He opened the bathroom door, expecting to find Angie already lounging
in a tub full of steaming hot, oil-scented water. Instead, Vic was
shocked to see his sister sitting on the toilet, naked.

She looked up quickly, an expression of surprise on her face. Then she
smiled at him. “Come on in. I know what you want.”

Vic stepped into the bathroom and shut the door. “Sorry. I thought
you’d already be in the tub.”

She shrugged her bare shoulders and reached for a few squares of toilet
paper. “I’m just about to be.”

“I’m surprised the door wasn’t locked.”

She wiped herself dry, then dropped the toilet paper into the bowl
beneath her as she stood. She made no attempt to hide her nudity from
him. “Why bother? You’d just tap on the door till I opened it for you.
Just like I did to you that night you came to me in my room.”


She flushed. “Since that night you came into my room and made me get
off in front of you, I’ve not even been locking doors.”

“That was four months ago already. Time flies, huh?”

“Yeah. I does.” She stepped into the bath, stirring it with her foot.
The lavender-scented steam that rose from the water hung heavily in the
air of the small room. “Have a seat.” She pointed to the toilet.

Obediently, Vic put the lid down and sat, looking at her as she eased
herself slowly down into the fragrant water. “You’ve gotten much more
at ease with this.”

She sat and smiled at him. “Like I keep telling you, it’s not so bad.”
She spread her legs apart, putting one foot up on the side of the
large, porcelain tub. Stroking her clitoris with gentle motions, barely
touching her flesh, she watched him. “You know what? I nearly made it
really bad for you.” She laughed and glanced away before turning her
gaze to him once more. “In hindsight, I’m very glad I didn’t.”

Vic frowned, watching her tease her swelling clit. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve got something in my room that I bought for you. At the adult
bookstore you like to shop at so much.”

“You actually went in there?”

She nodded. “I wasn’t comfortable in there, with all the guys staring
at me, knowing what they thought about me and wanted to do to me. But,
yeah, I went in. And I bought a toy for you.”

He hesitated a moment, then asked, “What kind?”

“A slim little vibrator.”

His frown deepened. “You mean you were actually going to make me-”

“Fuck your tight little ass with it in front of me. Yes. In a variety
of positions, too. I thought it’d be a lot of fun. But I was nice to
you and never gave it to you.”

Still frowning, he said, “Thank you.”

She nodded. “I thought you’d be relieved that I didn’t. But you had a
close call there, little brother. Several, actually. I was also going
to take you out to some public place in the middle of the afternoon,
but when there wasn’t anyone else around to see you, and make you whack
your pud for me then and there, too.”

Vic’s stomach tightened into an icy knot with the very thought of doing
what she was suggesting. “You’re lucky you didn’t.”

Laughing, she replied, “I know. You’d’ve made me do the same.”

He nodded. “Or worse.”

Her sculpted eyebrows arched subtly, but she refrained from asking what
would be worse.

Vic was glad since he had no idea himself. He looked from her face to
her spread cooze, really looking at her snatch for the first time since
he walked in on her. He was stunned to see it bare and devoid of any
trace of hair. “You shaved,” he said softly.

She rubbed her hand over the bare flesh that had, last he’d known,
sported a neatly-trimmed patch of pubic hair. “I did, yes. I started
doing that about two months ago. I like it better this way.”

“Me, too. It’s nice.”

Angie returned to stroking her engorged clit, using one long fingernail
to ease back the hood of flesh that covered it, baring it for him to
see. “So does Daniel.”

Vic’s eyebrows shot up, but he said nothing.

She nodded. “First time he saw it, he very nearly came without me even
touching him. And he went down on me for such a long time that I had
four orgasms before he even slid into me for the first time.”

“I can’t believe you’re telling me this.”

She shrugged, the motion sending ripples through the bathwater. “We
don’t seem to have any secrets left between us, little brother. And you
know something? I like that.
If it’s okay with you, I want to keep it that way.”

Watching her, not vocalizing a reply, he simply nodded.

“I’m serious,” she went on. “I think this whole thing has brought us
closer. I’m glad I walked in on you that night and caught you jerking
off to that magazine. And I’m glad you put that spy camera in my room
and recorded Daniel and I having sex.”

“Me, too,” he said softly, watching her busy fingers tend to her love

“I’m glad you’re my brother, Vic. I don’t say that often enough, but I

He tore his gaze from her pussy and looked into her eyes, seeing
nothing but open love and honesty mirrored there. He smiled. “And I’m
very glad you’re my big sister, Angie. I don’t say that often enough,
either, but I am.”

She smiled and closed her eyes. “This is going to be intense.”

“Good thing we’re alone in the house, then.”

“Very. Still, we haven’t got all evening. I suppose I’d better get on
with it, huh?”


Without another word, Angie began rubbing her exposed clit faster and
with more pressure. The hand that had been holding the fleshy hood out
of her way caressed its way up her naked, wet body to flit from breast
to breast, touching each nipple lightly. Before long she began to

“How does that feel?” Vic whispered, leaning closer.

“Mmmm ”

He smiled. “Good?”


“Really good?”




“It looks good.”

“Does it?”

“Very good.”

Her eyes still closed in bliss, she smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” She
rubbed her clit and nipples faster and harder. “Oh!”

“You’re about to cum.” It wasn’t a question.


“Cum for me!”


“Cum for me, Angie!”

“Um-huh!” Her hips were bucking, her head thrashing from side to side,
her eyes squeezed tightly shut. “Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck, yes! Oh!
Oh! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, fuck,
yes!” Her back arched, nearly leaving the water. Musky juice ran from
her pulsing pink, swollen¬† twat in a small river. “Fuck! Fuck! Oh! Oh,
fuck, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck, Vic! I’m cumming for you! I’m
cumming! Fuck! Oh! Oh! I’m cumming for you, Vic! Watch me cum for you!
Fuck, yes! Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck, yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Oh, fuck!”

Vic watched her spasm with pleasure, listened to her ragged breathing
hitch with each word she spoke to him, smelled the intense aroma of her
woman-musk as her pussy drooled vast amounts of juice, adding her own
scent to that of the bath oils. His cock swelled in his pants until he
was in pain. He shifted position, trying to give his erection more
room. Nothing helped.

At last, spent and exhausted, Angie collapsed back into the water,
splashing scented liquid over the side and onto the floor. Vic leapt up
and grabbed a towel, sopping up the mess for her.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“No problem.” He continued to clean up for her.

She laughed. “Not just for what you’re doing, silly. Thank you for
watching me cum.”

He stopped and straightened, staring at her.

She reached out a dripping hand to grasp his own. “I’ve liked
masturbating for you, Vic. Even that first time  When you showed me
that video I was so pissed at the time I wanted to kill you. And then
when you made me take off my clothes and lie on your bed and cum for
you, the unexpected humiliation of that compiled with the anger I was
feeling. At the time, it was not a good experience. But afterwards
Wow! Vic, for days that was all I could think about – how you, my own
little brother, had forced me to strip naked and masturbate in front of
you. Every time I thought about I’d get so desperately horny that I’d
have to cum. And after a few times, I started wishing you were there to
watch me again. And I started looking forward to the next time you came
to collect part of your payment, as you’d called it.”

Vic stared at her, mortified. “You’re saying you like what I’ve been
making you do?”

Her hand tightened on his. “I’ve enjoyed it a lot, Vic. Thank you.” She
grinned broadly. “And, judging from the bulge in the front of your
pants, I’m guessing you’ve liked watching me as much as I’ve liked
having you to watch me.”

Horrorstruck, Vic glanced down at his crotch. His erection had not
subsided in the least. If anything, it had grown larger. It was
straining against the front of his blue jeans as if it were about to
tear free of its cloth confines and salute the world. He dropped the
soaked bath towel to the floor, yanked his hand from hers and fled the
bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

He ran to his bedroom, locking the door securely behind him. “What the
fuck has she done?” he whispered, stripping himself naked. “I shouldn’t
be turned on by my own sister!” His shaft pulsed quickly, matching
rhythm with his heartbeat. Clear pre-cum dripped and drooled from the
purple head. He began to stroke his prick quickly, desperate to cum,
yes nauseous at the cause of that need.

Within a few moments, a long rope of thick, white cream spouted from
his painfully swollen cock, arcing through the air and landing on the
floor. Vic groaned with lust and pleasure at the feeling, rubbing his
tight nipples with his other hand, jerking faster, not even trying to
catch the other two wads of cum that shot from his cock afterwards.