Betty dropped down between Kathy’s legs. She was as hot as hell from listening to the talk about big horse cocks, from the mental pictures of Kathy sucking and fucking, and from looking at Kathy’s big naked body. Kathy was all of five-eleven and her hundred and forty pounds were perfectly distributed over her large frame.

Knowing that Julie and Peggy were eager to get down on the animals, and that Kathy was eager for some cuntlapping, Betty didn’t do any inner-thigh kissing or licking; nor did she take the time to feast upon the big tits. She figured that she’d be able to experience all the delights with the shapely redhead in the near future, maybe even while sharing her with Rod, so she went directly to the source of her pleasure – and Kathy’s.

The short red hairs were already parted back from the slightly puffy cuntal lips. The female smell was pleasing to Betty, and so was the taste, as she shoved her tongue into the hot quivering cuntflesh. Kathy arched upward and BEtty slipped her hands under and grabbed a firm and smooth asscheek with each hand.

She swabbed the slippery cuntwalls as she’d learned to do with Peggy and Julie and a few other girls, and then went on to her erect clitoris with her tongue and then her lips. The passion-button was the longest one she’d ever sucked. It was almost like sucking a little cock.

While she lapped and sucked, and Kathy squirmed passionately, Betty felt a mouth on her own cunt. Then a tongue went into her palpitating pussy, making contact with her stiffened clit, and she had a blissful orgasm just as Kathy bounced and bucked through her own spasmodic release.

When Betty lifted her face from between Kathy’s thighs, she saw that Julie had been sucking on Kathy’s big titties. She pulled her hands from under Kathy’s ass, and thanked Peggy for the tongue-job.

“Any time, honey,” Peggy said. The blonde licked her lips and laughed. “You have a very tasty pussy, but I’ll admit that this time I was more interested in making you melt and come so that we can visit Prince and Blackie!” “How about the young bulls?” Julie asked. “Have you ever had sex with them, Kathy? I don’t figure you’ve had time to sex it up with the two we have now, but -” “I’ve only fucked the two horses,” Kathy cut in. “I think I’d be afraid to fool around with the bulls. Maybe we could put kickers on them, though, and give it a try.” “What are kickers?” Betty asked.

“They’re chains or straps used to secure the back legs of a kicking cow when you’re milking her,” Kathy said, while starting down from the loft.

Betty was the last to climb down the ladder from the hay loft. She wanted to watch Kathy, and Peggy and Julie if they decided to participate, but she didn’t think she wanted to take an active part in the horse cocksucking. The whole thing seemed a little bizarre and weird to her – and she also had a fear of all large animals.

They all watched as Kathy entered Prince’s stall. The beautifully stacked redhead seemed to have lost al of her embarrassment. She fondled and squeezed the young horse’s big balls and he tossed his head and whinnied.

“Easy, boy,”Kathy said, patting Prince’s rump with one hand and continuing to stroke and squeeze his nuts with her other hand. “Maybe I’d better try and get some kickers on you, fellow. We don’t want you kicking the spectators. There’s some hanging on the wall over there, Peggy.” Peggy got the two chains Kathy had pointed to. Kathy didn’t have any trouble getting the cleverly designed restrainers on the two back legs. Then she straightened, smiled, and told the three staring girls that they could now get close for a good view.

There was a wooden box near the stall. Kathy got it and placed it under prince, directly under his cock. That glistening shaft was only out of its sheath two or three inches, but when Kathy parked her naked ass on the box and reached up and began caressing the soft flesh with her fingers the cock began coming out further and further.

Soon the prick was extended to nearly three feet in length. Kathy wrapped the fingers of both hands around the hard cock and gently and lovingly stroked the entire shaft. It wasn’t that much larger in diameter than a man’s cock, Betty thought, fascinated by the sight.

Kathy pushed the cockhead over her naked body, running it around over her thighs, then using one hand to help push her big breasts against and partly around the big shaft. Betty, Peggy, and Julie had all moved close for a better look, all losing their basic fear of the big animal as their cunts began to moisten.

“Suck it,” Peggy said softly.” I’ve had cocks almost as big in my mouth.” “You can give it a try if you like,” Kathy said.

“No, thanks! Not before I see you do it, anyhow!” Kathy moved the box slightly. She leaned back and guided the cockhead to her mouth. She kissed the blunt end and then darted her tongue out and licked the head. Then, opening her mouth wide, she took in three or four inches. Her cheeks bulged and she stroked the long shaft with both hands as she sucked, slowly taking more of the thick cock into her mouth and down into her throat.

But Kathy didn’t suck long enough to make the big cock shoot off.

That disappointed Betty and the other two girls. They were curious as to how much jism there’d be, and wondered if Kathy would swallow any of it. They soon became immersed in the action, however, Kathy having quickly moved herself and aimed the long horse cock at her cunt.

By placing her ass on the edge of the box and leaning back, Kathy managed to tilt her crotch at the right angle for the penetration. She held onto the big horse cock with one hand and parted her pussylips with the thumb and forefinger of her other hand. Then she hunched forward and up and at least nine inches of the long cock slipped into her tool box.

Kathy moaned, clamped her upper teeth down over her full lower lip, grasped the long, thick prick with both hands, and began thrusting her clinging cunt up and down on the hard and stiff flesh and muscle.

“Just imagine having a cunt deep enough to take all of that big hard cock,” Peggy said. “Don’t tell me that mares aren’t lucky bitches!” “I’m going to have to give that a try,” Julie said.

Betty didn’t say anything, but she felt that she might let the cock fuck her. Not that the young horse was really doing the fucking or moving very much. From time to time Prince would hunch a little in fucking motions, but Kathy didn’t seem to be having any trouble controlling the depth of the penetration. She was taking a hell of a lot of horse cock in to her cunt, but there was only extreme pleasure registering on her plain features.

Suddenly the long cock seemed to get even stiffer, jerked, and the thick sperm spurted into Kathy’s cunt. The redhead hunched like crazy, that she was also coming was an obvious fact to the passionate onlookers, and the jism quickly overflowed her pussy and ran down into the crack of her ass.

Julie was cupping and squeezing her own poking titties, while Peggy had put one arm around Betty’s waist, pulled her close, and was fondling Betty’s throbbing breasts with her other hand. Betty was stroking Peggy’s ass, fighting the urge to finger-fuck herself.

Betty wished that there was a boy or a man there with a hard cock.

She wished that Rod was standing right behind her with his cock pistoning in her steaming cunt or in her tingling asshole. She was leaning over to look, her head resting against the animal’s warm side, so she was in a perfect position to be fucked from the rear. Or sucked, for that matter. She’d bet that her horny brother would get just as sexy-hot as she was right then if he could see Kathy, or any female, impaled on the long horse cock that seemed to be spurting gallons of sperm.

The translucent gray jism poured out of Kathy in a steady stream that ran down the crack of her buttocks, dripped down the side of the box, and puddled in a thick shiny pool on the floor of the stall.

Finally the jism stopped gushing, Kathy stopped hunching, and the cock softened and began slowly disappearing back into its sheath. Julie moved out of the way as Kathy got off the box and out from under the colt, one hand cupping her crotch, the creamy substance dribbling down her legs and out between her fingers.

The three followed Kathy and silently watched as she got a bucket of water and some rags and just as silently cleaned herself at the water faucet. After she had finished cleaning herself, she smiled and said, “Prince should be ready again within a few minutes, but while we’re waiting for his balls to fill up again we can use Blackie’s cock. Who wants to be first?” There was a short silence, then Peggy said, “I’m game for anything at least once. I’ll go first with Blackie and then Julie or Betty can take on Prince when he’s ready again. I want Blackie’s cock washed though.” Kathy drew a bucket of water from the faucet, got some rags from a cardboard box, and went into Blackie’s stall. She played with his big balls and squeezed the sheath in which his cock was hiding and soon the long prick came sliding out. Dipping a rag in the bucket from time to time, she washed the slippery shaft and had it clean by which time it was completely hard and extended to its full length.

It was just about the same size as Prince’s cock, in length and diameter. Kathy commented that she had actually removed the slimy substance that nature had provided as a lubricant. Then she added that only a mare would appreciate the slippery stuff and after it was washed a horse’s cock was just as clean as a man’s.

“I don’t guess anybody could argue about that,” Peggy said. “I want some kickers hooked around his back legs before I get under there, though.” Kathy didn’t have any trouble securing Blackie’s legs. He looked around for a few seconds, but he kept chewing on the oats that they’d put in the feed trough earlier. Betty felt that he looked and acted awfully unconcerned to be standing there with his cock extended out into what looked like almost a yard long.

Kathy told Peggy to touch Blackie’s prick with her hands. Peggy did so and then Julie touched it, then Betty, and soon all three were caressing the smooth hardness. Betty could feel the blood-engorged cock throbbing and her passion was rekindled.

There was a wooden bench alongside one wall, about four feet long, and Julie suggested that it be used to get close to the horse cock. Kathy quickly placed it under Blackie and Blackie’s rigid cock, lengthwise.

“Here goes nothing,” Peggy said, giving out with a little laugh, then ducking down and stretching out on the bench. “Hey, all I need now is a pillow.” After Peggy was on the bench, her head in the same direction as the horse’s, the big horse cock between her parted thighs, Kathy said that she’d like to put it in her cunt. Peggy winked at Betty and said that would be fine with her. Betty realized right then that sooner or later the stacked redhead would be eating pussy. She’d never seen a person change so much in such a short period of time.

Kathy parted Peggy’s moist cuntal lips and said that she’d never looked into a cunt before. “Except mine when I held a mirror under there,” she added. “I think I’ll try cuntlapping later. Here goes, Peggy.

You’d better use your own hands to control the depth, though. And you’d better not get so hot that you forget yourself and hunch too high. I guess damage could be done if you let it go in too deep.” Betty and Julie had removed their hands from the cock. Kathy guided it with one hand while she held Peggy’s pussylips open with the other hand. Peggy clasped the fingers of both hands high on the shaft and squirmed her buttocks around on the smooth bench, adjusting her position, as the cockhead inched into her tight young pussy.

“Oh, Jesus!” Peggy gasped when the blunt end hit bottom. “He’s a lot bigger than he looks.” For the first time she was stuffed absolutely full of hard cock “I think it’d be better if you’d hold onto the big prick and keep it straight, Kathy. That way it’ll be easier for me to do the hunching.” “Okay,” Kathy said. “You’d better hurry, though. It feels as if he might start gushing at any moment.” Peggy put her hands under her butt and grabbed an asscheek with each one. The bench was wide enough for her to brace herself on her elbows. She began moving, lifting and pushing her cunt up and down on seven or eight inches of the cock. “Oh, you big beautiful bastard!” she groaned in awed pleasure and soon she blurted out that she was coming.

Betty, her eyes focused upon the heated action, her hands kneading her own throbbing, hard-tipped titties, decided right then that she was going to sample some horse cock. Blackie’s or Prince’s, it didn’t make any difference, and she might even see what the long cocks tasted like – if Peggy or Julie did it first. She didn’t want them to make fun of her – “Oh, you fucking horse!” Peggy groaned. “Oh, awwwwww!” Peggy was moving wildly, really going to town, and the jism was gushing out around her clinging pussylips. Betty thought that Peggy had blurted out the wrong words. Peggy was fucking the horse, not the other way around. Blackie wasn’t even showing much sign he was enjoying himself. Maybe because he couldn’t lift up and hump his ass and wasn’t feeling a cunt working on the entire length of his long cock, she thought.

“What a fuck!” Peggy exclaimed shortly after she’d ceased her wild gyrations. “We need to fix a more comfortable bed, though. That damn bench hurt my elbows and my back and my shoulders!” “How about stacking some clean hay up to the right height?” Julie asked. “Maybe we could also put our clothes on the hay to keep it from scratching.” “That’s a good idea,” Kathy said. “I’ll climb up and pitch some more hay down.” “She’s quite a character,” Juile said after kathy hurried over and climbed up the ladder. “Did you ever see a person change so much so quickly?” “I was just thinking the same thing,” Betty said. “I like her.” Betty and Julie were watching as Peggy washed herself, using a bucket of water near the faucet.

“We’re going to have to get her a male partner,” Peggy said. “in the meantime she can come to the parties by herself, of course. I know damned well the fellows will jump at the chance to fuck her as soon as they get a look at that fabulous body. Watch it! Here comes the hay!” The falling hay missed Betty and Julie, and Kathy called down that she might as well throw down enough to last until the next day while she was up there. Betty thought about climbing up and helping, figuring that she might be the first to introduce Kathy to aggressive Lesbianism, but Kathy had finished and started down the ladder before Betty could put the thought into action.

The three waited for Kathy to go check on Prince. They followed, watching as she played with his big balls and the sheath around his cock.

Soon the prick came poking out and within a few seconds Kathy was caressing and stroking the entire length of the thrusting cock.

Peggy and Julie started putting the clean hay under the young horse and his poking prick. Betty and Kathy helped and soon they had it stacked at what they all thought was about the right height. They spread their clothes around over the hay and soon had what looked like a comfortable bed.

Julie stretched out on her back, her cunt near the end of the colt’s hard prick, and said that it was a very comfortable bed indeed. She asked Peggy for the kind of help Kathy had given Peggy. Betty was glad when Peggy said that she’d help Julie.

Betty didn’t think she could wait for release until she took a turn at one of the horse cocks, and she hated to frig herself off again. She had the feeling that Kathy was ready to try pussyeating.

Peggy held onto the cock, but Julie inserted the head between her moist cuntal lips with her own hands. She then wiggled her ass around until she had about six inches of the prick embedded in her pussy. She said that it felt good, just about the same as a human cock, then began hunching in short fucking motions. Soon she began lurching higher and higher, taking more and more, and Peggy told her to be careful or she’d hurt herself.

“I have myself under control,” Julie said between clenched teeth.

“Just hold that big prick steady!” Betty was standing next to Kathy. She put one hand on Kathy’s buttocks and grabbed a big firm tit with the other hand. Kathy turned her face toward Betty and her green eyes were glittering. Betty ran her fingers down through the crack of Kathy’s ass and caressed the wet and hot cuntlips.

“Let me eat you, Betty!” Betty laughed. “I thought you’d never ask!” Kathy dropped to her knees. Betty turned and dropped her ass down on the makeshift bed they’d constructed.

“Tell me what to do, Betty.” Kathy was between Betty’s widely parted legs, staring at Betty’s cunt. Betty told Kathy to do just as she’d been done.

“Don’t force yourself, though. It wouldn’t be right for you if you had to do that.” Seemingly, Kathy didn’t have to force herself at all. She moved quickly, mashing her open mouth against Betty’s tingling twat, jabbing her tongue deep into the fold of hot and juicy flesh. Betty wriggled heatedly, then moaned as the tongue and lips found her stiffened clitoris.

“You’re doing fine,” Betty said after a few seconds. “You’re doing just great, Kathy!” Within a few more seconds Betty was melting into a blissful orgasm. She’d been so hot, so ready because of the erotic sights and sounds, she’d known that she was going to go fast. She groaned as the delightful tingles and shivers coursed through her squirming body.

When Betty was still, Kathy lifted her face. “That was fun! Did I do it right, Betty?” “You sure did, Kathy!” Peggy removed one hand from the stiff horse cock and tapped Kathy on the head. “Maybe you’d like to practice on me, honey! If Betty wouldn’t mind holding onto this fucking machine!” “How long do you think it’ll take for Prince to shoot off again, Kathy?” Julie asked. “I’ve already creamed twice and I’d like to feel his come spurt, but I’m getting tired.” Julie was moving up and down slowly, using her hands on her ass and hips to help as Peggy had, only taking five or six inches of the cock on each upward thrust.

Kathy said that she’d known her father’s two horses to last and last when working on a second climax, then suggested that she go down on Peggy while Julie held the cock and Betty fucked.

They all agreed to that, with Julie wanting to have one of the cocks shoot off in her cunt before they called it a day.

It didn’t take them long to shift around. Betty got into position under the poking prick being held by Julie, but she didn’t impale herself on the hard cock until she’d watched Kathy mash her mouth to Peggy’s pussy. Then she used both hands to place the cockhead, slippery with Julie’s cunt juices, between the lips of her own cunt.

Betty pushed upward, slowly and carefully, and the huge cock parted the tender tissues and squeezed into her. She realized that a girl could do herself great harm if she got too rough – and was glad that the colt wasn’t able to pump his cock into her. There was a halter tied to a post near the feed trough and holding the young horse’;s head down, he couldn’t lift his front feet up to make thrusts. Also, his stiff cock being held and pointed forward hampered any movement he tried to make.

But Betty didn’t think about these technicalities for very long. After she got used to the idea of actually having a part of the long horse cock in her steaming pussy she didn’t think of much of anything except the intense pleasure she was experiencing.

The fit was so close that even with her abundant juices and the pony’s natural lubrication there was a great deal of friction on her sensitive pussy walls and the stimulation was intense.

With Rod she could completely contain his eight inches and feel only a comfortable fulness. It was intimidating to feel the huge boner touching bottom with not even half of it in her and Betty realized that she had to be very careful.

Since she’d just spasmed under Kathy’s mouth and tongue, Betty thought she’d be able to last a long time before climaxing while fucking the horse’s cock. But after maybe two minutes of moving up and down, she sensed that Prince was about to come. She started moving faster and clamping her inner muscles around the hard prick, automatically wanting to give that animal as much pleasure as possible, and that sent her racing toward an orgasm.

So, when the huge cock did expand just a little more, and then shot out the hot sperm, Betty had a glorious climax that left her weak and breathless. There seemed to be just a much hot jism as there had been the first time, and it overflowed Betty’s quivering and twitching cunt just as it had Kathy’s – and as Blackie’s jism had Peggy’s.

Kathy had finished lapping and sucking Peggy through an orgasm. Julie said that she was hot again and wanted to make it with Blackie’s cock spurting into her cunt. While Betty was cleaning herself at the faucet, the other three went to Blackie’s stall.

Betty didn’t hurry, as she’d had enough sex for the time being.

Blackie’s cock was just spurting and overflowing Julie’s cunt when Betty got to where she could see the action. To hurry the colt’s climax Kathy had stroked up and down on the length of his glistening tool and Peggy had squeezed his heavy balls.

They were all tired and decide to wait until another time to experiment with the two young bulls. They went down to the creek, and while splashing and playing around in the water, they agreed that they’d keep the fun and pleasure they’d had with the horses a secret.

They weren’t ashamed, they just didn’t want the other girls to steal their pleasure sources.

Chapter 8 Betty didn’t really consider it breaking the agreement with her girl friends when she told Rod about her exciting experience in the barn.

She’d always told her brother everything and she was anxious to get his reaction.

Rod got very excited while listening to Betty’s tale. He did pretend more interest in Kathy than he did in the girls fucking the horses, but he decided that he’d like to see the action with the animals at the first opportunity.

Their parents didn’t have a swap session that evening, so they were both a little frustrated. Rod had been getting plenty of sex, but he got a hard-on after going to bed that night that just wouldn’t go down.

He finally went to the bathroom and beat off. Betty told him later that she’d also become sexy-hot, despite all the sucking and fucking that afternoon, and had fingered herself to a climax.

The next afternoon Rod got a chance at Kathy. Peggy and Betty decided that it’d be better if they kept the party small to introduce, or re- introduce, Kathy to the pleasures of sex with a guy. The four of them went to Peggy’s house right after school and within a matter of minutes they were all naked.

Rod was amazed when he saw Kathy’s beautifully stacked body.

He was also very pleased. She really went for his body, too – his thrusting cock – and he just about had to let her suck his prick before even getting more than a feel of her big titties.

The four of them remained in the living room, and after watching Kathy kneeling and sucking Rod’s cock for a minute or two, Betty and Peggy started doing a sixty-nine. Kathy, her eyes wide open, pulled her hot mouth from Rod’s throbbing prick and said that she wanted to suck and be sucked at the same time.

Rod knew what she meant, as Betty had told him about the big girl assuming the aggressive role in gay sex, but he told her that he’d do a sixty-nine if she liked. Kathy liked – and they were soon locked together in that end-for-end erotic embrace.

Enjoying himself tremendously, liking the taste and the fragrant odor, Rod tongued and sucked Kathy’s elongated and slippery clitoris until she had an orgasm. She sucked just as greedily, and expertly, but he concentrated on not coming and his cock was still loaded and poking proudly when she sagged limply.

Kathy kept sucking, but he pulled his cock from her mouth and told her it was fucking time. He told her that he’d let her suck him all the way off later.

Kathy turned out to be a damned good fuck. After hearing about the horses, he’d somehow gotten the idea that her cunt would be loose and sloppy. He hadn’t really thought it all out, as cunts were constructed to stretch almost without limit, and if healthy and normal they could adjust to any size cock.

Rod fucked Kathy to and through another spasmodic orgasm, and he kissed her on the mouth for the first time. She sucked his tongue just as greedily as she had his cock. She was surprised, and happy, because he still hadn’t climaxed. She quickly began wriggling and hunching again. He’d thrust in and remained buried balls-deep. He told her that she could suck him off then if she wanted to and then he’d fuck her again while going for his second ejaculation.

Kathy wanted it that way, and he pulled out and walked on his hands and knees until he was straddling her head, his wet prick poking at her mouth. She fondled his balls and caressed his ass while blowing him.

Betty and Peggy had pulled away from each other after spasming under each other’s mouths and tongues, and Peggy started going down on Kathy. That caused Kathy to suck Rod’s pulsing prick even more greedily. He soon told her to get ready for the deluge.

Kathy grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deep into her throat when it began jerking and spewing hot jism. She sucked and gulped and swallowed fast enough to keep from losing a drop of the sticky semen.

She didn’t stop sucking until his cock was drained completely dry and was soft and limber.

It only took about ten minutes of lavish attentions from the three naked girls for Rod to be ready and able for more action.

He fucked Kathy from behind while she was going down on Betty and Peggy was sucking on Betty’s titties. He fucked Peggy from behind while she was lapping Kathy’s cunt and Betty was sucking on Kathy’s big boobies. Then he fucked Betty from behind while she was eating out Kathy and Peggy was tounging her asshole.

Kathy, like all the other young swingers, got a big bang out of the fact that Rid was having sex with his own sister. When he announced that he was about ready to come, Peggy’s tongue in his humping ass helping to start him on the mad dash, Kathy told him to go ahead and shoot his stuff in Betty.

He did, pounding furiously as the jism spewed, and then quickly got out of the way to let Peggy do her thing. Kathy , getting very excited watching Peggy eating the sperm out of Betty’s cunt, told Peggy to save her some. Rod didn’t have any more sex that afternoon, even though he got another hard-on while watching the three girls linked together in a round robin.

The next afternoon the girls were let out of school early again, and headed for the farm. Rod didn’t think Betty would mind, and he wasn’t all that concerned about the other three girls, so he told Steve and Carl about the bestiality the girls had engaged in and enjoyed.

Steve and Carl weren’t very surprised and went along with Rod’s suggestion that the three of them go out and try to sneak up and do some peeking. Steve had his father’s car and as soon as school was out they took off for the barn.

They parked the car and found a path alongside the winding creek, on the same side the barn was on. Not far from the barn, just around a bend, they discovered a spot in the creek that looked deep enough for swimming.

When they got close enough to hear the girls’ voices they stopped and discussed the best way to try and watch without being seen. Carl said that maybe they should barge right on in, but Rod said that it’s be more fun to see if they could spy for a while before letting their presence be known. Steve agreed with Rod and Carl went along with them as they scouted around the barn.

They discovered a small door down at one end. Carefully opening it, they found that there was a ladder leading up into the hayloft. They were on the opposite side from the stables and Rod led the way up the narrow ladder.

They moved across the bouncy hay until they were about ten feet from the edge. Dropping to their bellies, they wormed their way forward until they could peer down into the stables below.

Rod wasn’t quite prepared for what he saw. He put a finger to his lips, then motioned with his hand to indicate to the others that they should remain silent and watch.

Both young horses were in action. Betty and Kathy were with Prince; Peggy and Julie were with Blackie. Betty was holding Prince’s long cock while Kathy was hunching her cunt up and down on at least eight inches of the hard, glistening prick; Julie was holding Blackie’s equally long cock while Peggy fucked her pussy up and down on at least eight inches of the equally hard, glistening prick.

Rod found the scene stimulating. His cock began to rise into an erection immediately, straining against his shorts and pants, and he was sure that the erotic sights were having the same effect on Steve and Carl.

Soon, Kathy started bucking through a climax, taking even more of Prince’s big cock, and shortly afterward Peggy bucked through an orgasm, also taking more of Blackie’s big cock while gripped in the throes of passion.

It was soon evident that the young horses hadn’t climaxed. Betty changed places with Kathy, and Julie shifted around with Peggy. Rod was fascinated by the way Betty impaled herself on the end of Prince’s huge prick – and by the way Julie engulfed seven or eight inches of Blackie’s fucking cock with her clinging cunt.

Rod could see that the girls had been wise in arranging things as they had. Keeping the horses’ heads tied down and their back legs fastened together undoubtedly kept the sexy girls from being seriously injured. If Prince or Blackie ever got a chance to do some fucking they’d probably ram their long cocks so deep they’d tickle some tonsils from the wrong direction.

Steve, on his stomach next to Rod, put his mouth close to Rod’s ear.

“My balls will be aching soon! When do you want to go down and join them?” “Let’s wait until after the horses shoot off,” Rod whispered, not taking his eyes from the fucking scene. He could just barely hear the gasps and moans of pleasure – and figured that all four girls were far to enthralled to pay much attention to anything other than the torrid sexual action.

“That Kathy’s stacked like the proverbial brick shit house,” Steve whispered, his eyes once again fixed upon the scene. “With a body like that she doesn’t need a pretty face!” Rod had told Steve and Carl about his session with Kathy and they were both eager to get a crack at her. Now, watching as she held the horse’s cock for Betty to fuck, which Betty was doing very energetically by then, Rod wondered if Kathy would let him fuck her in the ass. As far as he knew, she’d never tried that form of sexual pleasure and it’s be fun breaking her in.

He saw that his sister was blasting off to glory – words she’d jokingly used a few time when they’d been fucking. Now she was coming like crazy with the business end of the horse cock in her sweet cunt. But that was all right. She could wash and her delectable pussy would be just as sweet as ever.

“Look at that!” Carl whispered.

Rod was looking – and so was Steve. The big horse cock in Betty’s cunt was spurting what seemed to be cupfuls of jism. The stuff was overflowing, running out, and was practically gushing over the sides of Betty’s clinging cuntlips. When she stopped her fucking motions the sperm kept right on overflowing.

“Blackie’s shooting off now!” Steve whispered excitedly.

Rod saw that, too. They were looking down at an angle, which enabled them to have an almost perfect view of the action in the two stalls. Rod’s balls would also be aching soon, he knew, but he decided to wait until Betty and Peggy had washed themselves before going down.

He whispered that to Steve and Carl.

They didn’t answer, but he knew that they’d heard. Julie was bouncing up and down on the makeshift bed, her clinging cunt sliding up and down on what looked to be almost a foot of hard horse cock, while that huge cock spurted sperm that kept on spilling out of her slippery snatch.

Blackie’s cock slowly softened and started withdrawing into it’s sheath, as Prince’s prick had already done. Cupping her crotch, Julie joined Betty and the other two naked girls near the buckets and the water faucet.

Betty and Julie washed their cunts and crotches thoroughly, each squatting down over a full bucket of water, poking with their fingers, splashing water generously. Then they stood and dried their cunts on some rags they took from a nearby box.

Peggy and Kathy went through the same cleaning process, using fresh buckets of water. Rod knew that Steve and Carl were just as pleased to se that as he was. He knew that he’d undoubtably tasted sperm at various times in various cunts, originating from other cocks as well as his own, but he didn’t like the idea of delving his tongue or his cock into animal jism of any kind.

He wondered if the girls had tried the young bulls yet. If they hadn’t maybe he – and Steve and Carl – could give them some help. After they’d emptied their sperm-laden balls.

“I thought Rod would be here by now. Maybe even with Steve and Carl.” Peggy said.

“I’m glad you aren’t angry because I told Rod,” Betty said, speaking just as loudly. She laughed and looked up at the hay loft. “Okay, Rod, you can come down now! And bring Steve and Carl with you!” Rod crawled out closer to the edge of the hay. “I really didn’t think we could be seen,” he called. “All of you come up here and we’ll have some fucking while the horses are recovering.” The four girls climbed the ladder. The tree boys moved back and removed their clothes. All three had erections. The girls helped spread the clothes over a section of the hay, with the exception of Kathy. The redhead was staring and also trembling with anticipation.

Rod said that he was glad that nobody was angry because Betty had told him about the fucking with the animals.

Steve and Carl went for Kathy just as soon as they were naked.

They playfully pushed her down on her back, each going for a big breast, their hands roaming all over her squirming body as she used her hands to cram even more of the firm, hard-tipped flesh into each greedily sucking mouth.

They took turns kissing her on the mouth, Steve going first. Steve was also first to trail down to her crotch. He licked right on through her red pubic hairs and snaked his tongue in between her puffy pussylips.

Kathy, already returning Carl’s passionate kiss, lurched upward and the wriggled wildly as Steve lapped her cunt.

Steve didn’t lap Kathy all the way to a finish. He stopped, moved back up to her magnificent breasts, and Carl scooted down and began lapping her cunt. Her hands weren’t idle while she squirmed under the lavish attentions. She grabbed a stiff cock when she could, and fondled and squeezed balls – and also gasped and moaned when she wasn’t returning a feverish kiss.

Steve fucked Kathy first. When Carl stopped lapping, it was obvious that he’d made Kathy climax. He got out of the way and Steve quickly got between her legs. Her cuntlips were bloated and slippery from saliva and her own secretions, so Steve didn’t have to waste time waiting for guidance. His cock slipped right in and he was off to the races.

Carl moved up where Kathy could get his cock into her mouth.

And she got about all of the stiff prick engulfed with one quick motion of her head and mouth. She sucked furiously, not slackening the fast pace of her racing hips, and as soon as Steve made her climax he withdrew his hard cock and told Carl it was time to shift. Carl pulled his cock from Kathy’s sucking mouth and soon had it buried in her cunt. She started meeting his powerful thrusts and began sucking Steve’s wet cock just as soon as it was within reach.

Steve and Carl ejaculated at about the same time. Peggy was kneeling nearby. As soon as Steve withdrew his rapidly softening prick and flopped over on his back she was right there to tongue and suck Kathy’s sperm-filled pussy. Carl pulled his limp cock from Kathy’s mouth and flopped over on his back.

Rod had been standing between Betty and Julie while they all watched the threesome. He’d been caressing a firm and sleek ass with each hand, but they hadn’t touched him or his thrusting and throbbing cock. Mainly because they were waiting for him to tell them what he wanted them to do, but also because of the action they’d had so recently with the colts. He was tempted to get down and shove his stiff pecker into Peggy’s uplifted cunt or asshole.

“Go ahead,” Betty said, seeming to read Rod’s mind. “As soon as you pop your nuts, Rod, you fellows can go down and help us do some experimenting with the bulls.” “They’re a little wild,” Julie said. “Even Kathy’s a little hesitant about taking them on.” “Let’s go down and see if we can start taming the young bulls for the girls,” Steve told Carl.

Carl got to his feet when Steve did. Rod told Betty and Julie that they could go along if they wanted to. Peggy raised her face from between Kathy’s legs and said that she’d also go along and Rod and Kathy could come after he’d dumped his load.

“I’m not interested in retrieving the precious stuff from where I’m sure Kathy wants it deposited,” Peggy said, licking her wet lips and winking at Rod.

As soon as they were alone, Rod dropped down between Kathy’s legs. She told him that she’d wanted to be fucked in her other hole, and Rod told her that he could and would prong her asshole while they were face to face.

“First I’ll make it slippery with some cunt juice,” he said, spearing his hard prick into her succulent cunt and pumping it in and out between the clasping, contracting folds of hot flesh.

Then, just as she started counter-thrusts, he hoisted her long legs way up off the hay, withdrew his big prick, placed the wet end against her puckered anal opening, and pushed. The knob popped in and she gasped.

“It hurts!” Kathy cried.

“Relax and the pain will go away.” Rod said, gazing into her glittering green eyes, holding himself and his cock still to give her time to adjust.

“All right,” she soon said. “I’m all right.” He pushed and the swollen glans slowly penetrated deeper into the extremely tight hole beneath her gaping cuntal lips. As his cock slowly but surely slipped past the inner muscles that were relaxing, he could feel the ring gripping his shaft. He had to do a little fighting of a different kind to keep himself under control.

She’d closed her eyes. She opened them and they were full of passion. “It doesn’t hurt now,” she said. “It feels good!” “According to Betty and the other girls it’ll soon feel even better.” Rod leaned over and popped an erect nipple into his mouth. He sucked, taking a goodly portion of the firm mound, and Kathy’s fingers stroked the back of his neck. Her smooth thighs tilted in and pressed against his body and he eased his throbbing cock back out of her clinging assflesh. And then he pushed it back in again.

“God, but that feels wonderful!” He pulled his mouth from her poking breast. It felt wonderful to him, too. He began thrusting, sinking his pulsing prick up her ass time after time, ramming until he felt the tight mounds of her writhing buttocks pressed up against his body. Her pubic hairs tickled his lower belly.

Her belly rippled with shuddering tremors. Her green eyes blazed.

Her fingers raked his back, tugged at his shoulders, clutched at the back of his head and neck. She said that she was coming, as if amazed that she could climax with his prick pounding away in her clasping asshole.

He didn’t try to hold back. He fucked her furiously, thrilling to the tremendous pleasure, but also thrilled because she was receiving so much pleasure from his pistoning prick. When she spasmed, moving wildly and pulling his mouth to hers, he returned her tongue-lashing kiss and let the jism spurt. Jet after jet shot from his jerking cock and flooded her churning bowels.

It took them both a while to recover. They found a handkerchief to use when they separated, then they cleaned themselves when they got down to the buckets and the water. After that they hurried over to see how the others were making out with the young bulls.

The other pleasure-seekers, and pleasure-finders, were making out just fine. With the help of ropes, Steve and Carl had secured one of the young bulls so that he could make limited fucking motions without pawing or stomping the girl he was servicing.

At that moment Peggy was enjoying his long and slender cock. She was on her hands and knees fucking and being fucked from the rear, positioned in a spot where only about seven or eight inches of the hard prick was penetrating her cunt on each thrust. She could control the depth, by moving forward or backward, and she was having an orgasm when Rod and Kathy finally got there.

Nobody had bothered to name the young bulls. They looked alike, both black, both with big hanging balls. Peggy was being fucked by the second bull. They’d already gone through the same routine with the first one, with Julie taking his cock from the rear in her pussy, and he’d shot off at the same time she had.

The second bull seemed to be a long-lasting stud like him, Betty laughingly told Rod, and then said that she was passing up a chance at the bull’s cock until another time. Kathy said that she’d like to finish off the second bull when Peggy got out from under him and his long poking prick.

Rod had an idea that Kathy was going to take it in the ass again, but she didn’t. Without too much trouble she managed to guide the glistening prick into her pussy. It did seen as if she allowed about ten inches to penetrate on some thrusts, however, and she just had time for a climax before the cock spurted and flooded her cunt.

Rod then suggested that they all go down to swim in the creek.

Soon, they were all nervous about being out in the open while being nude, but the sun and fresh air felt so good on their bodies they began to understand why some people were nudists.

The hole was deep enough, and big enough, for swimming. They all had a grand time, splashing each other, playing grab-ass, and when they were once again out on the grassy bank they were all once again in the mood for sex. And they had an even grander time while indiscriminately sucking and fucking until they were all pleasantly pooped.