Dani was stretched out on the sofa taking a cat nap when the phone rang. She picked it up, “Yeah?” then yawned.

“It’s Zsuzanna, sorry to wake you. I wanted to give you a heads up. Arkadys’ headed your way.”

She sat up and rubbed her eyes, “Is this a good or bad thing?”

Zsuzanna sighed, “It isn’t a good thing. I’ve been somewhat coaching him on D/s and BDSM, you know, trying to get him to understand it better. Well, now he thinks he can be your Dom and you won’t need Darious anymore.”

“Shit! Darious isn’t going to like this at all. Couldn’t you have stopped him?”

Zsuzanna sighed, “No, I tried but no dice. You know what he’s like when he gets his teeth into something especially when it involves you.”

“Shit, shit, shit, shit!”

“I know. OK,” she sighed, “I want you to do me a favor.”

Dani lit a cigarette and exhaled. “What’s that?”

“You know how I fell about Arkady, but he has to learn this is unacceptable. Let Darious teach him a lesson but don’t let him hurt him too badly.”

Dani put her head in her hand. “Alright.”

She sighed again, “I don’t like this any more than you do but this is going to continue until he learns. This is the only way I can see that it’s going to happen.”

Dani agreed. They said their goodbyes then hung up. She leaned back and sighed deeply. Darious was not going to like this at all. He had run to the store and would return shortly.

She heard the doorbell and got up to answer it. It was Arkady. She led him into the living room. He seemed nervous and rather than sit down he paced back and forth, making small talk with her. She settled in her chair and watched him.

He didn’t get to the point and continued until she heard Darious’ car pull up. He then stopped pacing and started at the garage door.

Darious walked in and put the bags on the table. He looked into the living room and saw Arkady standing there. He sighed, knowing his good mood was shot for the day. He walked into the living room and looked at him. Nice to see you Arkady. To what do we owe this pleasure?” He looked at Dani. She shook her head and looked down; knowing from her reaction that whatever it was it would piss him off.

Arkady looked at both of them and took a deep breath, trying to build up his courage. Finally, he spoke, “I came to talk to Lady Danyealla. I have a proposition for her.”

She sighed deeply; knowing what he had to say was going to make Darious angry.

Darious looked at her then looked back to Arkady, “And just what is your proposition?”

Arkady leaned against the wall and glared at Darious. “I have figured out a way that she won’t need you anymore and can be rid of you forever.” He straightened up and looked Darious in the face. “Zsuzanna has been teaching me about D/s and BDSM. So, I decided I’ll be her Dom.” He looked at the incredulous looks on their faces then said firmly, “I think I can do it.” All he could think about was being with her and getting her away from Darious. If that meant going against his nature and dominating her, maybe giving her a light spanking once in a while then so be it. He could do that.

Dani looked at Darious, wide eyed. She then lowered her head, put her hand over her mouth and started giggling, hoping Arkady wouldn’t hear. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wasn’t capable of doing that kind of thing to her.

Darious was a lot less subtle about it. He laughed so hard that he ended up doubled over.

Arkady glared at him, starting to get irritated. He crossed his arms over his chest, “What? Don’t you think I can?”

Darious straightened up and looked at him, eyes twinkling, “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were serious.”

Arkady glared at him and started growling. “Of course I’m serious you idiot! Do you think I came all this way to say that as a joke?”

Darious stared at him, “Despite what you may think you don’t have the personality to be able to do it.”

“Yes, I do. I’ve been training so I can do it.”

Dani settled back in her chair and watched quietly, trying to stay out of it.

Darious shook his head, “You don’t get it do you?”

Arkadys’ lips tightened, “Yes I do. I want Dani to be happy and to be able to do for her what she wants.”

“Happy? What she wants?” He looked over to Dani, who shook her head and shrugged, then back to Arkady. “Then quit with this idea of being her Dom and just be her friend. That’s what she wants from you.”

Arkady glowered at him, “I want to be more than her friend, don’t you get it? But I can’t do that until we get rid of you. Don’t you get it Darious? She doesn’t need you she needs me and would be better off with me.”

Darious shook his head, “You’re almost as stubborn as Azmodeus and twice as stupid.” He crossed his arms and grinned, eyes twinkling. He just got a delicious idea. “OK, you want to try to Dom her, fine. Let’s put your skills to the test.”

Danis’ head jerked up and she looked at Darious, startled. He smiled back at her.

Arkady nodded, “OK, now you need to leave and I’ll try it on Lady Danyealla. Then we’ll see what she says about it.”

Darious shook his head. “No, that isn’t how it works. She’s my sub and I will be with her. You’re already breaking rules you profess to know or should know.”

Arkady glared harder at him, getting angrier, “You are her toy so she makes the rules, not the other way around.”

Darious stepped closer to him, looking deep into his eyes, “You need to get over the idea that I’m her toy because I am not! I’m her Dom, her Lord, and her Master. I own her. Get that through that thick skull of yours. Right now you’re starting to really piss me off.”

Arkady stood his ground, “She controls you because she can send you back to hell if she so chooses.”

“We hold each others strings because it runs both ways. Now, the time has come for you to put up or shut up and leave, forgetting the whole thing.”

Arkady stared at him, “I said I am willing to try.”

Darious grinned, “Try huh?” He looked over at Dani smiling. “Come here toy.” He said softly.

She got up and walked over to him then wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

He hugged her tightly then kissed her softly. He looked down at her and smiled softly. “Are you up for something toy?”

She shook her head vigorously, eyes pleading, “No, please. I don’t want to be doing this in front of him.”

He stroked her hair softly, “Honey?”

She looked up at him, startled, eyes wide. It was the first time he had ever called her that. He smiled at her. “He has to learn the hard way and that is the only way he is going to figure it out. You and I both know that. I know you don’t like doing this but if you do, I promise I’ll do something very special for your tonight. Alright?”

She looked down at the floor and sighed, “It’s so humiliating Darious.”

He stroked the side of her face gently, “I know toy, I know. But this time it won’t be me doing it. Arkady will be. We want you to be the judge of how good he is. To see if he can please you.”

Her eyes implored him, “He can’t and we both know that already!”

He kissed the top of her head softly, “He doesn’t know it yet but he will learn it fairly quickly I imagine.” He hugged her to him. “I know you won’t like this toy.”

She hugged him back, “You’re right, I don’t like it at all.”

He smiled down at her, “I know toy, I know. If you can propose something else I’m all ears. We could get another sub for this.” Arkady growled at that suggestion but Darious glared and silenced him.

She shook her head. She didn’t like the idea of another sub being around him. “No.” She looked up at him, “You’ll be there the whole time, right?”

He nodded, “Yes, I wouldn’t leave you and break the trust you have in me.”

She nodded, “I understand.”

“I want you to be totally honest with both of us about it. If he’s starting to turn you on tell him. If he’s not, tell him. I won’t get angry with you over any of it. Understand?”

“Yes.” She sighed, and looked down again.

“I can do it for you and know it. I know what you like and don’t need to prove anything. This is for his benefit entirely.”

She looked over at Arkady; he was pacing back and forth nervously, watching them. She then looked back up at Darious.

He looked down at her and smiled, “It’s entirely your choice.”

She sighed deeply, “I reluctantly agree.”

He kissed her softly then caressed the side of her face. He then swatted her on the ass and chuckled, “That’s my toy.”

She giggled and looked up at him smiling.

Arkady watched them, growling.

Darious looked at him, “What? Don’t you like it?”

Arkady glared at him, “I don’t like seeing you even touch her.”

“Too bad, it doesn’t really matter what you like and don’t like. All that matters is what she likes.”

Arkady snorted, “I still say I will be better at it than you.”

Darious shook his head, “She would be worse off with you but that’s not the question. So rather than stand here and argue about it let’s try the practical aspects of it.” He put his arm around her shoulder and looked down at her. “Ready toy?”

She sighed and nodded.

He led her down the basement stairs to the dungeon. Arkady followed them, eyes shooting daggers into Darious’ back the whole time.

He unlocked the door and led Dani in by the hand with Arkady following.

Arkady stopped a few steps in the door and stared wide-eyed and mouth hanging agape at all the implements. On the walls hung various paddles, whips, clamps and sex toys. Shackles hung in various places and a huge X-cross dominated one wall. There was only one chair, but it was huge, almost a throne.

Darious chuckled at Arkadys amazement. He then looked at Dani, “At the moment I want you to be yourself like you are with me. Make him work for what he wants. OK toy?”

She looked up at him, “OK Darious.”

He smiled at her, “Show him what it is to be a Dom. Make him work at it. If he’s pushing you too far or starts losing it I’ll step in and stop it.”

She sighed, shrugged and nodded.

He stroked the side of her face, “Afterwards I’ll get extra aggressive, just how you like it.”

She looked up at him and grinned.

He chuckled, “Good toy. Know what you’ll get if you’re willing to do it? I have two somethings you can have later.”

She giggled a little bit and looked up at him.

He smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. He then looked at Arkady. He put his hand on Danis’ back, “Stand in the center of the room toy. He’s your Dom for a while. Train him, make him work.” He leveled his gaze with Arkdays. “First, there will be no sex with her. She has sex with me only. You will be doing D/s and BDSM, that doesn’t involve sex.”

Arkady glared at him, “You can’t be making new rules as we go along.”

Darious took a step closer to him, “She is not your sub Arkady, she’s mine. You do and I will seriously hurt you. But that’s not the point, the point is you are going to try to give her what she wants and that is BDSM.”

Arkady nodded, “yes, that’s what this is all about.”

“We’ll see if you can. She’ll grade you on it. Remember, no sex. Try it and I’ll stop it immediately and she’ll say her safe word. If she says her safe word and you don’t stop I’ll stop it. Do you know what a safe word is?”

“No, I don’t know it.”

“Then you know where to start with her. Another thing, I told her to be herself so you will have to make her behave. You’ll be starting from scratch. Now, have fun.” He grinned.

Arkady looked at him; I think this is the point where you should leave.”

Darious walked over and stood directly in front of him, glaring down at him. “I’m going to put this bluntly and clearly so listen carefully, what you think means nothing. I am her Dom, this is my house, my dungeon, and you will do nothing with her without me around. Got it? I gave my word that I won’t interfere so I won’t.”

Arkady just stared at him then said, “OK, let’s get on with it.”

Darious nodded and went into the next room to change into his robe. Arkady looked at Dani, “Come here sub.”

She shook her head, “Not without Darious here.”

He stiffened up, “I’m your Dom, and you will do what I say with or without Darious.”

She shook her head, “No.”

He stepped closer to her trying to convey a confidence he didn’t feel. It was all very un-natural to him. But he was also very, very excited. Not by being a Dom but by being so close to her and that she would get her excited enough she would agree to have sex with him then she would be his. He gave her a hard look, “No? You will do what I tell you or I will have to whip you.”

She giggled and smiled, “Ohh, I might like that.”

He looked at her, “Oh? You think you would like me to whip you?” He grabbed her arm and tried to pull her to him, gently.

She yanked her arm away, giggling.

Darious walked back in and arched an eyebrow, “You started? You’re breaking the rules already so watch your step.”

Arkady glared at him, “I’m the Dom now.”

Darious sat in the chair, “If you think you’re Billy Badass fine, give her your best shot.”

Arkady growled at him, he was starting to doubt he could do this and Darious’ presence wasn’t making it any easier.

Darious grinned and wagged his finger at Arkady, “Ahh, ahh, ahh.”

Arkady ignored him and turned back to Dani, “Lady Danyealla, go over there now.” He pointed to the wall where the shackles hung.

She crossed her arms over her chest, “No.” She said, grinning.

He stared at her, “Lady Danyealla, go over to the wall now!”

She grinned bigger, “No!”

He growled, a little frustrated, grabbed her arm and pulled her to where he wanted her.

She giggled and let him drag her.

He looked at her, getting a little more frustrated, “Kneel.”

She looked at him and grinned, “I don’t think so.”

Darious sat watching, chuckling softly, eyes dancing.

Arkady growled, “Sub kneel!”

She chuckled, “Make me.”

He stared at her, confused, trying to think of a way to handle this. He looked on the table next to him and saw a cat o’ nine tails. He picked it up and looked at her. She just looked back at him, calm. “Not going to kneel? Fine.” He walked behind her and started using it on the backs of her legs, hitting her lightly.

She looked back at him, “Was that suppose to hurt?”

He was getting more frustrated. This wasn’t working the way he thought it would. He didn’t want to hit her harder because he was afraid of really hurting her but what he was doing wasn’t working. He hit her just a little bit harder. “I said kneel!”

“I don’t want to.” She said, smiling.

Darious leaned back, smiling. Watching Arkady try to control someone he had problems with when she felt like being a real brat.

Arkady took a step back and tried to gather himself. OK, this wasn’t going to work so he would move onto something else. “You won’t kneel? Fine!” He put the cat back on the table. He stepped forward and undressed her quickly with a little mild resistance from her then shackled her hands over her head. He stepped back. The sight of her naked was giving him a hard-on. He grabbed the riding crop off the table and stepped behind her then started using it lightly on her ass.

She wiggled her butt a little and giggled.

He pulled her head back, gently, and growled. “I will whip your behind red if you don’t do as I say!”

She grinned at him, “Go for it!”

He didn’t know exactly what to do next but said, “Fine.” And started using it a little harder on her ass.

She started purring loudly, “Now you’re turning me on.”

He thought she was being sarcastic so said, “Like this sub?”

She looked back at him and purred, “Oh yeah, I like it a lot.”

He took a couple steps back, totally confused. He didn’t understand why she was getting turned on and not obeying.

Darious started laughing.

She looked at Arkady, “Keep it up and I’ll cum. As a matter of fact, do it harder.”

He looked at her, startled, “Harder?”

She grinned, “Yes, harder. Leave welts. I really like that.”

Arkady just stared at her, mouth open. Darious walked over to him, with a big grin.

Arkady looked at him and growled.

“Don’t growl at me pup. I’m not interfering; I just want to give you some advice.”

“I don’t need advice!” Arkady said obviously confused and frustrated.

Darious chuckled, “You do need it. You’re trying to punish her and get her to behave and obey but all you’re succeeding in doing is turning her on. You’re not listening to the signals she’s sending out. Let me show you something. He yanked the crop out of Arkadys’ hand. When he started to protest Darious held up his hand. “This is my place; I’ll take it without asking if I feel like it. Now, go find a place, sit down, watch and learn. If you have questions, ask.”

Arkady leaned against the nearest wall, arms crossed over his chest, totally confused and deflated.

Dani looked over her shoulder at Darious and licked her lips.

Darious looked at Arkady then started laughing. “Her Dom? OK, you failed miserably. Watch and learn Arkady, this is how you handle Dani.” He walked over and stood in front of her, looking down. “Toy, you will behave or I’ll leave you hanging there and you will get nothing. You’ll be all turned on then it will stop. If you want it to continue then you’ll listen and behave.”

She looked at him, “I’ll behave M’Lord.”

He stepped closer then said to her softly, so Arkady couldn’t hear. “No toy. I want to teach Arkady how to do this so don’t behave. Make me work for it, misbehave. If you do when we’re done’ I’ll give you what you want.”

She looked up at him then replied softly, “OK Darious.”

He winked at her and stepped back. “Now toy, beg me and tell me what you want.” She just looked at him. He grinned, “Are you going to beg toy?”


He cocked his head to one side and looked at her, “Not going to beg? Hmm. I think I better do something about this.” He stepped closer to her, “Are you going to be a good toy and beg?”

She looked at him coolly, “No.”

He grinned evilly and stroked his chin, then looked at Arkady and winked.

Arkady was watching them intently, eyes bright.

Darious stepped back behind her. “Hmm, this is fairly serious wouldn’t you say Arkady? Now toy, I’ll tell you what we are going to do about your misbehavior.” He stepped closer to her. “I’m not going to give you what you want; I’m not going to spank you. First things first though: I’m going to inspect my pussy to see just how turned on you are so I know how to proceed.”

She tensed up and started quivering all over.

“Now, spread your legs toy so I can inspect my pussy. Don’t say a word; let your actions speak for you.”

She looked back at him then shut her legs tightly.

He smiled and winked at her, then forced her legs apart and shackled her spread eagle. He stepped behind her again. “I’m not going to spank you until you start behaving toy.” He then put his hand between her legs and thrust one finger deep into her pussy, twisting it side to side roughly then thrust it in and out.

She started shivering and whimpering softly.

He pressed against her, “Am I turning you on toy? Speak or I’ll stop.”

She took a deep breath then said, softly, “Yes.”

He growled, “Yes what toy?”

She shuddered, “Yes, M’Lord.”

“Mmm, good toy.” He pinched her clit between two fingers.

She moaned loudly and shut her eyes.

Arkadys eyes were glued to Darious’ hand. He could smell her from where he was standing, causing his erection t grow to full mast.

Darious pushed his finger into her deeper and started to rub her g-spot. “Hmm, my toys’ turned on by this.”

She started wiggling all over, causing the chains to rattle. Her juices were running down onto his hand.

He chuckled deeply, “You certainly do get wet huh toy?”

She whimpered softly, “I do M’Lord.”

He turned his body slightly so that Arkady couldn’t see what he was doing to do then he caressed her pussy then spanked it a couple times. “You’re doing good toy.” He said to her softly so Arkady couldn’t hear. Then he repositioned himself so Arkady could once more see and thrust his finger deep into her ass, thrusting it side to side roughly.

She started moving around, causing the chains to rattle.

He chuckled, “Turns you on doesn’t it toy?”

She looked back at him and winked then said, “No.”

He arched an eyebrow, “You don’t like it toy?” He swatted her on the ass, hard.

She shivered, “Nope.”

He chuckled and pulled his finger out, “Then I guess I don’t need to do it do I?” He stepped back away from her.

She whimpered softly and looked over her shoulder at him.

He chuckled again, “Hmm, what should I use on that ass? The riding crop? Hmm…. How about a paddle? Maybe a cricket bat? What do you think toy?”

“Yes, I think you should use that M’Lord.” She said, softly.

He chuckled, “Well, I guess I don’t need to use that then do I toy?”

She whimpered loudly, eyes pleading with him.

He pressed against her, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, “Do what I tell you or I will leave you like this, all turned on with no release. Or, I will get you to the point of cumming and not let you. What is your choice toy?”

She shivered and looked at him, “I’ll behave M’Lord.”

He looked at Arkady and winked. Arkadys eyes were glued to her pussy. It was all wet and glistening, the lips flowered open showing off the delicate pink interior. Even the insides of her thighs were wet with her juices. He let out a ragged breath and licked his lips. He shifted around to get his hard-on into a more comfortable place.

His eyes twinkled and he chuckled watching Arkadys’ reaction then turned his attention back to Dani. He pulled her head back a little bit further then growled. “You know what toy? I fail to believe you. I don’t believe you are saying that with enough conviction. I know you toy. I also am well acquainted with your bad behavior and bratty streak. You are not the well behaved sub everyone thinks you are, are you? It’s take me a long time and a lot of work to get you to behave hasn’t it? Now, I’ll put it to you this way toy, you will either behave and do as you’re told or I’ll put your collar and leash on and make you walk around on all fours like a kitty cat should. It’s your choice entirely toy, so what will it be?”

She shuddered and looked back at him, wide-eyed, “M’Lord, I’ll behave.”

He growled again, “Not good enough toy. I still don’t’ believe that you’ll truly behave yourself. I was trusting that you would but now I don’t. You’ll have to work at it for me to trust you to behave. Understand me toy?”

She nodded the best she could, “Yes M’Lord, I understand.”

He let go of her hair, “That’s much better toy.” He looked at Arkady and grinned, “Think I got her attention now Arkady?”

He looked at Darious and growled. He was more confused than ever. He didn’t understand how being so demeaning to someone could be a turn on.

Darious glared at him, “Don’t growl at me pup or I’ll walk over there and jerk a slipknot in your ass.” He then turned his attention back to Dani. “You’re going to behave hmm? We’ll just have to test that won’t we?”

She looked at him and whimpered loudly, shivering and shaking all over.

He took a couple steps back and swatted her on the ass hard enough to leave a handprint.

She shut her eyes and moaned loudly, her legs starting to shake.

He ran a finger down her spine hard enough to leave a small welt in its wake. He then looked at Arkady. “Do you still think that you could really handle her?”

Arkady didn’t answer, just stared at Darious. He reached down and adjusted his hard-on to a more comfortable position. Darious chuckled. “You think this is bad Arkady? This is mild. You should deal with her other side.” He turned back to Dani, “Do you want me to continue toy? If you do you better bed and it better be good or I’m going to leave you like this.”

She looked at him, eyes begging, “Plllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee M’Lord, continue. Please!” He picked up the cricket bat and showed it to her. “Do you want me to spank you with this toy? Imagine how delicious it’s going to feel on your ass. How much it’s going to hurt.”

She shuddered, “Oh yes please M’Lord, spank me.”

He pressed closer to her. “You’re not begging well enough. I want Arkady to hear you. I want him to hear you wanting it.”

She was quivering and shaking all over. “Please spank me M’Lord, PLEASE!” She almost screamed.

Arkady couldn’t believe that she was begging to be spanked, to be hurt. That being hurt turned her on. That she liked being humiliated in this fashion. He shivered and lowered his eyes. He couldn’t watch this anymore. Not only because he couldn’t stand to see her having this done to her and liking it but because it was turning him on more than he was willing to admit to himself. Not the dominating someone but having it done to him, to once again be some ones kept pet.

Darious looked at him. “Don’t look away Arkady, watch. Watch and learn how this is done. That’s what we’re here for.” He walked over to Arkady and lifted his chin, staring into his eyes. “A Dom never lowers his eyes.” Darious was in full Dom mode and Arkady could feel just how dominant he was.

Arkady shook his head and growled in both anger and frustration.

Darious gripped his chin tighter. “Don’t growl at me pup. That shows your losing control of yourself. A Dom never loses control or shows frustration. He is always in control of himself.” He grabbed Arkadys’ shoulder and pulled him over beside Dani. “Now, stand there and watch!” He watched his reaction. It was obvious he was very excited by the whole thing and was upset by it.

Dani looked at Arkady but was so turned on that she didn’t care what he saw anymore. She just wanted release. She looked at Darious, eyes pleading with him. Darious stepped behind her again then leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to be spanked toy?”

She whimpered, “Yes please M’Lord, I do.” She said softly.

He pressed tightly against her. “I don’t think your friend can hear you so speak louder so he can. Do you want to be spanked toy?”

She spoke louder, “Yes M’Lord, please spank me. PLEASE!”

He took a couple steps back and swatted her on the ass with the cricket bat, hard enough o turn her ass instantly bright red and almost lifting her off her feet.

Dani threw her head back and moaned loudly, her juice starting to run down the insides of her thighs.

Arkady turned pale. He could tell by the resounding smack of the paddle on her ass and seeing how red it got instantly that it was no playful love smack. He could tell that she was obviously highly excited by it. The musky scent of her sex was permeating the room causing his erection to throb. He gulped loudly and then shivered.

Darious swatted her ass again, harder this time.

She gripped the shackles tightly and her toes curled, moaning so loudly it was almost a scream. Her pussy was throbbing signaling she was on the verge of cumming.

Darious pressed against her and murmured in her ear, “Do you want to cum toy? Does that hot pussy of yours crave release?”

She pushed back onto him, grinding her ass onto his crotch. Her whole body was throbbing. “Yes please M’Lord. Let me cum. PLEASE!” She panted.

He reached down between her legs and rubbed a finger up and down her dripping slit then pinched her clit and rolled it between two fingers. “Do you really want to cum toy? Convince me.”

She ground her throbbing pussy down onto his hand, shuddering. “Please, please, please, I want to cum M’Lord! PLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE let me cum! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

He chuckled softly in her ea, “Hmm, you really do want to cum don’t you? Your hot cunt is begging me to give it release. Do you deserve to cum toy? Have you behaved well enough to earn that privilege? Have you been good enough that I should let you?” He then swatted her, hard, on the ass.

She was shaking all over, “Please M’Lord, I’ve been a good girl and behaved. Please let me cum, PLEASE!” She looked back at him, eyes begging.

He swatted her on the ass again, with the paddle then dropped it. He caressed her ass softly. He nuzzled her ear softly then nipped it gently with his teeth. “Good toy. I guess you do deserve to cum.”

She whimpered and moaned, looking back at him. She was panting heavily and sweat was pouring off her. Her eyes were clouded over with passion and desire. She bit her bottom lip. Her eyes beseeched him to make her cum.

He swatted her, hard, on the ass again then reached between her legs and started to rub her throbbing clit back and forth fast then growled in her ear, “Cum toy!”

She yanked the chains tight, gripped the shackles so tight her knuckles turned white, threw her head back and let out a deafening scream of pure ecstasy as she came, drenching his hand. Her whole body was drawn taut and quivering.

He spanked her ass several times while she was cumming, his finger still working on her clit. He looked at Arkady and grinned wickedly.

Arkadys eyes were glued to Darious’ hand, licking his lips. He could see how wet she was and could hear the wet, juicy sound coming from his finger even though panting waling loudly, obviously loving it. Her whole body glistened with a thin sheen of sweat and she was quivering all over. He looked into Darious’ eyes, pale as a ghost. His hard-on was making a huge bulge in the front of his jeans, throbbing in time to the beat of his heart. He was so turned on his whole body was shaking. God help him but he wanted what she just got minus the pain.

When she stopped cumming and slumped forward, panting and moaning softly, her whole body quivering he pulled his finger off her clit and thrust it deep into her pussy, wiggling it around, getting her cum all over it. He then withdrew it and rubbed his hand up and down her pussy, coating it as well. She whimpered weakly and shivered all over. He whispered in her ear, “You did good toy. I’ll give you your reward later.” He caressed her bruised ass softly. He then stepped back and showed his hand to Arkady. “This is what a real Dom can do for his sub.”

Arkady glared at him sharply but said nothing.

Darious took a couple steps closer to him. “Do you think you can do this for her? You say you want to but can you? This is what she truly wants, someone that can give her this much pleasure and make her totally lose her self control.”

Arkady stared at him, “There is no way I would want to hit her hard enough to leave bruises and welts. I have too much respect for women to do that to one.”

Darious chuckled, “Then you wouldn’t be giving her what she wants and needs, what she so craves. Dani loves pain and gets off on it. What you just saw was mild compared to what I usually do to her.” His eyes bored into Arkadys but he also noticed his huge erection and grinned.

Arkady got more pale and lowered his eyes from Darious’ penetrating stare, shivering.

Darious chuckled then turned and unshackled Dani. He held her tight to him, caressing her tenderly and kissed her softly. He cuddled her to him, “You did very good toy, just how I wanted you to act. Why don’t you go sit down and rest while I talk to Arkady for a bit.”

She snuggled him for a minute then sat down in the nearest corner, wincing slightly as her bruised ass touched the hard concrete floor, and leaned back to watch.

Darious turned to Arkady, “You’ll never be a Dom, you don’t have the personality for it. You loose your self control when you get frustrated. Shit, she’d end up dominating you.”

Arkady glared at him. He had figured this out by now and didn’t need Darious to point it out to him.

Darious softened his tone slightly, “I’m not saying this to be mean or arrogant, as a Dom it’s my duty to another to be truthful. This is going to sound strange coming from a demon but it’s not for a Dom to hurt a sub. Of he does they could end up maimed or dead. If their a masochist it’s fine to hurt them, that’s their pleasure, like it’s Danis’ pleasure. You can’t do that Arkady; you’re just not the type.”

Arkady glared at him harder but didn’t say a word.

Darious looked at him, “If you don’t believe me that’s fine. Ask Dani, she’ll tell you the truth. She wanted you to hurt her and you couldn’t do that for her. You couldn’t give the sub what she needed.”

Darious had figured out part of the truth but not all of it. Arkady wanted to get out of there before he figured out the rest, so he started to back away from him.

Darious chuckled, “Are you scared of the truth Arkady? Or are you just plain scared?”

Arkady looked at him, “Neither one.”

Darious cocked his head to one side, “YOU know it’s the truth yet you back away, why? Afraid of me telling you what you already know deep inside yourself? Is that it Arkady?”

Arkady shook his head then tried to muster all his bravado to get Darious off that subject. “The truth is this, you abused her. That’s not what she wants, it can’t be, no woman wants that. There must be something else you give her that she wants. Something that makes her put up with all of this.”

Darious sighed, “IF you don’t believe me ask her. But also ask her if I lie. Because I don’t, in D/s trust is everything.”

Dani spoke up, “Arkady, he’s telling the truth, I love what he does to me. I ask and beg him for it.”

Arkady shook his head, “There has to be something else. Has to be.”

Darious chuckled and grinned evilly, “Well there is one thing, no two things, I have that you never will.” He chuckled again then shifted to his full demon form. He looked down at Arkady and grinned. “You should understand that as much as you think you can give her I have something that you will never have for her.” He grinned again and undid his robe then let it drop to the floor. Both is eight inch cocks were standing straight out in front of him, hard as steel.

Arkady blushed up to the roots of his hair and took a step backwards but was unable to tear his eyes away from them.

Dani sat up straight, whimpered softly and licked her lips. She was aroused all over again by the sight of the things that gave her almost unbearable pleasure.

Darious grinned evilly again, “That isn’t all I have, I also have an eight in prehensile tongue.”

Arkady blushed harder and looked down, “Now I get it.” Every she-devil he knew would kill everything in their path for a man with two fully functional cocks and an eight inch tongue.

Darious stepped closer to him. “Why are you blushing Arkady? Are you wondering how they will feel in your ass? Is that it? I could Dom you like I do Dani and you would get to feel them. Would you like that?” He chuckled deeply and looked at Arkady.

Arkady lowered his eyes and back peddled a bit, unable to look up at Darious, knowing how close what he said hit home.

Darious stepped even closer to him, “I can feel the lust coming from you.” He chuckled again, “What Arkady? Not wanting to look at me anymore? Aren’t you impressed by a man with two cocks? But they would really fill you up wouldn’t they?”

Arkady kept backing up until his back was flat against the wall. He was breathing heavily and shaking all over.

Darious kept walking towards him. He unfurled his wings to their full span then let them drape behind him, relaxed. His tail swished purposefully. “I could make you beg to have me Arkady.”

Arkady gulped loudly and turned pale, still unable to look up and meet his eyes. Unlike most human males and garou his species of werewolf had no problems with homosexuality. They were around one of the worlds most decadent creatures and homosexuality was one of the least deviant things practices. He had been with men many times and enjoyed it. What bothered him most about what Darious was doing was how much it turned him on and that he wanted it badly.

Darious sensed there was something bothering Arkady besides the sight of his demon form and his cocks. There was a great want in him that Darious couldn’t quite figure out. He was still very excited, that much was obvious. His hard-on was still very much visible and there was a wet spot on his jeans where it was leaking pre-cum. He grasped Arkadys chin firmly and forced him to look up into his face. He looked deep into Arkadys eyes, his own glowing bright red. “Arkady, my nature is lust. I feed off lust much like your beloved she-devils feed off emotions that are in a mans blood. It is also in my nature to promote lust but I don’t have to do that with you do I? You already lust for something don’t you? I can smell it clearly. Why don’t you tell me what it is and perhaps I can give it to you.”

Arkady looked into his eyes and grew paler then started shaking all over but didn’t answer.

Darious stepped closer to him and chuckled deeply, “If I wanted to I could have sever she-devil down on their knees begging to have me. I could turn them into a bunch of lustful whores, not that that would be much of a change mind you, to use for my own pleasure. I’ll give you my word and make you a promise Arkady,” he said, stroking down his cheek softly, “I could make you beg. I could give you the greatest joy and pleasure you have ever felt in your long life. I could end your turmoil and give you what you want and so desperately need.”

Arkady gulped loudly and looked over to Dani, hoping she would help him. She just looked at him and licked her lips. He then looked back up at Darious, eyes wide.

Darious caressed his chest softly letting his claws drag lightly over the hard nipples. “Well pup? Do you want it? Want what you so desperately want and need? Speak!”

Arkady jumped slightly but was unable to tear his eyes away. He wasn’t able to speak for a couple minutes but finally found his voice, “I’m not that way Darious.”

Darious just grinned, “Oh? You’re not?” He reached down and rubbed Arkadys balls through the fabric of his jeans then moved his hand up and stroked his fingers over his cock, feeling it throb. Darious chuckled, “You’re hard cock is telling me something different. It’s telling me you like it.”

Arkady was starting to shake and sweat. He had almost cum when Darious started stroking his cock and was glad when he quit before he did. He lowered his eyes and said, “I want Lady Danyealla not you.”

Darious chuckled evilly, “Don’t you want to be my pup? To sit beside my toy?”

Arkady stared up at him, wide-eyed. Darious just offered what he so wanted but to be honest with himself Darious scared him badly, but it also excited him tremendously.”

Darious pressed against him tightly then leaned down and kissed him on the cheek and started stroking his shoulder.

Arkady pressed tighter to the wall, wishing he could melt into it, shaking all over.

Darious reached up and stroked his cheek softly then whispered in his ear, “What’s the matter Arkady? Don’t you like this? The way your hard cock is pressing against me tells me at least your body does.” He chuckled deeply, “Say the magic word and I’ll let you go.”

Arkady started shaking harder. He was trying to think, to decide what to do. He wanted to be a toy again and that was being offered to him. He also wanted to be with Dani and if he agreed he could be around her all the time. But as much as Darious was exciting him he frightened him ten times more. He looked to Dani, trying to decide.

Darious backed off slightly and looked down at him, grinning. “How about this Arkady? I’ll teach you to be a sub, D/s style. If you like it we can continue on and you’ll be my pet. Just like Dani is my toy.”

Arkady looked up at Darious then over to Dani then back up at Darious, trying to decide.

Darious chuckled, “It’s alright to be afraid.” He stroked his cheek softly. “Pets are always afraid at first.” He leaned closer and kissed Arkady softly then he looked into his eyes. “You don’t need to decide right now, take some time and think about it. But think about this, if you agree you’ll be around what you desire most in the world. Also, I can give you the sweetest pleasure you ever dreamed about or the sweetest most delicious torment you have ever met.” He whispered to him, eyes locked with his.

Arkadys legs were shaking so badly that they almost wouldn’t hold him upright. He stared deeply into Darious’ eyes and gulped. He drew a ragged breath then whispered, “Yes.” So softly it was all but inaudible.

Darious brushed his lips over Arkadys ear and whispered, “Are you sure pup? I can teach you what you so desire to learn. Teach you to be a good sub. I can give you all you would ever want and fulfill your every need.” He stroked his hair then stared deep into Arkadys eyes. “Are you sure this is what you want? You must be sure Arkady.”

Arkady stared deep into his eyes, shivering. He took another ragged breath and said a little louder, “Yes, I’m sure.”

Dani looked at Arkady wide-eyed, not believing what she just heard. Darious looked over to her and smiled and nodded, then winked before he turned back to Arkady. She licked her lips and watched more intently, ears perked up.

Darious took a couple steps back and stared at Arkady, eyes glowing bright red. Arkady looked at him and swallowed hard. He was shaking all over from both fear and excitement. Darious ran one finger softly down his cheek then said, “Kneel pup.” In his most deep, commanding voice.

Arkady quickly obeyed, grateful because he knew his legs wouldn’t have held him up much longer. He looked over at Dani and smiled. He had part of what he wanted; he was going to be living with her and would be around her all the time now. He reached down and adjusted his erection to a more comfortable place. It was throbbing madly and demanding release.

Darious growled loudly and Arkady looked up at him, startled. Darious’ eyes glowed brighter, “Look down at my feet pup. Do not let them move. Do not look at what is mine, you haven’t earned that privilege. If your eyes waver from my feel I will punish you. Also, you do not touch yourself without my permission. Understand me pup?”

Arkady quickly looked at his feet and shuddered, “I understand you Darious and will obey.”

Darious chuckled, “Very good pup.” He stood back and watched him for a couple minutes. He could see Arkady shivering and watched his hard-on throbbing in his jeans. He then walked over to Dani and smiled down at her. He stroked her hair softly, “This isn’t bothering you is it toy?” he asked softly.

She pressed her cheek into his hand and purred softly. “No Darious, it isn’t bothering me at all.” She stood up and wrapped her arms around his middle and stroked the area where his wings grew out of his back. He growled softly and his wings unfurled and fluttered slightly. She giggled softly and looked up at him, eyes twinkling. “The truth is it’s really turning me on, a lot.”

He growled down at her eyes glowing brightly. He looked over at Arkady to make sure he was still obeying then turned back to her, “You’re such a naughty toy and I will deal with you later.” He chuckled when she grinned at him and purred. He kissed her softly, “When I’m done with Arkady for the night I’ll give you just what you deserve.”

She rolled her eyes, growled softly and grinned up at him.

He hugged her then walked back over to where Arkady was kneeling. He crossed his arms over his chest, “Good pup, you did as I told you. Now stand up.”

Arkady quickly rose, keeping his eyes lowered. He was breathing heavily, as much from being turned on as from fright.

Darious grinned, “Stand there and strip.”

Arkady took a sharp intake of breath and started shaking harder but started undressing. His hands were shaking so badly that he was having a hard time of it. He was glad his head was lowered because he knew he was blushing because he could feel his cheeks burning.

Darious started chuckling. He could see Arkadys’ hands shaking so hard he could barely get the buttons undone. “What’s the matter pup?”

Arkady started shaking harder, “I’m just nervous Darious?”

Darious grinned, “Looks like to me the shaking is coming from more than just being nervous. Am I turning you on Arkady?” He saw him blush harder, the redness on his face spreading down to his chest. “Answer me pup, am I turning you on?”

Arkady gulped loudly then whispered, “Yes Darious, you’re turning me on.” He managed to finally get his shirt undone then off. He then started to unbutton the fly of his jeans but he was shaking harder than ever and he couldn’t quite manage to get the buttons undone.

Darious watched him struggling for a couple minutes, chuckling. He then stepped forward and shoved Arkadys’ shaking hands out of the way then proceeded to undo his jeans. He then stepped back, “Finish.”

Arkady eased his jeans and underwear down then kicked them aside and stood back up, eyes lowered, shaking all over.

Darious walked slowly around him, looking his body over. He then stood back in front of him, arms folded over his hest, eyes glowing. “Look up at me Arkady.”

Arkady raised his eyes and looked up into Darious’ face. He was sweating profusely and shaking badly. He licked his lips and whimpered softly.

Darious chuckled, “Are you scared Arkady?”

Arkady gulped audibly, “Yes Darious, I am indeed frightened.”

Darious nodded, “I assumed as much. You have every reason to be frightened. Now,” Darious said, eyes glowing brighter, “we are going to go over the rules of your conduct and behavior. First, how you will dress. For the first week you will wear nothing except your training collar and arm cuff. Unless we have company then you will be allowed to be fully clothed. Next week you will start wearing a uniform. Your uniform is a loin cloth and a pair of moccasins. They will be kept clean at all times.

“Second, you will not touch Dani without my specific permission. IF you do she will be under orders to slap you then to tell me. I will then severely punish you. Also, you will call her M’Lady, since you call her that anyway I don’t anticipate a problem. Are you following me so far Arkady?”

Arkady nodded, “I understand so far Darious.” He was starting to calm down a little bit and wasn’t shaking as bad as he was before.

Darious nodded, “Good. Also, if she gives you an order, it’s coming from me so you will obey it or you will be punished severely. I know you and her are friends. I will not interfere with that or do anything to harm it but my orders are law around here. Along that train of thought comes your duties for the council. I will not stand in the way of those but if you have something to do for them notify me. You need not tell me what they are just that you are leaving and an approximation of when you will return.”

Darious stared at him coldly, “You will not lie to me or go out hunting women or men. In other words, no cheating. I will be your one and only lover unless I give you permission otherwise. You will not touch yourself or masturbate without specific permission.” He chuckled evilly and grinned, “When we are not in the presence of others you will keep yourself in an excited state.”

Arkady looked at him, obviously confused. He saw Dani put her hand over her mouth and heard her giggle.

Darious grinned evilly, “I see you are slightly confused by what I just said so I will clarify my statement and spell it out for you in a language you can more easily understand.” He took a step closer, “You will be at least semi-erect at all times. Did you understand it that way pup?”

Arkady nodded, “Yes, I certainly do understand Darious.”

Darious chuckled again, “Very good pup. Now, this seems to be the time to bring this point up, from now on you will call me Sir not Darious. Each slip up will get you punished so remember it.

“I am going to go over several things in quick succession so pay close attention. You will be at my beck and call at all times unless on council business. You will ask permission to eat, to bathe, to go to the bathroom. You will keep yourself meticulously clean at all times. You will look nice at all times. Your hair will be kept clean and trimmed. Your body hair will be trimmed. Your pubic hair will be trimmed or waxed off entirely. Your face will be clean shaven. You will have your back and ass waxed clean. You will keep your ass and cock extremely clean, especially that ass. IF it isn’t I have no problem giving you an enema to make sure it is and believe me, you will not like it in the least. If I have to do that you will be severely punished. You will be inspected daily on all these things and if you have not followed my commands you will be punished. If need be I will do it for you.

“You will wear my training collar and arm cuff at all times. To wear it means you are all mine. When you are done training and have made your choice I will collar you. When you are out of the house you don’t have to wear the collar but the arm cuff will remain on. Around company or outside the house you can call me Darious or Sir.

“The only time you will ever remove the arm cuff is to clean it or yourself. I expect it to be kept spotless. Remember, cleanliness shows a subs dedication to their master and their life as a sub. Cleanliness in heart, body, mind and conscience shows confidence in your choice.

“You will not get into fights and damage my property unless it is on council business.

“The final rules are this, you will not mention the g-mans name, the name of his son or the h-name in this house or in my presence. There will be no mention of religion. No religious symbols or religious literature will be brought into this house.”

Arkady stared at him, wide eyed, and nodded.

Darious stared hard at him. “You say those words you will be punished. You bring any of those items in this house you will be punished severely.”

Arkady started shaking harder, barely able to stand but kept looking at Darious and nodded.

Darious looked at him, “Stay right there.” He then walked over to a cabinet and retrieved the collar and cuff. The collar was a basic black leather dog collar. The arm cuff was shiny silver that fit around the bicep and had an intricate D engraved on it. He quickly put them on Arkady. “You are now a sub in training, that means you are lower than a regular sub and will follow any Masters commands but mine above all others. When we are done with training you will get a real collar but now you cans top and back out if you wish. After the collaring your ass is totally mine and there is no backing out. None of this is going to be easy, as a matter of fact it’s going to be very hard, but as hard as it will be it will be equally rewarding.”

Arkady was pale as a sheet, sweating and shaking. He was embarrassed to be standing there totally naked and exposed, being read off a bunch of rules like a child who had misbehaved. He was wondering just what he had gotten himself into.

Dani was sitting in the corner, eyes glued to Arkady and Darious. She was very voyeuristic and watching them was turning her on tremendously.

Darious stepped closer to Arkady. He ran his fingers through his thick, long hair then down his face looking at him closely. He then ran his fingers down his hairy chest down to his thighs, feeling the hard muscles under the skin. Arkady was powerfully built, big, tall and strong like a linebacker. His body was covered with a dense covering of blonde hair. He stepped behind him and felt down over his firm, taut ass to his powerful thighs. “You were a Viking weren’t you Arkady?”

Arkady shuddered, “Indeed I was Sir before Jade found me and made me into a werewolf.”

Darious chuckled, “Quite an ironic change wouldn’t you say? Once a tough, proud Viking warrior now a meek sub for a demon. How delicious is that?” He ran a claw up his asscrack then stepped back in front of him and grasped his chin between his thumb and forefinger firmly and stared deep into his eyes. “I want to make one thing very clear to you pup. Touch my toy, my property, Dani without permission and I will give you a torment that reaches beyond your worst nightmares. Do you understand all these conditions pup?”

Arkady gulped loudly, “I understand them totally and completely Sir.”

Darious nodded, “Good pup.” He stepped closer to Arkady, “Answer me this pup, have you been with another man?”

Arkady looked up at him, eyes wide, blushing scarlet.

Darious chuckled deeply, “Answer me pup. Has another man fucked that ass of yours?”

Arkady blushed harder, shaking then he whispered, stuttering slightly, “Yes Sir I have indeed had relations with other men before.” He whispered it so softly it was hard to hear. He was embarrassed to admit to it in front of Dani and hoped she didn’t hear it.

Darious grinned, “Speak up pup. I didn’t quite hear you.”

Arkady cleared his throat and spoke a little bit louder, “Yes Sir, I have been.”

“How many times pup?

Arkady blushed harder, “May times Sir.”

Darious chuckled, “How may times pup? I would like to know a number so I know just how worked my ass is.” He reached around and rubbed Arkadys’ butt. “I would also like to know just how recent the last one was.”

Arkady shook harder and involuntarily tightened his ass up. “I am unsure of an exact number Sir but a close estimate would be around 100 with the most recent being around six months ago.”

Darious nodded, smiling, “So I don’t have to worry about breaking my new ass in. Good pup.” He patted his ass again.

Arkady blushed harder and looked down at the floor, very embarrassed.

Darious chuckled and stepped to one side of him, “Move to the center of the room pup.”

Arkady quickly obeyed, face burning and legs shaking so badly they almost couldn’t bear his weight. He stood still, awaiting Darious’ next instruction.

Darious stepped up behind him, “Bend over and grab your ankles pup. And spread your legs.”

Arkady bent over and rested his hands on his knees, his hair falling around his face hiding his deep red blush. He spread his legs further apart, feeling slightly humiliated. His hard-on was still bobbing in front of him, showing no signs of going down.

Darious ran his hand softly down his asscrack, over his balls then from the base of his cock up the underside to the head. He ran a claw lightly down the slit then massaged the head between his thumb and forefinger, feeling his precum wetting the tips of his fingers. He heard Arkady moan softly and felt his cock start to twitch in his hand. He grinned and released the head and let his claw lightly trace around the ridge. He felt Arkadys whole body tense up and start to quiver. He chuckled deeply and looked over at Dani.

Her eyes were glued to his hand and she was purring loudly. She looked up at him and licked her lips.

He chuckled deeply and winked at her. He gripped the shaft tightly and moved his hand up and down it a couple times, feeling the foreskin slide easily and it throb in his hand. He heard Arkady whimper softly and felt him tremble. He grinned, “How big is your cock Arkady? It’s a very nice piece of meat.”

Arkady gulped loudly, “I believe its nine inches Sir.” He was quivering uncontrollably.

Darious nodded, “Very nice pup.” He released his cock and traced a claw softly down the underside to his balls. He ran his fingertips lightly over them then cupped them softly in his hand and lifted them, feeling their weight in his palm. He then let them go and traced a claw lightly up to his asshole. With the other hand he spread his cheeks apart then his claw softly tickled then entrance. He grinned as Arkady tensed up and his asshole clenched tight. He then eased his finger all the way inside up to his third knuckle.

Arkady arched his hips and pushed back onto his finger, quaking and shivering then moaned. He ached to grab ahold of his cock and masturbate to the release his whole body was screaming out for but knew better.

Darious smiled at Arkadys reaction and twisted his finger side to side, then rubbed his prostate, feeling it throb beneath his fingertip. He then moved it in and out quick and hard several times before pulling it out. He released the cheeks and took a step back. “Very nice pup, very nice. A wonderful new toy for me to use.” He reached down and grasped both of his cocks and rubbed them against Arkadys cock and balls.

Arkady started quaking harder. He was starting to sweat profusely, his body quickly becoming coated and glistening in the light.

Darious grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back. He leaned over his back and whispered, “Do you want release pup? Does your body scream for it?

Arkady gulped loudly, “Yes Sir I most certainly do wish and crave release.”

Darious chuckled at Arkadys formality. He then said, “The only way you will get release is if you make me cum. Now how do you think you will do that pup? Will you use your ass on my cocks or will you suck them off?”

Arkady took a deep breath and tried to speak but couldn’t decide which he wanted more so all that came out was a bunch of half formed syllables.

Darious chuckled deeply, “I have two cocks se we can do both if you can’t decide pup.’

Arkady blushed up to the roots of his hair and stuttered louder.

Darious grinned and rubbed his cocks up and down his asscrack and across his asshole.

Arkady sucked in a great gulp of air and exhaled a ragged breath then said softly, “I wish to have it in the rear end if it pleases you Sir.”

Darious chuckled loudly again. “Is that what you want pup? A hard cock deep in your tight ass? Filling your ass up?”

Arkady moaned softly, “Yes Sir, I prefer it that way.”

Darious stepped back and grabbed a tub of lubricant off a table and rubbed some on his cocks then stepped back behind Arkady, rubbed one against his asshole, getting it wet then in one hard, strong stroke buried his cock all the way up Arkadys’ ass to the hilt.

Arkady arched up and squealed loudly at the sudden intrusion and the searing pain that accompanied it, shaking and shivering violently.

Darious held still for a couple minutes just grinding deep into him then started to hammer into him hard and fast.

Arkady moaned loudly and bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming. It hurt badly but it also felt very good. He started to push back on Darious trying to get him in deeper. His cock was throbbing and demanding release.

Darious ground into him harder and started to pound into him faster, grabbing onto his claws in slightly. He growled, “You will not cum until I give you specific permission, do you understand me pup?”

Arkady moaned loudly and nodded vigorously, “I indeed do understand you Sir.”

He ground his cock into Arkadys’ ass as hard as he could before he started to piston into him as hard and fast as he could.

Dani had spread her legs and was playing with her dripping pussy, rubbing one finger around and over her clit, eyes glued to Darious and Arkady, not believing what she was seeing but incredibly turned on by the sight of it.

Darious looked over at her then grinned and chuckled. He licked his lips, “Like watching this toy? Does it turn you on to watch me fuck him?”

She looked up at him and licked her lips. She chuckled softly, “Oh yeah, it’s really turning me on big time.” She spread her legs further apart so he could see just how wet her pussy was.

He chuckled deeply then swatted Arkady playfully on the ass. “Did you hear that Arkady? She likes watching you be my bitch.” He ground into him hard for emphasis.

Arkady whimpered loudly, his face burning, humiliated by first the fact that the woman he wanted more than anything was watched him being fucked in the ass by her significant other. Next by the fact that eh was obviously turned on by it and had asked for it. And finally by the fact that she was turned on by the whole thing. He was glad he didn’t have to look at her.

Darious grinned at motioned her over. She obeyed quickly, sliding up to him, standing on her tip toes, kissing him passionately. He growled and chuckled at her, eyes twinkling. He leaned down and whispered in her ear so Arkady couldn’t hear, “My naughty, naughty toy. Getting so turned on by this.” He reached down and spread Arkadys’ cheeks apart so she could see his cock sliding in and out of Arkadys’ asshole.

Her eyes were glued to the sight and she moaned softly. She looked at him so turned on her eyes had changed. She reached down under Arkady and stroked up and down his other cock.

He groaned and looked at her, eyes glowing brightly. “Such a naughty toy.” He chuckled. He ground hard into Arkady, eliciting a squeal from him. He leaned down and kissed her passionately, wrapped his tongue around hers, pulling it into his mouth. He nipped her bottom lip gently with his fangs.

She pressed tightly against him, moaning into his mouth. She gripped his cock tighter. Her tail slowly emerged.

He broke off the kiss and looked down at her. He then leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I know how much my toy likes to suck cock. Would you like to suck his cock while I fuck him?”

She pressed tighter to him. “I would like that a lot Darious but I would rather suck yours.”

He chuckled, “You are such a good toy. If you suck his cock now when he’s asleep you can suck and fuck both of mine all night long if you want.” He chuckled deeply again, “Besides, I have one that is yet unoccupied. And a tail.”

She licked at him and licked her lips, her fangs now elongated and her ears visible. “Yes Darious.” She kissed him quickly then stepped behind him and sat down then slid underneath him. She turned on her back and licked oh her back and licked Arkadys cock all over before she lowered her mouth all the way down onto it and started moving it up and down. She reached up between Arkadys asscheeks and ran to fingers over his stretched asshole, straddling Darious’ cock, rubbing on it as it slid in and out.

Arkady let out a strangled cry as her lips closed over his turgid cock. He had almost exploded in hr mouth but was able to stop it but it took all his self control to do so. He looked down and watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth, whimpering loudly, his cock twitching.

Darious grinned and started slamming into him as hard as he could. “Like her sucking your cock pup? Never thought in your wildest dreams she’d be doing that did you?”

Arkady let out a strangled cry, desperately trying to hold onto his load. “Oh my, it feels so good Sir!” He moaned loudly.

Darious let out a loud roar then started to spray Arkadys’ bowels with his cum, growling loudly.

Arkady cried out in pain as his ice cold cum started shooting into him, shivering.

When he finished cumming he pulled out and quickly slammed the other one in, hardly missing a stroke, then resumed fucking him hard and fast. He ground into him hard, then growled. “Don’t you dare cum yet pup. You have to make my other cock cum before you’ll be allowed to.” He swatted Arkady on the ass. “Come on pup, fucks my cock!” He growled.

Arkadys eyes were screwed tightly shut and his teeth were gritted trying to maintain his self control. He was able to keep from cumming but his tail emerged and stood straight out. He reached down and put his hand on Danis’ head and started thrusting into her mouth then out, slamming back onto Darious’ cock, moaning wildly.

Darious continued fucking him, looking down and watching Dani sucking him, trying to cum before he was told he could, her hand between her legs, playing with her dripping slit. He grinned and let his tail snake between her legs and first twitched the end against the outside of her pussy before sliding deep inside and then started to fuck her with it. He saw her tense up, heard her moaned and felt her pussy tighten down on it. He reached out and rubbed around the base of Arkadys tail.

Arkady whimpered and whined until he felt her moan on his dick then he let out a loud howl, shaking all over.

Darious chuckled deeply. He pulled his tail out of Danis’ pussy and slid it deep into her ass and started fucking her with it.

She slammed down on it, whimpering. Her finger was working on her clit faster.

Arkady was slamming into her mouth and bucking back on Darious, howling and growling loudly, almost out of control.

Darious grinned and slammed extra hard into his ass and ground his cock around hard. “My cocks feel good in your add don’t they pup?”

Arkady growled loudly, “Oh yes Sir they feel so very good in me!” He moaned.

Darious growled, “Beg me to let you release. Beg pup!”

Arkady threw his back and moaned loudly, “Please Sir may I have release, I crave it so. Please allow it Sir.”

Darious threw his head back and howled loud enough to make the walls shake then started to shoot deep into Arkadys ass, “Cum pup!” He roared.

Arkady let out a strangled cry, shoved his cock all the way into Danis’ mouth, held on tightly to her head and started to flood her mouth, shaking and shivering.

When he finished cumming, Darious pulled his cock out and thrust two fingers deep into his ass and rubbed his prostate hard and fast.

Arkady was cumming so hard he though he was going to either pass out or lose all self control and shift, his vision was blurred and he was getting light headed.

Dani was trying to swallow all of what Arkady was shooting in her mouth but there was so much of it that it was dribbling out of her mouth and running down her chin.

When he finished cumming he was able to get her mouth off and her out of the way before his knees gave out and he collapsed to the floor, panting and whimpering.

Darious stepped back and looked at Arkady, grinning. He stepped over to Dani, picked her up and held her tight to him. He nuzzled the side of her face softly and nipped her ear gently, “Is my toy turned on?”

She purred loudly, “Very Darious.”

He stood her up in front of him and stroked her hair softly. He looked over at Arkady. He had recovered a bit and was sitting up, watching them. “Come here put and get on your knees behind Dani.”

Arkady quickly obeyed, looking up at Darious, awaiting his next order.

Darious kissed her passionately, wrapping his tongue around hers. He started running his hands down her back until he reached her ass. He gave each cheek a hard swat, hearing her moans softly then rubbed them. He then spread her cheeks wide apart. He looked down at Arkady, “Lick her asshole. Do it good so it’s nice and wet when I fuck it.”

Arkady leaned forward and started to softly lick her asshole, burying his face between her cheeks.

She moaned loudly and pressed tightly to Darious, her legs started shaking. She pressed her ass back harder onto Arkadys’ face. “Harder please Arkady.” She moaned.

Darious held her tighter to him and started to rub both his cocks against her pussy. He watched Arkady closely then reached down and put his hand on the back of his head, pushing his face tighter to Danis’ ass. “Lick it hard pup, do as she says.” He growled.

Arkady pressed his tongue harder against her ass, licking it. Every so often flicking it against the opening.

She moaned loudly, quivering all over, looking up at Darious, licking her fangs, eyes begging him.

He stroked up and down her back, grinding his cocks against her pussy harder, letting her juices coat them. He watched Arkady closely, “Very good pup. Now, stick your tongue in her ass. Fuck her asshole with your tongue.”

Arkady stiffened his tongue up then thrust it as far up into her ass as he could. He wiggled it around, eliciting several loud moans and squeals from he, before starting to move it in and out.

She leaned her head forward and rested her head on Darious’ chest, clutching onto him tightly, moaning and whimpering, shaking and shivering.

Darious chuckled, stroking her hair softly. He then grabbed a handful of it and pulled her head back, looking down into her eyes. “Like Arkadys’ tongue up your ass toy? Does it feel good?”

“Oh yes! It feels fantastic!” She looked up at him, eyes cloudy.

He grinned down at her, “I guess I’ll have to remember that won’t I? Maybe next time I’ll use my tongue on it. What do you think?” He flicked it out at her, chuckling evilly when she moaned loudly and her eyes rolled back in her head. He clutched her tighter to him then leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to feel more of Arkadys’ tongue or would you rather feel my cocks?

She shuddered violently and whimpered, “I’d rather feel your cocks Darious.”

He kissed her roughly then pulled away. He stepped behind Arkady and watched his tongue slide in and out of her for a couple minutes then said, “Stand up and back away pup.”

Arkady obeyed quickly, standing up on his shaking legs, her juices covering his face. He licked his lips and looked at Darious.

Darious nodded at him, “Good job pup, I am pleased.” He then turned his attention back to Dani. “Get down on all fours toy.”

She quickly did, her tail standing straight up in the air, looking at him.

He got down on his knees behind her, rubbed his cocks against both her holes then buried them deep into her and started fucking her fast and deep.

She howled loudly and pushed back onto him, loving it.

He looked over at Arkady. He was standing there watching them, his hard-on standing straight out in front of him, already leaking pre-cum. Darious grinned,” Come here Arkady.”

Arkady quickly stepped to Darious’ side and looked down, watching his cocks slide in and out of Dani. He li9cked his lips and looked at Darious.

Darious chuckled evilly, reached out to stroke his cock a couple times. “My, my, my, so turned on pup. What is it that’s got you so turned on?”

Arkady gulped loudly and started to shiver slightly, “Watching you having relations with M’Lady is what is doing it Sir.”

Darious grinned, “Having relations? Such formality pup. You mean me fucking her don’t you?”

Arkady lowered his eyes, “Yes Sire, indeed that is what I mean.”

Darious chuckled and swatted Dani hard on the ass, “Did you hear that toy? Arkadys’ turned on by watching us fuck. Does it turn you on to have him watch us?”

She looked back at him, eyes half lidded. “Oh yes, it turns me on a lot.”

Darious ground into her hard, “Such a naughty slut.”

Arkady flinched slightly to hear her referred to in such a manner.

Darious saw his reaction and grinned, “Don’t like me calling her that pup? Better get used to it because she is my slut just like you are.” He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, “That’s right isn’t it toy? You’re my slut aren’t you?”

She whimpered loudly, “Yes M’Lord I’m your slut.”

He swatted her on the ass again, “Very good toy. What else are you?”

“She moaned and looked over her shoulder at him, “Your whore.”

“That’s right. What else?”

“Your bitch.”

“What else?”

“Your toy.”

“What else?”

“Your pet kitty cat.”

He caressed her ass, “Very good toy.” He looked at Arkady and grinned. “So you like to watch? Get behind me and lick my balls, that should give you a closer view.” He spread his legs further apart and draped his tail over his thigh.

Arkady got behind him and lay down then slid between Darious’ legs and started to softly run his tongue over his balls. Looking up and watching his cocks slide in and out of her.

Darious looked down ant watched Arkady as he slid his cocks in and out of her. She was wiggling all over the place, moaning and whimpering, looking back at him, licking her fangs, obviously hungry. He slid his tail under her and tickled her lips with the tip of it.

She started to suck on it roughly then sank her fangs into it and started sucking, getting both blood and cum out of it.

He groaned loudly, “Bite down toy, get all you want and need.” His cocks both starting to throb in her.

She looked back at him, eyes cloudy, blood and cum dripping down her chin. “Make them grow in me. Make them fill me up and stretch me out please Darious, please. Stretch me until it hurts!”

Darious growled loudly, making both of them lengthen and thicken, stretching her as far as she could take, slamming in and out of her hard.

She howled at the top of her lungs, then shifted fully, sinking her fangs back into his tail, feeding. Her tail snaked back and the furry tip of it tickled Arkadys’ cock and balls.

Arkady started shaking and shivering, his cock throbbing. He was sucking on Darious’ balls moaning softly.

Darious swatted her, hard, on the ass and started to shoot deep into her ass and pussy. He reached between her legs and pinched her clit, rolling it between his fingers.

She threw her head back and howled, “Yes!” at the top of her lungs and started to cum. Flooding Darious’ cock and Arkadys face, quivering all over.

Darious growled loudly, leaned forward and sunk his fangs into her shoulder still slamming into her.

When she finished cumming she collapsed forward on her forearms panting, whimpering and shaking all over, looking back at him.

Darious let his cocks slide out of her, still rock hard then stood up. “Stay in that position toy.” He then stepped back and looked down at Arkady.

Arkady looked up at him, panting, his cock throbbing.

Darious grinned, “Use your tongue and clean Danis’ cunt and ass.”

Arkady got up behind her and stuck his tongue deep into her pussy and started lapping up her juices and Darious’ cum. His cock was hanging long and hard between his legs, throbbing and twitching. When he finished with her pussy he did the same to her ass. When he finished he leaned back on his haunches and looked at Darious, whining softly. His face covered with her juices and his cum.

Darious looked at him, eyes glowing. “Come here toy.” He held out his hand to her/

She stood up and took his hand, looking up at him.

He pulled her close, hugging her tightly, stroking her hair softly. “You are such a good toy.” He kissed the top of her head. He then looked at Arkady. “Do you want release pup?

Arkady panted, “Yes, I most certainly do crave it Sir, if it pleases you.”

“Make yourself cum.” Darious said. He hugged Dani tighter to him.

Arkady wrapped his meaty hand around his swollen cock and started moving it up and down fast. It only took about a minute before he threw his head back, howled and started shooting all over.

Dani nuzzled him softly watching Arkady. He held her tight. When he saw Arkady was finished he said, “Lick up your mess pup.”

Arkady quickly obeyed then looked up at him.

Darious nodded, “You are doing very well pup. That will be all for you tonight. Shift to lupine and follow me. We’re going to bed.” He picked Dani up and held her close then walked to the door.

Arkady shifted and quickly followed, yawning.

– The End –