She was your best friend, Beth Ann. She had asked,
you had said yes….thoughtfully, but eagerly in your
mind. She had known you a long time, you were
comfortable with one another. She grew to know
your body, your mind, your fantasies, your
responses to her caresses. You were married, she
was not. But her touch was unlike anything you had
experienced with your husband, or any other man.

She finally confessed to you that she was a member
of a group…all women who enjoyed the touch and
mindful explorations of other women. Some were
married, some were not…that it was frankly
sexual…no pretenses, no hidden agendas. Were you
interested in meeting them, becoming a member?
The group admitted one new member per year, and
this time it was Beth Ann’s turn. She had chosen

The day arrived, and you were taken to the house,
and placed in a bedroom to await the presentation.
You were dressed in church clothes…prim blouse,
matching skirt, heels…bra…panties…thigh highs..
you detested pantyhose and never wore them…you
were wondering what to expect. Beth Ann had only
told you to expect to be a sex object, and it could get
pretty kinky. The only promise she had made to you
was that you would not be scarred or injured in any
way. That shouldn’t be taken to mean that nothing
they would do would hurt….just not injure you.

Then it was time…..Beth Ann knocked at the door,
and led you out. You stood in front of about ten
ladies of varying ages…from about 25 to about 55.
Beth Ann began by introducing you as Jean W., the
candidate for membership for 1999. An older lady
began by introducing herself (you didn’t remember
her name, time for names later) as the president of
the club, and asked you if you realized the purpose
of the club, and in order to become a member, you
had to prove to the group that you were interested in
their activities. You murmured softly … yes, as you
hung your head. You were told that you would be
asked questions which you must answer truthfully,
and would be used as a sex object. Did you
understand. You again murmured … yes. You
realized you were nervous, and could feel the
stiffening of your nipples and the wetness in your
pussy as you spoke.

The questions began.
How long have you been married?

ten years, you answered.

Do you love your husband?

yes, very much

Do you like fucking your husband?


Why are you here, then?

because the touch of a woman is different.
It’s hard to explain. But I know I enjoy both, and I
don’t want to substitute one for the other.

Does your husband know you like to have women?

yes, he knows.

And he doesn’t mind.

he says he doesn’t, and I believe him.

Do you play games with him?


What kind of games?

you flush with embarrassment…bondage games.

Do you fuck around with other men, or just women?

just one woman…Beth Ann…so far…no other men.

do you want to fuck other men?

I don’t know…perhaps…if it were the right man.

other women?

you hang your head shamefully….yes.

What do you like your husband to do to you when you

you hesitate….should you answer truthfully?? you decide
you should. I like him to suck my nipples really hard, to
squeeze them really hard till I get tears in my eyes, to
play with my pussy, stroking it, flicking my clit.

C’mon girl!!! You’re gonna have to do better than than!!
Do you like to feel his fingers in your pussy, in your asshole?
Do you like him to eat you out, stick his tongue in your pussy?
What are you NOT telling us???

I-I-I like him to finger my asshole, and eat me out at the same
time!! You are mortified…you never admitted that to anyone,
not even to Beth Ann!!! And now you were talking to a group
of strange women about your most sensitive secrets!! It’s like
you had no choice…you had agreed.

Much better!!!! Now, what do you like him to do when
you play bondage games??

You blush again! You knew what you liked, but to
be made to tell them… took a deep breath….
I like him to tie me spread-eagle and torment me till I

Torment you how. BE SPECIFIC!!! I’m losing my
patience with you!!

Her stern words shocked you, and you stammered
again….I-I-like him to tickle me, pinch me, spank
and crop my tits, put clips on my nipples and…
and…you know…down there…


On-on-m-my genitalia….

The room was full of giggles….

What do you think this is, a medical convention??!!
Where do you like them???

O-on my pu-pussy!! You blushed again.

Describe your pussy for us, Jean. In detail.

This took you completely by surprise….you looked
down as if to get a view, but knew you were still
clothed. You had looked in the mirror a million
times, but to put it into words…to a room full of

Well, I’m not shaved, but I keep the hair very
closely trimmed…he likes it that way….the inner
lips stick out below my outer lips, and you can
always see my clit peeking out. There is a little
triangle at the top of my legs,, and my pussy is
always visible through it, either in front or back.

When I get excited, I make a lot of juices, and my clit
swells up to nearly twice normal size, and gets REALLY

MUCH BETTER!!! Describe your tits now.

Well, they are small, about 34 B, or 35 B, depending on
the bra, very well formed, don’t sag at all, and the nipples
stick well out away from the tits, kinda like twin cones on
twin cones….very pink!! VERY SENSITIVE!!

You know you shouldn’t be telling this, that you feel you
will find it used somehow, but you also feel compelled…..

Very good, Jean. Now strip for us, please, completely
naked….and do it slowly, like you would do a striptease
for your husband.

The sternness of the command again takes you aback. STRIP!
No one has ever seen you naked except for your husband and
Beth Ann, and certainly not a roomful of strange women. You
had expected to BE stripped and played with…you were
looking forward to it…but to have to do it yourself….that
added a new dimension to your humiliation!!

Someone put on some jazzy music….music to strip by…
and they watched you… wondered where to begin…
You decided to begin with the blouse…so you started to do
a little dance…moving your knees, wiggling your hips…
not really all that seductively….unbuttoning one button,
then another…


Startled again, you pick up the tempo, and begin to realize
that you have their rapt attention….the blouse is pulled
from your skirt, and all the buttons are undone. You
slowly slide the blouse from your shoulders, and dance
in your bra. Shoes are next…simply kicked off toward a
far corner of the room….then your fingers play at the
button holding the hem of your skirt, slowly unbuttoning
it up the side….flashing leg higher and higher, until the
only remaining button is the waistband, and suddenly, the
skirt is in the floor, and you are dancing in bra, panties,
thigh highs only. The room begins to clap in rhythm to
the music, encouraging you to go on…..

Your hands reach behind your back, and undo the eyehooks
of your bra. You hold it on with first the right, then the left
hand as you remove the straps from your shoulders, and
slowly let it fall, tossing it to your shoes in the corner.
Then you go to an ottoman, and sit on the edge, lifting
first one leg, then the other, rolling the thigh highs down
each leg, and they soon join the other clothes in the corner
as well. You get back up and resume dancing….wanting
to delay the inevitable as long as possible…you are
wearing only your thong panties now. As you dance,
you are aware of the sight you present….firm asscheeks
and pert tits bouncing as you gyrate to the music.

The cheers turn to jeers as they sense your delay…they
shout PUSSY!! PUSSY!! WE WANT PUSSY!! and you
flush in renewed embarrassment! You feel like a whore
in a titty bar!!

If they want a show, you’ll give them a show!!! Slowly,
your thumbs hook into the waistband of your panties, and
they slide seductively down, down, down your hips. Just
as they reach the top of your pubic hair, you turn away
from the audience, wiggling your hips seductively as the
thong strap snaps out from the crack of your ass, and
moves to your knees, showing your pussy to the assembly
from between your legs as you bend over to remove the
panties from around your ankles and toss them into the

You turn around, one arm across your breasts, and the
other hand over your pussy. The music stops, and so
do you.


You comply, blushing all over, or so it feels. You
feel a little trickle of your pussy juice run down one
leg…you hope no one notices…..


You comply.

Come ON!!!! WIDER!!!!

You comply again, but wonder how you will get
them any wider if this is not enough…you are sure your
pussy is gaping……

Come over here and lie on the ottoman for us, Jean, on
your back, please.

You go to the ottoman where you sat to remove your hose,
and lie on your back. It is short. Your head is off one end,
and your butt just barely is on the other edge.

Let your head fall back, and spread your pussy lips for us.

You die of embarrassment, but you comply. One pussy
lip is held between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and
you spread your pussy lips apart, showing your clit and inner
walls clearly.

Now get up and get on your hands and knees on the floor!!

You comply again.

Shoulders to the floor!! Ass in the air!! Get it up!! Spread
your knees WIDE APART!!!

You comply. You are certain that your blush will NEVER
go away!!!

Now, spread your asscheeks apart, and show us your

You hesitate, and feel someone swiftly give you two
slaps on each asscheek before you can even think about it!!
You fall forward on your stomach on the carpet, and instinctively
bring your hands to your ass to rub the cheeks!!!

Move your hands, and get that ass back up!! Show us your
asshole!! NOW!!!

This time you do not hesitate!! You spread your cheeks wide
for all to see.

Margie, you may examine her.

You hear the snap of a rubber glove, and you know what is
to come!! But you do not move….you feel the two fingers
slide into your pussy, out and down, across your clit, and
back into your pussy again….back and forth, in and out.
You can’t help but begin to respond, as much as it
embarrasses you….your body just lets its reflexes take over,
and a moan escapes your lips.

Then, as the twin fingers work their way up and down, in and
out, you feel the nudging of something…a thumb you guess…
at the entrance to your ass, and before you can react, you feel
it enter you to the knuckle, and you feel the beginnings of a
warm climax begin to build…..and then it stops…!!!!!

Tie her to the coffee table, you know how.

Arms are over you, lifting you to your feet, carrying you across
the room, on your back…arms bound down to the legs of the
table, feet drawn back to your shoulders and tied to the same legs
as your hands, another strap across your hips, holding them
down to the table, and tied to the legs at the other end of the
table. Your head again falls off the end of the table, and your
ass is slightly in the air, but bound tightly so it can’t move.
You have never been so exposed, so vulnerable, so helpless
so excited about what might happen. You are blindfolded.

Jean, I want you to beg us to suck your clit and tits!

You feel totally humiliated, but you hear yourself uttering,
P-Please eat my pussy… p-please suck my clit and tits!!

You feel a mouth begin to nibble at your clit, and stroke
your slit up and down, nudging its way under the hood
of the swollen nubbin, and back down. You feel a wet
tongue slide into your vagina, flicking, driving you crazy
with desire….and then you hear the next command…

Jean, beg us to fuck you with the vibrator in your pussy
and your ass.

Unable to stop, you comply meekly, and you feel the
huge dildo vibrator enter your cunt, and then it is
turned on…..the sensation is dramatic…and then you
feel the smaller one pushing through your anal sphincter
up into you, and it too is turned on. Twin pillar filling
you, vibrating you though both holes at once so that
you think your teeth will shatter, and then you feel
something totally unexpected…..!!!! When the
pussy vibrator is pushed all the way in, another vibrator…
probably an extension of some sort….hits you directly on
the clit, and sends you into a new height of overwhelming

DO NOT CUM!!! The words cause you to lose some
of your excitement, but the eager vibrators keep up their
relentless attack on your pussy and ass and clit!!!

Beg me to let you eat my cunt!!

Now you felt complete humiliation!! You were tied
to a table in front of a group of strange women. You had
answered embarrassing questions about your sex life and
body, had stripped voluntarily before them….seductively,
allowed them to inspect your most sensitive recesses, and
had now allowed them to use you as a sex plaything…BUT
to BEG to eat another woman’s pussy in front of the
group!!!! You had only done that in private with Beth
Ann. You could only imagine her watching, blushing
with you … but you know you have no choice….

P-Please, may I eat your cunt??

You hear the rustle of someone getting to their knees,
and you feel the moist hairs of a woman’s slit cover your
mouth and nose. You move so that you can breathe, and
begin lapping vigorously, as you again feel the warmth
of sex slowly begin to take over your senses…


You have no doubt that she isn’t bluffing, and you do your
best to quell the rising tide in your, and concentrate on your
task at hand….or tongue. You suck the nub, slide your tongue
up and down the slit, swirl it around and inside the hood of the
clit, and you hear her breathing quicken, but you know it
is useless in the end….the vibrators are unrelenting…and, even
though she is near, you are nearer, and before you know it,
you are bucking uncontrollably in your bonds, having one,
then, two, then three shattering climaxes, totally ignoring
your other task….

So be it, then, Jean….we will flog your pussy with the short
whip until you make her cum!!

There is no wait….you try to protest…to tell her you are
FAR too sensitive down there…but there is no time…You
feel the first sting of the flogger on your right labia, then
the left, your noises are smothered by a wet pussy and
the musky odor…and you know you have no choice but to
resume. The flogging continues….and the pain is nearly
unbearable….the third strike hits you squarely in the slit,
across your clit, and moist center…and your tongue whips
into a frenzy of renewed activity. The flogging continues
for what seems like an agonizing eternity, until you at last
hear the gasps and moans of pleasure escaping from your
charge’s mouth, and feel the unmistakable shuddering of
a climax.

And everything stops, and you are released.

Congratulations, Jean. You are a new member. Don’t feel
that you will be the subject each time. The responsibility rotates,
and there is a new initiate each year, also. So you will be on the
giving end far more than the receiving end. You may, however
request to receive at any time you wish.

You wonder silently to yourself what they will do to you
next month when you request to receive?? Beth Ann looks
into your eyes and knows immediately what you are thinking,
and smiles.

The End