The path to the beach was well-lit by the full moon, but Rick and Jessie still had to choose their steps carefully with all the loose rocks. They made their way down to the beach where it was easier to walk without all the soccer ball sized rocks to avoid. They held hands and walked in silence for a few minutes. Finally, Jessie spoke up.

“So,” she said awkwardly. “How long have you been playing? You’re really good!”

He glanced at her and chuckled “I think ‘really good’ is a bit of an exaggeration. ‘Not awful’ would be more accurate!” The both laughed and he said, “But to answer you question, I got my first guitar when I was nine, but I never really learned to play decently until a few years ago.”

She stopped and turned to him. “Well, I loved your playing.” She gave him a shy smile.

He chuckled. “My biggest fan! Probably my only fan!” She giggled and slapped his arm.

“Stop putting yourself down! You’re good! Get over it!”

He looked into her pretty eyes. “Now you, my dear, have the voice of an angel! I got goose bumps when you sang that Allison Krauss song! It was beautiful!”

She looked down, blushing slightly. “Thanks. I really love the song so I guess I put more into it.”

“Well,” he said quietly, pulling her close to him. “It made me want to do this.” He leaned over and kissed her soft lips, then pulled back, watching her face for a reaction. She looked back at him, then threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, her tongue probing at his lips until he parted them so their tongues could mingle together. They kissed hungrily for a long time, lost in each other. Their hands roamed across each other’s body, exploring and caressing. After a few minutes, the pulled apart, neither really wanting the kiss to end.

“Wow!,” Rick exclaimed, grinning at her. She smiled back.

“Mmmhmm! More, please!” She threw her arms around his neck again and somehow managed to kiss him with even more passion, her inhibitions forgotten. He pulled her slender body tight to his and felt her large tits pressing against his chest. Her nipples, fully erect, pushed into his skin. He placed his hands on her face, then laced them back into her long blonde hair. The kiss soon ended and they stared longingly into each other’s eyes.

“You are so beautiful!,” he whispered, looking into her eyes. She blushed again. “I mean it! I still can’t believe that we’re here alone together!” Now it was his turn to blush. “I. . . I’ve been trying to work up the nerve to ask you out ever since I met you.”

“Really? Why didn’t you?”

He gave her a lop-sided grin and shrugged. “Because every time I was anywhere near you, I couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence!”

She laughed, then seeing he was serious, stopped laughing and said, “Really?’

He nodded. “Yup. Turned into a blathering idiot. But when I saw you pull up in the boat, I made up my mind that I was going to at least try to talk to you. And am I ever glad I did!”

“Me, too,” she said softly and hugged him.

“C’mon,” he said, putting an arm around her shoulders. “Let’s walk for a while.” She put her arm around his waist and they walked slowly along the beach, talking about music and other common interests – getting to know one another.

After a while, they reached a grassy area under a thick pine tree. “Let’s stop here for a while,” Jessie said. It was one of her favorite spots along the beach. She took off her sweater, placed it on the grass, and sat down on it. She patted the grass next to her and Rick went over and sat down. She leaned back on her elbows, examining the night sky. Rick couldn’t help noticing the swell of her braless tits under the stretched fabric of her t-shirt as she leaned back. They were, in a word, perfect.

Jessie looked over out of the corner of her eye and saw him staring at her upturned breasts. She smiled to herself.

“Beautiful, aren’t they?,” she said, still looking skyward.

“Huh?!,” Rick blurted, caught off guard. “Wha? . . .I. . .I. . .”

“The stars,” she said calmly, ignoring his spluttering. She looked over at him, her face revealing nothing. She made no attempt to cover her tits or change her position. “What did you think I meant?”

Now it was Rick’s turn to be embarrassed. “Well, I. . .It’s just. . .aw, hell!”

Jessie laughed. “Busted!” Then she gave him a sultry look. “I have a confession to make. I did it on purpose!” She sat up and faced him, then put her hand on his chest and gently caressed it. Then she took his hand, kissed it, and held it to her breasts, looking straight into his eyes as she did. Rick leaned in and kissed her, allowing his hand to roam over her firm tits, brushing his fingertips across her erect nipples.

“Mmmm,” she murmured, returning his kiss. As they continued kissing, Jessie reached down and started lifting his shirt over his head. She leaned down and kissed his chest, all the while moving her soft hands over his upper body. She sat up, and to his surprise, pulled her own shirt off, releasing her tits from the confines of the restricting material. He gazed down at the most perfect set of tits he’d ever seen. They were full, but not too big. The erect nipples pointed slightly upwards and they were firm enough to need no support.

He reached over and gently cupped one, enjoying the feel of the soft skin. He leaned down and licked one of the nipples. Jessie sucked in her breath and he moved to the other one. She sighed and held his head in place as he sucked and licked on one for a few seconds, then the other.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, thoroughly enjoying his tit sucking. “Oh, yes! That feels nice! Mmmm!” He kept this up for a few minutes, feeling his cock growing stiffer and stiffer. Finally he raised his head and kissed her. She returned his kiss and her hands once again went to his chest, then down to his flat stomach. He put his hand over hers and guided it to his now fully erect cock which was straining at the cloth of his shorts. Jessie could feel the hardness of his erection through the material and ran her hand along the length of it. It was big. Not porn star big, but bigger than her previous boyfriend’s. He closed his eyes and moaned softly, enjoying her gentle touch.

Jessie reached down and unbuttoned his shorts. As she worked the zipper down, she eyed him warily. “You realize, of course, that I don’t do this every time I meet a guy!”

Rick grinned. “You mean I’m special?”

Jessie arched an eyebrow and reached inside his shorts. “We’ll see. . .,” she said with a wicked grin. She stroked his hard cock again over his boxers. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

“Oh, Jessie! That feels great!”

“I think I can make it feel better,” she replied mischievously and tugged on his shorts. “Up, please!” He lifted up so she could remove his shorts, then settled back down on the grass. “Uh-uh. Not yet!” She motioned for him to lift up again. He grinned at her. “C’mon! Up!” She tugged at his boxers until he raised up again while she pulled them off as well.

His hard cock sprang up like a flag pole. Jessie looked at it for a few seconds, licking her lips, then grasped it and began to slowly stroke the long phallus. It was definitely bigger than her last boyfriend’s, the only other one she’d seen, but not too big. Maybe seven or eight inches. Rick closed his eyes and lay back on the grass, completely naked, while this gorgeous creature stroked his cock. Pre cum oozed from the hole and coated her hand as well as his shaft. The musky odor aroused her as much as the sight and feel of it. Rick’s sighs only increased her arousal more.

She looked down at the large purple head and rough, glistening shaft and felt an urge to kiss it. Lick it. Suck it. The thought of it inside her mouth; the feel; the taste, was really getting her going. She felt herself getting wet just thinking about doing it. She’d never done it before, but girls did it all the time, right? She’d overheard girls in the washroom at school talking about it like it was no big deal. Everyone was doing it, it seemed.

Before she even realized she was doing it, she lowered her head, breathing in the aroma of his sex. She stuck out her touch and gingerly licked along the shaft. She licked her lips, tasting the tangy pre cum that coated his cock. ‘Not bad,’ she thought. She opened her mouth and let the velvety soft head slip in between them and slid her tongue across it. Rick moaned and his body jerked involuntarily.

“Oh, yeah! That feels good!”

Inspired by his reaction, Jessie pushed his hard cock further into her mouth, sucking and swirling her tongue around the shaft and head as she began to bob up and down like she’d seen in the movie. Rick gasped in pleasure and closed his eyes, enjoying her first ever blow job.

Jessie was really getting into it. She didn’t have to pretend to be enjoying herself! She was! The feel of his hard cock in her mouth combined with his reaction was getting her very wet, soaking her panties and even making her jeans damp!

Before long, Rick’s breathing became shallow and she could sense he was getting close to cumming. He soon confirmed her suspicions.

“Ahh!,” he exclaimed. “Jessie! You’re gonna. . . ” He paused as she sucked hard on his hard cock. “You’re gonna make me cum!!” He moaned, concentrating hard to keep from shooting into her mouth.

“Mmmm. . .” She murmured., and lifted her head long enough to say, “Isn’t that the whole idea?” She went right back to sucking his throbbing cock before he could answer.

“But I don’t. . .want to cum. . . in your mouth!,” he panted.

She lifted her head again and looked at him curiously, but continued stroking him. “I thought guys liked it when girls did that?”

Rick sucked in his breath and nodded. “Well, yeah. . . of course, but most girls don’t like to do it.”

Jessie grinned. “Well, I didn’t know I liked sucking cock until now, so how will I know if I like swallowing unless I try it?”

Rick stared at her, his eyes wide. “You. . .You’ve never done this before?!”

“Uh-uh,” she said, shaking her head, then took his cock back into her mouth, sucking furiously as she bobbed up and down, her long blonde hair flying around her face as she slurped noisily.

Rick threw his head back and let out a long sigh. “Oh, yeah! Jessie, I’m gonna. . .Arrrghhhhhh!!!” She felt his cock pulse and a split second later her mouth was flooded with his warm, salty semen. Before she had a chance to swallow, he came again. Startled, she pulled the spurting rod from her mouth, white cum running down her chin, and jerked him off until he stopped cumming.

“Sorry,” she said apologetically. “I didn’t know there’d be that much!”

He reached down and wiped some cum from her chin with his finger. “Are you kidding?! You’ve got nothing to be sorry about!” He grinned at her. “So, how was it?”

She shrugged and pulled his cum-soaked finger to her mouth and licked it clean. “Not bad! Not bad at all!” She grinned back at him.

He sat up and pulled her to him. Then he kissed her, tasting his own fresh semen as his tongue probed her mouth. She pulled away and looked at him, her eyes wide and a slight smile on her face. “I can’t believe I did that!,” she exclaimed, putting a hand over her mouth.

He smiled back at her. “You did one hell of a job for your first time!” His face turned serious. “I hope you didn’t swallow just because you thought I expected you to, because I didn’t.”

She shook her head. “No, no. I mean, sure I wanted to please you, but. . .” She paused, searching for the right words. “I really liked doing it, and it turned me on so much I just wanted to. . .taste you.”

“And apparently you like the taste!,” he said, holding up the finger she’s just sucked clean.

She blushed and smiled demurely. “Well, I don’t not like it. It’s a little thick and salty, but ok.”

He brushed the hair from her dazzling green eyes. “That makes it better for me, knowing that you’re enjoying it, too.” He looked down at his shriveling dick. “I’m gonna need some recovery time before I can go again!” He looked back up at her, an impish grin on his face. “But I think I can come up with something to do in the meantime!” He licked his lips.

Jessie frowned. “Uh, Rick. There’s something I have to tell you.” She looked into his eyes, taking his hand and exhaling a deep sigh. He looked at her, a worried look in his eyes, and waited for her to continue.

“I . . . ” She lowered her eyes for a moment, then looked back up into his. “I’ve, uh . . .I’ve never . . .um . . .I’m . . .still a virgin.”

Rick breathed a sigh of relief. He pulled her hand to her lips and kissed it. “Is that all? You had me worried there for a minute!”

“It doesn’t bother you that I’m . . . inexperienced?,” she asked, surprised by his mild reaction.

His face became serious, his voice calm. “Jessie, I want to spend time with you, get to know you better.” He paused, looking directly into her sexy green eyes. “Sex is something we can work up to. If that’s what you want. I really like you. You’re obviously very beautiful and could have your choice of any guy, but . . .” He paused again. “We seem to connect. I feel like I’ve known you for years, not hours. We have so much in common, and I just . . .” He stared into her eyes, which were becoming misty listening to his words. “I just want it to be special, if and when it happens.” He looked down at himself. “That sounds kinda funny, you half naked and me buck-naked! Then there’s the matter of that incredible blow job!”

Jessie giggled, wiping the tears of relief and joy from her eyes. She leaned over and kissed him. “I feel the same way, Rick. And I do want to have sex with you. But can we wait a little while?”

He nodded. “Of course. It’s up to you.” Then a devilish smile formed on his lips. “But can I still . . . pleasure you in other ways?”

She raised her eyebrows and gave him a curious smile. “Just what did you have in mind?”

“Well,” he replied, pushing her gently down on the soft grass, “I thought that since you went down on me, I could return the favor!” He began fumbling with the button of her jeans. “If that’s ok with you!” She nodded slowly and watched as he unfastened her jeans and lowered the fly. She raised her hips so he could wriggle them over her curved thighs and removed them completely. She lay back on the grass, wearing only her skimpy thong panties.

Rick stared down at the beautiful nearly-naked blonde lying before him. Her long, slender legs seemed to go on forever, coming together at that special place still barely covered by the black panties. He took in her whole figure; her flat stomach, those perfect tits, her long blonde hair that framed her beautiful face and splayed out on the grass around her head, and those hypnotizing green eyes all combined to literally take his breath away.

“What?,” she asked, noticing his stare. Her voice brought him back to reality.

“Huh?,” he asked.

She raised her eyebrows, a slight smile forming on her full lips. “You were staring!” He smiled guiltily and nodded.

“Yeah, I guess I was,” he admitted sheepishly. He met her eyes. “You just look. . .” He closed his eyes and slowly shook his head from side to side. He opened his eyes and leaned over her. “You are so beautiful!,” he whispered. “And I’ve got to be the luckiest guy in the world to have found you!” They embraced and kissed, their bare flesh pressing together in the cool night air. After a moment, Rick kissed down her neck to her perky breasts. He paused, licking and sucking for a few seconds on each nipple, then moved lower, leaving a trail of kisses down to and across her flat stomach. His hands gripped the waist band of her panties and she raised herself up so he could pull them off.

The full aroma of her sex reached Rick’s nose and he breathed it in deeply as he slipped her panties over her ankles and tossed them aside. He leaned down over her swollen labia, easily visible in the bright moonlight, and paused only a second before licking the entire length of her virgin slit. Jessie gasped, her hips jerking at his tender touch. She had never experienced anything like that before! Rick looked up at her, licking his lips. “Was that ok?”

“Uh-huh!,” she panted, her chest rising as she took in a deep breath. Rick bent down and continued licking her sweet little pussy, repeating the same tongue action over and over. Jessie squirmed and moaned every time his tongue touched her. When he licked up to her erect little clit and flicked his tongue across it a few times, she cried out, her hips jerking upward.

“Oh, yes!! Right there!!,” she cried. “Don’t stop!!” He continued teasing the sensitive little sex organ and Jessie’s cries increased in volume and intensity. Her hips began bucking frantically as she moved closer and closer to climaxing. Rick put his lips around the little bud, sucked it between his teeth, and began nibbling gently on it.

That did it. Jessie’s body suddenly went rigid, her back arched, and her mouth opened in a anguished gurgle as the orgasm exploded within her. She felt jolts almost like electricity coursing through her tight young body as she came again and again. She rocked her hips, her breathing shallow, as Rick continued to suck on the sensitive little love button.

“Rick! P. . please!! Enough!!”, she gasped, her body twisting as she continued to cum non-stop. She was panting hard, trying to catch her breath as she came over and over continuously. He released her clit and watched as she slowly came down from the massive orgasm until her body lay limp, with only the occasional twitch. Her chest and neck were flushed red and a sheen of sweat covered her entire body. Her round, firm tits rose and fell as she tried to catch her breath. He crawled up beside her and took her into his arms, pulling her quivering body tight to his.

When she had recovered somewhat, she pulled back and looked at him. “Oh my god!,” she exclaimed, still breathing hard. “That was amazing! My body’s still buzzing!” Her face took on an apologetic look. “Sorry I told you to stop, but I just couldn’t take anymore!”

He smiled and kissed her. “I’m just happy you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it.” Jessie smiled back at him and snuggled against his warm body, shivering.

“Are you cold?,” he asked, pulling her closer.

“Mmmhmm,” she replied, still clinging to him. “I worked up quite a sweat, but now I’m a little chilly.”

“Maybe we should be getting back,” he said, reaching for their clothes. He passed her t-shirt to her and she quickly slipped in on. They dressed, then embraced and spent several minutes in a warm, loving kiss before slowly walking arm in arm up the beach toward the campsite.

As they walked up the slope and into the camp, the realized it was deserted. The fire was reduced to a mound of smoking ashes.

“Guess everyone went to bed,” Rick said quietly. He touched Jessie’s arm. “Did you think of a story for Stacy and Alyssa?”

Jessie sighed and shook her head. “They wouldn’t believe me if I told them we were just talking for . . .” She looked at her watch. “Over three hours!” It hadn’t seemed that long!

“What are you going to tell them?”

She shrugged. “The truth. They’ll only end up getting it out of me, anyway.”

He raised one eyebrow. “You’re going to tell them. . .everything?”

She grinned. “Haven’t you heard?” She planted a quick kiss on his lips. “Girls do that!” She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tenderly. “Don’t worry. You have nothing to be ashamed of!”

He held her small, warm body tightly. “It’s not me I’m worried about!”

Jessie pulled back and gave him another quick kiss, her lips lingering on his for a long second. “Don’t worry about me. We’ve been friends for a long time. They won’t tell anyone.” She took his hands in his and looked into his eyes. “Now go get some sleep! I may have plans for you tomorrow and I’ll need you to be well-rested!” With that, she dropped his hands and went over to her tent. She looked back, blew him a kiss, then ducked inside.

Alyssa awoke suddenly. She lay in her sleeping bag, still naked, and listened to the sounds of the night, wondering what had awakened her. A few minutes later, someone approached the tent. The zipper of the fly opened and Jessie crawled inside. In the darkness, she didn’t realize Alyssa was awake until she propped her head up on her elbow and said, “So. How’d it go?”

Jessie had her back to Alyssa as she zipped the tent fly closed. She spun with a start when she spoke, then sighed as her heart slowed to its normal pace again.

“Jesus, Alyssa! You scared the shit outta me!” She looked down at her pretty friend and noticed her naked breasts peeking out over the top of the sleeping bag. She ignored her question and removed her sweater and jeans, then slid into her own sleeping bag. She noticed Stacy’s sleeping bag was empty. “Where’s Stacy?”

Alyssa’s grin widened. “Her and Mike are sleeping under the stars!,” she replied.

“Really?!,” Jessie exclaimed. She propped her head up on her elbow and faced Alyssa Alyssa nodded and her dark eyes sparkled.

“Uh-huh. And from all the moans and screams of pleasure I heard, I’d say our little girl became a woman tonight!”

“Wow!,” Jessie exclaimed, and flopped back onto her pillow. “I didn’t think she was ready for that!”

Alyssa eyed her expectantly. “So. . .”

Jessie looked at her. “So. . .what?” An impish smile came to her lips . Alyssa shot her a dirty look and threw a shirt at her.

“I want details!,” she whispered loudly.

Jessie grinned and stared up at the roof of the tent. “Ohhh! Details!” She didn’t say anything else, teasing her friend.

“Jessie!,” Alyssa whispered as loudly as she dared, not wanting the guys to hear. She sat up, her tits bouncing free. “Tell me what happened!”

Jessie grinned and turned to her, her eyes momentarily pausing on Alyssa’s’s naked tits. “Ok, ok. We didn’t have sex. Well, we sorta did, but I didn’t. . .you know, fuck him.”

Alyssa studied her pretty face intently. “Just what did you sorta do?”

She propped her head back up on her elbow and looked into Alyssa’s eyes. “I, uh . . . I gave him a blow job!” Alyssa’s eyes widened and a look of disbelief crossed her face.

“You didn’t!”

Jessie nodded. “I did,” she said solemnly. Alyssa looked into her eyes and knew she wasn’t lying.

“How was it? Did you like it?”

Jessie’s eyes sparkled. “Keep this to yourself, but I loved doing it!” She paused, then asked. “Have you ever done it?”

Alyssa frowned and nodded. “A couple of times with John. Until he came in my mouth after promising that he wouldn’t!”

Jessie looked at her. “I take it you didn’t like it.”

Alyssa shrugged. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was that he did it after I specifically told him not to!” Her eyes flashed at Jessie. “So what happened?”

Jessie smiled, remembering Rick’s reaction as she sucked his hot seed from his cock. “I swallowed,” she said quietly, watching her face. Alyssa’s eyes grew big.

“You didn’t!”

Jessie nodded. “Well, I tried to swallow, but there was so much I couldn’t get it all!”

“Wow!,” Alyssa said, staring in utter amazement at Jessie. “I never would have imagined you doing that!”

Jessie blushed a little and lay her head back on her pillow. She put her hands behind her head and stared up at the roof of the tent again. “Then Rick licked my pussy until I came so hard I almost passed out!”

Alyssa stared silently at her, trying to imagine her gorgeous friend in the throes of a massive orgasm, and wished she could have been watching her instead of Stacy. The thought made her pussy get wet again and leak a little onto the sleeping bag. Without saying a word, she climbed out of her sleeping bag and crawled over to Jessie, her naked flesh looking pale in the dim light.

“I want to do that to you, too!,” she whispered, and kissed Jessie full on the lips, probing at them with her tongue. Jessie returned the kiss and reached out to pull Alyssa closer. Alyssa broke off their kiss long enough to slip into Jessie’s sleeping bag. Their warm bodies pressed together, each enjoying the softness of the others’ warm skin.

“That’s better,” Alyssa whispered before resuming their passionate kiss, her legs intertwined with Jessie’s. She reached down and ran a hand over Jessie’s thigh, then under her t-shirt and up to her breasts. She was pleasantly surprised that Jessie wasn’t wearing her panties or bar. She hadn’t bothered to put them back on when her and Rick got dressed. Alyssa caressed Jessie’s firm tits, teasing her nipples with her fingers. Jessie sighed, their mouths still locked in their hot kiss. Alyssa finally broke away and fixed Jessie with a half serious look.

“We’ve been friends a long time,” she said, trying to keep her face serious. “And I feel it’s my duty to tell you.”

Jessie looked at her, a puzzled expression on her face. “Tell me what?”

Alyssa grinned, unable to keep a straight face any longer. “You, my dear, have some serious penis breath!”

Jessie stared at her for a second before they both broke out laughing. After a moment, Jessie regained some composure and said, “Well, I believe I know a cure for it!” She flipped back the covers to reveal Alyssa’s naked body. Jessie pulled off her t-shirt and pushed Alyssa down on her back. She positioned herself on her hands and knees between Alyssa’s legs and pushed them apart, exposing her cleanly shaved pussy. She leaned over and kissed her, their nipples brushing together.

“One sure-fire cure for penis breath. . .,” Jessie whispered seductively as she kissed her way across Alyssa’s huge tits. “Is to eat . . .” She kissed down over her flat stomach and stopped just short of her mons. “. . .some pussy!”

Before Alyssa could react, Jessie ducked her head and licked along the entire length of Alyssa’a hairless slit. Alyssa moaned and squirmed as Jessie continued to lick and suck on her wet pussy, pushing her tongue in as far as she could. She grabbed a pillow and held it over her face to muffle her cries of pleasure.

Jessie moved up to her engorged clit, remembering what had sent her over the edge, and started lightly flicking her tongue across it. Alyssa’s body jerked and Jessie heard her scream louder into the pillow. She lifted the pillow from her tear-streaked face and gasped, “Oh, yes! Don’t stop!!”, then pulled the pillow back as Jessie’s tongue teased and flicked across the little trigger. Once again borrowing from her experience with Rick, she locked her lips around Alyssa’s clit, sucked it between her teeth, and nibbled on it. Alyssa’s reaction was immediate. She began bucking her hips wildly and screamed even louder into the pillow. Jessie was sure that the guys cold hear her, but didn’t care. She continued sucking and teasing her erect clit until she felt Alyssa’s body stiffen, then began jerking uncontrollably as her orgasm gripped her and exploded within her .

Jessie felt a warm spray on her chin and released Alyssa’s clit to investigate. She licked Alyssa’s spasming cunt, and felt more of the warm, bitter-sweet fluid squirt into her mouth. The taste wasn’t bad so she lapped up as much as she could until Alyssa reached down and pulled her wet face from her over-stimulated twat.

“J. . . Jess!! Pl. . .Please!!,” she pleaded in a shaky voice. Jessie crawled up Alyssa’s quivering body, pausing to suckle her fully engorged nipples along the way. Alyssa jerked when she did.

“Ahh! Ohhhhh!,” she moaned. She gasped and pulled Jessie’s lips from her sensitive nipples to kiss her.

Alyssa was soaked in sweat, her hair stuck to her face. As their lips parted, Jessie asked, “How’s the penis breath?”

Alyssa forced a weak smile. “All gone!”

“Good,” Jessie said, lying down next to her best friend and new lover. “So how’d I do? It was my first time, you know!” She nudged the panting girl lying next to her.

Alyssa turned to face her, her eyebrows raised. “If I didn’t know for a fact it was your first time, I’d call you a liar! That was. . . awesome, honey!” She hugged Jessie tight and whispered. “I’ve never cum like that before!”

Jessie grinned. “And you’re the second person to cum in my mouth tonight!”

Alyssa pulled back, looking at her. “Really? I thought I felt something but I wasn’t sure!”

“Mmmhmm,” Jessie said, nodding. “You squirted me!” She giggled and kissed her. “It was delicious!”

Alyssa hugged her back, then pulled away. “Now it’s your turn!”, she said with a devilish grin. Jessie smiled and shook her head.

“There’ll be time for that later. Remember, Rick just got me off a little while ago. I’m still a little sensitive.” Alyssa looked disappointed, but agreed to wait. Jessie pulled her close and flipped the covers over their naked bodies. “Right now, I just want to go to sleep holding you. We’ll talk more tomorrow, ok?”

Alyssa snuggled contentedly against Jessie’s warm, soft body. “Ok,” she whispered.

Stacy heard the chirping birds and slowly opened her eyes. Mike’s arm was still around her and she was resting her head on his bare chest. She smiled to herself, remembering their passionate love-making and enjoying the feeling of waking up naked in his arms.

Mike was still asleep, his chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm. Stacy’s left arm was lying across his abdomen and she started gently caressing his body with it. Feeling playful, she slid her hand under the sleeping bag and began to fondle and caress his – to her surprise – nearly fully erect cock! Her touch didn’t wake him, but she could feel it getting harder as she stroked it.

She glanced up to his face, but saw no signs of his waking up. Carefully, she moved his arm from her body and slowly sat up. He pulled his arm to his chest, but continued sleeping soundly. She looked around the campsite in the gray light of dawn, but could see no signs of life. Crawling under the covers, she once again took his hard cock in her hand and stroked it a few times, causing Mike to moan softly in his sleep. She moved her face to the tip and cautiously opened her mouth. She hesitated for only a second, then slipped her mouth over the soft head, taking as much of the thick shaft into her tiny mouth as she cold. Mike jerked slightly as she began bobbing her head up and down on the long phallus, like the girls in the porn movie had done. Suddenly, the covers lifted and Mike peered down at her, his eyes still heavy with sleep. She pulled his cock from her mouth and smiled.

“‘Morning, baby!,” she said cheerfully, then resumed her cock sucking.

“Good. . . ahhhh!!” Mike’s head fell back to the sleeping bag, fully enjoying his morning blow job! Even though he’d just woken up, her hot little mouth was having an immediate effect and he could already feel the familiar tingling in his balls.

“Stacy, baby!,” he gasped. “I’m really close to cumming!”

She responded by picking up her tempo, swirling her soft tongue around the sensitive head as her hand stroked the lower part of the long shaft. He was reaching the point of no return.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!! I’m cumming!!,” he cried. A second later, Stacy felt the head swell and a warm, salty liquid splashed against the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly, then again and again as he kept pumping loads of his hot seed into her waiting mouth. Finally, the shots subsided and Stacy licked and sucked the remaining cum from his cock before crawling back up beside him, smacking her lips.

“Morning, lover,” she said as she snuggled back into his warm embrace. He hugged her tight and lovingly kissed the top of her head.

“Wow!,” he said, still breathing hard. “What made you want to do that?”

She turned her face to his and kissed him. “Not that I’m complaining!,” he added with a grin.

Stacy smiled and shrugged. “I don’t know. I just had the urge to give you a blow job so I thought I’d do it right!”

He looked at her, concern in his eyes. “Baby, if you didn’t like it, don’t feel like you ever have to do it again, ok? I mean it.”

Stacy hugged him. “But I did like it! It really turned me on! When you came, I almost did too!” She pursed her lips. “I’ll admit, swallowing wasn’t as much fun as the sucking, but I still liked doing it!”

He eyed her suspiciously. “You’re not just saying that?”

She shook her head. “Uh-uh”. She rolled over on top of him, straddling his stomach. He reached down to finger her pussy.

“Ow!,” she said, wincing a little. He pulled his hand away. “Sorry, honey. I’m a little tender down there!” She managed a smile. “You really broke me in good last night!” She slid off him and Mike sat up next to her.

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” he said, pulling her small naked body to his. “I should have been more gentle.”

Stacy pushed him away playfully, her eyes wide. “The hell you should have!,” she cried, her expression one of amused shock. “I may be walking funny today, but watch out tonight, mister! I’ll be expecting an encore performance!”

Mike grinned at her, then noticed Rick’s head poking out of the tent. “Sssh! Get down!,” he hissed, pulling her down to the sleeping bag. She followed his gaze and saw Rick, wearing only his boxers, stand and stretch, then walk over to the woods to take a leak. They watched him finish, then go back into the tent and zip the flap closed.

“We better get dressed before someone sees us,” Mike said as he passed Stacy her bikini and shirt. He found her shorts under the sleeping bag and tossed them to her. He gathered his own clothes together and they both dressed quickly. Stacy looked over and saw him watching her as she put her bikini top on.

“What?,” she asked, a grin on her face.

Mike grinned. “Nothing. I was just taking one last look before you covered them up!”

She pulled on her shirt and kissed him. “Relax, lover boy. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be seeing them again!”

They stood and gathered up the sleeping bag. “Why don’t we get together for a shower once it warms up a little?,” Stacy suggested.

“You read my mind!,” Mike exclaimed.

She stood on her toes and quickly kissed him. “I’ll see you later, then!” She turned, ran over to her tent, waved to him, and ducked inside.

“Mike, old boy, I think you’ve really fallen into something this time!,” he said out loud. He gathered up the sleeping bag and made his way over to his tent, dropped the cum-stained sleeping bag next to it, and crawled inside.

– To Be Continued… –