I have an online slave who has been away from home on business. She and her female business associate, who knows all about niki’s submissive role to me, and who helps in my absence, are to leave for the airport to return home after completing their business. This is the account from both of them regarding the rather interesting ride to the airport some forty miles away from the town in which they were staying.


Subj: Re: Niki’s trip

Date: 96-07-11 23:42:35 EDT

From: RosieRose

To: LineMstr


The ride to the airport was a contest to see if I could get us to the airport before she got all your tasks done. I almost won.

She thought I was being considerate when I suggested she wait until we get on the highway. What I wanted was to be able to drive in traffic as she struggled with her clothes. She did just like you told her, locking one cuff on as the other end hung free, taking off her vest and putting it in her lap. She was intent on putting on the nipple clamps (and who could blame her!) when I speeded up and swerved toward a truck. She gasped slid all over the seat (now mind you she had to take her seat belt off, so she had nothing to hold on to). Then she looked up right into the face of the truck driver! Both just stared for a second. Then he recovered and tried to come after us. It was the ride to the mall all over again. Well, she finished, put the vest back on, and locked the dangling cuff to her free hand. Now the hard part and the fun began!

She really could not balance with her hands cuffed, so she had to lossen her pants and work them down her hips, and then raise her hips up using her head and neck for balance. Well, I took this as a signal to start my swerving action to get the attention of the other drivers. Now, her balance was precarious at best without her seat belt, and with her hands cuffed. She did not have a chance in easily getting her pants down. She now realized the challenge, and her determined look appeared. I couldn’t help it, and I started to laugh as we swerved along the highway, her naked hips going up and down as she tried to put in the butt plug and dildo and replace her pants. I am sure she gave quite a show. I just sorry it wasn’t rush hour!

She finished just as we drove into the car rental place. I unlocked the cuffs as she got out to get the equipment from the trunk and straighten her jeans. The check-in attendent looked her over. I am sure she was wondering what Niki had been doing (if she only knew) and then stopped and stared at the cuffs hanging from one wrist. She did just as you instructed her, taking the cuffs and clamps off in the public restroom without going into a stall, going through the metal detector, and replacing the clamps in another rest room without going into a stall, before we boarded the plane. She just could not wear the cuffs on on the plane and I did not push her on this (this warranted a punishment later — LineMstr). We got to Dallas and Judy was there to meet us. She wants to know all about our trip and see and hear about niki’s transformation. We went to the nearest restroom so niki could show her the clamps and rings, much to Judy’s delight. The only time I saw any discomfort cross her face was when Judy gave Niki a big hug and I am sure Niki felt every bit of it in her nipples!

Niki made the mistake of calling the office, so, of course, her boss wanted to see her! So Judy and I dropped her off at work, and the last I knew, she still had the clamps on and the dildo and plug in. I give her credit. She really did rise to the challenge.


Subj: this morning

Date: 96-07-11 23:04:32 EDT

From: nikgirl

To: LineMstr


Rosie, along with everything else, is a true morning sadist! She never made the time change, and refuses to understand it is an hour earlier than at home. i am not a morning person at all, which i think we have established in a previous letter. Anyway, she got up and read your instructions on how i was to go to the airport, and then tries to get me up by turning on the lights, radio, and TV. there was no relief! We have a lot to pack, so i got up and read your mail to see how i am to travel to the airport. According to your instructions i am to wear only jeans, panties, and my denim vest. i am to be naked under the vest, except for nipple clamps. Now here was your evil creative mind at work…i was to sit in the front seat, lock my handcuffs on one wrist, leaving the other cuff to dangle, take the vest completely off, apply the nipple clamps, put the vest back on, lock the other cuff on my free wrist with my hands in front, completely remove my jeans and panties, insert the butt plug, then insert the dildo, and then replace my jeans.

Well, Rosie didn’t think i could do it all in the front seat of a car going 60-70mph…and believe me she did everything so i would have the most difficulty. She was having too much fun. We got the car packed and set off to the airport. She said i should wait until we got on the interstate…i thought she was being nice…how did i know it was so she could drive like a manic and show me to every male driver she could find??!! As we got out on the highway, i locked one cuff on my left wrist and took off the vest and put it on my knees. I began to apply the clamps. Well, i was not looking were she was driving, and i looked up to see her swerve close to an 18-wheeler. The driver looked down to see, and he almost lost control of the truck and starts to give chase to the car! Oh, of course Rosie was just getting warmed up. i got the vest back on, told Rosie to slow down, and locked the other cuff on my right wrist. Now i had to take my jeans and panties off to place the butt plug and dildo in. i have to raise my hips up in the air, keeping my neck rigid for balance, since normally i would use one hand to balance myself while i took my pants off with the other. Well, every time i raised my hips, Rosie took that as a signal to start a kamikaze attack on what ever truck or car was near her! This caused me to lose my balance and have to start over, with her laughing hysterically as i sprawled all over the front seat. i started to laugh as well, as all the traffic started to speed up with us and stare! my only saving grace is that it was not quite rush hour….

Finally i was able to complete the insertion of both the dildo and butt plug, and get my pants back on as we drove into the rental car return. She was right–i almost didn’t get it all done…

Your ever obedient slave

The End