“Shannon just can’t keep her hands off him”, Sue observed. “When I went into the bathroom she had him halfway down her throat.”

“So what did her hands have to do with it?” Sharon cackled with laughter. “That boy is world class steak tartar, though”, she said, shaking her head in wonderment. “And low-carb, high-protein, non-fattening!”

“He does have an interesting flavor,” Sue said thoughtfully. “Is it because he’s a virgin?”

“He was a virgin yesterday, honey. Since then he’s laid enough pipe to rate as a cocksman first class. It’s not the virginity, it’s something else. I’ve noticed what you’re talking about, but it’s hard to put my finger on…. or tongue on, as the case may be.”

“It’s like a spice… cinnamon or nutmeg. And it’s not just his dick, it’s his come, too.”

“Umm. Yeah. He almost tastes too good to be healthy. If all men tasted like him, the species would disappear in fifty years.”

“Oh,” Sue smiled, “It would disappear, but it would die with a smile on its lips!”

“Makes me wonder….” Sharon said.

“Wonder what?”

“What I really want to have for lunch,” Sharon said, languidly stroking her long neck as if to seek it’s opinion on what it wanted in it. “I understand your dilemma. My advice is to have both. One will keep your spirits up, sure, but the other you need to keep up your strength.”

“Sage advice.” She sat down and hastily put some food onto her plate.

“Ladies, let’s have some consideration for the hotel. Everybody put their napkins under their pussies so we don’t soak the chairs,” Ariana ordered. All the women quickly complied and even Milo rose and carefully spread his napkin on the seat. Ariana smiled. “Not much chance of you leaking come from your cunt, is there, Milo?”

“I can’t be sure if I’ll be the only person sitting here before lunch is over.” Very reasonable, Ariana thought. A man who thought ahead. “By the way, Ariana, you might be a little overdressed for the occasion,” Sue said.

Ariana realized she was still wearing the dress she had put on when she admitted room service. She had a come stain or two on it as souvenirs. She removed the dress, throwing it in a heap on the floor. She would never wear it again.

Sue got some food and sat across from Sharon. She ate slowly, savoring each bite. Sharon, she saw, was eating with rapid, bird-like bites. No doubt, Sharon was eating quickly so she could get to the main course.

Ariana sat at the opposite head of the table, eating with great deliberation, carefully chewing each bit, never taking her eyes off Milo for more than a moment or two.

She had a little trouble seeing Milo because Shannon had drawn her chair up next to his and was languidly feeding him delicacies from her plate. Milo was enjoying it. However hungry he might be, he obviously relished being fed like a baby bird, especially so since Shannon’s big breasts kept brushing against his chest when she leaned forward. “Soon,” he reached out and took one of them in his hand, lovingly stroking and squeezing it as he was fed.

“Shannon, are you going to eat?” Ariana finally asked.

“Soon, ma’am. I just want to make sure that Milo is well nourished for the work ahead.” She offered him a juicy strawberry. “Milo, are you getting enough to eat?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. This is a very good lunch. And I wouldn’t worry too much about Shannon. She’s eating when nobody else is looking,” he grinned.

“Are we talking about the buffet, Milo?” Sue asked.

Milo blushed, but didn’t say anything.

“Shannon, you seem to have a lot of experience with the ol’ velvet cosh. Do you ride the rail much?” Sue wanted to distract Shannon, more out of irritation at her possessive fawning than any desire to talk to her.

“Oh, no. I was a virgin when I married at twenty-three. My husband only made love to me a few times before he left.” She instantly regretted telling these strangers what was, until then, her most closely guarded secret and greatest shame.

“It’s OK, Sue. Everybody at this table, with the exception of Milo, have sexual secrets to keep. If you’ll tell us yours, we’ll tell you ours. Won’t we girls?” Ariana was pleased that Sharon and Sue both agreed with apparent enthusiasm, something that Shannon noted.

“OK. It’s not much of a story. My husband’s name was Seth and he was the great passion of my life — at least until now,” she said, giving Milo a kiss. “I met him at my office. He was nice, sandy hair and a nice body. He was quiet and, when he was with me, he was as sweet as a man could be.”

“I was a virgin, like I said, and eager to get rid of it. My virginity wasn’t so much a crown as a crown of thorns. I wanted a man, I wanted him regularly, I wanted him frequently, and I wanted him to give me a baby. When Seth asked me to marry him, I said ‘yes’ without a second thought.” “On our wedding night, I could hardly wait. My thighs were twitching. I was going to be a complete woman and I was going to get all the legal sex I would want. I wore an expensive negligee that was, as the name implies, negligible. I felt a little shocked at my own lust. I even put rouge on my nipples to make them more noticeable. While my new husband was getting ready in the bathroom, I carefully arranged myself on the bed, making certain that the first time he saw me he would also see my cunt for the first time.”

“You wanted that association to be clear in his mind, did you?” Sue asked with a smile.

“Oh, yes.” She blushed crimson. “I wanted to be his pussy. I wanted him to tie me to the bed for days on end and fuck me silly. I wanted all the cock he had. I was pretty crazy, I guess.”

“Oh, sounds pretty much like my experience,” Ariana said.

“Me, too,” Sharon said.

“It goes without saying,” Ariana commented off-handedly, forking caviar onto a crouton and popping it into her mouth. “I was a pussy-guided missile. Still am, I suppose.”

“I got a little carried away. When Seth came out of the bathroom, I had a couple fingers inside myself. I was just trying to make sure I was ready for him. You know, lubricated and, uh, you know… ready.”

“Hot as a firecracker, you mean?” Sue grinned.

“On the edge of the cliff,” Sharon murmured.

“Ready to explode?” Ariana suggested. “Ready to ride? Hot to trot. Primed and ready to be cocked?”

“Yes. All those things. Anyway, when Seth came out my disappointment began.”

“Let me guess,” Sue interjected. “His wiggleworm was hiding in his pubies, hmmm?”

“Yes. And when he saw what I was doing it got smaller, if that was possible. It was like he was, you know, unmanned.

“Not uncommon, Shannon. Most men are best at fucking in the privacy of their own bathrooms,” Sharon said.

“You mean, you think he was….”

“It’s possible. He wanted to make sure he was ready for you, so he went into the bathroom and made his winkie throw up on a kleenex,” Sharon nodded.

Sue was thoughtful. Could be. It’s happened.

“But why?” Shannon asked, “When I was right there waiting for him?” Ariana shrugged, as if to say, who knows what makes men do what they do?

“You mean his penis got soft?” Milo asked incredulously.

“‘Soft’ would have been a lot better than the way he looked,” Shannon said.

“Really?” Milo said to no one in particular.

“Milo, in the rest of the world men talk endlessly about satisfying women and almost never do. A woman, you see, can go for a very long time while men, most men… are only equipped to make a couple of quick steeple chases a day.” Ariana sounded like a professor tutoring a gifted pupil.

“Doesn’t that mean that women go around frustrated all the time?” he asked.

“Some do,” Ariana answered.

“Most just put their desire out of their minds. They take up careers or hobbies….” Sue said.

“Or take up a lover or two,” Sharon added.

“Gee,” Milo said, “there’s so much frustration in the world. It’s a real pity.” He seemed to shake himself out of a reverie. “Just make sure you ladies aren’t frustrated when you leave today,” he said with determination. “I want all of you to be able to say you got what you needed from Milo. And if you need me to do something I’m not doing, you just tell me.”

Sue grinned wide. “Milo, you are a true humanitarian.” Ariana smiled with a mixture of pride, lust and humor. Sharon said simply, “Eat Milo. You’ve been doing the right stuff so far. We’ll correct you as required.”

Ariana asked Shannon, “Is there more to that story?”

“Not much,” Shannon said. “I couldn’t get him to screw me that night. The next night he jumped on me like a trampoline and came in a couple seconds. When I tried to interest him in a second round, he acted like he hadn’t slept in years.”

“Did you try to suck him off?” Sue asked. “Blow jobs can rouse the dead, in my experience.”

“Yes, but he turned over on his stomach.”

“What a corpse,” Sharon muttered.

“He ran off with a girl from our office. I mean he kept working there, right across the room from me, fucking his little bimbo….”

“Fucking her once or twice a month, maybe,” Sue added.

“But fucking her, anyway, while everybody in the office knew he was my husband and that he left me, they thought, because I couldn’t keep him. I was confused and crushed. I promised myself I’d never have another man so long as I lived.”

“You died this morning, did you?” Sue asked cheerfully.

Shannon laughed and hung her head as she laughed, embarrassed and gratified at the same time. “Died and reborn, I think.”

Milo caressed her cheek, slowly lowering his hand to her breasts. He pushed the dishes away and gently guided Shannon to a seat on the edge of the table facing him.

“What are you doing?” she asked Milo. When he didn’t answer she asked in general, “What is he doing?”

“Giving you a gift,” Ariana said.

“Having dessert,” Sharon cackled.

Neither Sue nor Sharon had seen Milo suck pussy before and they watched intently with critical interest. Sue and Sharon were skilled fellators and had, when opportunity arose, demonstrated considerable skill at giving head, occasionally to each other, although more out of a spirit of generosity than out of any special emotional attachment. Their mouths knew their way around cocks and pussies well. They believed their technique with a cunt was flawless. Still, they were prepared to be educated, and educated they were.

Milo’s skill at lovemaking could only be attributed to a gift of empathy. He could enter his lover’s mind and feel what her body felt as if her body was his own. Ariana’s little tutorial couldn’t account for his wisdom about the best part of a woman. His tongue was always gentle, but urgent; it never neglected the center of her passion, but neither did it crowd or belabor it. His tongue knew that the little packet of erectile tissue needed to follow its own cautious path to ecstasy. He knew that if he didn’t follow and exploit that path, the destination would not be ecstasy, but pain and disillusionment.

Shannon was a little put off at first. She wanted his dick between her legs, not his head. In fact, all the while she was feeding him, she was planning her transition to sitting on his lap, riding him. Now she was lying on her back, leaning up on her elbows, watching Milo’s gentle motions. She didn’t see the point for a while, she certainly didn’t feel that much. But it wasn’t Milo’s intent to electrify her at this stage at the risk of hurting her. She saw his eyes searching her face, the eyes peeping over the line of her mons veneris like a crocodile peering from the water. He was watching for the moment that she would be ready…. and when it came, he was ready too.

When his tongue finally, casually, brushed her clit, she instantly understood what this was all about. She understood why it was a gift, selfless and noble and beyond price. She gave out an involuntary, electric squeak of joy and dismay. She gave herself to Milo instantly and completely. Immediately, she rested her legs on Milo’s back, partly for comfort, partly to gently hold his head where it was, the right place for a man’s head to be. His ears felt so right against her thighs.

“I don’t think she’s ever had this done to her before,” Sharon said clinically.

“Certainly she never had it done right,” Sue observed.

Milo knew that, to an even greater extent than Ariana, Shannon was born for giving and getting head. He knew that oral sex was a revelation for her. Giving pleasure was in Shannon’s makeup, being given pleasure so unselfishly was a complete surprise. It took only a minute for her to trace that narrow path to the cliff of ecstasy and to launch herself into free-fall with a scream.

Shannon was not gentle with Milo. She grabbed him by the hair with both hands and held him at his place of business. Milo had expected this to happen and was determined to push her past this orgasm directly into the next. He had to struggle against Shannon a little because it seemed like she wanted to push his whole head up her cunt, followed by his shoulders and body. He needed to breath.

“Well, I think she likes it,” Sharon smiled, feigning surprise.

“She’s going to be a changed woman,” Sue said, shaking her head in wonder.

With a little space Milo was able to reapply his tongue artfully and soon Shannon was rushing toward the cliff again, faster and more recklessly than the first time. Her body convulsed with a second orgasm so powerful she thought she would die or at least do herself an injury. She couldn’t catch her breath, her eyes wouldn’t focus, she lost the capacity for rational thought. She wanted more. She wanted it all. She wanted it now.

Milo had slid off the chair and was kneeling, his hands reaching over the outside of Shannon’s thighs, fingers only an inch from the spot that was the focus of his attention. He was more comfortable in this position. His neck and back were straight so they didn’t become fatigued. His hands could gently caress the impossibly smooth flesh of her inner thigh. His nose hovered a fraction of an inch from the high end of her valley and could revel in the rich, earthy smell of her cunt as it labored to lubricate itself for a cock that was not forthcoming. Finally, from time to time, he could withdraw his tongue and savor the salty tang of her juices. It was sweet as well as salty.

Sharon considered Milo’s bolt upright position at the edge of the table. Almost within her line of sight, his cock was standing rigidly, bereft, almost as if begging for attention.

Sue saw the look in Sharon’s eyes and moved first, throwing herself under the table and ruthlessly taking the bold, red cock in her mouth. Sharon was right, she thought, it does have a special flavor. She looked forward to tasting his come, like a connoisseur anticipates a new dish.

“Damn, girl!” Sharon complained. “That was supposed to be for me!”

Sue did not risk taking the dick from her mouth, but Sharon heard her laughing derisively deep in her throat.

“Ariana, it’s not fair. We’re not getting our fair shares of him.”

“Sharon, it will all average out over time. It’s just a question of making sure there’s enough time.”

“When does he have to leave?” Sharon asked, driving to the essential point.

“If I have my way, never,” Ariana said simply. She had slowly, reluctantly been coming around to a decision. She thought Milo was a natural phenomenon, a rarity thrown up by evolution. He was too valuable to let slip away. Ariana had to figure out how to keep him in a society where slavery was forbidden. Marriage? She bit her thumb thoughtfully. Would unlimited good sex keep him? No, men want variety and marriage, although no impediment to sexual grazing, was an ethical complication. She was willing to share his cock and tongue, but she had to manage the sharing, not stand in line waiting a turn. She thought she could arrange it, and smiled.

“Sharon, why don’t you spell Milo on Shannon. We’ll let Sue get her mouth and cunt full. Then it’ll be your turn.”

Sharon licked her lips. “What about you?”

Ariana smiled enigmatically. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll just float around, snacking.”

Sharon moved the plates and dishes away from in front of her. Milo had been following their conversation at the same time he was deftly maneuvering Shannon on her ecstatic journey. He was a multi-tasker. When Sharon motioned she was ready, Milo helped her spin Shannon around ninety degrees, placing her directly in front of Sharon’s mouth. All this took Shannon by surprise, but she didn’t resist. When she saw Sharon lowering her smiling face to her quim, she thought about resisting, but the first educated touch of Sharon’s tongue changed her mind. Sharon picked up exactly where Milo had left off, which was very close to the edge of the cliff Shannon had fallen from a dozen times in the past ten minutes. Her instant intake of breath reassured Sharon that she was starting at the right place.

Sue was a little uncomfortable, hunched over under the table, holding his dick in her mouth at an awkward angle. That was one of the reasons that Milo was pleased to surrender Shannon’s cunt to Sharon. He assumed Shannon would not be the loser in the trade and it would give him a chance to make Sue more comfortable.

Slowly, his hand on the back of Sue’s head, he backed away from the table drawing Sue with him. She carefully made sure that his dick never left her mouth and she crept forward. When Milo began to stand up, he put his hands on both sides of her head to support her. Soon, with no awkwardness, he was standing up straight as an oak, his dick sticking straight out, half of him disappearing into Sue’s mouth. He gently caressed her hair and stroked her cheek as she relentlessly sought to suck the come from his balls.

Ariana was sexually moved by the scene and left her seat to walk around the table inspecting everyone’s progress. As she passed Sharon, she gave her cheek and breast a friendly caress. She passed her palm lightly over Shannon from cunt to breast to breast. When she came to Milo she gave his nipple a playful twist and planted a kiss on it by way of contrition. Milo put his hand behind her neck with surprising urgency and drew her mouth to his. As he gave her deep, wet tongue, she thought she could feel the rhythmic physical tremor in his body caused by Sue’s avid servicing of his cock.

As their kisses grew more passionate, Ariana drew closer to him until she was pressed against him from thigh to mouth. When the fire began to grow in her, he reached down magisterially and put his hand over her cunt. She shuddered with the joy of the touch and tried, awkwardly, to mount his hand like it was his dick. She had been so restrained, so disciplined. Now she knew it was all an illusion. Beneath it was an uncontrolled passion that Milo could cause to burst out with the lightest of touches.

Milo’s fingers searched in the folds of her body, separating her labia, gently inventorying her parts and mapping them. He was unused to stroking her in that position; he wanted to make certain his hand knew where it was.

It did. Ariana gasped as each tremor spread through her. His touch was so light, so insistent. His hand, his dick, his mouth, they all had an eloquence that suited every position and every occasion. She wanted to disappear into him. She wanted to shed everything but her orgasms, which were growing closer and closer together. She wanted even more. She bit his tongue, his neck, his nipples. She stroked the portion of his dick exposed between Sue’s mouth and his body. She sometimes stroked Sue, as if somehow both of them were one agent of joy in the service of this one man.

Finally, Ariana’s orgasms began to turn sweetly painful. She reluctantly withdrew his hand from her pussy and brought it to her mouth where she began to systematically suck every trace of herself from it. She turned away to do this work, her back pressed against him. In response, Milo took her by the breast with the other hand and lovingly caressed, squeezed and milked it.

“Aren’t you ever going to come?” Sue asked breathlessly.

“Where do you want it?” he asked agreeably.

“In my mouth the first time.”

“Well, suck away, your wish is my command.”

“Women like their men to come, Milo,” Ariana said. “Pleasure is fine but for women a strong ejaculation is a validation of her desirability.”

She saw that Milo understood. As an afterthought, she said, “And talking a little dirty doesn’t hurt.”

“Excuse me for a moment, Ariana,” and they released one another.

“How’s this?” he asked, ever the eager pupil.

“Well, bitch, how does it taste? Seasoned to your satisfaction? Enough meat for that greedy mouth of yours?”

Sue looked up in surprise and, to the extent she was able, she smiled.

“Oh, yes, suck hard. Suck me into you. Stroke my balls in thanks for the gift you are about to receive. Oh, Sue,” he said breathlessly, his voice becoming deeper and harsher. “Oh, Sue, you are a world class cocksucker. I can feel your blowjob from the place it tickles your tonsils down to the very middle of my body. Take my come in your mouth. Drink it down, bitch. Drink it all down.”

He grasped her head roughly with both hands and drove her head onto his dick. She gagged and choked, but held him even more tightly by the buttocks in anticipation of the culmination of her efforts.

“Here it comes, Sue, everything you’ve been working for. Everything you’ve earned. Here’s my come for you. Catch it all. Suck it out of me. Take it, take it, take it!” He began to pump her face with a nearly brutal motion.

Sue was whining with passion and distress, but when the first gush of his come spilled onto her tongue, her distress disappeared, leaving only her passion and lust. She fought the gagging. She tried to stop breathing so she wouldn’t cough. Most of all, she tried to focus all the strength in her body into her lips and tongue, to create a pressure and suction so great that Milo would grow faint with pleasure.

Milo didn’t faint or flag. When he finished coming and Sue had begun breathing again, he again held her head in place and began to sidle toward the bedroom. Sue scuttled along as best she could at his feet, desperately setting her lips to hold his cock. As their trip started, Milo took Ariana along by hooking his finger in her vagina and gently pulling her along.

“I have something for you,” he said to Ariana.

“Is it something that fits where your finger is?”

“Yes, and it fits better, too.”

“Well, I’ll follow you anywhere.” She saw Sue hanging onto his dick with her mouth and she laughed. Milo was an influential figure. Then she thought that she wanted his dick inside her. It was her turn. She was next, no matter what she told Sharon.

– The End –