My story begins on a hot midsummer weekend at the Serpent’s Tooth Secret Society’s country club house. The sun was shining with all her power and we were sitting outside on the spacious porch drinking lemonade, courtesy of our Vice President, Sunny.

The house would have been cooler because even though it’s an older house we installed a good air conditioner, but we wanted to enjoy nature. Royalty doesn’t need a reason.

Sunny, Brigit, Winter, Cassadee and I were amusing ourselves this fine afternoon by watching our willing male slaves make fools of themselves doing yard work for us. After Al nearly took off his thumb nail with a hammer, Cassadee got up to pee.

“Hold on a second, Cass. I have an idea”, said Sunny.

She whispered something in Cassadee’s ear and pointed at a young man who was watering Brigit’s flower garden. I had watched him for a while earlier and he had sent nervous glances our way every few minutes. He blushed whenever I caught his eye.

“Jase, bring me another glass with some ice”, Sunny commanded a man who was watering potted plants in the shade of the house. “Damion, come here”, she called to the young man watering flowers. He approached timidly.

Damion has a slender build and is short for his age. You could say he’s effeminate, but most of the club members think he’s cute. We call him a fag to his face. It keeps him humble in Circe’s sight.

“You look like you were working hard out there”, said Sunny in a fake sympathetic voice.

“Yes, Mistress”, said Damion and wiped his dripping face with one hand.

“It must be very hot”, Sunny continued.

“It is, Mistress”, he replied.

“Would you like a drink of lemonade?” she asked.

Both the boy and I were puzzled. Then I caught on. I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.

Jase brought the glass of ice cubes and we told him to get back to work.

“Now then, do you want a drink of lemonade, Damion?” Sunny asked again.

“Oh, yes, Mistress”, he said.

“Fill it up, Cass!”

She handed the glass to Cassadee.

Cassadee dropped her cutoffs and thong, put the glass under her wiry-haired pussy, and filled it up with warm, gold water.

Damion was horror struck.

The smell of urine is not usually a turn on for me, but where Damion is concerned, rolling in cow pies could get me hot.

Cassadee handed the glass of urine to the slave.

He feared punishment or maybe he was just really thirsty, but he drank it right down like it was a real glass of lemonade. He looked sick afterwards and I thought he was going to barf.

My pussy was soaked and it had nothing to do with sweat. Through my shorts, I rubbed hard on my red clit. I leaned back in my wicker seat and closed my eyes against the sunlight that poured into my face past the ivy-laden trellis. I came quickly with a tiny groan.

“Here, have another”, said Brigit. She took his glass and filled it and I after he finished hers.

All of us girls were masturbating. It was hotter under the shade of the table than out in the blazing light.

Winter bucked under her own ministrations and her enraptured expression was all it took to soak me again.

I groaned and kept riding my hand while Sunny and Winter poured him glasses of hot, bitter lemonade.

When he finished his expression of horror was priceless. He gagged and swallowed his guts when they rose into his mouth.

I bet it tastes just as bad the second time.

He was panting and sweating like us girls when Brigit told him to “get back to work, ungracious pig!”

We sat around breathless for awhile and then Winter burst out laughing. Giggles are contagious so it was a long time before we could control ourselves again. It was good that we all had empty bladders.

The heat of the summer left aside for the time, Brigit wiped her eyes. “There’s nothing like a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day”, she said.

– The End –