I had been going with Vanessa for almost a year and knew she was into “kinky” and liked to try new sexual adventures. When she was in just the right mood, she liked to be bound and mildly tortured. Not any real pain, but just enough discomfort to remind her that she had given me complete control of her body.

She said she hated it when I would bring her tightly bound (and sometimes gagged) body to the edge of orgasm and then stop but I knew she didn’t want me to stop doing it as a part of our “play”.

We had set up a Master/slave part of our sex life and she loved being dominated from time to time and “forced” to do things the “real” Vanessa would never do. I introduced her to anal sex that way and it soon became a part of our “normal” sex life as well.

Vanessa was a stunning brunette of 28 with long hair (to her waist) and brilliant green eyes that flashed fire if I went beyond what she was prepared for. I always took that look as a signal to back off and build her up a little more before going ahead with whatever it was I wanted her to do. Her body can only be described as “perfect”. She tended to think of her shape as “too hippy”, but it seemed just right to me. At five feet, one, and 105 pounds, she was certainly petit and her 34-22-35 figure made her look like a miniature centerfold. In fact, she often got modeling proposals from local agencies and photographers and took a few jobs modeling sports clothes and swimsuits. I always got a big kick out of seeing her in an ad or catalog when I didn’t expect it. Her breasts were full without being too big for her small body and her vagina was as tight as it could be and still allow entry.

She was lying on her back on the soft carpet of her livingroom floor and I was kneeling by her head as she gave me some of her very special brand of fellatio. Her mouth was quite small and when she sucked me her lips drew out to thin lines around my cock. She used her tongue constantly and usually tried to get as much of my member into the small cavity as possible but with only limited success (I am rather well endowed). When her Collie “Red” walked between her legs and began to lick at her spread pussy, I expected her to stop and shoo him away but to my great surprise she kept sucking and handling my cock and balls almost as though nothing unusual was happening. I could tell, however, that the dog was having an effect on Vanessa and her hips began to rotate and thrust in response to the rough lapping of his tongue. For some reason, the sight of Vanessa being aroused by her dog triggered my pent up orgasm and I began to come hard into her sucking mouth. She gulped and swallowed and milked me with her hands until I was completely spent and, with my softening cock still in her sucking mouth, she reached her climax and moaned loudly as she came.

Later, she said Red had never done anything like that before but it sure felt wonderful. I pointed out that Red had seemed to enjoy it too but certainly not to the extent that Vanessa had.

She looked at me questioningly and said, “What do you mean?” I said that Red hadn’t come and that really didn’t seem very fair.

She was very quiet for a few minutes and I could tell she was mulling over what I had said. Suddenly, she assumed the submissive posture we often used when she wanted to be controlled; on her knees with her head bowed and her hands clasped behind her back. This was her signal to me that this was something she could only do at my direction. I knew she was curious but bestiality was well outside the realm of the “real” Vanessa. “slave” Vanessa, however, would refuse nothing required by her Master.

I called Red to stand before her and instructed her to stroke the dogs genitals and try to arouse him. I petted Red as she did as I instructed and at first, he didn’t seem to get the idea at all.

He stood and enjoyed my stroking but seemed unaware of the different kind of stroking he was getting from his mistress.

Vanessa looked at me and said nothing was happening so I suggested that, perhaps, she wasn’t using the right kind of stimulation. She pretended not to know what I meant so I said that her hands were dry and might not provide the kind of touch that would get Red’s attention. She looked into my eyes and said, “Do you want me to use my mouth?” I smiled at her and said, “Those lips of yours can stiffen a noodle, my dear. I think you should give it a try.”

Slowly, she lay down and slid her head beneath Red’s rear quarters. I lay down on the other side of the dog to observe and she slid back the hairy outer sheath with her hand to reveal the red tip of his penis. Tentatively, she raised her head and allowed her soft lips to enclose the red flesh as she flicked her tongue against it lightly. When she lowered her head again, it was clearly extended a little further and I said, “Now, you seem to be getting somewhere. I think you should continue.” “This is so depraved.”, she said with a little giggle, and thrust out her tongue to further tease the animal into erection. When his cock was out about three inches, she gently drew it between her lips and began a light sucking. Red was starting to squirm around and hump against her lips as she sucked and I had her get up and kneel on the carpet. I directed Red to a position behind her and he licked her wet pussy wildly. Then, I raised his front paws and placed them on Vanessa’s back. He got the idea almost immediately and started thrusting between her legs. Her vagina was clearly not where he expected it to be and he was nudging against the rosebud of her anus so I reached between them and “lowered his sights” a little so that he slid between her wet lips and entered her pussy.

Vanessa said she could hardly feel his tiny cock and he kept slipping out, so I took some of the fluid dripping from the lower part of her pussy and applied it liberally to her anus, sliding my finger in to the first knuckle. She gasped and turned to look in my eyes, realizing what I had in mind. “slave” Vanessa could not, of course, refuse, but the “real” Vanessa might take control. She didn’t. I repositioned Red for entry into her well lubricated ass and he thrust forward and entered her immediately.

Vanessa lowered her beautiful head to the floor and groaned, “Oh God! This feels so weird!” I had her describe for me how it felt to have the dog’s thin prick sliding in and out of her ass and she made the description as “dirty” as possible using words and images that only the “slave” Vanessa would consider so as to heighten her feeling of submission.

When I thought Red was close to his climax, I said, “Now, suck him off.” Without hesitation, Vanessa pulled free of the small cock and rolled onto her back as I guided the, still thrusting, Red up her body until his stiff red rod (now, almost 4 inches long) reached her lips. She put her arms around his hips and drew him into her mouth, allowing him to fuck her tightly pursed lips. After a few seconds, the dog let out a small “yelp” and I was sure he was releasing his sperm into Vanessa’s mouth. She held him tightly between her lips until he was finished and when she pulled her head away, Red scampered off and she opened her mouth to show me the small pool of white liquid on her tongue.

Before she swallowed, I noted that it was much thinner than human sperm and she told me that it had a more bitter taste than mine but was really not unpleasant.

While the “real” Vanessa pretended that the incident never happened, the “slave” Vanessa told me how kinky she felt knowing that she had done something none of her friends would even consider. She talked about her sex with a dog often and convinced me that several repeat performances were in order.

Finally, I told her we should videotape her with Red. She seemed very reluctant and I encouraged her to talk about her feelings.

At last, she admitted that she would like to watch herself with Red but was terrified that anyone else might someday see the tape. I told her that she would keep the only copy in her possession and could erase it any time she wanted and she got very excited by the idea. We made the tape a few days later and she went out of her way to give the performance of her life and make sure the camera caught everything. She even pulled Red from her lips as he came and let the cum fall on her lips and cheek.

Later, she gave me that tape (and several others) as a “gift of trust” with the understanding that no one would ever see it but me. I have kept that trust.

Meanwhile, I had managed to locate a man who ran a small farm (alone) and convince him to rent me his barnyard for some “research” while he was out tending his fields. He went out to work the fields at about seven in the morning, returned to the house for lunch from noon until one (precisely) and went back to the fields until six. I took the “real” Vanessa there one afternoon for a picnic and she explored the possibilities with a ram, a goat and a huge (in more ways than one) Labrador Retriever. By this time, she didn’t bother to put on her “slave” persona but had sex in every way imaginable with the animals while I taped everything for her growing collection. She told me about how different each animal’s cum tasted and felt and how hard the ram felt in her ass when he pushed all the way in.

There were a few horses boarded at the farm but all were mares or geldings and I didn’t think she could do much with anything that size but masturbation. She watched them with interest and I could tell it was running through her mind even though neither of us mentioned it. One day, when we got to the farm, there was a new horse and a pony in two of the stalls that had previously been empty. The horse was a stallion and the pony was also a fully equipped male and I knew from the way Vanessa looked at them that she wanted to “try everything”. When John came in for lunch, he told us that the stallion and pony were being “let out to stud” and would only be boarding with him for a few weeks.

John’s tractor had no sooner rounded the barn than Vanessa was in the stallion’s stall stroking his strong back and removing her clothes. When she was naked, she climbed up on his back and lay down to slide her breasts and pussy around his shiny hair.

Fortunately, he was very gentle (having been ridden for two years) and didn’t mind her being on his back, but I warned her that an animal so big could easily hurt or kill her without intending to. She promised to be more careful and went to the pony to examine his genitals. She knelt beside him and slid back the sheath of his cock. It appeared to be about an inch to an inch and a half across and seemed to have the potential for substantial extension.

Next, Vanessa returned to the stallion and checked his “equipment” as well. He was securely tethered in the stall but he danced around a bit as her hands went to work trying to bring forth his erection. After a few minutes, she had coaxed about four or five inches of his penis out of the sheath and it was at least two inches across. She leaned down (staying well clear of his hind legs) and took what she could into her mouth. Due to it’s girth, she could only manage two or three inches of the end and her mouth was stretched as wide as I had ever seen it at that. Of course, I was taping all of this and she turned to me and the camera with a truly wicked smile on her face. “I want this one.”, she said. I laughed and said she was a dreamer, but the pony was a possibility. Then I suggested she at least finish what she had started and she immediately returned to stroking and sucking the stallion’s firm pole into her mouth.

She stopped again and said she wanted the horse to fuck her. I told her she couldn’t get under either of these large animals safely, but I would try to come up with a scheme to make it possible and safe for another day. Satisfied with that for now, she took him back in her mouth and worked his shaft (now, at least 12 inches long) until he began to come in torrents. Her mouth was flooded at once and she was forced to release him to come all over her face, neck and breasts. His cum overflowed her mouth and dripped down her chin as she swallowed what she could and gasped for air. The stallion came for at least twenty seconds and at one point, his rear legs seemed to buckle slightly and I started to pull her clear, but he regained his footing and she continued to bathe in the horse’s hot semen. When he was finally done, she released her grasp on his receding member and walked out to lie in the warm sun, still drenched in his seed. I followed her with the camera and recorded as her hands roamed through the sperm covering her lovely body. I thought about how tiny her body looked beside this massive beast and was convinced she would never be able to handle an organ of that size in her tight vagina.

Two days later, we returned to the farm at about eight in the morning, after John had gone out to the fields. I rigged a strong sling under the pony that would support his weight and found a long crate that was just the right height for Vanessa to lie beneath the pony on several blankets we had brought along.

With her “bed” prepared, Vanessa began preparing the pony with her (by now) expert hands and mouth. When she felt he was ready, she crawled under him and positioned herself on the crate. His cock was resting on her belly as she stroked it and slid further up the crate to position the tip between her soaked lips. She seemed in a rush to get the pony inside her and I had to caution her to slow down and take her time. I told her not to take any more than she was absolutely sure she could handle as I didn’t want to have to rush her to an emergency room and explain what had happened. That thought seemed to sober her up a bit and she slowed down. She slipped the pony’s cock up and down the gap in her lips a few times and positioned it for entrance. She held it there for a few seconds, then started working her way a little at a time toward the bottom of the crate. There was a little resistance before the head entered her about an inch and I could tell by the tightness of her facial muscles that she was already stretching as far as she ever had.

The pony started getting restless, wanting to thrust into Vanessa and I stroked his back and flanks to calm him down. She had worked two or three inches in and her face had relaxed a little as her muscles learned to accommodate this huge intrusion. She continued to stroke the shaft as she moved down to take a little more and, suddenly, the pony pushed forward another two inches in a single thrust. Vanessa groaned loudly and I was concerned that she had been hurt but it was soon apparent that the groan was of pleasure at being so filled and she started rocking her hips to lessen the depth of the pony’s thrusts while allowing his penetration to deepen only slightly each time. Gradually, she worked most of the animal’s length into her depths and let him start fucking her at his own pace. She said he was really hitting bottom and stayed far enough up the crate so that the sling prevented him from going any deeper. She was moaning and calling out from the fullness of her vagina when the pony suddenly let go. With her pussy completely full of pony cock, there was no place for his cum to go but out and it squeezed between his penis and the walls of her vagina and started pouring fourth onto the blanket under her. Vanessa started coming and the lower part of her body thrashed beneath the pounding of her four legged lover. With her hands, she scooped up some of the semen gushing from her body and covered her face with it, getting as much as she could into her mouth.

Finally, I backed the pony up a little and helped her crawl out from under him. She lay on the straw of the stable and breathed deeply as I watched the lips of her vagina slowly close to cover the gaping cavern soaked in cum. When she had recovered, I took her into the house to shower and dress.

Riding back from the farm, she said she had never felt so full in her life, but she still wanted to try the stallion. I reminded her of the difficulty of working with such a large and spirited animal and told her I really didn’t like the idea. That night, we made love on her large bed and I was surprised to find that her vagina had returned almost to it’s original tightness. My entry was a little easier than usual but the friction was still much tighter than any other woman I had ever been with. She said that I still felt the same and that she still preferred my cock to any animal but that the feeling of being filled (almost like she was going to split up the middle) was completely different.

She insisted that we try the same sling and crate arrangement with the horse and I made her promise that she would stop if she experienced any real pain. She assured me she would know if it wasn’t going to work and reminded me that even a horse cock is smaller than a baby.

A few days later, we were back at the farm just as John was finishing his lunch and preparing to go back out to do some plowing. He asked how our research was going and Vanessa told him we were learning new things almost every trip, giving me a small smile as she said it. As John mounted his tractor, he turned and said, “Better watch out around that pony. He’s been acting kind of frisky the last couple of days. I think they’re getting him out to stud none too early.” We assured him we would be careful and waved as he drove off.

It took a little time to rig the sling under the stallion and I added a couple of ropes leading back to large posts behind the horse so his forward movement would be strictly limited. While I was rigging the sling and finding a higher crate, Vanessa was enjoying two of the dogs. She was on her hands and knees as the Lab pumped deep into her rear passage and a big Collie was on his back before her as she sucked and licked him to orgasm. When everything was ready (I double checked everything), she lay down on the blankets with her face along side the stallion’s cock and stroked and licked him to full erection as I ran the video camera. She smiled at the camera and kept saying how nice the horse’s cock felt and tasted and how badly she wanted him to fuck her. She was putting on a real show for this tape and wanted to be the ultimate slut. She took more of the horse in her small mouth than I would have thought possible (at least four or five inches) and talked about how she’d love to have him come in her mouth if she didn’t have other plans.

By the time Vanessa turned around and put the huge head against the swollen lips of her pussy, the horse was at least sixteen inches long and two and a half inches around. I put down the camera and applied an entire tube of K-Y jelly to the organ and the waiting vagina it would try to invade. Vanessa had the tip inside her almost immediately and pumped the shaft with her hands to ease a little of the massive member between her already stretched lips. There was an intense look of concentration on her face and I knew she had made up her mind she was going to make this work, somehow. The horse was dancing around in agitation and obviously wanted to get on with the business at hand, so I petted and soothed him as best I could and she slowly worked a little more into her tiny body. By this time, the lower portion of Vanessa’s belly was already beginning to bulge out slightly from the mass of firm flesh within and I could see her progress directly as the bulge moved ever so slowly up her stomach. She took about twelve inches before she groaned out that he had hit bottom and was pressed firmly against her cervix.

I could clearly see the entire length outlined on her belly as she released her grip and let the horse set his own pace. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This beautiful, petit brunette was being fucked completely by a full grown stallion and loving every inch of it. Her head thrashed from side to side as he repeatedly flicked his hips and strained against the ropes of the sling wanting to release his seed deep into this strange mare.

When the horse started to come, the pressure was too much for her delicate insides and she quickly moved up on her bed to relieve the pressure. She moved farther than she intended and when the stallion drew back for a thrust, his cock sprang free of her vaginal grip and began spewing semen the length of her body. She was soon covered from her crotch to the hair at the front of her head and she opened her mouth wide to catch what she could as her hands went to her pussy to complete her own monumental orgasm.

“I’ve heard about it, but I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!” The voice came from behind me and I spun around to see John standing about ten feet away. I remembered hearing the tractor motor shut off some distance away about ten minutes earlier, but hadn’t given it any thought at the time as I was totally wrapped up in watching and taping Vanessa’s tryst with the horse. John didn’t seem angry, just stunned and it was clear he had seen the deep fucking Vanessa had been getting as well as the very wet climax. I pulled her out from under the horse and lay her, panting, on the straw. Then, I took John’s arm and led him outside the barn. I apologized for our behavior and explained (truthfully) that the lady was a well respected teacher and couldn’t stand the scandal if this were to get out. I asked him what it would take for him to forget what he had just witnessed. He smiled and said, “Look, I don’t even know your girlfriend’s name and she seems so nice I wouldn’t want to see her get hurt. I don’t suppose there’s any damage to the horse, and I don’t really want anything from you folks.” He thought for a few minutes and said, “I wouldn’t mind seeing her get it on with the animals from time to time and, if she’s interested, I would be more than happy to give her a little human loving.”

We visit John once or twice a month, now and he has willingly joined or little “party of preverts”, as he calls it. Vanessa has developed a strong desire for bondage, discipline and mild S/M and she has never refused anything John or I have suggested as a new adventure into the limits of her sexuality (if, in fact she has any limits). John turned out to be a great guy and Vanessa loves to have him fuck her ass while I fill her pussy or she sucks me off. Our video tape collection has grown substantially and is kept in a safe place. Vanessa jokingly suggested that I post a couple of stills of her with the horse on a computer bulletin board (her face not showing, of course). I wonder if she really meant it? We’ll have to wait and see…..