There he sat, Private Joseph Benson, on the bus, looking out a grimy window at the skyline of New York City. God, except for seeing it on the TV or in the movies, he had never seen a sight like that before. He was a real country bumpkin, a hick from a small town in upper New York State. His blue eyes wide in amazement and his heart pounding with excitement, he was looking forward to this new adventure. Even if the skies were overcast and it looked like it might rain, nothing, but absolutely nothing, could or would dampen his joy at having finally made it to the “Big Apple.”

Joseph had finally gotten out of that upstate hellhole by joining the army. He felt he was liberated at last. Sure the Army was restrictive and demanding, but, he still felt he was at last free. What was it that the enlistment guy had said “Free to be the best you can be.” Yes, no more having to answer to anyone but himself. Freedom had come in more than one way. When he had first joined the army, he had hopes of earning enough money to marry his girlfriend back home. Also he wanted to make use of the army to finish his education. However, things just didn’t work out. Just last month he turned 21 years old and for a birthday gift what did his girl send him? —- A Dear John letter, telling him that she could not wait for him and that she had found someone else. That bitch, before her, except for one or two dates and a good night kiss or two, he had never had a steady girlfriend. Not that he wasn’t good looking enough, he was. He was just under 6 feet tall, blond hair and steel blue eyes. Weighing 165 pounds, he had a really good body which basic training had only improved on by adding a bit more muscle. His ‘manhood’, seven inches long and one and one half inches in diameter, was enough to satisfy any girl. This trip into the city was to be the long awaited ‘event of events’ he had been looking forward to. This would be the place to celebrate his 21st birthday and forget that rotten bitch. To spread his wings without anyone back home having to know anything about it.

The bus pulled into the terminal. Taking his canvas traveling bag down from the overhead rack, smoothing his class ‘A’ uniform he proceeded to join the mass of people getting off the bus and followed them into the inner terminal and………….. for a moment he froze in his footsteps looking all around at the throngs of humanity. God he had never seen so many people. Everyone running here and there like they knew where they were going. His first thought was to find a small corner and push himself into it and hide. After a few minutes and lots of being pushed by the crowds he found himself on that street of streets, 42nd Street. Somehow he had found the area he had been looking for. He had been advised that there was a sort of U.S.O run by a 42nd Street association of businessmen that looked after servicemen while they were on leave. They helped them to find rooming accommodations, get tickets to shows and provided a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut. Someone was always there to talk to about things to do and places to go and how to get there. There was even a place in which to clean up, if you needed it, and safe lockers you could rent to store your bag. It was sort of a YMCA for service men.

After going into the restroom and placing some of his money in his canvas traveling bag, Joseph rented a locker and stored his kit. No sense in taking all his money with him, after all he had heard about what could and did happen to guys on leave and this way he would still have most of his money and clothes if he should wake up with a big hangover. Speaking of which he was looking forward to being able to go into a bar legally and have a few beers. He was even hoping that the bartender would demand some I.D. Now that would just put icing on the cake. Anyway, it was too early to drink now and besides he had plenty of time for drinking as he had a three day pass.

The girl at the desk helped him by giving him all kinds of suggestions and free tickets for places to go to. She even took the time to sit down with him and show him how to get to some places. If she had been a lot younger and a little better looking he might have been tempted to ask her out. But he was looking for someone hot and willing to trot and willing to screw like mad…

So onto the subway he went and following her directions and suggestions wound up in an area called the “village.” This was almost like a small town within the city. People seemed to move a bit more slowly and some even smiled at you. Joseph noticed that the men seemed to smile at him a lot more than some of the women. Finally spotting a small cafe he entered and was seated at a small table set up by the window where he could watch the comings and goings out on the street. He ordered a beer from the waiter. The waiter smiled at him and asked him what brand he wanted. “Just give me a Bud, if you have it,” he said, as he looked around the place.

The cafe was not yet busy but there were a few men and some women having coffee and talking. Now and then they would look at Joseph and smile. Finally one of the women came over and asked him his name and started up a conversation. The woman had a nice figure and was rather nice looking too. She must have been in her late 20s. She had dark green eyes and long red hair. Her body was fighting a loosing battle to stay inside her dress.

“What’s your name, handsome?” she asked. “Joseph,” he answered. “Why don’t you take a seat and tell me yours?”

“Joanne,” she answered in a deep sexy voice, sitting down in the chair next to him. Her hands then reached out to hold his hands in them and said, “I bet I can guess what you do for a living.” “That’s not difficult, seeing as I’m in uniform,” he smiled.

“No! Silly, I meant before you went into the service,” she concentrated as she ran her fingers over the palm of his hand, her smooth fingers and finger nails tracing the lines on his palm. “What do you want to wager I can guess?”

“I don’t know. What’s the usual bet?” he inquired

“How about dinner and a few drinks, if I guess right” she smiled.

“And if you don’t, what will I win?” he snickered.

“Then you get to name your prize.” She lowered her voice and added, “I’m sure you can think of something that you may want.”

Without a second thought he said, “You got yourself a deal.”

“OK, I’m going to write my guess on this napkin. Then you will tell me how you earned your living before you went into the army. If it matches, I win,” she said while writing her answer down. “Now what was your civilian occupation?”

“Well believe it or not I was a farm hand” Joseph said. “No kidding.”

“Your hands are not the hands of a farmer.” she protested. “They are too smooth. I guess farming isn’t what it used to be. Looks as if you won the bet. I’m at your disposal. What kind of payment are you going to wring out of me?”

Joseph thought a few seconds and then leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “How about I take you to dinner anyway and then you show me this town? I’ve never been in the big city and I feel lost.” He moved his hand to her leg and lightly ran his fingertips up and down her thigh. “And we can always negotiate the rest in a more comfortable location”

Placing her hand over his and moving both their hands to his leg she rubbed his thigh and whispered, “I did say you could name your prize, didn’t I? And I have a few ideas as to what that will be.” She smiled as her fingers touched his crotch and rested on his hardening cock.” Giving it a slight squeeze she said, “MMMMM Looks like I get the big prize after all don’t I?”

“Well if you play your cards right, you could help me celebrate my birthday in a royal manner.” He said as he reached for her thigh again and moved his fingers up to her pussy. “You can give me my present, slowly, later in bed, but for now, like all growing boys I need some food.”

Her fingers caressing his crotch, she moaned and replied, “Yes I can feel you growing.”

Smiling he signaled the waiter and they ordered dinner and cocktails. He ordered steak and potatoes and she a chicken dinner. Before the waiter left Joseph asked him where the washroom was. The waiter showed him and Joseph excused himself and walked with difficulty to the men’s room. Once inside he went into the cubical and took a piss. Just as he was finishing up he heard the outside door open and someone come in and use the urinal. Coming out of the booth and moving over to the washbasin he recognized the waiter taking a piss. The waiter finishing up shook his penis to get the last drops out and stuffed his cock into his pants and joined Joseph at the basins.

“You in town for long Soldier boy?” the waiter asked trying to make polite conversation.

“Just for a few days on leave,” Joseph answered, “looking for a fun time to celebrate my birthday away from home.”

“Oh! Then you are not from New York City?”

“No, this is my first time in the big city. I come from upstate, never been in a town this big. People, people, people, more than I could ever hope to see in my town,” Joseph said washing and drying his hands. “This section of the city, ‘The Village’, reminds me of my home town. The people, at least the men, smile at me and are so friendly. Uptown, everyone seemed too busy to even look at you.”

“Soldier, you really are a ‘Hick’,” he laughed. “A lot of the men here are gay and are trying to pick you up.” “You’re kidding me, why me?” he asked. “Do I look like I would be interested in that kind of thing?”

“Look at it from the point of view of a gay men,” he answered. “You see a good looking guy walking in our neighborhood, he’s alone, he’s in uniform – hell why not give him a smile? You never know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. How many times have you smiled at a girl in hopes of getting into her pants? It’s the same with us, except for the gender. Hell, I would make a play for you myself if you were available.”

“Well I’m not available, no offense meant,” Joseph said. “I seem to be getting along with that girl at my table damn good.”

“Ah, since you are new to our city can I assume you just met Joanne?” he asked while reaching for a paper towel.

“Yes we just met here today”, he smiled “And it looks like I hit the jackpot.”

The waiter hemming and hawing said, “Look soldier, I would be careful if I were you, you never know what kind of people you meet in this place. I like you and don’t like to see ‘our guys in service’ taken for a ride.”

“What are you trying to tell me?” Joseph asked, “Is she sick or something?”

“Not sick, at least I don’t think so”, he began slowly. “She is a pro. She has a partner and together they pull the old badger game with a twist. She lures her ‘date’ into a back alley and her boyfriend works him over before they run off with his wallet. Just don’t let her lead you down any alleys….”

“Shit! And here I was thinking it was my blue eyes and winning ways that attracted her.” He laughed.

“Well they are a rather nice shade of blue at that.” He said, “I wouldn’t like to see them blackened, or may be even worse, so just watch your back.” The waiter looked into Joseph’s face and reached up and touched his cheek and said, “Yes, it’s too nice a face to have to see it smashed to hell”

“Hell! There’s little chance of that.” He bragged, “I’m a martial arts devotee and army trained in close combat tactics. I can take care of myself, but, thanks for the info, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.” he thanked the Waiter “Thanks again—–sorry I did not get your name.”

“Richard, but you can call me Rich, everyone does,” he answered. “And another thing, watch what you drink and how much you drink! Stick to bottled beer. Well that’s my good deed for tonight” he added, looking Joseph up and down, smiling he turned and left the washroom. Joseph reached into his rear pocket, pulled out a comb and ran it through his hair a few times before returning to his table. Sitting down, he slid over to Joanne until their legs touched. He placed his arm around her and ran his fingertips up and down her arm smiling at her. He pulled her close to him and gave her ear a little kiss.

“MMMMMMM that’s lovely” she cooed, “can’t wait till we are alone later just you and I.”

“Where are we going first? I have these tickets that I got from the 42nd Street service place. Would you like to see a show? Afterwards, we can go on one of those horse drawn carriage rides they have in Central Park?” he suggested.

“Baby, you are such a romantic”, lowering her voice she said. “That ride is a bit of a tourist trap. Only hicks and tourist from out of town would do that sort of thing. I think I have a better way to celebrate your 21st. I was thinking more in the line of taking a walk around the Village and then up to my place. I will show you how a real New Yorker lives and has fun without having to throw your Army pay away on junk like that. Who wants to sit behind a smelly horse anyway?” Reaching over and running her fingers over his crotch she sucked on his ear lobe, her tongue tip flitting in and out of his ear.

“Yeahhhhhh! I can’t wait to open my Birthday present,” he said as the waiter came over to the table with their dinner. “Let’s make a toast first” lifting the cocktail glass to his lips and making a face he complained, “This stuff smells rather bad.” Hailing the waiter he ordered a bottle of beer. “Is your drink Ok?” he asked her, “I’m not really into cocktails anyway. They are too sweet for my taste.” The waiter returned with a cold Budweiser, opened it and filled a glass for Joseph. After he left, Joseph raised his glass to hers and touched it saying, “Here’s to a very interesting evening.” They then drank their drinks and ate. The food was very good and they spent the meal eating, drinking and touching each other under the table. By the time dinner was over Joanna had unzipped his fly and was holding his cock under the tablecloth.

“We better put a hold on that baby”, he said, “I don’t want to have to leave here with soiled pants.”

“Yes you are right” she said, “There will be plenty of time for that later — If I can just control my animal nature. Grrrrrrrr.”

Trying hard to shove his hard cock back into its prison and straightening himself out, they prepared to leave. He paid the bill and left a big tip for the waiter. The two of them went out into the night air. As they left, Joseph noticed a man leave right after them and head down the street at a fast pace.

“Looks and feels like rain.” Joseph said.

“Yes it does, we better take a short cut that I know.” she quipped and added. “We wouldn’t want to get that uniform all wet, at least not with water.”

The two of them hurried down the street, made a few twists and turns and found themselves in a rather dark secluded alleyway. Suddenly, Joseph spotted a man walking toward them. He appeared to be the same one who had rushed past them when they were leaving the cafe. In his hand he now carried a mean looking switchblade knife, its long blade extended. Joseph reached into his pocket and found his key ring there. He quickly arranged the keys so that they stuck out between his fingers, transforming them into a set of pointed lethal brass knuckles. Crouching down, and turning sideways he waited for the guy to make the first move. Waving the knife in front of him, the man demanded Joseph hand over his money.

“Why don’t you try to take it from me, punk.” Joseph snarled at him. The enraged man made a thrust at Joseph, the knife coming within inches of his body. “Can’t you do any better than that?” Joseph chided him. Again and again the man tried to stab the soldier, but with the dexterity of a trained close combat fighter, he managed to escape the knife thrusts. “Get out of here.” Joseph yelled at Joanne, but she just stood there.

“Grab him Joanna, hold the son of a bitch for me.” the frustrated goon yelled. “I’m going to make the bastard look like Swiss Cheese.”

The quick-thinking fighting man, avoiding or deflecting his attackers knife thrusts, looked for an opportunity to strike back. Finally, finding an opening, he swung his key laden fist and hit the man right in the belly. As the attacker bent over in pain, Joseph brought his knee up and smashed him on the jaw. The coup de maitre was a toe right in the groin. The man went down. He rolled around winding up in the fetal position moaning. Reaching down and picking up the knife Joseph turned to Joanna and said “Bitch, you tried to set me up, didn’t you. I should use this knife to cut that pretty face of yours so that you won’t tempt others into dark alley ways.”

-To be continued…-