Chapter 13

Beth could smell the bacon frying before she opened her eyes, the delicious aroma causing her stomach to rumble. As her mind slowly came awake, she became aware of the warm body lying on her. She opened her eyes and looked down at Cheryl’s nude form beside her; her head still resting on her breast, her arm lying across her stomach and her body rising and falling with every breath. She lay back and smiled to herself as yesterday’s events came back to her, then a morose sadness as she recalled Mark making love to Cheryl. Her Cheryl. She began to stroke Cheryl’s long, soft hair and kissed her on top of her head. Cheryl stirred, moving her head slightly as Beth ran her fingers through her long hair.

“Good morning,” Beth whispered. “Did you sleep ok?”

Cheryl moved her arm from Beth’s body and slowly raised her head. She looked up into Beth’s pretty face and smile sleepily. “Mmmhmm!,” she murmured as Beth continued to stroke her hair. She lay her head back down and kissed Beth’s soft skin. “Did you?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied. “It’s nice waking up with you in my arms.”

Cheryl hugged her and kissed her firm tits. “I know. I can’t remember the last time I slept so good!” She sat up into a sitting position and stretched her arms over her head. Her long hair swept across the sheets and her tits pointed straight out, flattening a little until she lowered her arms and turned to Beth. She sniffed. “Do I smell bacon?”

Beth grinned and nodded. “And coffee!” She sat up and got out of bed, stretching her long, lean body. Cheryl stood up and grimaced.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed, touching her recently ravaged pussy. “Just a little sore!”

Despite her jealous feelings, Beth grinned. “Julie said you’d be walking funny today!” She went over to her. “Are you ok?”

Cheryl took a couple of tentative steps, rubbing her upper thighs. “Yeah, I think so. I’ll be ok. I just need to walk it off.” She hobbled back and forth, trying to work the aches from her previously unused muscles.

“Ok,” Beth replied. “I’m going to the bathroom. Want to join me for a shower?”

Cheryl grimaced as she took another step. “Sure! I’ll be right there!”

Beth collected her shampoo, towel and a few other items from her duffle bag and went over to the door. “Ok. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” She walked out into the hall. The smell of bacon and coffee was stronger and she heard Julie and Dave talking in the kitchen. She glanced down at her still naked body and suddenly wondered if anyone else was still naked.

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Mark came out, completely nude and drying his hair with a towel. He looked over at Beth and smiled. His flaccid penis twitched at the site of her voluptuous young body.

“Morning, Beth!” he said with a cheery smile. He stood aside from the bathroom door. “It’s all yours!”

She smiled shyly. “Thanks, Mark.” She quickly took in his freshly scrubbed body, then went into the bathroom and closed the door. She was in the shower a few minutes later, letting the warm water course over her body when she heard the door open.

“It’s just me, Beth,” Cheryl called. She pulled the curtain aside and stepped into the shower, watching as the water ran over Beth’s perfect body. ‘She is so hot!’ she thought as she began to wash Beth’s back, then turned her around and lathered up her stomach, tits, and pussy. She probably spent a little more time between Beth’s legs than was necessary to wash her, but neither of them complained. When she finished, Beth did the same for her, even spending a little extra time washing her pussy thoroughly. She wanted to pleasure Cheryl but also wanted to make sure all of Mark’s cum was washed out of her. They washed their hair, then embraced and kissed while the water rinsed the remaining soap and shampoo from their bodies. Eventually, Beth turned the water off and the began to towel themselves dry. There was a light tap at the door.

“Breakfast is served, girls!” Denise called out. “Come as you are!”

They looked at each other and grinned. Cheryl called out, “Ok, thanks. We’ll be right there!” They each wrapped a towel around their wet hair and went out into the kitchen where everyone was sitting down to eat, all equally naked. Denise placed a large skillet of scrambled eggs on the table and smiled at them.

“Good morning! Hope you’re hungry!” They both nodded as they went to the table and took their seats.

Julie took a sip of coffee and grinned at Cheryl. “Are you limping, dear?” She winked at Denise, who chuckled.

Cheryl laughed. “Well worth it, Julie. Well worth it!” They all laughed and dug in. Beth and Cheryl ate everything on their heaped plates and went back for seconds.

“Nothing like great sex to work up an appetite!” Denise commented as she passed them their refilled plates. She sat down and reached into Dave’s lap as he was taking a sip of coffee.

“Hey!” he cried, trying not to spill his coffee. He grinned at Denise. “I’ll get you for that!”

Denise raised her eyebrows. “You better!” Mark and Julie agreed to clean up so the others retired to the living room where they watched a small motorboat moving slowly across the lake through the large window.

“So,” Denise said, stretching her long legs out in front of her and looking over at Cheryl and Beth. “What do you girls want to do today?” They each tugged the towels from their hair and spread their damp locks across their shoulders to dry. Cheryl shrugged and looked over at Denise. She was truly a beauty, especially when her long, red hair caught the morning light as it cascaded over her shoulders, partially covering one of her ample breasts.

“I don’t know. What did you guys have in mind?”

Denise smiled and looked at Beth. “Well, I think one goal for today should be to get Beth laid. What do you think, honey?”

Beth laughed nervously, her face turning red. Cheryl found it hard to believe that Beth, the girl who was constantly teasing boys in school with her flirtatious ways, could be embarrassed by a comment like that. She looked over at Cheryl, then at Mark and Dave before settling her gaze back on Denise. “I . . . I guess,” she replied quietly.

Denise smiled warmly. “I think we can arrange that. You just let us know when you’re ready. Like I said yesterday, no pressure. This is supposed to be fun, ok?” Beth nodded, her hands clasped between her knees, then turned away, looking back out the window and settled in closer to Cheryl. Denise turned to Cheryl. “And how are you feeling, Cheryl? Ready to go again?”

Cheryl winced as she touched her pussy. “Maybe later. I’m still a little sore.”

Julie spoke up from the kitchen. “The way you two were going at it last night, I’m surprised you can walk at all!” She grabbed Mark’s ass as he was drying a plate, causing him to fumble and nearly drop it. Everyone laughed at her remark and Mark’s reaction to her grope. Denise stood up and went over to Cheryl, kneeling at her feet.

“I could kiss it and make it better,” she said, her green eyes sparkling as her hands went to Cheryl’s knees. Cheryl looked down at the beautiful woman at her feet and spread her legs.

“Just be gentle, ok?”

Denise kissed her thigh. “It may help you feel better – loosen up the muscles a little. Beth watched as Denise buried her face in Cheryl’s pussy, hungrily licking at her tender vagina. She once more felt a pang of jealousy, but tried not to let her feelings show. Cheryl drew in a sharp breath then slowly released it as Denise’s tongue sought out her most sensitive areas. The warm, pleasant feelings completely overcame the soreness she had been experiencing just a few moments earlier. At Denise’s silent urging, she slid down on the couch so that her slit was at the very edge of the cushion. Her legs were spread wide and Denise’s talented tongue went deeper into her love hole, gently caressing her sensitive vagina walls. Cheryl moaned louder, her eyes closing as her orgasm neared.

Beth, totally engrossed in their actions, started as she felt someone sit down beside her on the couch. She looked down just as Dave placed a hand on her thigh. She tuned to face him and met his gaze, his warm brown eyes seeming to peer directly into her soul. He held her gaze and slowly moved his hand along her leg until is fingers brushed against the swollen lips of her excited twat. Beth gasped and succumbed to his gentle prodding, opening her legs to allow him better access. As his fingers found her opening and teased her sensitive virgin hole, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

He leaned over her and took one of her erect nipples into his mouth, sucking hard on it. Beth moaned and licked her lips, a slight smile forming on her face. She heard Cheryl cry out softly and squeeze her hand, but she was too caught up in Dave’s tender touches to pay her much attention.

Cheryl’s orgasm had built steadily until she felt like she would explode. Denise was once more teasing her by bringing her to the brink of cumming, then pausing, letting the feeling slip away before starting again. After doing this several times, Cheryl’s frustration finally got the best of her. “P . . . please, Denise! Don’t stop!” Denise lifted her face from her sopping pussy and gave her a questioning look, a devilish smile on her wet lips.

“Don’t stop what, honey?” Cheryl looked down at her, her green eyes pleading. “Tell me,” Denise said, her eyes sparkling mischievously. “Tell me what you want me to do!” Cheryl’s eyes narrowed, a puzzled expression on her face. Denise merely stared back at her and didn’t move.

“Tell her to lick your pussy and make you cum!” Julie called from the kitchen. Cheryl looked over at her. Mark had finished washing the dishes and was standing behind her, kissing her neck and fondling her tits while she dried the few remaining dishes. Cheryl looked back down at Denise, who grinned wider and nodded.

“Tell me . . .” she repeated softly, peering directly into Cheryl’s eyes.

Cheryl swallowed and said, “Lick my pussy, please! Make me cum!” Denise winked at her, then lowered her face back between her legs and resumed licking and sucking on her slit.

Cheryl groaned as she attacked her cunt with renewed vigor, bringing her back to the brink of orgasm in a very short time. She found herself building higher and higher toward her impending climax as Denise’s tongue worked it’s magic on her tender pussy.

When she finally came, her body stiffened and she cried out. “Ohhhh!! Unghh!! Unghh!! Ohhhhh . . . shit!!” Her body began to quiver and jerk as she climaxed, cumming over and over. Her face twisted into another grimace of exquisite ecstacy with each successive orgasm. After a few moments, Denise lifted her face from her spasming pussy and watched as the pretty brunette squirmed and moaned until she finally lay still, panting deeply. Her entire body was buzzing, her nerves overwhelmed by the amount of sexual pleasure Denise had inflicted on her. Denise sat up, leaned in, and kissed her passionately, depositing her own juices on Cheryl’s tongue. Cheryl returned the kiss, savoring the taste of her own cum as she pulled the voluptuous redhead’s sexy body to hers.

Chapter 14

In the meantime, Beth was lying back on the couch next to her, thoroughly enjoying Dave’s tender touch. Her virgin pussy grasped at his invading fingers, willing him to push them deeper into the depths of her warm sex. She felt another pair of hands on her shoulders and opened her eyes to see Julie smiling down at her over the back of the couch.

“Hi there,” she said, her eyes flitting over Beth’s hot little body as she squirmed under Dave’s masterful fingers and mouth. “Mind if I join you?” Beth shook her head and sighed as Dave’s fingers pushed a little deeper into her tight hole and stroked her sensitive vaginal walls. Julie leaned over and kissed her lips, then kissed along her jaw to her neck. Beth closed her eyes and sighed again as two mouths worked over her supple young body. Dave moved from her tits across her flat stomach to her sweet pussy. As he pushed his tongue in as far as he could, Beth moaned and cried out.

“Yes!! Oh, god, yes!!” She arched her back, trying to push Dave’s tongue deeper into her, but he moved back, not wanting to risk going too deep. Not yet.

Julie came around the couch and sat next to Beth. She brushed her long blonde hair from her perky tits and leaned down, sucking her nipples hungrily into her mouth. The combination of Dave’s tongue in her over-excited pussy and Julie’s warm mouth sucking on her tits was too much. With a loud groan, her body went rigid and she came hard, arching her back before bucking her hips forcefully, causing Dave to relinquish his lip-lock on her pussy. He watched Julie continue to suckle her firm tits, keeping her cumming over and over.

Finally, Beth pushed Julie’s head from her breast. “N . . . no more! Please!!” By this point, she had been cumming almost non-stop for over a minute and her body was exhausted from it. She felt herself start to relax, her entire body tingling, each nerve ending firing simultaneously. She collapsed to the couch, completely spent, but very content. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.

Julie kissed her tenderly. Dave did as well. Beth licked her juices from her lips as Dave and Julie shared a warm kiss. Julie looked back down at her, smiling and licking her lips.

“Mmm . . .” she purred. “I need to have a go at that sweet thing between your legs sometime!” She winked at her and Beth smiled, her eyes glassy.

Chapter 15

Cheryl watched Julie and Dave kissing her beautiful girlfriend, feeling a pang of the same jealousy that Beth had felt the night before. Then she felt a hand on her cheek and turned to see Mark standing next to her, his cock at full readiness. Denise grabbed his stiff member, pulled it to her lips, and began licking up and down it. She motioned for Cheryl to join her. With a grin, Cheryl sat forward and began to lick the other side of it, her tongue occasionally flicking across Denise’s. Denise backed away and nodded for Cheryl to have the first suck. Without a second’s hesitation, she parted her lips and gobbled almost half of his stiff prick into her mouth. She moaned and began to bob her head, fucking his hard member with her mouth. Mark moaned and closed his eyes. Denise moved to his balls, taking each one in turn into her mouth and sucking on it. After a few minutes, she tapped Cheryl on the shoulder, indicating that it was her turn. Cheryl reluctantly released it from her lips and watched as Denise swallowed most of it. She was astonished at how much she was able to fit into her mouth. All but about two of eight inches was in Denise’s mouth and throat! The most Cheryl had been able to manage was three, maybe four inches. How was she doing this?!

Denise pushed the hard rod in and out of her mouth a few times, making little gagging noises as she did. When she finally pulled it from her mouth, she looked at Cheryl and grinned.

“How did you do that?!” Cheryl exclaimed, looking at her with wide eyes.

Denise kissed the tip and stroked it lovingly. “It’s called ‘deep-throating’. I’ve been practicing for a while now. Soon I hope to be able to swallow the whole thing!” She winked up at Mark, who smiled.

“But . . .” Cheryl’s eyes went from Denise to the long cock in her hand. “. . . where? I mean . . .”

Denise laughed. “You have to learn how to relax your throat and control your gag reflex. Basically, you just . . . swallow it!” she said with a shrug. She grinned up at Mark. “It drives the guys wild!” Mark looked over at Cheryl and nodded emphatically, grinning widely. “Wanna try?”

Cheryl considered for a moment, then nodded. Denise backed away and released her grip on the slick shaft. Cheryl took it in her hand and began to suck it into her mouth. “Go easy,” Denise coached. “Not too fast. If you feel yourself starting to gag, just pretend you’re swallowing a drink of water. That’s what worked for me.” Cheryl nodded and slowly pushed the thick cock to the back of her tongue. She began to gag a little and Denise pushed her forward. “Lean forward and try to align your throat with it. Don’t try to force it.” Cheryl did as she was instructed, although she wasn’t exactly sure how to relax her throat, so she tried to relax her entire body. When she felt herself starting to gag, she swallowed and to her surprise, the tip slid a little further down her throat.

“That’s it!” Denise cried. “You’re doing it!” Cheryl began to gasp for air. “Breathe through your nose!” Denise said. She tried and found she was able to force enough air around the thick organ to breathe. She swallowed again and it went in a little deeper. “Now start moving back and forth,” Denise said, watching her intently. Cheryl began moving her head back and forth as instructed, pushing it up and down her tight throat.

“H . . . holy shit!” Mark exclaimed, his face screwed up into a grimace of delight.

“Do you want to make him cum? He’s really close!” Denise asked her. Cheryl nodded and grunted as she continued deep-throating the hard cock, pushing it a little deeper each time she went down.

“Oh, yeah! Here it comes . . .!!” Mark cried with a strangled groan. He thrust forward involuntarily, pushing as far into Cheryl’s throat as Denise had taken him a few minutes earlier. She could feel his seed shooting into her throat and running straight down into her stomach. When he finally stopped cumming, Cheryl pulled it from her throat, then sucked the remaining jism from it. She kissed the tip, then looked up at Mark, who shook his head and grinned down at her.

“Baby, you are amazing!” he exclaimed.

Denise rubbed her shoulders and smiled at her inquisitively. “How was it?”

She shrugged. “It was a little hard to get it down at first, but after a minute I got the hang of it. And I couldn’t even taste his cum!”

Denise chuckled. “That’s because you already swallowed his cock,” she replied as Mark sank back to the couch to recover. “So his cum by-passed your taste-buds.”

Cheryl thought for a second, then nodded. “Makes sense.” Just then, Beth let out a small cry and they turned to watch the action taking place next to them.

Chapter 16

Dave stood up and Julie began sucking on his long, thick meat. Beth watched his face contort into an almost painful grimace as he fought the urge to cum. After a few minutes, she pulled it from her lips and offered it to Beth. She grasped it and took it onto her warm mouth, slowly sliding it in and out, swirling her tongue all over the sensitive head. Dave started to moan and move his hips slightly. Beth pulled it from her lips. She wanted to make him cum, but not in her mouth.

Dave looked down, wondering why she had stopped performing fellatio. Julie reached for his cock to take over, but Beth held onto it, looking up to his face. Julie was curious what she had in mind and sat back to watch.

Beth stood up and released the long, hard shaft from her hand. She embraced him, pulling her warm naked flesh to his. Julie stood up as well, kissing first Dave, then Beth. Beth gazed longingly into his dark eyes. “Fuck me,” she said, almost in a whisper. “Cum in my pussy. Make me cum with your big cock inside me!”

Dave could only stare at her, shocked by her words. Julie grinned and spoke up, breaking the sexually charged silence. “I could be way off base here, but I think she wants to fuck you, Dave!”

Beth giggled and buried her face in Dave’s chest. “So much for my seductress bit,” she exclaimed with another giggle. Julie laughed but Dave’s face was more serious.

“Are you sure about this, Beth?” She smiled up at his handsome face. Her blue eyes were clear and unwavering.

“Yes. I’m ready.”

He held her gaze for a moment, then nodded. She felt a hand on her leg and looked down to see Cheryl looking up at her from the couch. Beth smiled at her and nodded slightly, caressing her hand. Julie studied Beth’s face for a moment, then asked, “Where do you want to do it, Beth?”

Beth looked around. Cheryl was sitting next to her on the couch while Mark was flopped at the far end. Denise was kneeling between his splayed legs nursing his limp cock back to life. She turned back to Julie and Dave with a slight grin, tilting her head toward Mark and Denise. “Looks like the couch is spoken for!”

Dave chuckled softly and nudged Julie. “Could you go get us a blanket, honey?” Julie nodded and went down the hall to get one. Dave turned back to Beth. “Is the floor ok?” He grinned. “More room to . . . maneuver.” Beth giggled nervously and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Sounds great,” she said, her blue eyes flashing with anticipation.

Cheryl stood up and paced her hands on Beth’s shoulders. “Mind if I’m there?”

Beth turned around and smiled at her, then embraced and kissed her warmly. “I wouldn’t want it any other way!” she whispered in her ear.

Julie arrived with a thick comforter and spread it out on the floor in front of the large window that overlooked the lake. She crawled onto the blanket and lay there on her side, smiling seductively and patting the blanket next to her. Beth allowed Dave to take her hand and lead her over to the blanket, with Cheryl following. Dave and Beth embraced and kissed while Cheryl lay down next to Julie. She gave Julie a quick kiss and caressed her perky tits while Dave and Beth dropped to their knees next to them.

Cheryl again felt a pang of jealousy as Beth tilted her head back and closed her eyes so Dave could kiss her neck and nibble on her earlobes. She held his head to her breasts as he moved lower, spending a few moments at each nipple. As he suckled her girlfriend’s succulent tits, Cheryl got to her knees and crawled over to Dave’s huge, bobbing penis. She bent down and stretched her head out, taking the large tool into her warm, moist mouth. Dave moaned his approval, his voice muffled by Beth’s tits.

Not to be left out, Julie lay on her back and pushed Cheryl’s legs apart. Cheryl obeyed and Julie slid her head between them, pulling her hips down until she could reach Cheryl’s sweet pussy with her mouth. As Julie began to lick and tease her pussy, Dave pulled his cock from her hot little mouth.

“Hey!” she purred, a hurt look on her face.

Dave raised his face from Beth’s tits. “Sorry, sweetie, but you’re going to get me off if you keep that up much longer!” Cheryl pouted then gasped as Julie’s tongue began licking her still sensitive little clit. She lowered her head to the blanket, moaning contentedly.

Dave placed his hands on Beth’s shoulders and gently pushed the stunning blonde to her back, her long, golden hair fanning out behind her on the thick comforter. He gave her one last chance to change her mind. “You’re still sure about this?”

Beth nodded and spread her long legs, opening her virgin pussy to him. “I’m ready,” she purred. “Fuck me – please!”

Chapter 17

Dave crawled to Beth’s feet . She smiled nervously as he began rubbing her dripping lips, then sighed and moaned as he slipped two fingers into her tight opening. “Just try to relax,” he said soothingly. “It’ll go a lot easier if you do.”

Beth closed her eyes. His fingers felt so good inside her that she found herself wishing that he would mount her and bury his huge cock into her aching cunt. As if responding to her thoughts, he withdrew his fingers from her. Beth opened her eyes and watched as he slipped them into his mouth and slowly sucked her juices from them. He pulled them from his mouth, smiling and licking his lips, then crawled closer and knelt over her so that his thick head rubbed along her wet slit. He gently rubbed it back and forth, coating the soft glans with her lubricating juices. Beth gasped and closed her eyes again, relishing the wonderful sensations he was creating within her. He looked into her pretty face and positioned his cock at her opening, then began to apply pressure.

Beth squeezed her eyes tightly closed and grit her teeth as she felt Dave’s thick tool probing at her pussy. There wasn’t any pain, but it was a little discomforting feeling her body stretch as he began working the tip inside her. He managed to get the head inside, then paused to let his desire ease, afraid he would cum before even breaking her cherry. Beth also used the time to adjust to the feel of the thick member now inside her body. Her tight pussy squeezed the soft head and she remembered his words about relaxing and tried to ease the tension in her vaginal muscles. He began to push deeper into her and she could feel herself being stretched further, making the invading organ feel much bigger than it actually was. She moaned as he pushed deeper, then backed out, and pushed in again. She was starting to enjoy it. Every time he moved, his thick cock rubbed against her erect clit, sending tingles of pleasure throughout her young body.

When Beth started moaning, Julie stopped tonguing Cheryl’s twat. She knew Beth wanted her to be there when she lost her virginity. Cheryl crawled over and kissed Beth’s forehead. Beth opened her eyes and smiled at her beautiful friend and lover. Cheryl returned her smile and watched as Dave slowly fed his massive tool into Beth’s tiny cunt. So far, Beth seemed to be enjoying it, but he hadn’t gone deep enough yet to tear her hymen.

“You’re doing great, baby!” Cheryl said, stroking her head.

Beth grinned. “It doesn’t hurt at all!”

Cheryl kissed her and squeezed her hand. “He’s just getting you ready, honey. He isn’t going deep enough yet.”

Beth raised her head slightly and saw that Cheryl was right. Most of Dave’s huge tool was still visible. She looked up at him, a worried expression on her pretty face. Dave smiled down at her. “Just relax, beautiful. Everything will be ok.”

She dropped her head back to the comforter and turned to say something to Cheryl. But before she get a word out, Dave suddenly pushed deep into her, ripping through her barrier and burying almost seven of his thick nine inches into her. Beth cried out. She gripped Cheryl’s hand as the intense pain from her torn barrier and the sudden stretching of her virgin pussy brought tears to her eyes.

“Dave!” Julie cried, a frown on her face and anger in her eyes. “Why did you do that!? You hurt her!”

Dave looked from her back to Beth, who was sobbing softly as Cheryl held her and stroked her hair. “I . . . I just thought . . . it would be better for her. Get it over with in one shot!” Julie glared at him for a second, then turned her attention to Beth.

Cheryl was stroking her hair and kissing away her tears. “Beth, honey? Are you ok?” Beth nodded, but didn’t speak.

Dave looked down at her, his face apologetic. “I’m so sorry, Beth. I just thought this way would be easier for you.” He began to withdraw his dick from her stretched pussy.

“Ow! Ow! No! Wait!” He paused and she looked up at him, managing a weak smile. “It . . . it’s ok, Dave. You were right. This way probably was easier.” She licked her lips and swallowed, still holding his gaze in red-rimmed eyes. “Just stay . . . in me for a few minutes. I’ll be ok.” He nodded and smiled at the pretty blonde. Her tight pussy was squeezing his cock and he felt like he was going to explode inside her warm, wet tunnel.

After a few minutes, she gave him the ok and he slowly began to fuck her tender pussy. She groaned and winced for a few minutes, then seemed to relax more and began to move with him. He pushed deeper into her with each stroke until he was finally fucking her with his full length. Then he started moving faster as her vaginal muscles relaxed even more. Before long, she was responding with animal lust as the pain was forgotten and her pleasure became more urgent.

“Oh, yes! Oh . . . oh . . . oh!!” Beth’s head rolled from side to side as Dave’s big cock pounded her mercilessly. She had an intense look of concentration on her face, which was flushed red from exertion and sexual arousal. Her neck, chest, and pubic area were also deep crimson red as blood rushed to those excited areas. She gripped Cheryl’s arm suddenly. “Oh, Cheryl! I’m gonna cum!!” she cried.

“Oh, yeah!” Dave cried, his breath coming in short gasps and his face also flushed a deep red. “Me, too!!”

Suddenly, Beth cried out and arched her back, thrusting her pelvis upward. Her body tensed for a long moment, then quivered and shook as her orgasm released. Cheryl watched with intense fascination as her girlfriend twisted and writhed, wondering in that’s what she had looked like.

Dave groaned as Beth’s tight pussy literally milked the cum from his throbbing meat. He felt his body tingle as his cum moved from his balls through his hard shaft and erupted inside Beth’s warm cunt. He seemed to cum in one long shot, his body straining, before easing up. He jerked and shuddered as a few smaller shots were ejaculated inside her steaming hole, then collapsed on top of her, panting and gasping for air. Beth, who was still cumming after his orgasm triggered another one in her, gripped his sweaty body and dug her fingernails into his back as she shuddered and shook through a series of climaxes. Finally, her body relaxed and she lay there twitching and quivering as Dave’s cock slowly began to shrink inside her pulsating pussy. She felt her entire body tingling and buzzing as if an electric current was being sent through it. She felt their warm mingled fluids seeping from her distended opening as Dave’s member became smaller, running down between her ass cheeks and pooling onto the comforter beneath them. They lay there for a several seconds, each trying to catch their breath.

Finally, Dave pulled himself up and gazed into her sleepy blue eyes. “S. . . so, was it good for you?” She laughed, her cunt squeezing his semi-hard cock as she did. Cheryl and the others joined in and soon they were all laughing and clapping.

He pulled his cock from her with a wet slurping noise and Beth felt a flood of semen flow from her pussy to the comforter. Her stretched vagina seemed to be gripping the cock that was no longer there. He helped her up to a sitting position. She looked at Cheryl and grinned.

“You were right, Cheryl! That was incredible!” They hugged and kissed, then Beth turned to the others. “So, are you guys gonna be here next weekend?” she asked with a grin.

Everyone laughed and Denise leaned over to kiss them both. “Oh, yes, my dear! And you two have a standing invitation!”

– The End –