You rolled me over on my stomach and pulling me up by my hair, Up on all fours my little bitch. Hand me your chain as well. I handed the ring of my choke chain over my shoulder to you. You released my hair, pulling the chain taut. You slid your hand between my legs and slapped my thighs. Spread your legs for me. I slid my knees further apart. You ran your nails over my engorged outer lips gently, teasingly. Then roughly grabbed my mound, pulling downward, and twisting a little. I half moaned and half yelped. You gave my chain a tug as you grabbed my clit, pinching it between your fingers. Spread your ass for me. I rested my chest on the pillows and reached back to spread my ass open for you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Wider” You said, as you smacked my cunt in short stingy slaps. My clit started enlarging, my lips were getting hot, and every inch of my pussy was convulsing. You slipped a finger in deep, saturating it. Then rubbing my juices over my ass hole, slowly sliding your finger deep in my ass and out again. Finally, I was moaning out loud and half panting. Mmm, you are such a hot little bitch. The juices are just running down your thighs. You like it when I play with your ass, fingering it deeply. I bet you are wishing that was my cock in your little ass, stretching it wider and going deeper. I moaned at the idea.

Not yet my pet. Put your hands back up to balance yourself. I crossed my arms under my chest as you yanked on my chain to raise me back up some. I felt the tip of your cock at my pussies entrance. You were sliding just the head in and out, teasing me, while you fingered my asshole. Oh, my Master! Yes my little slut? You want your Masters cock don’t you? Oh, yes sir, I want it, I need it I bet you do. You want to be fucked good and hard don’t you? You want me to treat you like a little slut, huh? Yes sir You do? Yes sir.

I can’t tell, you better ask me right, beg for it bitch, beg to be fucked hard and treated like a little slut. Oh please Master, fuck me, fuck me hard. Treat me like your little slut. Ram it deep into me. Only you can please me sir. Please fill my cunt with your cum. I want to feel you cum inside me. My pussy is so wet. It s craving your cock. I need you so much. I m such a fucking slut please sir, I need you to treat me like your slut. Maybe I’ll get online and get a guy to come over so we can both fuck you. Let you suck us both hard. You can get on top of my cock while he slides his dick in your ass. I want to watch your face while you have two guys fucking you, stuffing you from the front and back. Do you want both holes to be used? Yes, Sir, I would love to have both holes filled. I want to feel full. I want you to use my body to please you. You slammed it into to me to the hilt. Then pulled almost all the way out and slammed in again. My body lunged forward with each thrust. I screamed in ecstasy. I was almost in tears from the pleasure of it as you continued this pattern. Pulling out unexpectedly, you smacked my pussy hard several times. Then you retrieved several clamps from the drawer and attached them to my slick outer labia. The flails of the flogger wisped across my back, ass, and thighs. I moaned as the intensity increased. My mind started to spin as the pleasure swept over my body. I could feel you pulling my cunt open wide by the clamps. I cringed a little at the sharp pain shooting through my genitals. First two fingers slipped in and then all four. They pumped in and out of me, yanking hard on the clamps. I moaned and screamed as the orgasm racked through my body. You started fucking me hard and fast, slamming it deep in my cunt. I heard you grunt and your body stiffened as you erupted inside of me. You rested back on your heels for a second to catch your breath, as I let myself sprawl across the bed on my stomach. Did I tell you to lay down slut? you asked sternly. No, Sir, I replied, getting back to my knees.

Turn around and face me. I moved to comply. I was surprised to notice your member was still stiff and rigid. You kneeled up and shoved your shaft in my mouth. Now, lick it clean bitch. Suck our juices off of it, you said, grabbing my hair for leverage. I licked around the edge of it s head, delved deep into it s little slit, slowly licked the sides, and then sucked it deep into my mouth. I meticulously slurped the jizz from your member, careful not to miss a drop. Moaning, I lapped up the small puddle at its base and down your balls and gingerly sucked them into my mouth for a thorough cleaning.

That’s right, don’t miss a drop. Oh yeah, that feels great. I love your well-trained mouth. The sensation is exquisite. I flicked my tongue up your shaft and took your full length deep in my mouth again, moaning around it. To my amazement, your rod grew harder in my mouth. You slammed it down my throat several times before pulling it out with a loud pop. Grabbing my neck, you pushed me down to the mattress and positioned yourself behind me. You rammed your rod deep into my pussy several times. I felt the head of your cock on my anal opening, your thumbs on either side, spreading it open for your invasion. Using my juices as lubrication, you gently slid in, stretching the tight ring around the thick mushroom. I moaned as you filled the canal, digging into my body. You slowly pumped in and out of my ass. I buck back against you to meet your thrusts. We both panted and moaned as the friction and heat built. You hung onto my hips, your nails digging into my flesh, and impaling me on your cock. You grunted from behind me as you pulled all the way out and plunged back in. I moaned and screamed into the mattress. My pussy and ass convulsed as my climax ripped through me. Turn around here and lay down, you gasped, stroking your slick shaft. I stretched out, watching you straddle my stomach, and stoking it. Your stride quickened and your load splashed across my chest and face. I rubbed it into my chest playing with my nipples. Setting back on your heels again you said, You are a good little slut. Now it is time for my shower. Go start my water.

The End