Chapter 9

Cheryl lay nervously back on the bed as Denise and Mark kissed, then turned to her. Denise dropped to her knees at Cheryl’s feet and reached up to pull her legs apart, exposing the tender pink flesh of her virgin pussy. She felt very vulnerable, lying there fully exposed to two people she had only met a few hours earlier. Denise crawled up beside her on the bed and cradled her head in her arms. Mark knelt between her spread legs and began to kiss his way up them. When he reached the top of her inner thighs, he gently kissed the crease where her legs met her pubic area, being careful not to touch her labia. He paused to breath in the scent of her sex. Her pussy was dripping and his warm breath on her sensitive lips was driving her crazy. Mark moved slowly so that his lips were just brushing her sensitive pussy, then stuck out his tongue and took a quick lick.

Cheryl gasped and her body twitched at his touch. She couldn’t believe how sensitive and turned on she was! She had masturbated many times, but never had she driven herself to this level of arousal! And he had barely touched her! Denise moved so that one of her nipples brushed against Cheryl’s cheek. In her heightened state of arousal, she didn’t hesitate. She turned her head and sucked the hard nub into her mouth, nibbling on it gently with her teeth, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Mark stuck out his tongue and licked the entire length of her tiny slit. Cheryl’s small body stiffened and she cried out, her voice muffled by Denise’s tit in her mouth. He did it again and received a similar response. The next time, he pushed in a little deeper and licked up to her clit, just brushing it with his tongue.

Beth cried out, releasing Denise’s tit and looking down at him. “Oh, shit! Do that again!” Mark grinned up at her and again licked deep into her virgin hole before teasing her erect little pearl. Cheryl raised her hips from the bed, gripping Denise’s arm as his tongue flicked back and forth over her sensitive little love bud. She moaned and sighed, a smile on her pretty face. “Yes! Oh, yes! That feels wonderful!” She closed her eyes and relaxed in Denise’s arms, giving in to the exquisite sensations. Denise stroked her hair and again rubbed her nipple on her cheek. Cheryl got the hint and resumed suckling her massive tit between sighs and gasps of pleasure. Mark continued his wonderful oral attention and Denise gave up on having her tits sucked by the pretty brunette. Instead, she bent over and began to suck on Cheryl’s small, firm breasts, which only increased her cries of pleasure. Meanwhile, Mark began licking her clit exclusively. Cheryl’s reaction was predictable – she went nuts. Her body twisted on the bed as Mark brought her to newer and higher levels of pleasure than she never dreamed possible. Denise motioned for Mark to switch with her and she moved between Cheryl’s legs, giving her a brief respite. Mark was very good at cunnilingus and had methodically brought her to the brink of orgasm over and over, then backed off to start again, the purpose being to increase the intensity of her eventual climax. When Denise took over, she continued on with the same technique, but spent more time on her clit. She couldn’t wait to bring this hot little sex kitten to a mind-numbing orgasm! Mark climbed up nest to her and pushed his now semi-hard cock into her face. “Suck my cock!” he cried. Like with Denise’s tit, she didn’t hesitate. She took his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. She seemed to lose interest or just couldn’t concentrate because of what Denise’s mouth was doing to her over-stimulated little pussy, so Mark began to gently fuck her mouth.

Her moans, though muffled by Mark’s cock, were getting louder. “Mmphh!” she cried. Denise’s mouth was working magic in her pussy and having Mark’s thick cock in her mouth turned her on even more. If someone had wanted to fuck her ass right then, she would have spread her cheeks. She was so wound up she was up for anything! She raised her hips in an attempt to force Denise’s tongue in even further.

Denise was really enjoying licking and sucking Cheryl’s hot little virgin slit. She was dripping wet and so tight that Denise’s tongue just fit into her tiny hole. She licked across her engorged labia once more then locked her teeth around her little love button and flicked her tongue across it. Cheryl pulled Mark’s cock from her mouth and shouted, “Oh, yes! Right there!! Oh, god, don’t stop . . . !” She lay back on the bed, completely lost in the blizzard of sensations swirling around in her young body. Mark’s cock was completely forgotten. She had only one thought on her mind – her impending orgasm. She felt her vaginal muscles contract as the orgasm built to its climax inside her. Suddenly, her tiny body went rigid, her screams fading to a strangled gurgle as she finally climaxed, her mouth open in a silent scream of ecstacy. She squeezed her eyes shut as the orgasm exploded within her, washing through her body like a tidal wave of pure, unadulterated pleasure. Lights exploded behind her closed eyelids as she came over and over, Denise’s tongue relentlessly coaxing climax after climax from her over-stimulated body. Finally, with a final lick and a quick kiss to her clit, Denise stopped her tonguing and watched as the tiny brunette twisted and squirmed on the bed, her body still experiencing orgasms even after she had stopped licking her pussy. Finally, Cheryl lay spread eagle on the bed, her chest heaving and her body coated in a sheen of perspiration. Every few seconds, she would shudder and cry out as another small orgasm wracked her overloaded nervous system. Finally, she lay still, her breathing the only sound in the room. Mark looked over at Denise and winked.

“Do you think she came?”

Cheryl finally smiled weakly and licked her dry lips. “H . . . holy shit!” she gasped.

The door swung open. Julie stood there, a seductive smile on her face. Dave and Beth stood behind her, peering past her into the room. “Sounds like quite a party,” she said with a grin. “Mind if we join you?”

Chapter 10

Julie was about to ask Beth what she wanted to do next when they heard Cheryl’s cries of pleasure coming from the bedroom. She grinned at Beth. “Sounds like you may be the last virgin in the house!”

Beth stared down the hall, concern on her face, listening as Cheryl’s cries and moans continued. “Is . . . is she all right?” she asked, looking pleadingly at Dave and Julie. To her inexperienced ears, they almost sounded like cries of pain.

Julie stood up and pulled the tie from her hair, releasing her pony tail. Her light blonde hair fell over her shoulders and straight down to the small of her back. She reached out for Beth’s hand and pulled her to her feet. “She’s fine. C’mon, I’ll show you.” She began to lead Beth toward the bedroom and Cheryl’s cries became more pleading. Beth hesitated.

“Should we . . . go in?”

“Sure! C’mon!” Julie tugged at her arm and she reluctantly allowed herself to be led down the hall. Dave followed behind them, close enough that she could feel his hard cock bump against her hip. Julie opened the door just as Cheryl was coming down from her orgasmic high. “Sounds like quite a party. Mind if we join you?”

They all looked toward the door. “Hi!” Denise said cheerfully. “The more, the merrier! But I think we should all move to the living room. Six people’s a little tight for this room!” Julie nodded. Her and Dave went back out to the living room. Mark asked Cheryl if she was all right. She nodded and kissed him, then he followed the others out and down the hall. Beth stared at Cheryl’s naked, sweat-soaked body lying spread eagle on the bed. Her eyes were closed and her chest heaved as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

“Cheryl?” she asked timidly, “Are . . .you ok?”

Cheryl opened her glassy eyes. She managed a weary smile. “H . . .hi, Beth! Sorry, what did you say?”

Beth looked over at Denise, who stood up and kissed her on the cheek. Beth could smell the sweet, musky aroma of Cheryl’s pussy on her breath. “She’s fine,” she whispered, and left the room. Beth looked back down at Cheryl, who smiled sleepily and held out her hands. Beth gripped her hands and pulled her weary body to a sitting position, then sat on the bed next to her. For a long moment, neither spoke.

Finally, Beth said quietly, “So, you did it?”

Cheryl turned to her, a confused look on her flushed face. “Did it? Did wh . . .” Then she realized what Beth was asking and shook her head. “N . . . no, I mean, we didn’t . . . do it, but . . . wow!” She flopped back onto the bed with a huge grin on her face. Her entire body was still tingling.

Beth turned to face her. “Well?” She nudged her bare thigh. “What happened?”

Cheryl struggled back to a sitting position and leaned in close to Beth’s face. “I could tell you,” she whispered with a wide grin, “or I could show you!”

Beth gave her a puzzled look. Cheryl opened her mouth to explain, but Denise poked her head in the door. “Are you guys coming? We’re waiting for you!” She looked out into the living room, then shook her head and grinned wryly. “Well, at least one of us is waiting for you!” She beckoned to them. “Come on!”

As they followed Denise’s bare ass down the hall, Cheryl leaned in close to Beth and whispered, “I’ll show you out there!” When they got to the living room, Julie was on her knees in front of Mark and Dave, tag-teaming them. She would suck on one cock for a few seconds, then go to the other one.

“Hey now!” Denise called out. “Aren’t you gonna share?” Julie grinned at her and stroked both cocks as she knelt between them.

“I suppose!” she sighed, feigning irritation.

Dave spoke up. “Not that I’m complaining about the incredible blow-jobs, but I really need a pussy!” Mark nodded his agreement.

Denise turned to Beth and Cheryl. “Are you guys ready for that or would you rather wait a while?”

They exchanged a look, then Cheryl looked at Denise. “Will it feel as good as what you did to me?”

Denise came over to them and put a hand on Cheryl’s shoulder, her face serious. “Yes. Eventually. It may even feel better. I know it does with me.”

Julie piped up. “Me, too!”

“But,” Denise continued, her eyes moving from Cheryl’s to Beth’s. “the first time, it will hurt a little. But only your first time and only for a little while.”

“Of course,” Julie added, “you’ll walk funny tomorrow. Hell, I still do after a round with one of these guys!” Mark and Dave high-fived each other and Julie smacked them on the thighs.

Denise smiled, then turned back to the girls. “I’m only telling you this so you won’t be surprised. And everyone’s different. It may only be a little . . . uncomfortable, not painful. Or it may hurt like hell.” She shrugged. “The only way to know is to do it.” Her eyes rested on Cheryl. “But from the way you came with my and Mark’s tongue, a cock will send you over the edge!”

Julie knelt over the couch, her hands gripping the back of it. She waggled her ass in the air. “How about a little demonstration?” she asked, looking at the girls. “Come on! One of you studs fuck me!”

Mark and Dave looked at each other. “Go ahead,” Mark said. “She gets mine almost every day!” Dave grinned and stepped up behind Julie. He began rubbing his fingers over her pink flesh. Julie sighed and dropped her head between her arms. Denise led Beth and Cheryl over to sit where they could see everything. Dave, convinced Julie was wet enough, placed his big cock at her opening and slowly pushed inside, stretching her opening wide.

Julie gasped and gripped the back of the couch. “Oh, yesss!!”

They watched in fascination as Dave’s huge rod disappeared into Julie’s body. “Doesn’t it hurt?” Beth asked.

Julie shook her head but didn’t look at them. “Uh-uh. F . . . feels really . . . good!” Dave gripped her slender waist and began to pump his massive dick in and out of her badly distended pussy. The smile on her face told the girls she wasn’t lying.

Cheryl gripped Beth’s arm. “We’ve gotta try that!” Beth gave her a curious look. Whatever happened in that bedroom had changed Cheryl from an innocent and naive little girl into a sex craved nympho! And now Beth was the hesitant one. Maybe she still wasn’t completely convinced that Cheryl hadn’t been crying out in pain while they did . . . whatever it was they did to her. Or maybe she was a little jealous, unwilling to share the petite beauty.

“You want to do that!?” she asked, her eyes wide. While Dave’s thick cock was somehow fitting into Julie’s pussy, Beth couldn’t imagine how it, or even Mark’s only slightly smaller one, would ever fit inside her!

Cheryl returned her puzzled look. “What are you talking about? For six months now, all I’ve heard is how we have to get laid before summer’s over! Well, here’s our chance!”

Beth looked over at Cheryl, studying her wild eyes. Was this really the same shy, demure schoolgirl she’d known all her life? “What happened in there?” she asked, nodding toward the bedroom. “You were never like this before!”

Cheryl grinned and turned to Denise, who was watching them with interest. “Could you, uh . . . show her?”

Denise grinned and licked her lips. “I’d love to!” She knelt on the floor at Beth’s feet and placed her hands on her knees, slowly pushing them apart. Beth looked over at Cheryl, then down to the pretty redhead kissing her way along her inner thighs.

Cheryl kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear. “Just relax and enjoy! You’re gonna love this!” Beth turned to say something to her, but at that moment, Denise’s tongue touched her pussy and her words were forgotten as the pleasure began.

Cheryl watched them for a moment until she was certain Beth was enjoying Denise’s talents, then got up and went over to where Dave was still fucking Julie from behind. She leaned up and kissed him, her hand caressing Julie’s ass. She watched as his thick cock pistoned in and out of Julie’s body, then looked over at Mark. He was sitting in one of the easy chairs, stroking his hard meat as he watched his best friend fuck the daylights out of his girlfriend. She wandered over to where he was sitting, her finger between her teeth. Mark looked up at the beautiful, young, and very naked girl walking toward him and smiled.

“Hi, there,” he said softly.

Cheryl looked down at his hard, eight inch cock and knelt between his legs. “Hi,” she whispered, lowered her head and took his prick into her mouth. She began bobbing her head slowly up and down, working her tongue over his shaft as it slid in and out of her hot little mouth. Mark gathered up her long hair and held it back out of her eyes.

“Mmmm . . . yeah, baby!” he moaned. After a few minutes of this, he raised her head from his lap and kissed her passionately. “If you keep that up,” he said, “I’m going to cum in that pretty little mouth of ours!” Cheryl opened her mouth to say that she wouldn’t mind when he cut her off. “But I would rather cum in that tight little pussy of yours!”

Cheryl gazed into his eyes for a long moment, then smiled. “All right,” she said, and kissed him again. “Just be gentle, ok?”

He nodded and smiled. “Of course, honey!” He nodded at Dave and Julie. “Do you want to try it like that, or would you rather lie down?”

Cheryl looked over at them and shook her head. “Maybe later. Why don’t we keep it simple?”

Mark smiled. “Ok.” He looked around, then got up from his chair and knelt beside her on the floor. “Lie down,” he said. Cheryl looked into his eyes with a pleading look. He smiled reassuringly and kissed her. “I promise to be gentle,” he said. She smiled and lay back on the floor, her knees bent. He knelt at her feet and pushed her legs apart, exposing her virgin pussy. He smiled at her again and she nervously returned his smile. “Ready?” She nodded, her face growing serious. He could see the fear in her eyes. “Just relax and let it happen,” he said in a gentle voice. “Before you know it, it will be all over and there will only be pleasure.”

She took a deep breath and nodded. He leaned over her small body and kissed her deeply, their tongues coming together in a sensual dance. He kissed the curve of her jaw, then her neck, and finally down to her perky tits. He rubbed the head of his throbbing cock along her swollen labia. She was already wet, her juices mixing with his precum and providing more than enough lubrication. He kissed her lips again and placed the head of his cock at her tiny opening. Once again he asked, “Ready?”

Again, Cheryl nodded. He slowly applied pressure, but he couldn’t get his thick glans into her small opening. Maybe he was just too big for her. “Try to relax,” he whispered into her ear. He began working it back and forth, slipping it between her swollen lips while trying to expand her tiny opening enough to get in. Finally, he felt her give a little and gently increased the pressure. Cheryl gasped as the big head stretched her vagina wide and slipped inside her. The feeling was strange, but it didn’t hurt. She felt relief. Maybe she was one of the girls who wouldn’t feel any pain!

Mark smiled down at her. “Are you ok?”

She returned his smile. “Uh-huh! It didn’t hurt at all!”

Marks’s smile faded. “Oh, honey. We’re only getting started. I only have the tip in!”

Cheryl looked down and he lifted his body so she could see. She saw the seven inches still waiting to be pushed inside her and all of her fears and apprehension returned. “Ohh!” she said, eyes wide.

Mark stroked her cheek. “It’ll be ok. Just relax. I’ll do all the work.”

He pushed in a little further, maybe another inch. Cheryl closed her eyes and gripped his body as she felt her vagina walls expand. She could feel every part of it – every bump, ridge, and vein. Slowly, he inched in until she began to feel a pinch, which quickly flared up into a shooting pain deep inside her pussy. “Owww!” she cried.

Mark had felt the added resistance when his cock began to push against her barrier and was prepared for her cry of pain.

“This is the hardest part, baby,” he said softly. “Just bear with it for a minute and it’ll be over.” Cheryl grit her teeth and buried her face in his shoulder as he continued pushing against her hymen, stretching it to the breaking point. When he tore through, she screamed into his shoulder, tears running down her cheeks.

“There,” he said, kissing her forehead. “The worst is over.” She was incredibly tight and he repositioned himself for better leverage. He had about half of his cock inside her but when he broke her cherry, her body stiffened and her vaginal muscles clamped down on his cock, holding it in a vise-like grip. He would need the better position to force his shaft through her even tighter tunnel. He tried to push further, but couldn’t move.

“Cheryl, honey. I can’t move. You’re squeezing me too tight. Try to relax. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She took a deep breath. “I’ll try,” she whispered, her voice still choked with tears. After a few breaths, he felt the velvet grip on his rod ease up a little and he pushed deeper into her tight, wet pussy.

Cheryl tried to remain relaxed, but it wasn’t easy. The intense pain had passed, but it still hurt every time he moved. But she wasn’t giving up. She had come this far and she was going to see it through! She could hear Julie crying out as she came and she could even make out Beth’s moans as Denise pleasured her with her talented tongue. She grit her teeth and bore the pain as Mark continued to push his long, hard tool deep into her womb.

Finally, she felt his pubic hair tickling her bare mons. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. He was watching her, a look of deep concern on his face. “There,” he said with a smile as he kissed her. “That’s all I’ve got.” He leaned back again so she could look down to see his cock completely buried inside her. “How does it feel?”

She thought for a moment. It felt so strange that she wasn’t sure how to describe it. “It feels . . . I dunno, weird. It’s hard to describe.” She winced as he shifted his weight. “It still hurts when you move, though.”

He nodded and gave her a forlorn smile. “I know. It will for a little while. But soon, it’ll start to feel real good.”

Cheryl gave him a reassuring smile. “I’ll be ok. Let’s keep going.” The time they had spent talking had allowed her a few moments to adjust to his size and her vaginal muscles had relaxed a little. She was still very tight, but it would be a little easier for him to move. He began to slowly withdraw from her warm tightness. Cheryl made a face, but didn’t make a sound other than a low grunt. When only the tip remained inside, he began the slow process of pushing back in. Again, Cheryl grit her teeth, but didn’t cry out. After a few passes, he felt her beginning to loosen up a little more and her face seemed more relaxed. It was becoming much easier to move his hard shaft in and out of her wet pussy.

“Feeling better?” he asked after a few minutes. Cheryl nodded and looked up at him.

“Uh-huh. Doesn’t . . . hurt much . . . anymore. Kinda feels . . . good!” She gave him a little smile. He continued the long, slow fuck until she relaxed a little more, moaning slightly. He began to move a little faster, being careful not to hurt her. She responded by moving her hips upward, thrusting up to meet his downstrokes. They worked into a steady rhythm, gradually increasing their speed, then slowing, before once again picking up the pace. Cheryl was moaning and sighing louder. It was obvious she was now experiencing more pleasure than pain. He began a series of hard, deep thrusts just to see how she would react. She gripped his body, clutching his back, and thrust up with equal force. “Yes!!” she gasped. “Oh, god, yess!!”

Chapter 11

Beth was leaning back on the couch, her eyes closed and legs wide apart as Denise’s tongue teased and explored her virgin hole. She was beginning to understand Cheryl’s insistence that she try this! It felt incredible! Denise was coaxing sensations from her body that she had never experienced while masturbating! As Denise teased her sensitive little nub, she groaned and felt the stirrings of an orgasm. Denise seemed to sense this and increased her efforts. At the same time, she pushed a finger part way into her pussy, rubbing against the walls of her virgin vagina. Beth’s body tensed as the orgasm built, but then Denise lifted her mouth from her excited twat, still rubbing her swollen labia with her finger.

“How does that feel, baby?” she purred, licking her lips.

“P . . . please!” Beth moaned, reaching for her head to push it back down. “D . . . don’t stop!” Denise grinned and waited a few more seconds before ducking her head and once again licking and teasing Beth’s sweet cunt. It had been some time since she had tasted virgin pussy and she wanted to savor the experience. Beth moaned again as she began anew.

After a few moments, Beth vaguely heard Cheryl moaning and crying out. She opened her eyes and looked around. Her eyes widened as she saw Cheryl lying on the floor while Mark was on top of her, apparently fucking her! Then Denise’s lips latched onto her little clit and her tongue began a tenacious caress of her little bud. She closed her eyes, completely lost in the sensations, Cheryl momentarily forgotten. She felt the tingle beginning, but this time Denise didn’t let up. The combination of her tongue on her clit and her finger in her pussy was more than she could bear. Her orgasm built to climax and her body went rigid as she cried out in pleasure. Denise continued her licking while Beth thrashed and twisted on the couch as she came over and over until her little clit started to hurt form over-stimulation.

“P . . . p . . . please!” she gasped, desperately trying to push Denise’s head from between her legs. “N . . . no more!” Denise pulled her lips from Beth’s pussy, fully understanding how she felt. Once a woman became too stimulated, it began to hurt. It was something a man could never understand, only another woman. She watched as Beth came again, then her body collapsed to the couch, occasionally twitching from the aftershocks.

Denise crawled between her legs, knelt over, and kissed her. Beth could taste the strong flavor of her own juices on her lips and licked them. It was a pleasant taste, different than a man. Something she could get used to. That reminded her of Cheryl and she opened her eyes and sat up.

She was still on the floor with Mark pumping away at her. She could occasionally catch a glimpse of his wet shaft as it went in and out of her best friend’s pussy. Denise was sitting on the couch watching with Julie and Dave, who must have wrapped up their own fuck session while Denise went down on her. She mustered what strength she had left and pulled herself to the floor, then crawled over to Cheryl and Mark.

Chapter 12

Mark grinned to himself. She was really starting to get into it. But she was so damned tight! It was taking all of his willpower not to blow his load into that tight little twat! He caught some movement to his left and glanced over to see Beth’s sweat-soaked naked body kneeling next to them. Her long blonde hair hung limply and clung to her damp skin.

“Cheryl? Are you ok?” she asked, stroking her hair.

Cheryl had her eyes closed, lost in the sensuous feelings of her and Mark’s bodies coming together in such elegant ecstacy. She opened her eyes and smiled dreamily at her friend. “Uh-huh!” she panted. “Oh, Beth! You’ve . . . got to . . . try this! . . . ohhhh!!” She rolled her head to one side as Mark again sped up his thrusts. Cheryl moaned and made small mewling sounds in her throat. Her breathing became shallow and her neck and chest were flushed crimson red. “Mmmm . . . oh, yes!! Faster!! P . . . please, don’t stop!! Oh, shit!! I’m cumming!! I’m cummingggg!!!” Her cries faded as the orgasm built and exploded from deep inside her womb, spreading to her outer extremities. She felt her pussy squeezing Mark’s cock so tight that she could feel his heartbeat. As she released, her body began to spasm and shake, then stiffen again as another orgasm gripped her. She cried out, her strangled moan of pleasure coming from deep in her throat.

Mark watched her face as she came and felt her cunt gripping his cock tighter than ever. When she finally relaxed her grip after her second orgasm, he began moving faster than ever, his own climax nearing. The tingle started in his balls and quickly spread throughout his groin. He felt his semen rising and it was soon forced through his long shaft and exploded into Cheryl’s hot little love box. He groaned and sighed as he emptied shot after shot into her warm, wet pussy.

Cheryl was just coming down from her second orgasm when she felt Mark fucking her with more urgency. She opened her eyes and saw his body stiffen and he threw his head back seconds before she felt his warm seed filling her pussy. The feel of his cock shooting his seed inside the wet confines of her sweet pussy was too much and she immediately came again, harder than ever. They held each other in a tight embrace, Cheryl’s fingers digging into his back, as they experienced massive simultaneous orgasms. Finally, Cheryl released her grip on him and fell back to the floor, completely spent and gasping for air. Mark remained inside her and she could feel their combined fluids seeping from her pussy and running down the crack of her ass to the floor.

Cheryl heard clapping from somewhere in the far distance, then someone else joined in. She opened her eyes and saw Beth looking at her with a cautious smile while Julie and Denise were applauding from somewhere behind her.

Denise grinned widely. “Now that’s how you lose your virginity with style! What a show!” Cheryl grinned and reached out to Beth, who took her hand and kissed her small fingers.

“Are you ok, Cheryl? That was . . . wow!”

Cheryl pulled her pretty friend’s hand to her own lips and kissed it. “Better than ok, baby!” She looked up at Mark’s panting face and kissed him. “Thank you, Mark. That was incredible!” He kissed her and began to retract his deflating cock from her tortured pussy. As he pulled it free with a slurping sound, a flood of semen and Cheryl’s cum poured out, forming a puddle beneath her on the floor. She sighed reluctantly as he pulled out. It was like he was removing a part of her. A very special part that she didn’t know existed until tonight. He leaned down and kissed her again, warmly.

“You were fantastic, Cheryl!” he whispered. She held him tight for a few seconds, then released him. He got up to his knees and held out a hand to her. She accepted it and he pulled her to a sitting position. More cum seeped from her onto the floor. She got to her feet on shaky legs and still more of their fluids ran down her inner thighs. Denise passed her a towel, then dropped another one to the puddle on the floor.

“Congratulations, Cheryl,” she said, hugging her. “You’re a woman, now. How do you feel?”

Cheryl smiled at her. “Tired,” she replied, then gingerly dabbed at her pussy with the towel, wincing. “And a little tender!” she added.

Beth touched her arm. “Does it hurt much?” she asked, her voice a mixture of concern and curiosity.

Cheryl took her hand and squeezed it lovingly. “A little,” she replied, then grinned. “But well worth it!”

Denise came over and put her arms around their shoulders. “It’s getting late,” she said. “And I think you two have had about all you can handle for one night. Why don’t you get some sleep.” She nodded toward the hall. “Take the room at the end of the hall. We’ll call you for breakfast.”

Cheryl smiled and kissed her. “That sounds wonderful. Thanks.” They both said goodnight to everyone, then held hands and went down the hall to their room. Cheryl went in first and turned down the covers, then turned to Beth, who had closed the door and was standing there watching her. Cheryl looked over at her best friend, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders and partially covering one breast. She had an almost sad look on her face.

“Beth, what’s wrong?” she asked, moving toward her.

“I’m sorry,” she said, shaking her head. “I . . . I’m not, I mean . . .” She gazed into Cheryl’s beautiful green eyes.

“What is it?” Cheryl asked, brushing a strand of hair from her face. Beth lowered her eyes, then looked back up to Cheryl, a woeful smile on her face.

“I’m sorry,” she said, stroking Cheryl’s long hair. “It was just . . . hard seeing you with . . . someone else.”

Cheryl took her hand and kissed it lovingly, nuzzling it against her cheek. “Beth,” she whispered, “you’re the only one here I really care about.” She pulled her naked body to hers and kissed her ear. “I love you, Beth!”

They stayed in their warm embrace for a moment, then they pulled apart. Beth looked at her, tears welling up in her beautiful eyes. “You . . . you really mean that?”

Cheryl nodded and smiled. “Of course I mean it! I just had to try . . . sex. And you should, too!”

Beth managed a smile and wiped a tear that was running down her cheek. “I will. Tomorrow.”

They embraced again and this time Beth whispered into Cheryl’s ear. “I love you, too!” They kissed warmly, a lover’s kiss, then pulled apart.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Cheryl said, leading her to the bed. They crawled into the soft bed and pulled the covers over them. They were too tired to do more than kiss goodnight. Beth lay on her back and Cheryl lay her head on her soft breast while Beth stroked her hair, something she knew relaxed her. Before long, Cheryl’s deep breathing indicated that she was fast asleep. Beth lay there looking up at the ceiling and wondering what surprises tomorrow would bring them on this strange weekend. She soon drifted off as well, her arm still around Cheryl’s small body.

– To Be Continued… –