I was on my way to some party me and my friends had been invited to. I thought it would be some college party that a kid was throwing at his parents house, but I found out that it was a college party that was being thrown by Sean Gletcher a senior who owned his own place. The house had a pool, hot tub, and lots of space. As me and my freinds ventured into the party I noticed there was beer and water being passed out. I could also see people were already getting tipsy and were starting to make out. I wasn’t paying attention and bumped into the host.
“Aren’t you a little young to be here?” He asked
“No, I go to the same college as you.” I said defensivley
“That’s not what I meant” He said pulling me to the laundry room where it was quiet, “I meant aren’t you a little to naive to be at a party like this. Only big girls and boys can play here.”
“I think I can handle myself. I’m not as naive as you think.” I said angrily and went off to go dance with some cute guys I had spotted from class. I heard Sean laugh as I left, but paid no attention to him. I felt someone come behind me and grab my hips grinding his cock into my butt. I let him and pulled the guy in front of me closer so that I was sandwiched in.
Meanwhile, Sean was describing me to his friends.

“She’s hot. About 170 pounds, long brown hair, dark tan complextion, a nice ass that makes you cry, and about 32D size chest. She thinks she can handle us. We’ll find out.”
I was getting horny so I decided to drink some beer and get a little tipsy, so I could pass for drunk. I wandered out to the hot tub and saw sean with some of his friends. I climbed in unsteadily purposley falling slightly into his lap. The guy who I was dancing with bent over and whispered “How about you stay for the after party.” I said yes. If I had known what was goning to happen next I would have came more prepared.

The party began to clear out. The guys and me went for a swim. In the end there was four guys I knew from school and a girl who I didn’t know. The guys would take turn throwing us two girls into the water. Sean brought out a bottle of wine and beer. We bega to get more and more drunk.

All of a sudden we were all making out and rubbing each other.
“I want her first” He said.

He bagan to rub my tits roughly then pulled my bathing suit top off. He began rubbing my nipples with his tougne and slipped his hand in between my legs. My nipple were becoming hard and I let out a moan as he flicked my clit. The others were stripping down and rubbin themselves while watching us. My breath was speeding up as Sean lifted me out of the water. Pushed down my bottoms and ate me out. I was going crazy as he teased me by blowing hot air into me. The girl came over to me and started rubbing my breast and kissing me. I was about to come when Sean said “Not yet babe.”
He stopped and I bent over into the pool and pulled his shorts down revealing his hard on. I took his 8in cock into my mouth and began to tease his head, but then took it into my throat.

We all came out of the pool and went into the living room where my dance partner Troy sat down and pulled me onto his cock. He moved me up and down his shaft while Sean entered me in my pussy they began banging me hard. My tits were bouncing madly up and down. Mark a member of the football team entered my mouth with his 10in cock! I was cumming and moaning like crazy now. Mona the girl had pushed my fingers into her cunt and I thumbed her clit. The last guy Alfonso was jerking off.

I was in heaven because I had never done something so crazy. We all got bored and switched positons. This time Mona was in the middle of the guys with her legs parted on Alfonso’s shoulders. Sean decided to get some of my ass and Troy was in Mona’s mouth while I sucked his fingers. We were all connected this time. Sean was the first to cum in my ass then we all follwed.

When we finished we were all laughing and said we should do this again sometimes. Sean kissed me as I left and said “Looks like you can handle youself after all. See you at school.” Later I realized he and Troy had teamed up on me on purpose and Sean had only entered me. I drove home smiling. My friends later told me Troy and Sean had invited them and told them to bring me. No shock there.