Dani walked into the kitchen and sat down on the breakfast bar. Marcus and Arkady were standing at the counter with their back to her going over a list of things needed from the store. She glared at Marcus’ back and bared her fangs before she pulled her legs up and crossed them Indian style. She then said, “Hi Arkady.”

He turned and looked at her then grinned from ear to ear, “Hello M’Lady!” He walked over to her and gave her a big hug then a tender kiss. He brushed her hair off her forehead then smiled down at her. “How are you feeling this oh so fine day?”

She smiled up at him, “I’m feeling pretty good actually.” Actually, she was feeling better than fine, she was back to feeling normally since she had gotten the medicine. With that came the return of her sex drive full force.

He smiled, “That is wonderful M’Lady! It is so good to see you back to your usual self.”

She hugged him and smiled. Right at this point she was VERY horny. And there was one thing Arkady would do for her that Darious wouldn’t that often, give her oral sex. She looked up at him and wiggled her eyebrows.

He chuckled and grinned down at her, “And just what was that for M’Lady?”

She giggled and grinned up at him, “Well, it means that I want something from you, if you’re willing that is.” Then she reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans.

He leaned down and kissed her again. Then he stroked her hair softly, “M’Lady I am always willing to give you the pleasure you want, all you ever need do is ask me. So, shall we adjourn to a different room so that we may better enjoy our pleasures?”

She pressed her body tight to his and rubbed his back, pressing her cheek to his. She looked over his shoulder at Marcus. He was leaning against the counter, watching them intently. She glared at him then said, eyes never leaving him. “Let’s just do it right here.”

He pulled away from her slightly and looked down, brow slightly furrowed, “You truly wish to do it right here M’Lady?”

She looked up at him, grinned and nodded, “Oh yeah!”

He smiled and stroked her hair, “If that is what you wish M’Lady then that is what we will do. Then he leaned down and kissed her passionately. His hand softly rubbed and caressed her breasts through the soft cotton shirt. He then rubbed her nipples through the fabric until they were stiff and hard. Moving his hands away from her breasts then started to unbutton the oxford. When it was all the way undone he stroked down her now exposed, naked flesh until he reached her firm thighs. He gently parted them and stroked a couple fingers over her pussy, feeling her slippery wetness under his fingertips.

She pulled away from him slightly and looked up at him, eyes slightly glazed over and panting. Licking her lips she reached out and unbuttoned his shirt and eased it off him. She ran her fingers through the thick pelt of blonde hair on his chest.

Reaching down he put his hands behind her knees then lifted her legs. He positioned her heels on the edge of the counter. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her forward until her ass was at the edge of the counter. He pushed her thighs further apart with his forearms until they were spread as far apart as she could get them, spreading her pussy open.

Leaning back, she rested on her elbows then looked up at him, flushed and panting.

Leaning over her he kissed her between the breasts then drug his tongue down over her belly. He then knelt down between her thighs and nibbled down her left thigh to the knee then moved to the right leg and nibbled from the knee up to the bend of her leg.

Moaning softly, she arched up off the counter slightly and started to shiver all over.

He gently parted her pussy lips with two fingers and ran his tongue from the bottom up then flicked it gently over her clit. Then he started to lick her pussy up and down before stiffening his tongue and thrust it deep into her and wiggled it around. Reaching up, he started to rub her clit with his thumb.

She started to squirm all over, panting and moaning loudly. A thin layer of sweat started to cover her body. Her thighs were covered with goose bumps.

Marcus stood rooted in place, watching them intently, eyes wide, and mouth hanging open. He couldn’t believe they were doing this in front of him. The way she was positioned on the counter he could see all her pussy and just what Arkady was doing to her. The smell of her pussy was filling the room with the musky smell of a female that was extremely turned on. His cock was as hard as a railroad spike and throbbing. He hopped up and sat down on the counter, eyes never leaving the action on the breakfast bar.

He started to thrust his tongue in and out, wiggling it around as he did, his thumb continuing to rub her clit.

She moaned loudly and tossed her head back, shutting her eyes. She drew her knees up and spread them as far apart as she could. Propping herself up on one elbow she reached down and ran her fingers through his hair, whimpering.

He turned his head side to side, his tongue raking her walls. Then he started to move it in and out rapidly. His thumb rubbing around her clit fast.

She panted and moaned loudly. She sat up a bit more then gripped his head with both hands and started to grind her pussy onto his face. “Oh yes Arkady! That feels so good, please don’t stop, please! More!”

He let go of her lips and moved his hands up her sides then started to caress and squeeze her tits. He pulled his tongue out then licked up and down her pussy several times before he started to flick it rapidly against her clit.

Every muscle in her body tightened up and she started whimpering and moaning loudly, almost a scream. She tightened her grip on his head and ground herself down harder onto his mouth.

He started to suck on her clit, flicking his tongue lightly back and forth over the tip of her clit. Then he eased two fingers deep into her pussy and started to move them in and out, twisting them around. He could feel her whole pussy throbbing madly and the juice running out of her like a river and knew she was very, very close to cumming. His tongue started to flick faster over her clit and he started to suck harder.

She threw her head back and screamed, starting to cum hard, quivering and shaking all over. Her juices starting to drench his face.

He held onto her bucking hips the best he could while continuing to work on her clit. When he felt her relax and she lay back, panting, he licked up all the juice that had run out of her pussy. Then he straightened up and looked down at her, licking her juices off his lips. His cock was hard and throbbing in his jeans, wanting release. He looked down at her and smiled, “Is that what M’Lady craved? Did it please you?”

She looked at him, panting and trying to catch her breath, and then smiled up at him. She sat up then wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him close to her. She kissed him passionately then nuzzled her face into his neck. “Arkady, you know how much I enjoy it when you do that for me. There is no one that does it better than you.” She grinned, “Is there something you want from me now, hmm?”

He grinned down at her then he grabbed her hand and led it down to his cock, having her rub it through his jeans. Leaning forward he kissed her tenderly yet passionately then be broke it off and looked down at her. “If you are willing M’Lady, I would dearly like to make love to you.”

She continued to rub his throbbing cock through his jeans, looking up at him. Smiling, she said, “I would like that.” She reached out and undid his jeans and pushed them down his muscular thighs. She grabbed ahold of his cock and started to rub and play with it.

Marcus shifted around uncomfortably on the counter, his hard-on throbbing madly and straining against the fabric of his loin cloth. A huge wet spot had appeared on the front where he had leaked copious amounts of pre-cum. His eyes never moved from Dani and Arkady. It was better than watching a porno movie, he thought. But it was also terribly frustrating. He wanted to go over and join them or at least take his cock out and jerk off, getting relief he craved but knew better.

Arkady stepped closer to her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy, getting the head all wet, then eased it all the way into her and started to gently fuck her.

She moaned loudly and pressed tightly to him, meeting his thrusts with her own. Then she yelled for Darious.

He walked into the kitchen, stopping on the other side of the breakfast bar and just watched for a minute. He could see her juices still shining on Arkadys face and knew what she had gone to him for. His eyes flickered over Marcus, noticing the wet spot and his throbbing cock and grinned. He knew Dani well enough to know she didn’t pick the hard counter just because she liked doing it there but because she wanted Marcus to watch, not just because she was exhibitionistic and liked to be watched but ultimately to get even with Marcus for complaining about her teasing him. He chuckled deeply then reached out and stroked the back of her hair, “Is my toy hungry?”

She lay back flat on the counter and looked up at him, still thrusting onto Arkadys’ cock. Looking up at him, she licked her lips then said, “Fuck yes! Bring that big cock of yours here so I can suck it.”

He grinned and stepped closer, reaching down and tracing a finger down the side of her face. “Of you want it you may have it toy.”

She reached out and undid his pants then tugged them down his thighs. She licked his cock all over before she took it all in her mouth and started sucking on it.

He stroked her hair softly and let her suck him for several minutes before he held her head still and started to fuck her mouth.

Arkady continued to fuck her slow and deep, reaching up to gently rub her clit, feeling her start to quiver and throb under his touch. With his other hand he reached up and softly stroked her sweat covered stomach. He looked at Darious and licked his lips.

Darious continued to fuck her mouth fast and hard. He looked at Arkady. He was sweating profusely; his eyes were slightly glazed over and was panting. Darious leaned forward and kissed him passionately. He could still taste Dani on his lips. He felt Arkady moan in his mouth. When he broke off the kiss he looked deep into his eyes. He could see how aroused he was and chuckled, “Enjoying yourself wolfie?”

Arkady moaned loudly and looked into his eyes, “Oh yes, greatly Sir. Anytime M’Lady allows me the privilege of giving her pleasure gives me enjoyment.”

Darious grinned at him then looked down at Dani. She looked up at him, his cock still buried in hour mouth. He pushed her hair out of he face and grinned, “Enjoying your lollypop toy?

She looked up at him and moaned around his cock.

He chuckled deeply, “I’ll take that as a yes. Are you enjoying what Arkady is doing to you toy?” She moaned around his cock again and again he chuckled. “Then prove to him how much you enjoy it by cumming on his cock.”

Arkady sped up a bit and panted, “Please M’Lady, cum for me.” His fingers started working faster on her clit.

She was very close to cumming before his fingers started moving faster. After that it just took a matter of minutes for her to slam hard down onto his cock and start to cum, moaning on Darious’ cock. When she finished she looked down at Arkady, panting, eyes glazed over, “Oh yeah, that felt so good! Shift please; I want to feel you grow in me.”

He looked at her, “Are you sure M’Lady? I might hurt you.”

She looked at him, panting, “Yes, I’m sure. Please Arkady!” She liked what Arkady was doing but preferred rougher sex, something he really couldn’t do. But she knew if he shifted to full werewolf he would naturally get rougher and more animalistic. Plus there was nothing like the feeling of having his cock almost double in length and girth inside her. She laid back down and took Darious’ cock back in her mouth, going back to sucking it, keeping her eyes on Arkady.

Arkady nodded to her, “If that is what you wish than you shall have it M’Lady.” He then started to slowly shift.

Darious quickly yanked his cock out of her mouth, not wanting to get bit as Arkadys’ cock grew in her.

Marcus’ eyes widened as Arkady started to shift. He knew he was a werewolf but Marcus had continued to think of him as a wimp and a fruit, not a true, powerful werewolf until he fully shifted to his werewolf form, 9 foot in height, 600 lbs, heavily muscled frame covered with a dense blonde pelt, Arkady was comparable in size and build to himself and every inch a true werewolf. E knew how big his own cock got when he shifted and he didn’t know how Dani was able to take him without being ripped apart. His eyes were glued to her pussy as it was stretched out, licking his lips.

She threw her head back and howled at the top of her lungs as Arkadys’ cock lengthened to 14 inches and grew to four inches around, stretching he out to the max, causing her to have a powerful orgasm.

When Arkady fully shifted he looked down at her and growled then started to pound into her roughly, his claws digging into her hips slightly, fangs bared.

She looked up at him, panting, eyes glazed over, “Oh yeah! So fucking good Arkady! More!”

Darious looked down at Dani, licking his lips. He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back then stuffed his cock back into her mouth. “Suck it toy, make me cum!” He stared down at her, eyes boring into hers. “Work your pussy on Arkadys cock and make him cum too.”

She sucked harder on Darious and ground herself down onto Arkady.

Arkady slammed his cock all the way into her then started to cum, throwing his head back and letting out an earth shattering howl.

Dani moaned loudly on Darious’ cock as Arkady’s cum flooded her insides.

The vibrations on his cock from hr moan triggered Darious’ orgasm. He threw his head back, groaned and flooded her mouth.

Arkady collapsed on top of her, panting. She stroked his furry back and kissed his temple then looked up at Darious, licking his lips.

He looked down at her and grinned then shifted. He ran his claws through her hair. He then patted Arkadys shoulder. “Let’s change places wolfie.”

Arkady stood up and nodded, panting. He said, in a voice exponentially deeper, “Yes Sir.”

They quickly changed places. Darious pulled her closer to him by her thighs and rubbed both is cocks over her asshole and pussy, looking down at her, grinning. “Does my toy like that? Does she want more?” He gave her a hard swat on the ass.

She looked up at him, panting. “That is a really dumb question, of course I do! Now!”

He chuckled deeply and continued to tease her, “Oh really? You do? How bad do you want it?”

She groaned, “Very, very bad. Please Darious!”

He grinned at her, “OK toy. We’ll adjourn to the bedroom. He looked at Arkady, “Take her upstairs; I’ll join you in a few.”

Arkady nodded, “Yes Sir.” He picked up Dani and cuddled her close, kissing her then carried her out.

He turned to the pale, sweating Marcus. He looked down and saw his throbbing cock and the huge wet spot on the front of his loin cloth then chuckled. He looked him in the eye, “You thought she teased you before, well my guess is you ain’t seen nothing yet. I think she has just declared war on you ass.” He slapped him on the shoulder, “Continue with your duties. Make sure you clean up the mess on the breakfast bar.” He then turned and started to walk out. When he reached the door way he turned back to him, “Also, clean the spot off your loin cloth.” He then walked out, chuckling.

– The End –