I am a married woman who has worked for a dentist for 10 years. During those 10 years he has been divorced twice while I have remained married. On occassion when a patient cancels, we will sit and talk. He always tells me about the women he dates and what kind of freaky sex they wanted from him. Over time I learned that he was never circumsized. That always intrigued me, as I’ve never had an uncircumsized man before.

One hot summer day, two patients cancelled, leaving us three hours before the next appointment at 2:00. He didn’t live far away and offered to make me lunch at his house, so we locked up and drove to his home. When we arrived he gave me a tour of his home and took me upstairs to where the master bedroom was. He excused himself and entered the bathroom, leaving me sitting on the bed. I was looking around the room when i noticed a rope tied to the bed post. I lay down on the bed to find what it was, just as he came out of the bathroom. He smiled as I jumped up blushing red. “Dont be embarassed.” he said. “Would you like to try them on?” I laughed and said sure. He came over and took my wrist and tied one hand tight to the bed post. I could feel my pussy getting wet as he took the other hand and stretched my arm across the bed.

I knew at this point I was in deep and coldnt get out. I said, “Now what happens?” He smiled and started to take off his pants. I could see his hard cock covered by the foreskin hanging as he dropped his pants to the floor. He walked over to me and started rubbing the head of his cock on my lips.

I was quivering in excitment; wanting to suck his cock as i could taste his precum on the tip. He stepped back and took off all my clothes. He spread my legs, tieing them down as well. I was now strapped prone and helpless to his bed. I wanted to call it off, but I couldnt. I was too wet and horny.

He stuck a finger in my mouth and I started to suck it. He then took his hand and slapped my face, hard. A shock ran through my body as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, ramming his cock down my throat. I wanted to beg him to let me go, but I wanted to be fucked even more. So I sucked him hard and deep; licking his balls with each stroke.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked to the dresser. I wondered what he was getting. When he turned and started taking pictures of me tied to his bed. I protested, loudly. All that happened was that I got a smack in the face and was told that the pictures were to make sure I would do as he says from now on. He went on to tell me that I was now his sex slave or my husband would get the pictures.

He untied my hands and said, “Now get on top of me and fuck me hard or I will mail them tomorrow.” I was so hot and mad I got on top of him and banged my pussy against him so hard his balls were entering my vagina. He shot his load in me just as I came and I rolled off shivering from the fuck. We went back to work and finished the day like any other without ever talking a word about what had happend.

The End