I’ve been traveling with Shawn Michaels and Big Daddy Cool Diesel. I’ve been putting on the super sexy act with them, being a cock tease. That night I share a hotel room with them and sat between Diesels’ long legs watching TV with Shawn lying next to us. Diesel wrapped his arms around my waist and started running his hands up and down my ribcage. He leans over and whispers in my ear, “You’ve been teasing us for the last couple of days.”

I just shrug and go on watching TV. Pretty soon Shawn gets up and puts his coat on then whispers something in Diesels’ ear and leaves. Diesel then leans down and starts to kiss up and down my neck. I can feel his goatee brushing along my neck. I love having my neck kissed so I arch it so he can reach it better. He knows this is turning me on so he continues. Finally, he whispers in my hear, “I want you to be Big Daddys’ little girl and Shawn wants you to be his as well. I know with the way you’ve been acting, you want us too.”

I just moan and nod. He reaches down and pulls the t-shirt I wear as a nightgown over my head and starts running his rough hands all up and down my chest.

I reached up and put my arms behind his head so my whole chest was exposed to him. He had me arch up my hips and reached down and pulled my panties off. He then let his hands wander all over my body. I can feel his huge erection pressing into the small of my back. He then started talking to me; “Outside the bedroom you will be an equal partner with us in every way. But inside the bedroom we are your Daddys and in charge. We will treat you like the slut we know you are and do what we know you like. If you want it slow and easy once in a while just say so. But we both know you like it rough and hard and we are the ones to give it to you, alright?”

I just nodded. By this time Shawn came back and Diesel nodded and Shawn smiled. He disposed of the shopping bags in the bathroom. He then stripped down to his underwear and disappeared back into the bathroom, returning a couple minutes later with a couple of towels, a big bowl of hot water and a washcloth. Diesel bent his legs and propped mine on top of his then spread them far apart, exposing my whole genital area. Diesel tells me to leave my hands behind his had and not to move, that they aren’t going to do anything to hurt me. Shawn has me lift my hips and slides one of the towels under my ass. He then wet the washcloth in the hot water, wrung it out then placed it over my pubic hair. I hissed as the heat touched the extra sensitive areas of my body. Shawn smiled at me and rubbed the insides of my thighs, “Don’t worry, I’m just softening up the hair so it will be easier to shave off.” He then leaned up and kissed me. After a few minutes he removed the cloth and covered everything with shaving cream. He then carefully, using an old fashioned double edged razor, started shaving off the hair. After the first time around, he washed the area off and started over. He did this until everything was as smooth as a babys’ bottom. The whole time he was doing this Diesel was talking in my ear, telling me what a turn on it was going to be without any hair on my body. How I was going to look just like a little girl.

When Shawn was done he rubbed my whole crotch with lotion to help with any razor burn I may have gotten. He then started shaving the tops and sides of my legs. When he finished he had me turn over and get on all fours. I propped myself up on my elbows and rested my head on Diesels chest. Shawn had me spread my legs as far apart as comfortable. I could feel the air from the room hit my asscrack. I could then feel him put the hot washcloth there. Diesel moved my hair over to one side so he could look at my face. He smiled at me, “This is turning you on isn’t it?”

I nodded and moaned a yes. He leaned down and kissed me then whispered in my ear, “The best is yet to come.”

Shawn then took the rag away and lathered up the whole area. Using the same technique as before, he was soon done. He then did the backs of my legs. I felt Shawn get off the bed and take the stuff to the bathroom. Diesel has me straighten up and wrap my arms around his neck, staying on my knees. He put one of his hands on the back of my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. With his other hand he reached down and caressed my now clean-shaven pussy. I could hear Shawn come back into the room and felt him sit back down on the bed but couldn’t see what he was doing because Diesel was keeping my attention directed at him. I could hear him opening up a box and cellophane tearing. I could then feel him run his hands up and down my ass a couple times then slowly spread my asscheeks apart. Then I could feel something hard and slick sliding up my ass. I knew instantly that it was an enema. I tried to pull away from it but Diesel held me tight so I couldn’t move. I said, “No, Diesel….”

Before I could finish the sentence he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to look at him, “He isn’t going to hurt you. We just want to make sure you are nice and clean before we have sex. This is going to happen every time. When we are alone I’m Big Daddy and Shawn is Daddy Shawn. Now just hold still and be a good girl. You might find that you like it.” He then released the hold on my hair and started to stroke it, kissing my face.

Shawn had finished giving me the enema and dropped the used syringe on the trashcan by the bed. He then reached under me and massaged my belly to help relieve the pressure. He scooted up further and I could feel his hard-on pressed against my ass. He leaned over me, resting his hairy chest on my back and kissed the side of my face. “Just one more baby and we’ll be all done.” Both of them continued kissing and stroking on me for a few more minutes to let the pressure in my bowels subside a little bit then Shawn got back down behind me and started giving me the second enema. While he was doing that Diesel reached down between my legs and started feeling my dripping wet pussy. He grinned at me, “See, I told you if you held still you would like it.” He ran his finger up and down the outside of my pussy several times, collecting my juice on it. He then brought it up to his mouth and licked a little of it off then held it in front of my lips and had me lick the rest of it off. He then put it in my mouth and had me suck on it like it was a dick. He then took his finger out and grinned at me then bent down and kissed me.

Finally, Shawn had finished giving me the second enema. He then pulled me up and leaned me against his chest and started massaging my swollen stomach. I could see the enormous bulge in Diesels underwear, which he reached down and started rubbing. Shawn then helped me into the bathroom where I could empty my full bowels. When I was done he had me bend over the toilet and used a wet washcloth to make sure I was all cleaned up. He then led me back to the bedroom and sat me on the bed. Diesel was sitting in an armchair facing the bed. He had taken off his underwear and his huge erection was slapping against his belly. He grinned at me; “Shawn is going to go first, then me, then all three of us.”

Shawn pushed me down on the center of the bed, flat on my back, so Diesel could see everything. He then crawled up and got on all fours over my face then put his cock in my mouth and started working it in and out.

After a while he said, “Spread your legs and start playing with yourself.” I did, slowly starting to rub my clit.

After a while he pulled out of my mouth and crawled between my legs. In one strong stroke he completely entered me but held still. He leaned down on his elbows and grabbed two handfuls of my hair, looking at me in the eyes, “Now, I am going to fuck the shit out of you.” He then started to pound into me hard and fast until I reached a screaming orgasm. He then pulled out and straddled my head again, put his cock in my mouth and came.

After resting for a couple of minutes he leaned over and kissing me. “Little girl, you are the best.” He then got off the bed and sat in the chair. Diesel cam over, knelt between my legs, propped them up on his broad shoulders, then with one hand opened my lips and started to tongue the whole area. He brought me just to the brink of cumming then quit. He then, moved lower and started to lick my asshole. I moaned and writhed on the bed. After a few minutes of this he quit. He flipped me over onto my stomach and pulled me up into my knees. He started rubbing his dick up and down my wet slit. “Tell me what you want.” He said.

“Oh Diesel….”

He gave me a smart slap on the ass. “Remember what I said earlier?”

“Daddy, fuck me.” I moaned.

“How do you want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck me so hard it hurts.”

He laughed, “I’m going to but it’s going to be in your ass. You want that little girl?”

“Oh yes!”

With that he put the head of his cock at the entrance of my asshole and shoved the whole length of it inside. I moaned in pain and pleasure. He then bent over me and started to hammer it in. With one hand he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair and turned my head to the side so he could kiss me then said, “You’ve been wanting this for a long time haven’t you? You’ve been wanting Big Daddys’ cock in you. That’s why you’ve been teasing us.”

I moaned a yes and after a few minutes he pulled me up on my knees and shifted us around with his back propped against the headboard. He bent his knees and propped my legs over his. Shawn crawled up between my legs and pushed his cock deep into my snatch. He started to run his fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes to revile in the feeling but Shawn said, “Open your eyes and look at me little girl.” I looked up at him. He smiled, “That’s better. I want to see the look in your eyes as I fuck you.” I reached up to run my fingers through his long, blonde hair but each one grabbed a hand. Diesel said, “You have to ask permission for that.” He shoved his cock up my ass harder as if to make his point.

I looked into Shawn’s, blue-green eyes and asked, “Daddy Shawn can I touch you?”

He grinned his patented Shawn Michaels’ grin at me and said, “My little girl can touch me anywhere she wants to.” I started running my fingers through the thick forest of hair on his chest. He grinned down at me, “You love this don’t you? Two men giving you everything you want. You like what your two daddys are doing to you.” I just moaned a yes. After a couple of minutes both men pulled out and changed places and started fucking me again. After a while longer they both pulled out again. Diesel propped himself against the headboard again with his legs spread far apart. Shawn positioned me up on all fours between his legs. He then rammed his cock back up my ass and started fucking away. Diesel pushed my hair to one side, took my chin in his big paw and looked me in the eye, “Now little girl, I want you to suck daddys’ cock real good. Then when I’ve come and Daddy Shawn has come we will make you come.” I got to work sucking on his cock for all I was worth and in a few minutes my mouth was flooded with his come. Shawn then went to work harder on my ass. He reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled, “Isn’t this what you wanted slut? Teach you to cock tease won’t it? Tell me you want it.”

“Oh God yes! I want your cock Daddy Shawn!” I moaned.

Then Shawn flooded my rectum with his come and pulled out, flopping back on the bed panting.

After Shawn pulled out Diesel lifted me onto his lap and started fingering my clit saying, “Come for daddy little girl. Let Daddy Shawn see you come.” It didn’t take long for me to come to the edge. Just as I was about to come he said, “Tell your Daddy’s that you love them then you can cum.”

“Oh God! I love you Big Daddy and Daddy Shawn!” I screamed.

Diesel streaked my hair and said, “Good girl.” Then went to work harder on my clit and in a couple more minutes reached a screaming orgasm.

In the afterglow I lay snuggled between the two men. Shawn stroked my hair, “This is what it’s going to be like all the time.”

I smiled, “Good. This is what I’ve always wanted.”

– The End –