, minutes, hours, days later breathing heavily with fingers locked in her horse mane as a means to keep her limp body from falling. Fearing she was sick he’d called the duty officer who’d see that she was put to bed. She never did go riding that day, nor was she ever certain whether what had transpired had been coincidence or whether the soldier and the stable hand had been in league.

All that was certain was that after that day hardly one went by when some soldier under the flimsiest of excuses didn’t try to get her alone. More then a few had been successful. At first though they had hid, or rather protected their identity by pressing against her from behind just as the first soldier had done. Eventually though they became em-bolded, and several had gone so far as to press their lips to hers. But other then the soldiers crude wet kisses as well as his hot breath as he’d whispered scandalous things into her ear she had at first let it go no further.

She’d known it was wrong to lead the soldiers on so. In fact it was down right dangerous, for these new troopers were an even rougher lot then those in her husbands last billet. These men truly seemed to be the dregs of society that the Royal Marines were rumored to recruit. Yet despite this, or maybe because of it she was drawn to them like iron shavings to a magnet.

A soldiers hot breath on the back of her neck, his hand fondling her breast as he’d pressed against her from behind. All had sent rippling waves through her. Initially it had all been a game to her. A game fraught with the danger of discovery and once discovered the very real possibility of the ruination of her marriage. But despite the consequences, or maybe because of them she continued the flirtatious dangerous game. Admittedly, or so she had told herself the first couple of times, it had been a way of getting back at Winford.

So it was understandable that when the day finally came she both feared and longed for she neither screamed in alarm or fought the inevitable. It had happened when Corporal Riggings after pressing into her from behind had twisted her about and kissed her forcefully and passionately. Several heart thumping beats later, with the Corporal’s lips still pressed against hers and his tongue exploring her mouth, she had found herself in the empty stall her horse had occupied. She couldn’t remember moving yet there she was, alone with the persistent Corporal and hidden from prying eyes.

His huskily spoken words, unlike his groping hands as he released her were but vague memories now. Yet as if it had happened moments earlier the recalling of his hands releasing the fasteners of her bodice then tugging it from her shoulders flickered on the backs of her rapidly fluttering eyelids. His fondling hands, his slurping lips, his nipping teeth had brought gasp of pleasure, pain and excitement from her tight throat and then he had forced her to her knees.

She had never before thought of performing such an act as what he demanded, not with her husband, not with anyone. In truth she wouldn’t have done so even then except for his insistence and the fact that his touch and his mouth had aroused her so. That he was forcing himself on her, that he was talking to her, treating her, as he would a cheap White Castle whore never once entered her mind.

As she had knelt before him struggling to loosen his britches she had justified her actions by telling herself that taking him into her mouth wasn’t the same as making love to him. Yet a part of her fervently prayed that after she pleasured him with her mouth he would lay atop her, that he would make love to her as Winford had never done. That he would make love to her as she had often times dreamt a man should make love to a woman.

Her lack of experience had been evident. Yet despite that the Corporal had found pleasure and relief in her clumsy efforts. He had not even seemed to mind, when she gagging, had spit out his ejaculation. A thick globular substance which was both foul tasting yet somehow intoxicating to her taste buds. His self assured, almost arrogant declaration while running his hand over her cheek as she had knelt before him unconsciously licking the residue of his seed from her lips, that she would do better the next time had sent a shiver through her. A shiver not of fear but of anticipation.

She had done it, she had stepped beyond the bounds a proper English wife, albeit a neglected one, should have and there was no turning back. Yet strangely neither regret nor remorse had tugged at her soul at having broken her marriage vows. A fact that at first had bothered her slightly, but then she’d recalled her husbands neglect and the feeling had vanished as easily as darkness upon the raising of the sun.

Through out the rest of the day each time she’d caught sight of him her heart had beat like a school girls at the sight of her first adolescent crush. When, when would be the next time she wondered. Her mind had been absorbed with the burning question even during the officers mess. Later as she’d made her way back to her cabin hands had reached out and pulled her into the shadows. She’d almost screamed, almost, but the thought that it might be him had stilled her cry.

Then his hand on her cheek, his voice mirthfully telling her to suck him and unhesitatingly she had dropped to her knees. There in the shadows against the outside wall of her husbands quarters and with the sentries walking post nearby she had feverishly tore at his trousers. Like a slave girl before her master she had supplicated herself shamelessly. She had fondled him, stroked him, kissed him before taking him into her mouth, and she had done better, so much better. As she had feverishly, hungrily sucked him her fingers had fondled, rolled his testicles, had pumped his hardness, and when he had finely shot his fluids into her mouth she had not spit it out.

For long minutes after he’d left she had leaned heavily against the building quivering with unrelieved tension. Then regaining her composer, and after a quick glance to make sure no sentry was close she had hurried to her cabin. Even in her dreams that night his parting words after kissing her had ran through her mind. Tomorrow sweetheart, tomorrow I’m going to fuck you. In truth though she had never in her wildest dreams foreseen the events that were to follow.

Another soft sigh hissed from her lips as her fingers, feather like moved from her lips down over her throat to circle, then tenderly squeeze her firm milk white breast. Her thoughts, instead of being focused on Winford and his long ago once a week visits to her bed were instead focused on Corporal Riggings and the others. But even those thoughts were inter spaced with other even more erotic visions. Visions such as one might attribute to the loosest of women.

The next morning, without thought of anything but of going riding, she had informed her husband she was taking her daily ride. But Winford, having just found out about the attack on the white trader and pre occupied in making preparations for his expedition against the savage responsible had dismissed her request out of hand. When she had insisted he had tried to shook her by his vivid telling of the gruesome details of the attack. When his words had fallen on deaf ears he had screamed for the duty officer.

Then slumping into his chair he’d looked up at her and softly said he was neither blind nor deaf to her shameless behavior. That he was well aware of the way she’d been flaunting herself before his command. He was also aware of the scuttlebutt concerning her amongst the enlisted and though he was certain it was just bravado talking he would have no more of it. Then raising from his chair so fast that it had fallen over he’d screamed that if she continued to act like a camp follower instead of his wife he’d —- But he’d said no more for the duty officer had arrived.

But she’d gotten a taste of what he thought before she’d gone riding. With the duty officer standing at attention he’d fixed his eyes on her and angrily hissed that if Ndebele and his followers happened upon her during her precious ride her safety would depend solely on the Marines that were escorting her. That under no circumstance, even if she were taken captive and threatened with rape would he risk a single soldier under his command to rescue her. Then turning to the duty officer he’d screamed did you hear me, not one soldier. Then shouting at the cowering officer to find a couple of men stupid enough to escort her he’d dismissed them both.

His words had stung and hurt her, but upon seeing the Corporal at the head of not two but seven other Marines that were to escort her a not altogether unpleasant fluttering had filled her stomach. Instinct had told her that the Corporal had volunteered to led her escort. It also told her that he had chosen the other men. Men that he trusted explicitly not to say anything if, no, when he got her alone.

Like the talons of a bird of prey her fingers clawed at the loose material of her ankle length skirt as visions of that afternoon ride four days ago filled the recesses of her skull. Almost feverishly she tugged her skirt about her hips. Then simultaneously to an almost sobbing moan of need escaping from her full pouty lips her fingers pushed between her slightly parted bare thighs.

As her mind filled with the lurid images of her giving herself not only to the Corporal but the seven other bawdy Marines forty eight hours earlier she pushed yet a third finger into her hot wet pussy. The reliving of the Corporal leading her and his fellow soldiers into a stand of scrub tress hardly a mile from the fort filled her brain. She could still hear his voice, touched with excitement and arousal, as after himself dismounting he had helped her from her horse he’d asked in an altogether not to soft of a voice if she were ready to again pleasure him.

As she had stood before him filled with indecision and apprehension he had smirked you know you want to. Then abruptly pulling her into his arms he had pressed his lips to hers. The suddenness of his action as well as his assumptive remark had momentarily stunned her and she had struggled in his grasp. Yet heady with the prospect of what he was proposing a tremor of arousal had tickled her spine and she had shivered noticeably despite the days heat.

To say that she had not expected his proposal would have been a lie, for hadn’t he said as much before leaving her the night before. What she had not expected though was that she would be doing the act in the presence of others of his ilk. She had thought, no assumed that he would led her away from his men. That he would want privacy from prying eyes just as he had the other times, but it seemed that such was not to be. Then her husbands belittling words that she was no better then a camp follower, as well as his lack of caring, again filled her brain and suddenly her indecision and struggles ceased.

Her mind, intoxicated with the thought of pleasuring the Corporal before the others almost failed her. Yet she retained enough presence of mind to ask herself whether he thought so little of her that he would ask such a thing. His arrogant assumptive inquiry, his unquestioning assurance that she would without hesitation do as he asked all led her to realize that he had told the men of her indiscretion.

Well then so be it. If he like her husband thought her to be a camp follower then a camp follower she would be. She’d show him, she’d show both of them. Not only would she pleasure the Corporal as he expected, but the others as well. She would pleasure them, all of them such as no girl back home had ever done. What’s more, if in the processes of doing so that savage Ndebele and his followers came upon them well then she’d pleasure them as well. With such thoughts weaving through her fevered brain her once tense body had sagged in the Corporal’s arms.

With soft moans of surrender and acceptance she had melted against the Corporal’s hard muscular body as his tongue searched every recesses of her mouth and his fingers had squeezed her bosom ever harder. Her mind giddy with arousal and excitement heard but hardly fathomed all that the excited voices of the others proposed as the Corporal had loosened the fasteners of her bodice then slid it slowly from her shoulders.

With her excitement building as his hands had fumbled with the fasteners holding her skirt about her slim waist her own helping hands had made it even more difficult. But finally the last button had opened and her skirt had slid from her hips and down her shapely legs to pool at her feet. The soldiers in drawn breaths, their almost reverent words of approval as she had stood before them shivering with arousal had added to her desire to pleasure them in every way. As one after the other they had stepped forward to kiss and fondle her she had clung almost desperately to each one.

More then once she had almost swooned as a soldier had pushed his hand between her legs and his fingers had rubbed over her hot wet lips. As the last Marines lips had left hers and he had backed away she had walked unaided and on trembling legs to the rough horse blanket that had been laid out. Without hesitation she had dropped to her knees before the already naked Corporal as the others had eagerly begun shedding their uniforms.

For a second her thoughts wavered as through rapidly fluttering eyelids she saw a figure hovering over her, its features indistinct and fuzzy. In her dream like trance she felt hot breath upon her just as she had that afternoon. And just as she had that afternoon she felt fingers fluttering over her abdomen, along her ribcage and finally upon her breast. In her all to real fantasy a moan of pain, pleasure rumbled from her throat as multiple fingers not only squeezed and rolled her breast but pinched and stretched each of her nipples as well.

In her arousal her head whipped from side to side, her eyes seeing but not seeing the grinning faces of the four dark natives leaning over her. Continuous soft whimpers of pleasure vibrated in her throat as just as what had happened a few afternoons ago a multitude of rough hands toyed with nearly every inch of her petite milk white flesh. She felt fingers close on her thighs. Felt them tighten, and knowing full well what was expected of her she willingly, eagerly and without the least bit of hesitation parted her legs.

Her pelvis arched upward and her body quivered in rapturous pleasure as the hands that had removed hers from between her legs took their place. Then inexplicable even as the fingers, after rubbing over her aroused moistened lips, wormed their way into her and while the others continued to tweak and stretch her nipples, her eyes flew open and her senses returned.

A startled squeal burst from her throat as together with trying to pull away from the arousing exploring fingers she endeavored to straighten her garments. As she tried to set her clothes to right the absurd thought that flashed through her mind was not how dare they take such familiar liberties but how had these dark savages gotten into the fort without an alarm being raised.

Through startled more then frightened eyes she stared at the men taking in every detail of their near naked appearance. The sinewy muscularity of their dark chocolate colored bodies as they stood over her grinning sent a shiver through her. Whether her response was from fear or from the protrusions evident beneath their respective loin cloths she wasn’t certain.

Raising slightly and bracing herself on her elbows while continuing to clutch her blouse together she starred wide eyed at the savages without uttering a sound. As if no longer in control of her faculties she made not the slightest effort to pull away as one of their number reached out and pulled her hands from her blouse. Neither did a scream of panic or fear burst from her throat as together with the savage roughly yanking her blouse from her shoulders thus trapping her arms to her side, he pushed her back onto the bed.

The guttural muttering of voices foreign to her ears was barely heard let alone understood for the pounding of her heart as two of their number closed on her and began running their dark hands over her. Just as her body had done with Corporal Riggings and the others hardly four days past, it shivered in arousal as the savages dark fingers squeezed her small firm breast before closing about her nipples, tweaking, rolling, stretching them.

Her breathing increased to near gasp making her pert breast rise and fall rapidly and another slight shudder raced through her torso. Why she didn’t scream was a mystery to her. Was she indeed a camp follower, or perhaps even worse as her husband had vehemently asserted. She knew she had acted so with the Corporal and the others, but was she so loose, so wanton that she would willingly, unhesitantly let four strange black men lay between her legs?

From the deep recesses of her mind a measure of sanity returned for a micro second. But even then it was not total for it soared off onto a different tangent, a tangent that only the loosest of women would contemplate, let alone participate in. Like a kaleidoscopes ever changing pattern she envisioned first Corporal Riggings and his squad making love to her, then the four savages whose hands were even then driving her to heights of bliss.

Like a continuous loop her fevered mind played the two scenarios over and over. On the one hand the use of her pale lithe body by these four darkies, on the other by Corporal Riggings and his squad. Then as is the want of such fantasies the two lurid scenarios merged together then blew into exaggerated numbers of dark savages and Royal Marines continuously and repeatedly having their way with her.

That her mind could conjure such an erotic scenario was testament not only to her earlier shameless performance beneath the scrub trees with the eight Marines but also to the effect the natives were having on her. Her mind, awash with arousal screamed at the savages to take her, to use her like the shameless wanton slut that had been awakened within her by the Corporal. Yet the only utterances’ from her trembling lips were incomprehensible whimpering gasp of arousal.

Their hands seemed to be everywhere, touching, pinching, probing. Her eyes, which had been like saucers, slowly, dreamingly closed blotting out their dark images but not their presence. Though the natives hands were still tweaking and pinching her taunt nipples and her every thought was on them, her legs again slowly drifted apart when one of their number lightly touched her inner thigh.

Like a violin string plucked violently Miriam literally vibrated as the fingers glided up and down her inner thighs then up between her legs and through her sparse blonde bush. As the fingers she couldn’t see but most definitely feel teased at her sex aroused moistened lips, her legs, as if no longer controlled by her brain parted even wider allowing the fingers greater access to her most private part.

Her abdomen rippled and her breath came in gasp so ragged and rapid she nearly hyperventilated. Unbidden her pelvis moved in tight little bouncing circles enticing, willing the fingers to do more then tease her. Her hither to soft gasp of arousal finally found voice as with a stuttering soulful whimper she pleaded for them to use her.

Such was her arousal and state of mind that neither the sporadic gun fire nor the gurgling choked screams from dying throats registered on her addled brain. The dark savages toying with her though had no idea what her mind set was as the sound of the gunfire and the screams of the dying erupted within the fort. For a moment they paused neither moving or responsive to her pleas as with their hands no longer upon her her own fell between her legs and her loins rotated and humped in response. Then with a knowing glance passing between them confirming that here was a prize worth having, a prize worth more then all the guns or other spoil this fort might yield they once more leaned over her.

For a brief instant her eyes flew open as something cold touched her thigh then slowly moved up over her hip. Then as if by doing so she could hide the fact that instead of four dark savages that were about to have there way with her it was instead Corporal Riggings and the other seven Marines, her eyes once more drifted shut. As the unseen cold object she instinctively knew was a knife slipped beneath her skirt and grazed over her hip leaving behind a small trail of blood her body shivered with excitement and anticipation. The razor fine cut marring her otherwise perfect flesh, the droplets of blood staining the same were forgotten as the blade slid beneath the waist band of her skirt.

Her addled mind was besieged with a jumble of thoughts. Her husbands accusations of her being a loose woman. Of that same day less then a mile from where her husband sat hunched over his maps, giving herself freely to Corporal Riggings and his platoon. And finally as strange as it sounded despite her experiences and her awakened abilities over the last few days whether she would be able to satisfy the sexual appetites of the four dark savages hovering over her.

Even as these thoughts tumbled about in her head the sound of parting cloth reached her ears. In rapturous bliss she soared higher and higher as the remnants of her skirt were pulled from beneath her and the dark fingers once more began to explore her milk white flesh. Her body writhed beneath their touch as her mind rekindled the scenario of her being used repeatedly by countless savages.

The fourth one, where was the fourth one her mind gibbered almost nonsensically just before the last and final member of the group roughly pulled her legs apart and lowered his face to her hot wet lips. As the savages tongue lapped at then thrust into her moistened slit the small of her back arched from the edge of the mattress and her hips rotated and lunged upwards. Oh God, no one, no one had ever done such a thing to her before. Not her husband, not the Corporal, not the other Marines, no one. Oh God so good, so gooooood. Without inhibition her trembling legs of their own free will fell over the savages shoulders and she pushed her dancing loins tighter to his face.

Encouraged by her actions as well as by his grinning fellows, the savage’s hands clutched her pert tight ass cheeks lifting them higher while nipping at her clit. Miriam’s gasp of pleasure and arousal filled the cabin as harder and ever faster the tongue drove to the very center of her being. Yet it wasn’t solely the tongue slurping, prodding at her cunt that aroused such a response. Indeed the mouths, and yes even the teeth teasing her milk white firm breast and nipples in no small measure added intensity to her reaction.

Then with a suddenness that left her all but screaming for release not only did the tongue between her legs cease its administrations but also the mouths and teeth that had been hurtfully, pleasurably mauling her pert breast. With a clarity that she hadn’t thought her lust aroused brain was capable of she instinctively knew that the inevitable was about to happen. With her legs still splayed obscenely wide Miriam scooted back onto her bed slightly and waited both with a mixture of apprehension and expatiation.

Yet when none of them immediately fell atop her she looked up at them askance. Had her response to their caresses been to much? If such were the case maybe it was they that were in doubt as to the ability satisfy her, instead of she that couldn’t satisfy them. As if to alleviate the doubts and fears she imagined they had she slowly stood, then on quivering legs moved to the closest of the group. With movements slow and careful so as not to alarm him she placed a hand on chest.

Raising to her tip toes she turned her face up to his then closing her eyes she parted her lips slightly. She wasn’t even certain that these dark savages knew what a kiss was but she intended to find out. Slowly moving her hand up over his chest to his shoulder then to his neck she attempted to pull his face to hers. At first she felt resistance, but then his lips lightly brushed hers before a heart thumping moment later accompanied by a rumbling growl as if from a wild beast they mashed heavily against hers.

As the savages lips mashed against hers her body melted to his. Her soft moan of passion in response to the contact caused her lips to vibrate adding intensity to the kiss. Moving one of her hands down between their bodies she squeezed his erection through his loin cloth. Seconds later, her head swirling with arousal and giddiness, her hand slid beneath his loin cloth and her slim fingers encircled the twitching mass of male virility.

For a moment she stood there melted to him. Her pointed little tongue stabbing at his thick lips seeking entrance while her hand slowly stroked and squeezed his cock beneath his loin cloth. Suddenly and without warning she was roughly pulled from him and into the arms of another who demanded the same treatment. She mentally shrugged as her giddy mind gibbered inquiringly whether these were quite possibly some of the same natives that Winford had screamed would rape her, as after a hard kiss and the stabbing of tongues together she was passed to yet another of them.

As the forth savage swept her into his arms her arousal was such that instead of turning her face up to his as she had the others she instead slid down his tall frame to kneel before him. With a motion that bordered on desperation her left hand pushed his loin cloth to the slight paunch of his stomach while her other grasped his cock and squeezed it. But even as her right hand guided his cock to her lips and her other released his loin cloth letting it fall over her head the savage pushed her away and stumbled backwards as if in fear that she intended to eat his manhood.

So startled was she at the natives reaction that as she fell heavily backwards, her arms and legs all akimbo, she simply lay looking up at him. Had she done something wrong, had she broken some native taboo? Then her eyes shifted to the door of her cabin as through it several madly gyrating sweaty savages, accompanied by yet others that were repeatedly chanting a word she at first didn’t understand, danced. Even as her addled brain tried to take in the spectacle before her several of them, stomping heavily while twisting and turning crazily moved ever closer to her.

She was both frightened and fascinated. Fascinated because of their fluid graceful movements as they danced about and frightened because as each passed before her he stabbed at, though not actually poking her with his short long bladed spear. Then as suddenly as it had all started the graceful fluid movement of the dancers ceased and the chanting voices fell silent. As one they faced the door and a great shout of Ndebele, the very word that they’d been softly chanting but that she hadn’t understood rang from the assembled mass.

For a second her breath caught in her throat as repeated shouts of Ndebele accompanied by the stomping of feet and the banging of spears against cowhide shields reverberated around her. She had been right, these were the savages her husband had said would rape her. But if Ndebele were here, where was Winford and his Marines? Was he wandering around out there somewhere chasing after ghost while the savage he sought was here making a mockery of his efforts.

As these thoughts and others flashed through her mind a huge grotesque, almost midnight black native filled the doorway of her cabin. She had thought his followers were tall, but the grotesque individual before her stood heads and shoulders above them. What’s more, were they were sinewy with features some might even say were handsome, he was the exact opposite. His barrel of a chest atop a massive stomach was crisscrossed with at least a dozen scars and his face, God his face was – was hideous.

It was as if the whole right side of his face, though the flesh was unmarked in any way, had melted. His right eye was tilted at a crazy downward angle and bulged from its socket while his mouth was twisted into a permanent heinous scowl. Stooping he strode through her door, then with but the slightest movement of his large head he acknowledged his followers who had fallen silent.

Turning slightly he looked down at her and Miriam, her lithe body visibly shaking with fear, apprehension, excitement and arousal all at the same time could do nothing but look back into his eyes. His gaze held her enthralled, so much so that she forgot the presence of the others. So much so in fact that without realizing she had done so she had untangled herself and rose to her feet to stand before him.

She did not see the four savages that only minutes before she had been ready to make love guided to Ndebele’s side. Neither did she hear their whimpering pleading voices as the giant after placing his hand to her face lightly rubbed her cheek. Not until the four of them were dragged screaming from her cabin did his hold on her weaken. But it was only a momentarily lapse and all to quickly forgotten as his hand, surprisingly gentle for its large size, moved down to caress her left tit.

Though her arousal at the hands of the four savages that had originally come upon her had been broken at the appearance of the others it flowered anew at the giants soft touch. As if he had somehow given her permission to break eye contact her eyes moved down to her chest and the coal black hand rolling her left nipple between thumb and forefinger. From the corner of her eye she saw another native, hardly more then a youth really, rush to Ndebele’s side and with daft fingers loosen then pull the rotund savages loin cloth from him.

Despite her effort at self control as the grotesque giants fingers tweaked and squeezed her nipple, at the uncovering of his cock she visibly shuddered and a soft moan of unbidden arousal and lust hissed from her full pouting lips. Though the savages semi erect cock appeared no longer in length then a few of the Marines on that afternoon now ages ago its girth was massive.

For a moment she was distracted as she felt hands on her shoulders from behind and she turned her head slightly, catching as she did so a white disheveled blob that somehow looked familiar, out of the corner of her eye. But it was quickly forgotten as Ndebele’s hand together with turning her face once more to his caressed her ear with his fingers. For several heart pounding seconds she looked into his eyes then unresistingly she dropped to her knees before him. With her being but five foot three and Ndebele standing every bit of seven foot her face was in almost perfect alinement with his cock as she knelt before him.

As she looked at the midnight black cock that had not only lengthened but grown harder since she’d taken her eyes from it a heartbeat ago she almost felt like laughing. Hadn’t she been in just such a position before? The first time had been in the stables, the second, later that same evening in the shadows of her husbands headquarters and the third barely a mile from the fort. Though on that occasion, unlike the first two times not only did she pleasure the Corporal thus but seven other Marines as well.

Well if that was how this ugly savage wanted her to pleasure him then so be it. But as she leaned forward and her tongue flicked from between her lips and against the bulbous oozing knob she felt a measure of disappointment. She had never taken a cock between her legs as monstrous as his before, didn’t even know if she could really but she would have liked to have tried. Oh well, at least by pleasuring him with her mouth her taste buds would be drenched with the flavor she had in a very short time gotten an insatiable appetite for.

As her lips opened wider then encircled the engorged dark knob a rumbling purr of pleasure vibrated from her throat. Her tongue swirled about and stabbed at the bulbous crown as her humming lips moved over the first couple of inches of the dark instrument of fertility. Moister and the now familiar taste of cum, another word the soldiers had proudly spouted, began to fill her mouth. Instinctively as she had been taught to do by the Corporal and the others that long afternoon days ago she swallowed, her taste buds coming alive as she did so.

Bringing her right hand up she tightened her fingers about the girth of the savages dark cock mid way along its length. Her intention being not to stop her lips progression but instead to stroke the savage’s cock while drawing a suction just as Corporal Riggings and the others had liked her to do. But her hand was brushed aside and instead her head was shoved forward from behind. As the thick hard knob of the savages cock pushed to the entrance of her throat her gag reflex kicked in.

She tried to pull back but the hand against the back of her head wouldn’t let her. In desperation her hands flew to the savages flabby thighs pushing against them while at the same time trying to breath through her nose. Her gurgling sputters were all but drowned by the laughter from a dozen throats as the dark knob of the cock pressed against then wormed into the first inch of her throat. Her frantic mind screamed at her, pleaded with her to remember what private McDonnell had choked out as he’d forced his cock into her throat.

As her small hands beat against the savages dark flabby thighs and she struggled against the hand pressing against the back of her head the private’s words came to her as clearly as if he were standing before her. “Relax your throat muscles Mrs. Rhodes, then swallow. Yea that’s it, thats how you do it. Now, pull back and let all but the head of my cock slip from your hot sucking mouth. Thats right draw a suction like you were drinking through a straw. Oh yea thats it. Now, cradle that lollypop lovingly and lather all along its length. Both sides you cock hungry fucking slut. Now pop it back in that hot mouth of yours and while drawing a suction squeeze and stroke it with your hand. Oh God Mrs. Rhodes your a natural born cock sucker. Oh yea, oh yea, thats right, thats right, push that tongue against my pisser.”

Just as she had done for McDonnell then the three remaining Marines after him before all eight had fucked her she relaxed her throat muscles. With the private’s words of instruction and encouragement ringing in her ears she pushed her face forward relaxing and swallowing at the same time. As her lips, while tightly clasping the rigid protrusion, moved ever further down its thick length the pressure on the back of her head lessened. Experimentally she moved backwards and when she felt no resistance she began bobbing her head. As she slobbered over the purplish black cock her thoughts drifted back to that afternoon.

After they had all fucked her and while they had rested, with but the slightest encouragement for the Corporal she had moved from Marine to Marine licking hers and their juices from their cocks. Then with their cock’s once again hard all eight of them had throat fucked her as McDonnell and three others had done previously. A shudder of wanton insatiability raced through her as she remembered how after shooting their cum down her throat, and with but what seemed like a short rest period on their part the eight Marines had again fucked her. It had taken all her will power and what little strength she had remaining to make the ride back to the fort as the sun had hung low in the heavens.

Suddenly her attention was snapped back to the present as the giant reached down and savagely pinched her tit while jerking his hips forward lodging another inch in her throat. Her fevered mind gibbered pleasure him Miriam, pleasure him like no woman of his tribe has ever pleasured him as all but the bulbous knob of his coal black cock slipped from between her lips. A pleasure filled groan burst from the huge savage’s throat as Miriam’s tongue after lashing over and around his broad knob stabbed against the slit from which his essence flowed.

With no need for her small hands to beat against the rotund savages thighs any longer they instead moved to his hips, and her fingers after curling like claws and digging into his flabby flesh sought to pull the unmoving dark mountain closer to her. Time and again she pushed her face toward his smelly crotch trying desperately to take all twelve plus inches into her mouth and down her throat. Yet try as she might because of the cock’s monstrous size she could take no more then eight maybe nine inches into her mouth and throat. But still she persisted in trying to do the impossible until she felt his cock swell and the enlarged blood vessels on its dark under belly throb. Pulling back until but the quivering dark crown was clasped tightly between her lips she grasped his cock and began to pump wildly on it while sucking hungrily.

She knew it would be but a matter of seconds before the slit at the very tip of his cock spewed forth his spunk, another word the Marines had laughingly used that afternoon. As she feverishly drew a suction along with swallowing the saliva that had built up in her mouth she couldn’t help but wonder if the grotesque savages juices would taste the same as a white mans. Then again though hadn’t three of the marines tasted funny, almost chemically, so who was to say what taste the same was. Almost desperately she repeatedly stabbed the tip of her tongue to his slit while drawing a suction and swallowing continuously in anticipation of what she knew would soon fill her mouth then stomach.

Yet when it came she was not prepared for the thickness nor the amount that spewed forth. Neither was she prepared for the force with which it hit the roof of her mouth and the entrance to her throat. In her surprise her lips unclasped from about the bulbous knob and she endeavored to pull from his cock. But before she could pull away heavy hands fell atop her head. They simply lay there unmoving as if in warning as three more forceful blast one after another as if from a gun spewed from his madly twitching cock and down her throat almost choking her.

She could feel his globular discharge dribbling from her nostrils, feel it slithering down her face to mix with that flowing from her mouth despite the tightness with which her lips clung to the crazily jerking black monster. A moment, an hour a day later, for she had lost all concept of time, a weaker fifth then dribbling sixth coated her taste buds before finally the slimy hunk of dark flesh pulled from between her lips.

Slipping back onto her heels she sat breathing heavily, a gargling rasp bubbling from her throat with each rapid in drawn breath. With eyes downcast and her chest heaving laboriously in the aftermath of her sexual servitude she was oblivious to everything about her. Her mind was awash with what she had willingly, nay eagerly done. Pictures of the giants dark cock moving between her lips, of her trying desperately to take every inch of it into her mouth flashed rapidly before her. Unconsciously her fingers brushed across her face pushing a thick string of cum that had dribbled from her nose to her lips then between them.

Even as she continued to suck on her fingers hands slipped beneath her arm pits and she was lifted unceremoniously into the air. Confusion flickered across her face momentarily as she hug suspended before the grotesque giant then his hands slid along her torso, about her hips and finally beneath her pert ass cheeks. Though she had never been in such a position before instinctively her legs encircled his broad hips as he moved her against his massive torso and above his still hard cock. As the broad head of his cock touched her wet aroused lips she squirmed in his arms as a picture of his monstrous cock driving into her cunt just as it had her mouth flashed before her.

A convulsion of arousal and yes eagerness to please the savage racked her slight frame as the broad head of his cock splayed her cunt lips. Simpering pleading sobs spilled from her trembling lips as his cock teased at her opening, then along with a jerk of his hips he lowered her. Whimpers of pain spilled from her trembling pouty lips and she buried her face against the crock of his thick neck, her teeth biting into his shoulder as she did so.

She felt as if she were being torn in two as the second, then third, then yet three more inches slide into her. Her hands went to his massive shoulders to stave off further penetration but it was a lost cause as along with her squirming his hands relaxed allowing yet another fat dark inch to bore into her. Her head whipped back as if by an unseen force then flailed about sending her long blonde hair whipping about her like a halo.

Only dimly was she aware of his cock slowly withdrawing then once again pushing forward. Again and yet again his hips jerked and with each movement his thick rigid cock bored deeper. Her tight cannel which had at first resisted his invasion began to adjust to his almost wrist thick girth and with it she began to slowly move in time to his pumping cock. Her moans of pleasure, of wanton arousal grew ever louder as her body, jerking spasmodically, rose and fell ever faster. The squishing, slurping of her cunt each time he pushed forward then pulled back filled the cabin as did her screams of pleasure, of joy.

But all to soon her cunt, just as her mouth had been, was flooded with his ejaculation. Before the last of his seed had flowed into her though he literally flung her from him, discarding her just as a child would a toy it no longer found enjoyable. Even as her back hit the edge of her mattress and she began to slide unceremoniously to the floor, fingers entwined in her long blonde hair pulling her back unto her bed.

It was several heart pounding beats before her disoriented addled mind fathomed that she was looking at the world upside down. Because her head was hanging from the edge of her mattress she could not see, but she definitely felt the presence of one of the savages between her splayed legs. As her legs were raised then dropped atop the savages shoulders she couldn’t see, a soulful moan of beseechment for the orgasm that had been denied her bubbled from her throat.

As the unseen natives weight pressed down on her and his cock probed at the leaking slit between her legs she moved a hand between her legs and grasped the savages cock guiding it to her cunt. But even as her efforts were successful and over six fat inches of dark cock thrust into her powerfully her attention was directed elsewhere when a second savage stepped to her head and pressed his cock to her slack lips. As the cock between her legs rhythmically began to drive into her, her mouth formed a perfect O allowing the cock that had been pressing against her teeth entrance. With her head hanging from the edge of her mattress as it was her throat was in perfect alignment thus allowing the cock that had pushed between her lips unimpeded entrance to her throat.

Though neither cock was as large as the grotesque giant’s their simultaneous deep penetrations caused her body to quiver and jerk as if in the throes of a fit. Animal like grunts erupted from the two savages throats as first one then the other shoved his dark cock fully and deeply into her. At her head the tightness of her throat, the light scrapping of her teeth on his cock incited the savage to pump and grind his hips harder. While between her legs her still tight cuntial channel, despite its having just been fucked by a cock nearly twelve inches long and almost eight inches in circumference, tightly gripped the cock driving like a pile driver into her.

A wavering brilliant trail as if from a rocket raced upward in her brain as the native’s cocks hammered into her but before it could explode her throat and womb were drenched with their hot almost watery cum. Even as they withdrew and simpering sobs pleading for relief bubbled from her cum filled throat other cock’s took their place, and after them in quick secession by a third then a fourth.

Despite her best efforts to swallow the copious cum shot into her mouth and throat large amounts of it flowed from between her tightly clinging lips and the cock between them. Like a bubbling brook it flowed from the corners of her tightly compressed lips down over her cheeks into her eyes and finally into her hair. While beneath her rotating lunging buttocks an ever enlarging puddle of their ejaculations leaking from her throughly fucked cunt grew.

How many she simultaneously pleasured as she lay thus Miriam was never sure of for the natives relentless use of her small white body never seemed to let up. Her lust scorched brain tried to count their numbers but her all to willing throat and the boiling cauldron between her legs wouldn’t let her. It might have been as few as dozen or as many as a hundred but what matter the number, she was a camp follower, a slut hadn’t her husband said as much!

But Ndebele’s followers knew nothing of the thoughts that were flowing through her fried brain and even if they had they could have cared less. Her small writhing white body, her labored oomph’s each time one of the pair of dark cocks forceful thrust into her were like a catalyst to them. Instead of slowing their pace, instead of prolonging their time with her they became even more savage, even more animalistic. As those that had satisfied themselves staggered from her cabin smiling others eager to replace them pushed their way eagerly into her cabin.

Incited as if with the blood lust of battle the new arrivals either not wanting or willing to wait twisted, turned her slight frame to best accommodate their intentions. Roughly pulling her upright she was made to straddle one native while a second pushed his cock into her mouth and yet a third drove his cock into her anus. At the sudden and unexpected invasion of her anus a tortured scream erupted from her throat despite it being filled with a bone hard throbbing cock. But there was no relenting, no reprieve from the attack.

As the crinkly puckered ring of her anus slowly, inexorably relented under the incessant pressure of the dark cock seeking entrance her slight frame jerked spasmodically and she bite down on the cock sawing rapidly into her mouth. Neither the screech of the native as he jerked from her mouth nor the hard blow to her face nearly knocking her from atop the one she was straddling pulled her lust scrambled brain from the searing pain permeating her ass.

Deeper, more in rhythm with the cock thrusting into her from below the one boring into her ass worked. With an inbreed knowledge she hadn’t been aware of she relaxed her sphincter muscles finding as she did so that except for the feeling that she needed to relieve her bowels the pain all but vanished. But she had no chance to dwell on her discovery as another cock, taking the place of the one she had bitten brushed over her face. Instinctively her lips parted welcoming the new cock into the warm wet cavern of her mouth.

Time rushed by for everyone but Miriam. To her, time which had been creeping by as two cocks had fucked her, had ceased to exist altogether upon the first of the many triple penetrations that followed during that night. Her body, no longer under control of a mind that thought reasonably, continuously quivered and jounced in wanton servitude and depravity with each new triple penetration of her person. It mattered not to her that on numerous occasions her ass hole but more often then not her cunt was used two cock’s simultaneously as she lovingly sucked and slurped on the countless cocks pushed between her lips.

She had no idea that as the last of Ndebele’s followers had pulled from her distended gaping holes after the long night that he had stood contemplatively over her still quivering form. She was never aware of how close she came to suffering the same fate as her husband. A man whose arrogance had not only witnessed the complete slaughter of his column and those he had left behind in the fort, but also the use of his wife by Ndebele. He was also witness to his wife’s all to willing use by dozens of other dark savages before his head was hacked from his shoulders. Ndebele himself had stuck the head on the left post of her footboard so the gruesome vestige’s sightless eyes could witness his wife’s willing, nay eager continuous repeated triple penetrations throughout the long night.

With a last look at her Ndebele sheathed his knife and strode from her cabin. Then he and the eighty seven surviving warriors that had attacked the fort as well as pleasured themselves through the long night and early morning with the Colonel’s wife faded into the savanna. Nine days later when a contingent of Royal Marines after a forced march of fifty some miles arrived at the fort they found Miriam sitting before the opened gates of the fort slowly fanning herself and staring vacantly out at the savanna. She only smiled at the officer before turning back and looking out at the vast grass land as he inquired what had happened.

– The End –