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Morgana’s Medallion


Janet took a look at herself in her bedroom mirror. She wore a dark brown suit that empathized her lean frame. Her blonde hair was cut short, framing her strong face, and highlighting her piercing green eyes. She smoothed the material of the pants she wore. Janet had learned when she first went to work that women walking around in skirts were quickly mistaken for secretaries. Pants she thought, gave her more authority at the office. A good thing considering her recent promotion. She was now responsible for the entire southeast region and she was proud of that. She realized in a brief moment of honest the she actually clung to that. It told her that she was succeeding, regardless of the divorce that had been finalized over three years ago. A lonely three years.

Janet quickly banished those dark thought s and returned to examining her outfit. Something was missing, Janet just couldn’t place what it was. Then her eyes caught sight of the old medallion her daughter Miranda had given her for her birthday last month. It hung from a cheap metal chain, but that in no way detracted from the appeal of the amulet. About half again as large as a silver dollar it was inlaid with an odd, but intricate design. The design seemed to be made of obsidian or some other dark material that set off the plain silver oval. She remembered thinking that it was just a bit too much to wear to work, and since she rarely wore jewelry any where else it had sat on her dresser since Miranda had presented it to her.

Almost instinctively Janet picked it up and put it on. The medallion came to rest between her breast, just above her jacket. Unexplainably, it felt right. As if it belonged there. She stood there admiring her refection for some time. With a jolt she realized that you was going to be late. Rushing to the door she grabbed her purse with a grimace. She was a stickler for punctuality and because of that, she simple could not be late.


Janet drummed absently on the steering wheel as traffic flowed along at is usual pace. The radio was playing but she found that she was paying little attention to it. For reasons beyond her, her mind insisted on going over her last date. It had been with Steve Furgensen, an executive from sales. Tall, dark, and handsome he should have been the perfect date. Sadly he was yet another handsome buck ruined by work. All he had talked about was the next quarter and how the company could expect huge profits from the new add campaign. He had seemed oblivious to all her attempts to steer the discussion away from work and to things more, personal. Of course, he might have been reacting out of sheer self-preservation. It had been only a year and a half since the latest sexual harassment lawsuit had been settled and men around the company, especially among the executives treaded carefully.

Janet found herself doubting that though. She remembered her marriage. It has started well enough. And to be truthful, it had not gotten bad until the last couple of years. It was the dullness of the time in between that bothered her. At first sex had been wonderful. Everything that she had expected it to be. Then her career had really gotten started, just like her husband’s. They could spend less and less time together. In the beginning they both had savored the time they had with one another. They had had enough time to bring Miranda into the world. That was when things had slowed down. Janet had taken just enough time out of work to give birth and make sure her daughter would be taken care of. When she plunged back into the business community she found that she was still current and had no problem resuming her career where she had left off. In fact, she landed a prized promotion that put her on the fast track to management.

Her love life was another story. For one reason or another she and Bert, her husband couldn’t get their schedules together again. When they did Bert acted as if it was just one more task he was going about. As soon as he was done he moved on to the next task, an it wasn’t her. He was never cruel or abusive, just distant. For eleven long years she put up with Bert because of Miranda. No mater what problem she and Bert had, Miranda deserved her father. Until Janet began to suspect that Bert was having an affair.

She had been wrong. Bert wasn’t having an affair. He was having several. Mostly with the secretarial pool, but he branched out occasionally. When she confronted him with it he didn’t even deny it. He practically boasted of his exploits. Of how the women adored him. Him and his power. It dawned on Janet the Bert had become jealous of her. Of the fact she was doing as well in business as he was, even with the fact that she had given birth to their daughter.

For two years she had tried to make the marriage work, with little help from Bert, till finally she gave up and filed for divorce. Bert never fought it. Never contested when the judge gave custody of Miranda to her. He had seemed relived when he finally signed the divorce papers. No alimony, no child support. It was as if thirteen years of marriage had never existed.

Janet shook her head with a start. What had made her run through those miserable memories after all this time.

“I did,” said a sinister voice from the passenger seat.

Janet’s head whipped around and she gasped at the apparition sitting next to her. It’s skin was a deep, dark red. It was tall and well muscled. There was no hair anywhere on it’s body. Not even between it’s legs. Janet could tell this because the thing wore no clothing. It had hooves in place of feet and a tail snaked from behind it. With cat-like yellow eyes, and horns the creature could only be a demon, Janet’s mind insisted.

“That’s right, beautiful,” it replied with a wide grin. “Asmorth is my name, and I’m a pleasure demon. And you are all mine.” “Wha. . . what do you want?”, she asked in a frightened voice. “You of course. By the way, the car in front has moved, shouldn’t you?” Janet found herself edging her car forward. Desperately you looked around, trying to catch someone’s attention. “Don’t bother,” Asmorth replied calmly. “No one can see me since I don’t want them to.” “Why me?”, Janet pleaded. “Because of the amulet you wear. I am so happy you finally put it on. I was getting so bored and frustrated.” “This amulet?” Janet tried to move her hands but she found them stuck to the steering wheel. A sense of panic began to work its way through her. “You’ll find that I have complete control of your body. You won’t be doing anything to attract attention and you can forget about removing that amulet. Now would you like the story behind it?” Janet could only nod as phantom fingers began to dance around her breasts.


Morgana strode around her laboratory in a plain but serviceable dress. It occurred to her that she was attempting to distract herself from the fiasco of last night. She had gone to the local town looking for male companionship and she had succeeded. Lord Morlo might not have been a very important noble, but he had been handsome. After ale and some quiet conversation the young man had been more than happy to follow her home. He had even been impressed that she lived in Sorceress’ Keep. At least he had been until he realized that his future lover was the sorceress. Oh he’d stayed, he’d been too frightened not. But the lovemaking had suffered.

In frustration Morgana abandoned her project and went to the mirror she kept in the lab. In a smooth motion she removed the dress and looked at her body. And a good body it was. Long red hair extended down her back. Firm healthy breast topped by small nipples graced her torso. Smooth, fair skin. She had no problem attracting men with her body, it was her vocation they feared.

She grimaced even as her hands played across her body. Men were foolish creatures, but she could understand how sharing a bed with the greatest sorceress in the land could intimidate even the bravest. Especially given her desires in bed. Her hands quickened as she remembered Madeline, the serving wench in her father’s tavern. A pretty woman she had had more then her fair share of admires. Admires who’s hands had caressed her even as she worked. Morgana’s father hadn’t cared what happened to a simple serving wench as long as the ale flowed and he got his coin. Morgana could remember more than one occasion when Madeline was ‘escorted’ to a man’s room. She could remember the cries and the moans. She even remembered the wench’s contented smiles when she returned. Madeline had even once confided in her that she struggled and pleaded with the men to excite them.

Morgana had looked forward to the day she could indulge in such a fashion. She was sure that she could convince her father of the advantage of adding another serving wench to his employ, even if it was his daughter. But it was not to be for she was found by Master Yalen, a powerful sorcerer. He had seen her gift and quickly convinced her father that she should be trained. She hadn’t minded really. The study of sorcery had intrigue her. And for a time her studies let her forget her fantasies. Until she had become a full sorceress herself and found the trap life had set for her.

No man was fool enough to treat a sorceress like a serving wench, even if she could have contained herself as he began to force himself upon her. And she couldn’t turn to other sorcerers either. Weaker ones would never enter her embrace fearing that she intended to steal their power, and she couldn’t trust most of the sorcerers who were more powerful than her. The few she could she knew had no wish to use her like that.

She could bind her powers, but that was just as dangerous. She followed the White Disciplines which meant that she couldn’t enter a man’s mind and ensure that she would be safe to bind her powers over to him. Morgana stopped he hands and reached for her dress as her thoughts began to run down well worn paths. She could not experience true pleasure with a man if he didn’t use her roughly, and she was too powerful for any man to take such liberties.

Her mind suddenly latched onto an idea. No man would, but perhaps there were others that would. She sat down upon a stool to consider. The Disciplines only applied to mortals. If she was dealing with a creature from another plane she had a free hand. After all, any summoning had to be coach within ironclad safe guards. She could summon a demon for her pleasure. She could place the binding of her powers within the binding of the demon. She thought carefully. She had to take the utmost care with the demon. One missed incantation and she could lose a powerful monster upon the world. She practically leapt off the stool to begin preparations.


Morgana sat upon a stool in the middle of her workshop. She was nearly ready. She was a little surprised that she had come so far. Her need for sexual satisfaction was greater than she had thought. All her servants were gone. She had dismissed them for the day. There were safeguards around the keep that would prevent the demon from escaping, but they would do her staff little good if the creature escaped the Summoning Circle.

She check the circle one last time. A normal Summoning Circle had a Greater Circle of Binging around it with a Lesser Circle of Binding at one end and a Circle of Protection at the other. The space between the two was normally filled with various runes of protection. Morgana had known the such a circle was not what she wanted. This one, while still sealed by the Greater Circle of Binding, had her Circle of Protection in the center surrounded by the Lesser Circle of Binding.

She had also made modifications to the Circle of Protection. Instead of a complete circle she had formed a partial one using a ‘keystone’ rune to tie the ends together. In the keystone was the spells that would bind the demon to her and her to the demon as well as the medallion she had crafted to hold the creature. It would limit the demons powers, while giving it the ability to bind her powers. With a deep breath she began the invocation.

In front of her the demon took shape. The creature was tall, nearly seven feet in height. Dark red skin covered the hairless body. Cat-like eye studied her carefully. Morgana blushed as she found her eyes drawn to the hard-on between the demons legs. The demon gave her an evil smile and studied his cage.

“Name yourself, Demon,” commanded Morgana. The demon replied, “I am called Asmorth, Mistress. Why am I summoned?” “I have a task for you.” “And what is the task?”, Asmorth asked in a knowing tone. Morgana pointed to the rune before her. “It is here, Asmorth. Accept it or return to your own plane.” Asmorth smiled as he examined the rune, his erection growing. “So be it wench, I accept.”

Morgana barely had time to sense the Circle of Protection fail, or her own power fade. She was jerk from the stool by her hair. She tried to reach up and discover what gripped her, but her arms were drawn out from her sides and pulled up. She felt a force pulling her legs apart. Instinctively Morgana reached for her power to defend herself, but there was to power to reach for.

Asmorth smiled broadly as her approached her. His long, forked tongue wetting his lips. He raised his hands to her breasts and began kneading them through her dress. His tongue reached out and caressed her face. Morgana tried to turn away, but found her head trapped like it was. The tongue snaked around her face before darting into her month. There for just a moment, Asmorth pulled it back out and said, “Let us see what type of prize I have taken.”

The hands that had been cruelly caressing her breast suddenly gripped the material and pulled hard. Morgana’s dress ripped easily. What wasn’t torn from her vanished in a sudden flash flame. Asmorth stood back and studied the now nude sorceress.

“Nice,” he remarked softly. “Very nice.”

Capturing her eyes with his he commanded, “Come, come, come!” With each command Morgana felt an orgasm exploded through her body, one right after the other. She twisted within her bounds as passion shook her to her very core. Passion so strong that it nearly became pain. Worse, in didn’t diminish. If anything, it grew, rippling back and forth within her. She screamed in pain and ecstacy. One long scream. Then she passed out and hung limp within the demons invisible shackles.

to be Continue …