Lighting their rough edges and giving a reddish hue to their awesome darkness. It is going to rain today I thought as I slid my hand to her elbow, and drifted to sleep again feeling her stir, moving her hot body closer again; matching her thighs to mine, the arc of her body matched mine. As my eyes started to close I felt so warm and safe wrapped in her embrace it felt like we were one body.

“You have some nice towels.” She commented as she entered the living room, “You need to go?”

“Yes the wine and your arousing kiss caused the pressure to build.”

I remember standing there for what seemed a lifetime before the toilet made a quiet involuntary flush and then I started to pee. I guess the sound of the water triggered my flow. As I walked through the door I saw Michele sitting on the footstool patting the chair and smiling at me.

She asked as I sat, “Do you need to do a lot of kissing first to enjoy sex?”

” I like to kiss, but Michelle if you want you may have your way with me.” My voice trailed off as she squeezed my penis with one hand and she undid my zipper and snap then slipped my pants down just enough to free my penis and scrotum.

Michelle looked at me and said, “I’m not ready to have sex with you yet, but Gary I do want to pleasure you. ”

” I am fine with what ever you are willing to give and I will give only what you are willing to receive.” I assured her. I let out a strained sigh as she milked the length of my hardening shaft, and sucked my gland into her mouth. I felt my juices weeping into her mouth right away.

She looked up and smiled, “You get really wet. How long has it been for you? ”

“Several weeks, since I broke up with Lucy.” My voice trembled as I talked.

“Don’t you masturbate Gary?” Michelle asked in surprise.

” I started to a couple of times but I went to sleep before I really got going and honestly the urges haven’t been that strong. You don t have to swallow it all if there is too much.” I let her know.

“Gary I can, and will take it all.” She proudly boasted.

With that said my penis vanished into her mouth and her tongue danced over my scrotum as it was being cupped in her hand. I felt her throat closing on my gland as it slid down and back up resting on the heel of her tongue. I could feel every little node on her tongue as she rubbed my gland with it. I felt my thick juices coating its rough surface and then in it would slide in until her chin pressed against my scrotum.

The noises Michelle made; the gurgling and quiet grunting as she slurped and swallowed my juices, and the stifled gags as she slid the length into her throat. The loud sighing as she let it pop out of her mouth so she could breathe.

She looked up again and asked, “You want to feel something really really wet?”

“Yes!” I knew Michelle was going to let me feel her vagina.

“Okay now close your eyes Gary, and promise not to open them.”

“I promise not to look”. I eagerly obeyed. I was brimming with curiosity, what was she hiding. I thought a colostomy bag maybe or a deformity that she was still embarrassed by. I heard her stand and the rustling of her dress as she lifted it. I could smell her wetness right away, hot tea was the first thought to liken her scent to. I felt her take my fingers and slide them up her leg. The first part was sticky with sweat but as she slid them farther up I felt her smooth silky wetness on the inside of her thigh and then right into her vagina. I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping my fingers and her clitoris as it pulsed between my fingers and she felt so hot to the touch. As she worked them inside I felt my forehead flush hot and sweat form on my brow. I felt her warm juices slickening the palm of my hand and drip from my knuckles. I heard a loud sigh and she dropped my hand and sat back down between my legs.

“You ready to cum now Gary.” She asked coyly as she grinned, and gazed at me with her dark eyes.

“I am yours.” I affirmed as I put my fingers to my nose and drank in her scent. I thought how much her scent was like strong hot black tea, and so sweet to the taste as I sucked her juice from my fingers. I closed my eyes as a frenzy of feelings raced through me.

She wrapped the fingers of both hands and started sucking my gland like it was a straw. She milked the full length of my saliva slickened shaft with her hands. Then she spit into one hand and rubbed my anus with our thick juices, and in slipped her finger. My muscles gripped it tightly as they spasmed from the sensual surprise. As they relaxed she slowly worked it in and out and back and forth.

Michelle knew exactly what she was doing she found a sensitive spot in there I did not know I had. Then in slid a second finger, my breath rushed from my mouth and the muscles surrounding my bowels quivered with delight, and my precum flowed into her mouth, as she pressed that spot with both fingers. I had sweat forming on my brow as I entwined my fingers in her hair, and pulled her head down and she let my penis slip into her mouth and down her throat. Again and again I pushed my shaft into her throat and just as I stiffened she spit it out.

“You let me make you cum.” Michelle plead.

I loosened my grip on her hair and she resumed working her fingers inside me, and working her thumb on my urethra at the base of my penis. I felt my juices flowing into her mouth as she worked her wonderful tongue on my gland. I listened as she sucked and swallowed my juices.

I could feel her pressing turn into wriggling inside me on that spot inside my rectum and at the base of my urethra her thumb started to massage it with quick short strokes. I gasped as all of my muscles tensed and a surge of sperm splashed from her mouth. I felt the anal muscles spasming around her fingers as she swallowed my shaft with my sperm gushing from it. I was cumming right into her throat. Her head bobbed up and she pinched my opening closed as she took it out and caught her breath, then she took just my gland and started sucking it like a straw again. I heard her quietly moaning as she swallowed my sperm.

I sat there moaning and panting as she continued to milk the length of my softening shaft. She stopped moving and just sat there with my penis in the back of her mouth. It turned flaccid and my heart stopped pounding in my ears, but her fingers were still sliding along that sensitive place inside me, now it felt longer than I remember it being. I really liked what she was doing inside me so much I felt my penis turning hard again.

As it turned rigid Michelle gathered my soft skin behind my gland. And with short quick strokes of her hand and her persistent sucking made my heart start to throb and my breath to race again and as my muscles started squeezing her fingers again she coaxed another orgasm, and this time swallowed every drop of my sperm. I went limp all over just as my penis did this time, I was spent and Michelle knew it.

We sat there in my chair for a long time resting I know Michelle wasn’t spent but I was. I was also on my way to catching my second wind when Michele stood up.

“You can have me if you want. I think we are ready. Do you?” She sounded so warm yet detached.

“Oh Michelle if you feel okay with me touching you so intimately, I will try to make it good for you.” I warmly assured.

” I know you will. ” She said as she stood back, “You can always look at this as a prize, ” and she dropped her dress.

I had to look like an idiot as I sat there gaping, my words sticking in my throat.

Suddenly she shouted, “Oh! Gary! You don’t half to look so damned disappointed! Shit!” as she scurried gathering her dress back up.

” No ! Wait!” I stammered then shouted, “Michelle! Please wait listen ! Will you! ” I shouted and paused to see if she would respond and stop her rushing. As she stood there half clutching her dress around her with a tear in one eye I went on, ” I’m not disappointed that you have a penis I swear! I’m disappointed that my girlfriend s dick is bigger than mine! I still want you!”

I watched as both eyes filled with tears and a smile spanned her face. As Michelle stood she let her dress fall, and lifted her top off and stood before me naked. I was frightened and drawn at the same time. I was stunned to see a very beautiful woman with full sized breasts and nipples that are unmistakably feminine. I know that she has a very warm and wet vagina because I put my fingers in it. And now to look at her penis, and watch it turn hard, and its dripping tip glisteningly wet from her precum. I find myself confused by my thirsting for it, how my throat has turned pasty, and I trembled inside; I was as hungry for Michelle s penis as I was for her vaginal lips.

“I want you come here.” I sounded weak as my voice was stopping half way out of my throat then whispered, “Please!” and watched as she walked to me and cupped my face with her hands. My mouth filled with saliva as I sucked her gland into my mouth, it dribbled passed my lips. I thought how sweet her soft meat tastes, and I started moaning as if a terrible thirst was being quenched as I swallowed. I felt her body tremble in response to my sucking and milking her hardening shaft. I felt it flash rigid as my fingers found their way into her vagina, and my mouth filled with her juices. I sensed the change in their taste as they turned thick and coated my mouth. I felt my penis turn hard again, and my face burned as I pushed her penis into the back of my throat.

Briefly her grip tightened on my hair then as quickly she pulled her cock from my mouth then she climbed onto my chair straddling me and rubbed her hot juices on my hard penis and slipped my gland into her vagina without using her hands. Her vagina was so tight as I slipped into it I could feel her heart beating inside it. Then slowly she started lifting and dropping as she worked my penis deeper inside her and after my length was inside her she kissed softly at first then harder she coaxed my mouth open with her finger and slid her tongue into my mouth. I felt her hot breath gust from her nose and mouth as she kissed me. Her juices ran from her vagina between my legs and pooled under my fanny on the seat cushion, and her warm juices seeped from her penis and slickened my belly.

I knew Michelle was about to cum as she was taking longer strokes, her whole body was sweated and she was trembling. Then her vaginal muscles gripped me as they spasmed a loud sigh passed her mouth and then she groaned and her hot sperm gushed from her penis and splashed across my face and squirted over my chest and belly then squished between our legs. As the two of us sat there quietly I could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing my penis and then another surge of semen would spill from her gland. I hadn’t climaxed yet but I wasn’t worried it felt good just to be inside her feeling her vaginal juices weeping and mixing with her sperm. Michelle covered part of my chest and belly with her sperm or what ever it was that she ejaculated during her orgasm; it was so hot as it spilled onto me.

” Is it okay for me to sleep here?” She murmured.


” Let s go to bed I want to sleep with you!” Michelle cooed.

I was still hard as I pulled my penis from her vagina she kissed it and asked, “You need to cum again right now? ”

“No I’m fine it doesn’t hurt I can wait. See.” I said as I pointed, “it has already started to soften. ”

“I will get him hard again later.” Michelle assured.

As we walked into my bedroom I asked, “Michelle is it do you want me to suck your penis again I mean I want to?”

“Well yea sure, but I still have a lot of my sperm in the canal.” She cautioned.

“That is okay I like the taste and I want to try to drink some of it. ” I assured then asked, “Is it real sperm? Can you get a girl pregnant?”

“Yes and yes. I have gotten two of my girlfriends pregnant. And no I don’t have any children.” Michelle answered warmly.

“I have never seen so much sperm.” I exclaimed as I caught my breath, “Where are your testicles?”

“I my testicles are next to my two ovaries.” She explained adding, “My fallopian tubes are entwined with my spermatic cords and they all empty into my urethra at the same point, so when I ovulate I eject my ovum with my sperm or when I pee.”

I sucked her gland into my mouth. As drank her thick sperm I felt my stomach wrench from a few small gags, I stopped long enough to catch my breath and ask, “Have you ever gotten yourself pregnant?”

Michelle s voice was shaky as she answered, “I have only a vaginal canal no cervix or uterus, and I do not produce the necessary enzymes for the sperm cell to enter the ovum.”

I leaned back to watch her juices seeping out as I milked her rigid shaft and marveled at how much her seminal fluid looked like my own and asked, “Do you get more amorous when you ovulate? ”

She shuddered as I slipped her penis back into my mouth She turned quiet as her penis turned hard again and she moved her hips back and forth slightly matching the movements of my head.

Michelle tangled her fingers in my hair and pushed her penis into the back of my mouth just far enough to tickle my gag reflex and answered with a voice trembling from desperation, “Yes sometimes it depends on whom I am with and how I feel about them. When I awoke this morning I knew I had been ovulating because, I was dizzy with desire and my penis was so hard it hurt and like now being with you makes me want to cum and cum, you know if you keep doing what you are doing I will cum in your mouth.”

I looked up and holding her gland against my cheek I said, ” I want you to cum and cum and cum.” I sucked the head back into my mouth, and she pushed it in until I gagged then backed it out just a bit.

Again she turned quiet as I steadily massaged her gland with my mouth and shaft with my two hands. I knew she was close to cumming by how her penis throbbed in my hand and by how much of her hot juice was flowing into my mouth. Michelle started gasping and moaning loudly and gripping my head tightly and her sperm splashed from my mouth and ran down my cheeks and throat. I tried to swallow as much as I could but so much spewed out so fast that most of it ran down my chin and onto my belly. As the gushing turned to a slow trickle I thought how hot her sperm was, and how sweet it tasted, and how smooth it felt as I swallowed it. Suddenly I was wracked with by gagging heaves and coughs.

“You went too deep too fast, and swallowed too much.” Michelle calmed assuringly then cajoled, “You made me cum really good! You made me feel really good, you did really good, come on lets lay down for a while and rest. ” She warmly coaxed.

As we lay down I felt her slip her dick between my legs. It was still really hard and semen was still weeping when I reached down and held it then I asked, “You are still hungry aren’t you, and want to put it inside me don’t you?”

“Yes Yes I am.” She whispered and warmly and quietly vowed, “Yes I do. I do want you. I will take it easy.” Michelle assured me.

“It is going to hurt isn’t it?” I asked in a shaky voice, as I knew it was going to hurt but still I wanted her to put it inside me.

“Yes it will at first. I will be as gentle as I can. It will gradually start to feel good.” She quietly consoled and asked, “Do you have some lubricant?”

“Yes. It is in the bathroom I will go get it, I have to pee anyway.” I said as I got up trembling from uncertainty. My stream was restricted but steady as I finished I felt a quiver of anticipation in my stomach and a warm feeling wash over me as I walked back to my room. There she was sitting up on her knees smiling warmly and patting the bed next to her where she wanted me to lay down.

“Here lay down face down.” She directed softly.

I could here urgency in her voice like she really wanted me and when I asked, “Is it me or just my virginity you want?” I was gazing at her erect penis bobbing as she talked.

“I want you and your virginity to be mine.” She whispered.

As I lay down she poured some lubricant on my anus and worked it in with her fingers, then covered my penis and scrotum with a liberal amount. Then coaxed me on my side poured some into my hand then said as she slipped her hard penis between my legs, ” I want you to rub my head with penis.” So for a few minutes I rubbed our two penises together until I started to get hard then her hand joined mine.

” I think it might be easier if I were half on the floor and half on the bed.” I suggested. I was being swept away by my thirst for Michelle and my desire to make it good for her.

“You are right it will be easier to start with.” Michelle agreed then persuaded, “I just thought you would feel more at ease laying down.”

So we slowly shifted our knees to the floor and I lay across the top of the bed. Michelle started to massage my penis with one hand rubbing her gland between my cheeks with the other. She was so hard and I was so lubed up it slipped right in when she pushed. My heart started pounding in my ears and the both of us were sweating.

Michelle moved her mouth to my ear and whispered, ” I want you to grunt hard and try to push me out when you feel me pushing in and when I say to suck it in, you suck it in okay?”

“Will it help?” I said weakly. My heart was racing and my penis and testis were tingling. I could feel my precum seeping from my half hard penis.

“Yes. That will help me enter you” She whispered and kissed my ear and nibbled the lobe and pushed her penis firmly into my anus. I ached as I grunted straining to push her penis out of me yet it slipped in a little each time she would bear down. Then she hissed “now” as I sucked in my anus in, her big dick slipped inward till I spasmed from the terrible pain.

“Ouwach !” I groaned and shouted, “Stop ! Take it out ! Oh! It hurts it really really hurts! Oh! Please stop it hurts! ”

The excruciating pain was causing me to beg her to stop and take it out. My bowels reacted with involuntary grunting trying even harder to expel her once she was partway inside me. I bucked underneath her to work my way out from under her but she held me firmly in place with one arm around my waist and one pushing me to the bed. Each time my spasms relaxed she shoved it in farther until she was all the way in.

“Shh Ssshhh I’m in you Ssshhh its in Ssshhh, baby I’m in you now Ssshhh, baby” Michelle calmed and I felt my muscles responding to her shushing as if I were opening up.

Even with my eyes filling with tears from the hurt I started loving her penis as it moved inside me, it still hurt as she slid it in and out of me but it felt good too. I loved her tender kisses to my ear and neck. Then she started working its full length inside me taking long slow thrusts. As Michelle drove her cock into me I felt my juices spilling from my penis into Michelle s hand.

As I started moving into her thrusts my bowels would strain against her inward motion, and I felt like I was having little orgasms as she withdrew it. She kept it inside me like a man would to a woman as she worked it in and out. I could feel our juices trickling down my legs as she coaxed me to my feet. My whole body was burning; the room was spinning, my legs were weak, and my anus was rhythmically gripping and releasing her penis.

“Oh ! Michelle this feels so wonderful !” I purred as I leaned back into her arms. I closed my eyes and felt her slick precum leaking from her gland and lubricate her rigid shaft as it oozed down allowing it to slip freely inside me no mater how tightly my muscles gripped at it.

I felt Michelle s grip tighten around my waist as my legs turned to rubber, and her pistonning never slowed, all of my muscles in my stomach and bowels were constricting spasmodically, my breath caught in my throat as I tried to speak. The two of us slipped to the floor and as I lay across the foot of the bed I felt Michelle cup my semi hard penis in her hand and press it to my stomach. I gasped loudly as my semen spewed onto my belly and pooled on the bed under me while Michelle s persistent motion inside me slowed then stopped.

” Let’s work our way into bed.” She whispered and coaxed me off the floor with tender nudging.

” Oh Michelle this feels so wonderful in a strange nice way. I never dreamed a man could cum this way.” I sighed as we shuffled onto the top of the bed. I was so weak from my orgasm yet I managed to wriggle and shift with Michelle still pistonning inside me. My sperm was just leaking out in a small but constant flow.

“Stop! Be very still!” Michelle ordered then held her breath.

So I paused there motionless on my hands and knees, I felt her penis pulsing wildly inside me and I felt my bowels being filled with her hot thick cum. I knew by Michelle s gusting breaths that we didn’t stop soon enough, and she was cumming. She just held it still deep inside me and let her cum flow into me. When we lay down I could feel her semen sloshing around inside me as we shifted to our sides then we covered ourselves up with the blankets a few minutes later. As I lay on my side I felt her penis turn flaccid then grow hard and throb inside me, then turn soft again.

I was awakened from my dream again to Michelle s tender kisses on my ear and neck. My penis had swelled and turned rigid in her hand like Michelle s penis was inside my bowels. I know I was sleeping but for how long I was unsure I just knew I loved what was happening to me. I felt my muscles squeezing her penis as it pistoned inside. I felt her hot breath blowing on my neck and her sperm sloshing inside me as she coaxed me to lie onto my belly. Her penis slipped so far in it pushed her semen out and it hurt me again deep inside my stomach.

I bucked my buttocks up from the pain and tried to wriggle from underneath her, but Michelle wrapped her arms around my waist and pushing me to the bed with her chest, positioning me firmly underneath her with her penis deep inside me. She pulled it out a little and started making long fast thrusts into my bowels. She began gasping loudly as she neared another orgasm. I could hear her sperm sloshing and feel its smooth wetness as Michelle’s penis pistoned inside me. Then her thrusting became spasmodic, and her breath gust from her mouth and then her hot sperm exploded into me. I could feel her cock flexing and squirting her hot cum into me as she grunted, and struggled for breath. I felt her sperm flowing out and squishing between us and down over my scrotum as her penis thrusted inward. With one last thrust she pushed it in deep and gasped, I could feel her sperm welling up inside then spill out, and then she dropped to my back, limp.

We lay there quietly I felt Michelle s penis turn flaccid inside me while mine turned hard again from her massaging. I could feel her sperm as it seeped out passed her penis as she pressed her body tighter to me. I pushed myself up on my knees slightly as I neared another orgasm. Michelle scooped her semen from my scrotum and rubbed it on my turgid shaft then started taking longer and faster strokes and made me cum again. It felt so strangely good, my rectal muscles squeezing her penis as I orgasmed. My sperm didn’t start to flow out until I relaxed from my orgasm, then it spilled out onto her hand.

It was so clear to me as I watched the sky turn red from the sun, and the bright red outlines of the angry storm clouds racing by the window, how we meet people for a reason, and how our choices effect change in our lives, and either lead us to more and a better set of choices or to the bleaker choice of the lesser of the two evils. I almost made a mistake by stubbornly standing by a poor relationship. I was glad to have never had a gay experience and doubly glad that my first time was with Michelle.

As I started to drift off to sleep again I squeezed Michelle s hand and asked, “Do you want to come back here again? ”

“Yes I do very much.” She sighed dreamily.

End chp.1