I sent you two earlier parts to this story. The first part described how my older cousin Mike gave me my first lesson in making love. The second part told about the first time I ever had a threesome which was also the first time I ever made love with another girl. My partners were Mike and a slightly more distant cousin Mira.

A couple days after Mira, Mike and I had the first of several three ways, my older brother Jason got a couple days off from work and he came up to the lake for the weekend. Mira could hardly wait because she and Jason had made already made love a couple of times and she was looking forward to having his super sized penis inside her again.

My brother is two years older than me, a year older than Mike, and the same age as Mira. As I said in my last story, he has a penis that is about 10 inches long. I know that’s hard to believe, but its true.

So Jason showed up and got hugs and pats on the back from everyone, especially from Mira. I knew she could hardly wait to be alone with him but we all had to sit down to lunch. I was feeling horny too and I really wanted to make love with Mike so it was hard for us younger folks to focus on the table conversation. I also found myself thinking about Mira and her hot body. I knew I wasn’t a lesbian because I liked having sex with Mike way too much for that, but after what Mira had let me do to her, and what she did to me, I knew that I could enjoy sex with girls too.

As we finished lunch all the “adults” decided to drive up to inspect some other property that our families owned, leaving the teens to look after each other. My aunt jokingly said that we should try to keep out of trouble and that they knew exactly how many bottles of beer there were. They had no idea that the kind of trouble we were looking forward to could be accomplished without alcohol.

Right after the “grown-ups” had gone, Mira put her sexy legs across Jason’s lap and said “Well, we can’t get into any trouble if we’re having sex”. He gave her a shocked look because at this point he had no idea that I had already been let in on their secret or that I had lost my virginity.

I smiled and told him all about the events of the past few days. Within minutes he and Mira were heading out to one of the smaller cabins for some private time. Mike and I gave each other a knowing look and we were heading for the other cabin. Soon we were involved in some wonderful lovemaking.

About a half hour later we all emerged from our cabins, slipped into our bathing suits and took the sail boat out. As we were cruising, Mike and Mira gave Jason a detailed description of the little threesome we had in our old fort. Jason looked at me and sort of shook his head in disbelief. Even though I was as old as he had been when he started having sex, and had developed a nice body, he still thought of me as his baby sister.

Mike got a sly look in his eyes and steered the boat toward our fort. Mira smiled and said “Well I’m still horny”

Jason and I both looked a little uncomfortable. I definitely wanted to make love some more with Mike but I wasn’t sure how I would feel if Jason and Mira were in the fort with us. It had been a long time since Jason and I had seen each other naked. But I also thought it would give me a chance to see a real live 10 inch penis. I’m not sure what Jason was thinking, but I guess the idea of more lovemaking with Mira was incentive enough to help him overcome any shyness or reluctance..

We entered our old fort, spread the picnic blanket and towels out and started making out. We were soon all naked and I found myself fixated on my brother’s giant penis. I was bobbing my mouth up and down on Mike’s penis but my eyes were on Mira’s pretty face as she bobbed up on down on Jason’s huge shaft. It was a turn on.

Her eyes connected with mine and she stopped, smiled and said “Bet you can’t fit this into your pretty little mouth.”

I was stunned, she wasn’t seriously asking me if I wanted to give my brother head, but she was. Mike kind of pointed his chin at Jason to let me know he thought I should give it a try. I looked at Jason and asked if it was ok and he gave me a hesitant nod and said “Only if you want to.” I was so fascinated by his size that I went for it..

It looked and felt so huge and the head alone filled my mouth. I stopped and asked Mira if she actually got the whole thing into her. She nodded and said that it wasn’t easy and it hurts if he shoves too deep. She added that her pussy is so small it doesn’t need a big dick to fill it completely. Most of the guys she knew had 5 or 6 inch penises that felt really nice. Mike felt huge to her and the feeling of having Jason in her was almost indescribable. Since the only guy I had ever had inside me was Mike I had nothing to compare it to. She said even though Jason had pushed himself all the way into her, when they actually made love he usually only stroked in and out with the first 7 inches or so of his penis.

“So why don’t you give this a try?’ she asked as she gave Jason’s penis an affectionate pat.

I was not only hesitant, I was scared. Jason said “Whoa, I can’t bang my sister.” We knew of course, that it wasn’t normal, but we wanted it to happen. I was fascinated by his size. His reason for wanting to do it with me were a mystery because Mira was there and available and she is prettier, has bigger breasts and longer legs. But the look in his eyes said that he was interested.

Mira gave us the nudge that we needed when said to Jason “Well, if you’re planning to have sex again any time soon it’ll have to be with her because I’ll be too sore if I let you put that big old thing inside me again so soon. I need to take a break at least until tonight.”

I tried one more weak attempt at protest when I said I was too scared but Mira offered to help. She wet his penis with her mouth then wet my pussy too. It probably also helped that Mike had already cum inside me an hour earlier and cum is a good lubricant. She gently opened my lips and guided the head of Jason’s penis into me. She told him to push in gently, just a little bit at a time. He gently eased into me, stretching the sides of my pussy even farther apart than Mike’s fat penis. It was just slightly painful and before I knew it he was about 7 inches deep inside me.

Mira told him to stop pushing into me so he just stayed there and enjoyed the tight warmth.

Mike asked “Did you ever think you’d find a pussy as tight as Mira’s?”

Jason answered “Not until now” as he smiled.

Then he started pumping, slowly at first with long movements that barely left the head in me. He started to go deeper and deeper. Then he did it, he pushed all the way in. It hurt and I cried out. He immediately pulled out of me and asked if I was alright. He said “I’m sorry, I would never hurt you on purpose.” I knew that, I knew he loved me and that he was truly sorry for pushing in too deep. I loved him so much I wanted to please him sexually. The pain was only temporary and I wanted him back inside of me. He continued to make love with me but he made sure he only used the first 7 or 8 inches of it. In the mean time, Mike and Mira started to make love and it felt so nice to feel her thigh against mine as we all made love side by side missionary style.

I felt a huge orgasm building and it just sort of took over my entire body. I felt like I was floating as the pleasure moved up and down my body. A few minutes later the feeling of his cum squirting and spurting into me gave me a second orgasm. He just stayed there inside of me, gently kissing me and telling me how wonderful I am sexually.

I heard Mike grunting and Mira moaning and I knew they were both on the verge of their own orgasms. Mike gasped and I knew he was cumming and a short time later Mira gave a sweet sigh and I knew she got off too.

Two days later Jason had to drive back to town for work but I had another week to enjoy hanging out and making love with Mira and Mike. Summer activities split us up but we had several more chances to see each other that summer.

Jason and I made love several more times that summer but we decided it would be best if we stopped before we got so addicted to it that we couldn’t stop. When the school year started that fall I used what I had learned to make my dates and several of my male friends happy. I had sex with 37 different guys by the time I graduated. I also had sex with two other girls, one of my best girl friends and with a gorgeous girl I met at soccer camp. I still make love occasionally with Mike but he lives across the country while he goes to grad school. Mira is a grad student at the same university I’m at. Her apartment is only a few blocks from my sorority so I get all the female love making I could want with her. But I also found two other girls in my sorority who are bisexual and we have our secret lovemaking sessions.

The one thing I’ve never done is to have sex with a lot of guys all at once. I would love to try it with 6 or 7 guys in a row. Maybe I’ll go to a frat party and pretend to be drunk enough to let it happen. If I get the nerve to do it I’ll have another story to send you.

— end —