There was nothing cute about this man, but with his unbelievable body, good eye contact, and charming personality, Candy found him extremely sexy and couldn’t wait to see what was causing that bulge in his jeans.

“She’s ready.”

“I see. You already got her unwrapped.”

Dave picked up Candy’s clothes and got out of the way. He told Jerrock to move too so they could have some room on the couch to have fun with. Everybody seemed to calm down now that the talking was out of the way.

Dave and Jerrock got comfortable on the far end of the couch. They had big smiles and stared with wide eyes like they were about to watch a sporting event on TV. All they needed was some beer and sandwiches to make it complete.

John sat beside candy and started touching her tits as he talked with her about nothing in particular. Candy turned to her husband and asked if it was making his dick hard.

He said, “Yeah, it’s making me horny.”

“You wanna get horny?” asked Dave. “Smell that.” He put Candy’s panties in his face. Everybody started laughing.

That was Dave’s gift. He could make anyone feel at ease around him.

John knelt before Candy and opened her legs. He slipped his tongue between her pussy lips and started licking it up and down. Then he licked her clit and started flicking his tongue on it.

Candy took a deep breath. She fell backwards as a rush of tingles filled her horny cunt. She was already wet, but John had her pussy gushing in seconds. Candy’s moaning was the only sound in the room because Dave and Jerrock were staring in silence.

Her pussy tasted good. She was a creamer too.

John looked down as he was licking her pussy. It was shiny and there were collections of pussy juice surrounding the hole. He kept lapping at her clit, and every now and again he would slurp up some of the juice, swallow it, and suck on her clit again.

Candy closed her eyes and pushed her pelvis forward so she could lean farther back. She grabbed her tits, squeezed them, and rubbed her nipples, which made her hornier. She started moaning a little louder.

She felt his tongue slip deep inside her pussy and she let out a gasp. “He eats my pussy so good,” she moaned.

“I can’t wait to fuck you hard tonight,” said Jerrock.

He was touching her legs and he couldn’t seem to sit still in his seat. His legs were moving constantly like he had to use the bathroom, but everyone knew it had nothing to do with his bladder. His dick was hard, it was getting uncomfortable, and he needed to rub it, but there were too many people around.

Dave was standing on the other side of the couch looking down on them. Even from that angle he could how wet she was.

“Do you always get that wet?”

She looked up and nodded. She was too weak to talk. Her pussy felt like it was on fire.

Her face twisted into a passionate grimace. John was fucking her with his finger as he licked her twat. Her legs started wiggling. The boys knew she was close to cumming in his mouth.

Dave pinched her nipples. They were hard, erect, and ultra sensitive. Her legs shook as her cream spilled into his mouth. Candy wasn’t a screamer so she didn’t cry out, but the joy was very apparent in her face.

When her orgasm subsided, she asked Jerrock if he wanted to see her suck his dick. It was a rhetorical question, of course, so they were in the act of trading places before Jerrock could finish his sentence.

John’s body was a lot more impressive without clothes. It seemed like even his muscles had muscles too. He was ripped and he had a big cock too.

Candy took his swollen member in her mouth and slowly bobbed her head up and down on it. She stared her husband in the eye the whole time, which made him insane with lust. His cock was really throbbing now.

Her necklace waved back and forth as she licked his shaft and swirled her tongue around his cock head. Then she sucked him deep inside her mouth, let it touch the back, and rose off it.

She went down again. This time she stopped when his dick touched the back. She contracted her throat on the cock head and let saliva drip from her mouth and slide down his prick.

“Do you like the way she sucks your dick?” asked Jerrock.

“Yeah, she’s really good at it,” John said between grunts.

She fastened her lips securely on the cock head and sucked hard on it while she twisted and shook her head like a rabid dog. She was licking his shaft while she did this, giving him a tingle that was more intense than any porn star had given him.

She looked at her husband again and let his cock fall out of her mouth so she could swirl her tongue around the head, lick the shaft, and swallow it down again.

It felt more like teasing to John, who was currently trying to think about everything other than what he was doing because Candy was making it difficult to keep from popping his load. The fact that her husband was sitting right there and enjoying it was making it harder.

“You like sucking dick, honey?” asked Jerrock.

She smiled and let his cock pop out of her mouth. She nodded, said, “I like sucking your dick too.”

Dave smiled and said, “I got a feeling you’re gonna get a blowjob on the way home.”

Jerrock smiled, but it only lasted a moment because he looked at Candy just in time to see John’s cock disappear down her throat while she was staring at Jerrock with a look of seduction in her eyes.

Jerrock’s cock jumped and twitched like crazy. He wanted to join in so bad but he didn’t want to ruin his wife’s fun. Likewise, Dave was having a hard time controlling the impulse to whip out his own cock and stroke a load of cum all over her face.

“Ohh! She’s got a good mouth,” moaned John. “I can see why you married her.”

She grabbed his balls and started stroking it upward while her head was going downward. It was like she was feeding more of it into her mouth because she sucked him deeper with every pass.

The blowjob was a little too good. John had a feeling that if she kept going the way she was, she would have a mouthful of his genetic code very soon. Besides that, she kept looking at him with those baby-blue eyes and talking dirty to him.

Dave had sat behind them so he could watch her ass and puffy cunt lips while she sucked him. He could imagine what it must look like on Dave’s end with that hairy muff between those ass cheeks. The thought of that was bringing him close to orgasm too.

He lifted her head off his shaft. “I want to fuck you,” he said.

When Candy turned around to get fucked from behind, Dave was sitting behind her with his dick out. He’d pulled it out to masturbate, but Candy was in a bending position with her head close to his cock.

“Want me to suck it?” she asked.

“Is it alright with you?” he asked Jerrock.


“Are you sure? We don’t want you getting—”

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“It’s okay. My dick is getting really hard,” interrupted Jerrock.

Candy knew her husband well so she didn’t wait for his approval. She already knew he would like it.

She wrapped her lips around Dave’s cock, which was nice and thick, a surprise considering how old he was. She got it wet with her tongue and lips first, and then started sucking it as she felt John’s dick sliding in her other end.

Wet pussy juice spilled all over his cock head. A rush of tingles ripped through his penis. He eased more of it inside her, slowly and gently, giving her time to adjust to his girth.

“Whoa, she’s got a tight pussy,” John said.

Jerrock watched as John rammed his wife’s horny cunt from behind as she slobbered Dave’s cock all over.

He walked around to the back of the couch so he could stand over them. He wanted a closer view, plus his cock didn’t feel as uncomfortable standing up.

Dave was in la-la land. His eyes rolled into his head and he was taking deep breaths with his hands clenched tightly at his side. Now he understood what John was talking about. Candy had a great mouth.

John thrust into her so hard that they could hear the collision of his pelvis hitting her ass. Her husband egged him on, talking about how much they were turning him on and how hard he was gonna fuck her later on.

He pulled his cock out and Dave got out of the way. He sat in the middle of the couch. He held his cock pointing straight up.

It was drenched in pussy juice. Some had collected on his shaft. The rest was soaked all over his balls. Candy sat on his cock. This time it slid right in with no resistance.

“Ohhhhhh!” Candy moaned.

She started bouncing on his cock, stopping to grind her horny cunt every now and then. Her perky tits bounced and swayed in the air.

They fucked like this for only a few minutes because Jerrock and Dave wanted to see her get fucked in the ass. That’s what they’d been wanting from the beginning.

She stood and bent over with her ass up, back arched, and head down. John eased up behind her with his eyes locked on that beautiful ass.

He put the cock head on her asshole and gave it a gentle push. It was seriously tight, but his cock was covered in pussy juice, which gave it some lubrication.

He pulled back and pushed again. It slipped inside far enough for the sphincter to snap shut around his cock head.

“Ooh,” moaned Candy.

A couple more tried and he was deep inside and thrusting mightily into her asshole. It was tighter than her pussy, so tight it gave John a sensation that was unreal.

She started throwing her ass back at him so hard that he lost balance a couple times, stepped backward and somehow ended up sitting on the couch behind them with Candy sitting on his cock.

She didn’t miss a step. She just started bouncing up and down on his eager prick.

John held her by the hips. He started ramming her hard and fast.

“Oh, yesss!” screamed Candy.

“Fuck, yeah. Oh, yeah, come on, baby.”

They were both humping at each other with everything they had. John lifted her off his dick, stood up, forced her to her knees, and started stroking his cock.

Turned on by his show of strength, Candy eagerly licked the head of his ass-sodden cock and said, “Yeah. Give it to me!”

Cum spilled from John’s dick. Candy hungrily lapped at it and turned her head every which way to get all over face as it shot out. Her lips were flooded in semen, so much that it started dripping down her face all over the floor and her tits.

When he was done, she stroked it and kissed it while she smiled and looked into the camera, which everyone had forgotten about until now.

“It took a while to get you guys in here, but it was definitely worth it.”

Candy kissed and licked his cock while she savored the taste of his sweet cum in her mouth. She held onto it tightly, wishing somebody would invent a way to make a detachable dick.

If only I could take it home and keep it, she thought.