What you’re about to read is true, the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike. This is the first in a series of letters documenting my adventure from ordinary wife into total sex and pain slut.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My name is Karen, I’m 31 years old, I am of Mediterranean decent, Italian, Greek, and Maltese. I am 5’2′ and weigh about 120 pounds. My skin is not quite olive, but it is dark, with shoulder length black hair. I have a lot of hair! I have always been considered beautiful by almost everyone. What I’m not is
skinny, though I am certainly not fat. My measurements are a 36 DD (yes they are real and they do not need a bra) with large dark aureoles and my nipples, when hard, are about an inch and a half long and very thick. My waist is 27 and my hips are 34. I have won all 3 wet t-shirt contests I have entered. My pubic hair is currently a narrow “airstrip”, when this first session began I had a lot of pubic hair.

My husband of 4 years is named Tom. He is 5 years older than I and very good looking. We have a great marriage mostly because Tom is a fabulous man. He is patient and very understanding of my bizarre sexual needs. You see I have always wanted to be a submissive sex slut. Tom has tried, but he is simply too nice of a man to abuse me the way I want. Not that our sex life is bad, it is just too vanilla for me. As a result Tom encouraged me to find a Master or Mistress online that I could submit to. One who would understand that I was never going to leave my husband, but still would take me for evenings or weekends and train me to be the slut that I always dreamed.

So I placed an add on a BDSM dating site. Within 72 hours I had hundreds of responses, (I used a close up photo of my face and a full body nude photo). I wanted someone close to home, so that let me weed out most of the responses. To make a long story short, I decided that Mistress J was for me. We emailed daily for about 2 weeks. She understood that my husband wanted to watch and that would make me feel better, though I was concerned his presence would inhibit me. She had a great solution; he would drop me off and pick me up at her place and all the sessions would be video taped. Every several hours she would have the tapes brought to him so he could see what was happening to me. I have limits that she respected, they were, no animals, no scat/pee, no permanent marks.

So we set a date for the upcoming Friday night for Tom and I to meet her, if all went well she would take me home and my training would begin. I was so excited!

Something about Mistress J, she is a tall 6′ black woman, who has a lot to offer. Her measurement are (I’m guessing 40 DD, 30, 40), long straight black hair and about 42 years old. She has been a Mistress for 20 years. Her husband is a Dom, and they have several part time sex slaves. Both Mistress J and her husband are bisexual. Mistress J picked me based on my desire to become her sex slut/slave on occasion. She knew I was married and we discussed what I was interested in, almost everything from light torture to gangbangs. She assured me that my dreams would become a hardcore reality.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Friday finally arrived, the email I was expecting instructed me to wear a white button blouse, no bra, with the top 3 buttons undone, short shorts, a small thong, and high heels (at least 4 inches high). We were to meet her at 8:00 at a club that is known for its lesbian clientele. She knew my husband would be there. The deal was if I was comfortable we would start that night and I would give myself to her. Tom was there to insure all went well.

Tom and I entered the bar at 8:00 sharp. I saw Mistress J almost immediately, she greeted us and invited us to sit with her at her table. She was very sensuous looking in the darkened bar with her long dark hair. I was immediately attracted to her. As we discussed things it was obvious we clicked. She enjoyed looking at me and after about 30 minutes of small talk she reached up and unbuttoned two of the buttons of my blouse. My blouse was now open to my bellybutton. She reached inside and cupped my left breast. I almost had a heart attack; my heart was pounding so hard. I looked over at Tom, he was so turned on by the sight I thought he was going to cum right there. She wanted to leave and go to her house, where she has a dungeon, and begin my training, but suddenly the reality of what I was doing scared me. I said I wasn’t sure. Tom immediately asked if he and I could talk. She excused herself and I melted into Tom’s arms almost crying. Tom reminded me that this was my idea and if I was ready I should.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tom walked to the bar and spoke with Mistress J for about 5 minutes. They were both smiling and when they walked back to the table. She said “Karen, I understand your hesitation, I have a deal for you. As you know I really wanted to train you without the presence of your husband. We agreed that your sessions would be taped and he would view them at home. So here is what I propose and Tom agrees with it. All three of us will go back to my house, you will ride in my car. Once at my place you will submit yourself to me. I will only strip you to your thong and put wrist and ankle cuffs on you. I will strap you to the bed in my dungeon and I will bring you to an orgasm by only touching your breasts with a crop. The deal is if you cum within 30 minutes, you are mine, no excuses. You will simply belong to me, mind and body until 7:00 Sunday night. Your sessions will be taped and your husband will leave. I will send him tapes every few hours. Your only limits will be scat, animals, permanent marks, and kids.”.

“Yes Mistress” was my only reply. I almost came just listening to what was in store for me, and I felt good knowing Tom would be there for the first part. He wouldn’t leave me anyplace were he wasn’t sure I would be safe.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The ride to Mistress J’s house was only about 10 minutes, once in her car she told me to remove my shirt. I was sitting totally topless driving through town.

When we arrived at her house Tom almost fell over as he got of the car he saw me step onto the sidewalk topless with my heavy, but firm DD’s out in the open for all to see. I was humiliated to perfection. Truth be told I was so wet I could feel it running down my legs.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Once inside her house she asked me if I had shaved or trimmed at all in last 2 months. “No Mistress, you instructed me to show up here with the maximum amount of pubic hair.”.

“Good girl”, she said as she pulled my shorts off. “Very nice, look at all the hair sticking out around the thong.” I would have had a lot hair sticking out no matter what panties I had on. I was hoping she was going to trim me up.

The cuffs were put on me and she grabbed my left nipple and led me to her dungeon. Once inside I was amazed, it was dark and sensual, with all manner of contraptions and equipment. She was smiling at my innocence when she put me down on the bed and strapped me in. I couldn’t move my arms or legs.

Tom was watching from the door as I closed my eyes. She pinched booth my nipples and commented on how she liked a large breasted woman with large nipples. She pinched and twisted until I moaned. At this point the mental part took over. Here I was strapped down helpless as this Amazon woman was preparing to beat my breasts with a riding crop. My juices were puddling on the bed. She smiled as she began to lightly tap my right nipple with the crop. It felt different beyond anything I have experienced, it felt wonderful. She increased the strength of the blows very slowly. Within 2 minutes I was begging her for more. She just continued smiling and beating my tit quite hard now. Not 5 minutes expired and I was cumming like no ones business. This is amazing as I always take a long time to cum, and always need direct clitoral stimulation.

As I calmed down, Tom was standing over me saying goodbye. As he left Mistress J just reached down and ripped the thong off my body! “You didn’t ask permission to cum bitch”, was all she said.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She tapped on some buttons on a control unit and my arms and legs were moving. When the moving stopped my arms were straight over my head and my legs were a couple feet higher than my hips. In fact my hips were not touching the bed. My pussy was up and open. Mistress took a strap and began to beat my pussy, hard! I began to scream, as it really hurt, but at the same time I was getting wetter. Then someone was standing next to my head. It was another woman! She asked if I was the new white slut. “Yes”, was all I could say. She laughed at me and slapped my face. Then she put some clamps on my nipples. They felt great! (I discovered by this time that breast/nipple torture was wonderful) She pulled on them hard and I began to cum again! Now Mistress J was still beating my pussy as I exploded.

The two women took me off the bed and Mistress J was berating me for cumming a second time without permission. “Now you will learn, bitch. You will eat pussy and be beaten until you learn to ask to cum!” said Mistress J.

The second woman was introduced to me as Miss Wendy (she is a submissive that Mistress J owns, she is being trained as a domme) and I was told to kiss her nipples. I have never had any sexual contact with a woman before that night, but Mistress knew I wanted it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They lead me over to a bench. They adjusted the height so my hips touched the top of it. They strapped each ankle and each thigh to a leg at the end of bench where they positioned me. Miss Wendy pushed my shoulders down, as she did this Mistress J snapped open the bench beneath my breasts, so they fell through and hung down from the bench. Now my wrist cuffs were hooked to eyelets at my hips. I couldn’t move anything except my head. Mistress reached under the bench and I felt something hard touch my nipples then I heard a machine turn on. I felt my nipples being sucked extremely hard into long thin tubes. Next I felt Mistress put larger things on my dangling breasts. She clicked a switch and my breasts were being sucked into glass cones. They didnít fit in easily as my breasts were too big so Mistress turned the suction up higher! It felt like my breasts were being ripped off. I just moaned in painful pleasure. This is what I wanted and it was better than I ever imagined.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Soon she came and Mistress turned the suction off. My now very tender and swollen breasts were just hanging from me like pieces of meat. No rest though. Mistress was snapping another set of clamps on my extremely soar nipples. They hurt as the metal teeth on them bit into my enlarged nipples. Each nipple had been stretched to a length of 2 inches! Then I felt my virgin butthole being forced open by a butt plug, when Mistress pushed it really hurt. I was ready to cry out when suddenly it seated and my butt relaxed round it. I was stretched to the max. But Mistress wasn’t done. She had attached a little electrical box to the wires coming from the nipple clamps. She turned on the juice and the stimulation was horrific! It was pure pain and pleasure at one time. Suddenly the butt plug began to vibrate! I was close to cumming in a minute. I began to beg Mistress to allow me to cum. She just laughed and began to whip my exposed butt. She hit me over and over again as I tried not to cum, Mistress laughed at me, “This bitch is easily trained. She will make a fine little slut, and loves pain too. I will make her a pain slut and a sex slut. What do you think about that slut?”

“Yes Mistress”, I moaned submissively. Miss Wendy was getting me off the bench. At this point I knew I was in for a long weekend. Mistress J commanded me to lick her clit until she came. I fell to my knees and ate like starving puppy. She had an intense orgasm within minutes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She told Wendy to get me cleaned up. The tape was out and she wanted Tom to get his copy as promised. Wendy was smiling at me and said, “What will your husband think when he sees his good little white wife eating two black pussies and cumming as her pussy is whipped?”

All I could do was moan as Wendy led me upstairs by a hand full of my pubic hair. Walking was hard as the plug was still in my butt. Once upstairs she led me into a bathroom, “Youíre going to get cleaned up and fix your makeup, your night is just beginning”, and she really pulled the hand full of pubic hair hard. My knees buckled from the pain. She watched me as I got myself together and would occasionally pinch a nipple and or pull my pubic hair.

Just before we left the room she pulled the plug out of my butt. And she commented on how stretched open my hole remained. Again Miss Wendy grabbed a hand full of my pubic hair and led me back down to the dungeon. Once inside I could see Mistress J had two male slaves bound and she was torturing their cocks. They really seemed to like it. The white guy had a huge one! It had to be 9′ long and as big around as a fist.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mistress walked over to me and pushed me backwards up against a large wooden wheel. I was bound to it with straps across my waist, wrists, thighs, ankles, and my forehead. She then grapped my pubic hair (By now I have figured why they wanted a lot of hair on me, to use as a torturous way to move me around) and pulled me and the wheel around until I was upside down.

Mistress then began to whip me again right on my still tender pussy. She beat me until I thought I would explode from the pain. But hurt as it did, I still was incredibly turned on. My juices covered her whip and were flowing down my butt and even running down my belly. Mistress J just smiled and as she started to put clothespins on my pussy lips. It felt like she put 6 on my outer lips and 4 on my inner lips. I was biting my lips to keep from screaming. Then she snapped one right onto my clit. That was it I was begging Mistress J to let me cum. She warned me not to and began to knock the pins off with her whip. I was hanging upside down getting my pussy whipped again while she knocked the pins off my pussy and all I could think of was how much I wanted this feeling to never stop. I was becoming a submissive sex/pain slut.

After the pussy torture ended she walked over one of the male slaves and jerked him off until he came. As he started to explode she held a glass up to his cock and collected every drop of his cum. She squeezed and milked every last drop out of him and into the glass. She motioned to Wendy to turn me right side up. Again my pubic hair was the handle she used, I let out a cry as my poor pussy was on fire. Mistress walked up to me and said, “Open your mouth bitch, your drink is here.”

I opened my mouth and she poured the glass into my mouth and warned me not to swallow until she commanded. It tasted salty and bitter, holding this cum in my mouth was a torture! I didn’t like it at all.

“If you spill a drop out of your mouth you will regret it, bitch”, Mistress said. With that, she picked up the crop that had been used on me earlier and began to beat my breasts with it again. She was swinging so hard her feet were coming off the ground. After the fourth blow I screamed and the cum ran out of my mouth. Mistress stopped and stared at me. Now I was scared.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She didn’t say a word. She and Wendy just took my abused body off the wheel and laid me on my back on that bench I was on earlier. They cuffed my arms to chains on the floor so they were straight out from my shoulders. My legs were pulled wide apart, almost into a complete split (I am very flexible) and chained. My head was hanging off the end of the bench. I was completely and totally helpless. Mistress let the two male slaves loose and told Wendy to get her husband. While Wendy was gone Mistress put clover clamps on my nipples. Above my breasts there was a chain hanging from the ceiling, the chain went all the way up and over a pulley. Mistress clipped the chain onto the clover clamps and pulled it on it until my nipples were completely stretched out and my breasts were cone shaped. She then tied off the chain on the wall. She had pulled the chain so tight that my shoulders were starting to lift off the bench. I just dangled by my nipples, my entire body was on fire.

“You don’t seem to like cum. This is bad. It’s difficult to be slut without liking cum. I am going to train you to become a cum whore now. So these two slaves and my husband are going to fuck you in whatever hole they want as many times as they want. They are then going to cum in your mouth, you will not spill a drop. If you do the game is over and you will never be brought back here again. Swallow every drop and tomorrow night you will be the stage show at a BDSM club. Have fun Bitch.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She laughed as these three men walked into my view. One had a regular sized cock. I already told you about the big one, but her husbands cock was even bigger. Her husband pinched my clit really hard and I opened my mouth to scream but when I did a cock was shoved all the way in. Her husband (Master G) put the head of his 10′ cock at my opening and in one huge push, he shoved into me all the way. I started to cum immediately. I was helpless as these three men just fucked me. There was nothing gentle about it. I was being gang raped. They banged away at me with wild abandon all the while my poor breasts were being torn at by the clover clamps. I came four more times. I lost count of how many times they fucked me. I do know that my butt was done about three times, my pussy more than that and they came in my mouth at least twice each. After they finished with me, Mistress said I was a good little slut and drank every drop.

The next day I didn’t wakeup until about 2:00 pm. Mistress J had me fed and cleaned up. My whole body was soar. My nipples were very tender and my butt and pussy felt as if they had been stretched beyond repair. Mistress assured me that I would tighten right back up over the next few hours. We spent the afternoon lying around her backyard pool just talking. We learned all about each others lives. Just before it was time to get ready to go to the BDSM Club. Master G came outside for a BJ. As I sucked him off he pulled on my nipples and my pubic hair.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Later that night as we arrived at the club I saw Tom at the bar. He had a great view of the stage that I would soon be on. He smiled and waved at us. I couldn’t help but wonder what he thought about me after watching the two videos from last night.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mistress J took me backstage to get ready for the show. I was clothed in a sheer red body stocking and strapped to a cross. Mistress was wearing thigh high black leather boots, long black gloves, and a black corset. Her breasts were fully exposed as was her pussy.

The curtain opened and Mistress explained that I was Novice slave of less than 24 hours. She told how I would cum on command and loved a good pussy and breast beating. She began to beat my breasts with that crop again. Soon she could tell I was ready to cum and she commanded me to cum, which I did! I forgot about the audience until they cheered as my orgasm subsided.

She ripped the body stocking off me and began to auction off my pussy for a beating and fucking. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Tom was bidding for all he was worth but another couple paid $450 for the right to beat my pussy and fuck me! This couple came on stage and each chose a different whip. They began to crack my pussy, rapid fire with alternating blows. I was screaming to the cheers and delight of the crowd. Soon they tired and the woman grabbed a huge dildo from Mistress J’s table. It had to be 9′ long and 4′ around. She had her husband pulled my pussy lips open with his hands so she could give a good shove on the dildo. She shoved it all the way in! Mistress J nodded her head yes, as I looked over at her pleading with my eyes for her to allow me to cum again. I exploded on the stage as this stranger was ramming a dildo into my swollen and beaten pussy. After my orgasm ended the curtain closed. Once off the stage, Mistress was very generous with the praise on how well I did.

She said, “For your reward I have arranged for a Lesbian couple to torture you back at my dungeon.” I just smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Once back at her dungeon the Lesbians met me at the front door. The big one was about 5′ 10′ and very fat, I’d guess a size 3XL. She had blonde hair and lots of tattoos. Her partner was a little smaller, 5′ 6′ and maybe a size 16. Both were very mean looking. The big one told me her name was BD (for Bull Dyke) and she was going to hurt me. I wasn’t sure I liked this, but saw the video camera being turned on, so I went with it. BD just grabbed a hand full of pubic hair with one hand and shoved her thumb of her other hand up my butt. I didn’t know what to do, but before I could think or react her partner (Gina) grabbed both my tits in her hands and they lifted me and carried me into the dungeon like this! It was intense pain, I just hung their limp and tried to breathe through the pain.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Once in the dungeon they put a spreader bar on me to keep my legs open and hung me upside down. They chained my hands to the floor over my head. They choose the clover clamps for my nipples and hung weights from them. Then they put a speculum in my pussy and opened me up. I saw that there were many candles burning in glass holders. It didn’t take long for me to figure that they intended to pour the wax into my pussy. Mistress J warned them that I was not to lose any pubic hair. They said I wouldn’t because the wax was going inside me to make a plug. These two women slowly poured the wax inside me. It burned like nothing I have ever felt. It took them over 20 minutes to get enough wax melted to fill my pussy. I could feel the wax cooling off inside me and hardening up. Soon I had a custom pussy plug. They laughed and had a great time doing this to me. I almost passed out from the pain. After they lowered me to the floor they took turns sitting on my face and making me eat them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After they left, Mistress had a difficult time getting all the wax out me. She had to use a douche to get it all lose and out. I was exhausted. She told me I was a good little slave and she would send me home in the morning. She had me lick her to orgasm one more time and said she would call Tuesday.

To be continued.

The End