All alone, I find myself wishing she were here again. Here before me teasingly flashing me her smooth, nylon encased cunt and slowly stroking my huge 9″ drooling cock with her tiny but perfect stockinged feet. Imposing her strong will over me, forcing me to submissively fulfill each and all of her kinky desires.

I recall just how turned on and excited fulfilling those perverted desires had made me as I hynotically step out of my clothing and into my shower, automatically adjusting the temperature as the strong spray begins to cascade over my sore skin and abused muscles. As I start to lather my body with bath soap I’m quickly reminded of the use and abuse we’d both been guilty of subjecting my tender nipples, cock, balls and ass to during the course of her dirty games. Even as red and sore as it is I can immediately feel my cock begin to thicken as I vigorously scrub it with my soapy washcloth and think of her and the many times she’d so recently made me stroke it simply for her entertainment and sadistic enjoyment.

I can feel a dull ache coursing through my heavy balls as I remember how enthusiastically she’d enjoyed severly stretching and misusing them or commanding that I do it to them myself while she eagerly devoured the spectacle and gently teased the wet lower lips of her voracious cunt. How they’d felt as the pull of those heavy lead weights attached to the straps of my ball stretcher swung wildly while I masturbated my hard, swollen cock to another orgasm for her deviant pleasure.

Rinsing the left over soap lather from my body so that it can be replaced with a thick layer of shaving lather I think of how proudly and blatently she’d exhibited me that first time she’d made me shave my body completely hairless and spend an entire week with her. Locked in those restraints inside of her RV we’d traveled from one camp ground to another, she never lacked for an audience for the nightly sexual performances she demanded I give them. They’d all sat around the campfire and drank. Oftentimes I had to embellish my actions with performances suggested by members of her impromtu social gatherings. Sick and nasty things that never failed to excite me beyond all limits of my feeble self control.

Dragging my razor across the contuers of my sensitive skin I watch in never ending enchantment as each of the tiny hair stubbles yeild to the sharpness of my blades. I feel the tingling in my nipples and the hardening of my cock as each stroke of my razor brings me closer and closer to a body that’s totally devoid of even the slightest hint of it’s natural hair growth. Looking down I see my cock now hairless, hard and defiant as it involuntarily gives sudden random jerks seemingly performing it’s own secret dance with the warm spray of the shower. I place my shaking hand cautiously between my legs to cup the low hanging hen egg sized baldness of my balls gently swaying to the movements of my cock. Feeling their soft smoothness I lift them slightly and measure their weight in my hand. Slowly I release them only to again encircle the scrotal sack with thumb and forefinger and viciously pull them downward, stretching them to their limit with all of my remaining strength. I think of her.

Throwing my head back I take the full force of the shower spray directly in my tired face while of it’s own accord my other hand wraps itself tightly around the steel hardness of my red, angry cock and begins it’s practiced and familiar stroking. A stroking that I know by the repeated movements of my soap slickened hand will soon result in my cock being forced to valiently erupt with the last of the sticky supply of lifegiving fluid from my aching balls.

“NO!” I cry aloud as the hot cum slowly runs across the nuckles of my still clutching fist.”WHY? WHY do I do all of this for her? Does she appreciate it? Is she even here to see? Will she even care that I’ve excerted the effort?”

Closing my eyes I listen to the echos of my cries slowly dying on the bathroom walls and the answer appears like a vision before me. Once again I’m forced to face the brutal truth. It’s not her. None of it is. It’s not for her, nor is it about her. It’s all for me and me alone I realize as I step from my shower. “But, even so,” I think as I towel my freshly shaved skin dry, I know I will miss her desperately until the next time…… Until the next time I allow my mind to conjure her up and give her life enough to appear in one of my surreal sexual fantasies that is. “Hummmmmmmmmmmm,” I ask myself as I collapse upon my bed. “I wonder? Would now be too soon?”

– The End –