I wrote this story inspired by “Tale of a Bored Housewife” a story found in a number of BDSM and sex stories sites. It starts at the point where the previous story ends and describes one more day in the life of Joan. I hope someone will be inspired reading it. I certainly enjoyed it.

I had a very bad Sunday; I got up, had a hot shower and tried to straighten out the events of yesterday in my mind. It was surely getting pretty rough, but I wasn’t sure at all what to do as I couldn’t figure out how Tom will react if he was to find out about the photos that Gloria and Dave kept at home. Without being able to clear my mind, all day I was trying to pretend that everything was fine. On the other hand Tom seemed very cheerful. He even repaired the fence that was broken in a couple of places, which I had been asking him to do for over six months now.

Sunday night I couldn’t fall into sleep. When I finally did, I had a very disturbed one. I dreamed of myself being a slave to Mona and Tom while Gloria was humiliating me over and over again with every possible way. I wake up spent. I looked at the wall clock; it was 9:30. Good Lord. Weekdays, I always get up at 8 to prepare breakfast for Tom and the kids, but it seems that the day before had been exhausting to me. As I turned and placed my feet on the floor I saw a paper on my dresser. I picked it up. It said: “Honey I have a late meeting. It might take a while. Kisses, Tom”. That was really strange as Tom never stayed late at work. He always managed to arrange things so that to be back home on time for the evening supper. Of course once or twice a year it would happen, but he usually would mention it at least a week before. This time he hadn’t mentioned anything.

Not being certain on what to think, I started going over the daily routine of putting up the house and preparing the meal. At some time I realized that it was already 12:45. I just remembered that Gloria had instructed me to bring her the family photos that we had taken for the Christmas cards by 13:30. I ran to the door, then realized that I was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. I ran upstairs and change into a skin-tight sweater, suntan pantyhose, high black heels, black stockings and a knee length skirt. By the time I got into the car it was already 12:55. “Damn it; I won’t make it”. It was a 10 min drive to the mall, but I was stuck behind a bus so I got there at 13:10. I practically ran in a frenzy to the photo shop only to find another customer was just in before me. It took him another 10 minutes to get the information on the new camera he wanted; I got my photos and left without waiting for the change. I got in the car again and looked at my watch. It was 13:22. “If I am a bit lucky I might make it”. But I wasn’t that lucky. It took me exactly 10 min to drive back to Gloria’s house. At 13:32 I was knocking at her back door. A couple of minutes passed, but nobody came. I called her, waited for another two or three minutes, then I thought that she probably forgot the whole thing and turned back towards my car.

“Where do you think you’re going, bitch?” Gloria was at her back door shouting at me. I started speaking “I thought….” Before the words were out of my mouth I was told to “Shut UP!!! You’re late, you know that don’t you?” I nodded. “You will be punished properly for this. C’mon in.” I started sobbing, but I went in somewhat unstable. As soon as I got in I was told to strip except for the heels and stockings. I was directed to the basement. I went down and as of an instinct I went straight to the corner where I had spent the night 2 weeks earlier and where there was a blanket covering one wall, underneath which there were dozens of pictures of myself. Some of them I already saw last Saturday, but there were new ones added from those taken that evening in front of the tree.

“She has learned her corner, hasn’t she?” I turned my head and saw Gloria and Paula coming down. Gloria had just spoken up and they both laughed at her sarcasm. I was sobbing in my humiliation. Tears rolled down my face. “Did you bring the family photos with you?” Paula asked. I nodded and at the same time I was thinking that Paula wasn’t there on Saturday, so Gloria must have told her. She walked towards me. “Give them to me.” she commanded. As she approached me I noticed she was wearing my necklace, the one she got from me in the auctioning that Saturday that my nightmare begun. I tried to open my handbag but I was trembling. As a result my handbag slipped and everything that was in it fell down on the basement floor. Both women burst into a bout of hysterical laughter. I went on to my knees to start gathering my things back, but as I reached for my lipstick, the closest object to me, Gloria stepped onto my hand. She pressed my hand with her foot onto the cold cement basement. I was in real pain but I kept silent. “Leave it as it is you moron.” she said. “There are other tasks for you in the basket right now.” “And stay on your knees.” Paula added. “The position a slut like you should always take.” Paula then moved and stepped over my other hand but she used her spike heel. She was pressing very hard. A photo album was then presented to me. Gloria spoke again. “Listen carefully. bitch. Fill this album with photos, on the left hand side your family photos, on the right hand side your naked photos. Then explain in the ten pages at the end of the album your double life: a good housewife and a slut fucker. That makes us a huswife.” They both laughed. “Make sure you fill all ten pages and keep your letter size small. I see you have a pen. Follow the orders accurately and finish in no more than thirty minutes you little hussy, or….” and by that she grabbed my hair and pulled it back so that I had eye contact with her. The pain on my hands had become unbearable and the pain on my hair added to it so I screamed. Gloria smiled for a moment then again she said in a stern voice “Or what, you bitch?” “I will be punished.” I said in a low voice. “Speak up, cunt.” she yelled and pulled my hair even more harshly. “I will be punished!” I cried. ” I see we’re making some progress” she said and both women laughed cruelly. Then they stepped off my hands and started going towards the stairs, but Paula returned. “Give me that watch of yours, slut.” she said. I could move my hands with difficulty due to the long pressing onto the base, so it took me a while to loosen up and hand her over my watch. She took it and also my handbag and went upstairs. “28 minutes are left.” I heard her saying from the top.

I was trembling in shock, but I wasn’t sure if it was due to the cold basement, the cruel degradation or the excitement I was feeling. I was ashamed, but I was excited. I crawled to where my family photos were, then back to a pile of photos of me same as the ones on the wall and started filling the album as quickly as I could. It turned out that I had to put in some 50 photos of each kind. I had no idea how much time had passed. I started describing my double life; housewife on the left hand pages, slut on the right hand ones. It was so humiliating. I was crying all the time and I wet the paper twice. By the time I had finished page three the door opened and Gloria and Paula came. As I was to find soon, Mona was also with them. I was trying to write as much as I could but Gloria quickly came over me and stepped on my right hand (the one with the pen). This resulted to a blot on the paper. “Time is up!” Gloria said. Paula stepped again on my left hand pressing with her foot using her spike heel and then took the album. “What have we got here?” she said. “Only three pages! My, my, my! Is she a useless slut or what?” “If she wasn’t useless she could have kept her husband happy.” said Mona sarcastically. I was surprised (mostly because of her being there at a time that the school was open, but also because of what she said.) “Hello, little Joan.” she continued. “Keeping up the demonstration of your incapacity?” The three women burst into laughter.

“Go over under the lamp where we can all see you.” Gloria commanded as she and Paula stepped off my hands. I complied, crawling. “Faster!” Paula shouted and kicked me in the ass. I tried to make it as fast as I could. My stockings were ripped at my knees as I was crawling to the lamp on the cement base. I remained there on my knees. For a while I knelt there, leaning back, fully exposing my breasts. The three women were discussing. From the few words I managed to catch I understood that they were talking on what to have me do next. Finally Gloria set “Get on your feet and bring us some coffee. We’ll be in the living room.”

I got on my feet and started walking towards the stairs. “Not before we go up bitch.” Paula said. “Wait until we are at the top and then start moving up. Don’t you know your position is at the bottom?” With that they laughed again. It was obvious that they didn’t care for an answer, so I kept silent.

For the next two hours I was humiliated in many ways. I served coffee and cookies. I sat in all fours serving as a coffee table for them. I was made to lick cookie crumbs from the floor, even from Mona’s shoe. “Clean it up real good. sweetie. Oh I love this little tongue of yours cleaning the bottom of my shoe.” My hair was used as a napkin for them to wipe their hands. When I wasn’t needed I stayed on my knees. Occasionally, one of the women would stand up and slap me two or three times on my breasts or face accusing me of not being obedient enough, failing to accomplish my duties, being useless and similar things. In all cases the accusations were accompanied with the words bitch, slut and a great variant of their synonyms. Only Mona preferred to call me honey or sweetie.

Finally, Paula got up, came over to me and said “As I told you two weeks ago I made a deal with Gloria on you. So, tomorrow morning you will come to my place. There is some cleaning and tiding you should be doing. As for your fail to complete your duties today, this is what you’ll have to do in return. Buy a second album, exactly the same as the one that was handed to you today, fill it up with family photos on the one side and complete its ten pages. Needless to say that you should first finish your writing job with the initial album. Bring both albums with you tomorrow at my place.” Mona, who had approached meanwhile, pulled my hair back cruelly, so that I could see her, and said sarcastically, “Don’t worry honey, you’ll have plenty of time this evening, Tom won’t be back till very late.” They laughed again in satisfaction. I was certainly very amusing to them, but the situation was a dreadful nightmare to me. I managed to pull myself together and focus on my task, so I said, “I ran out of family photos; I had fifty altogether.” “That is your problem bitch.” Gloria said from the couch. “Stop making excuses and behave yourself, little hussy.” I bowed my head and start crying again. Gloria continued, “Get on your feet and help Mona and Paula with their coats. Gather the dishes and cups. Wash them, dry them and put them back in their place, vacuum the living room and BE CAREFUL NOT TO MAKE ANY MISTAKES, then go get dressed, pick up your stuff and get the hell out of here. You’re incapable of accomplishing the simplest task, hus.” She certainly had to finish every sentence addressed to me with yet another even more degrading characterization.

I got up. I had nothing better to do. At least I knew now that it was over for the time being. I helped Paula with her coat. “9 o’clock sharp tomorrow morning.” she said with a smile, then she chatted for a minute or two with Gloria and Mona, completely ignoring my presence, kissed them goodbye and left. Mona turned to me, “My coat sweetie.” For some peculiar reason I found the ‘sweetie’ & ‘honey’ from Mona even more shameful than the words Gloria and Paula used to address me. I brought her coat and helped her put it on. “I hope you’ll enjoy your evening.” she said. “I will certainly enjoy mine.” With that Gloria burst into hysterical laughter. I was frozen, unable to think or move. As Gloria closed the door and returned, she literally bumped into me “Get out of my way, you silly smut.” I ran back to the living room “And get rid of your torn stockings. You look ridiculous, you jade.” I stopped and looked at my slashed knees. I could not but agree with her.

I finished as quickly as possible my cleaning and tiding duties and went down to the basement. There I found my sweater and a skirt other than mine. As I guessed it was shockingly short. What I didn’t guess and realized as soon as I put it on was that it was split on both sides up to the stitching. Calling me slut, smut and bitch was one thing, being forced to get dressed as one was another. I took off my stockings and got dressed, which means that the only clothing I had on was my blouse, the split skirt and my shoes. My pantyhose were gone. What a sight! As I was walking my pussy and ass were fully exposed in turns. I look around for my things, my handbag was also gone, so I picked up as many as I could, leaving the rest behind and carried them along with the photo album to my car, leaving from the back door.

I drove off and went to the mall. I thought of stopping at home to change, but if I had a chance to have another 50 photos printed for me today I thought I shouldn’t waste any time. I asked, pleaded even begged and finally managed to convince the photo manager to promise to deliver the photos by eight that evening. It took me some twenty minutes and I had to pay him in advance the double price, but my impression was that he did his best to prolong my stay at his shop so that he could look over and over again my exposed body. He even had me sit on a chair. He practically forced me onto it, so that he could have a nice view of my pussy. Then, I went to search for the photo album. It took me half an hour to locate the same type. I had the foresight to remove the right hand side photos, so that every clerk that I showed the album wouldn’t make the wrong impression about me.

Nevertheless walking around the mall was a nightmare. Men kept speaking dirty to me, whistling, a group of teenagers even applauded. Women on the other hand looked at me in disgust and disapproval, an old lady even shouted at me that I will burn in hell. I was so humiliated and embarrassed. I was wishing all the time that I could become invisible. Of course miracles only happen in the movies, so I drove home. When I got in, I realized that my kids were already back from school. How was I to explain my attire? How much time had I spent outside? I looked at my wrist only to find out that my watch was missing!

The End