I had always been fascinated with sex.  At an early age I new how to please my self.  When I was 17 rubbing the little nub of flesh between my hot thighs was not enough.  I needed to feel a cock in my pussy.  At night I laid awake dreaming of what it would be like to feel a huge cock fucking my pussy.  I only dated  my boyfriend Matt for a month before we had sex.  It was a Friday night after a football game he had come over to my house.  My mom was out of town.  I knew that I wanted to fuck him. 

Pushing him down on the couch I straddled him while I kissed him lazily.  I could feel the bulge of his cock pressing against my jeans.  He grabbed my breast and pinched my nipples.  I moaned into his mouth with pleasure.  We were both virgins and I knew that he was too nervous to take control, so I had to lead.  I guided my hips against his cock and he moaned.  “ I think we should stop” he cried.  “ Not yet I whispered as I slid off his lap.”  I knelt before him and began to slide my hands up along his thighs.  His eyes glowed with passion as I glided my hands over his bulge.  I could feel myself getting wet and a familiar ache started to glow in my stomach.  I took off his shoes and then I unzipped pants and slid them off. 

 I could see the dark patch between his legs underneath his boxer shorts.  I tugged at his boxer shorts.  He grabbed my hands to stop me and I gave him a sexy smile as I pulled them off.  His 7” cock was fully erected and pulsating.  I glided my hands along its length and I massaged his balls.  Slowly I lowerd my head to his cock and kissed the tip ever so softly, I heard him gasp then I grew bolder and took an inch into my mouth.  I was awkward at first then I began to get the rhythm of it.  I took him in my mouth inch by inch until all seven inches were rammed down my throat.  I sucked him hard and fast and till I felt him start to jerk.  He moaned and grabbed my  golden hair in his fist.  “Did you like that I whispered as I wiped his pre cum off my chin?”  “yes” he growled then he pulled me back onto his lap and practically ripped off my shirt and bra. 

My large breasts bounced free and  he quickly took one into his mouth and began to suckle, I leaned back and let him taste me.   Then he kissed me hard ramming his tongue down my throat, while he slid my shorts and panties off.  My pussy was wet with juices and begging for his touch.  But I couldn’t wait I wanted to fuck him now! So I grabbed his hard cock and guided it to my hole and then lowered myself down.  I felt a twinge of pain then he slammed upwards.  After I caught my breath I began to ride him slowly at first then faster and faster.  “oh godddddddddddd it feels so good” I yelled

“You slut, do like my cock?” He asked. “I love it!” I replied. I rode him as fast as I could then he suddenly jerked up lifted me and threw my on my back.  Quickly he knelt between my legs and entered me again.  “That’s it baby Fuck me!” I yelled “ I will, I will fuck you hard ” he replied. Then he slammed into me and began to fuck me.   His cock surged in and out of my pussy ,juices began to strip down my thighs.  It felt so good. 

The harder he fuck the louder I screamed “ I’m cummming” I yelled!        My orgasm was amazing it rippled though me and after one last thrust he pulled out and came all over my breasts.  Hot sticky cum, I leaned up to suck the rest off his cock.  He smiled at me and let me suck him, Then he leaned down to taste the juices form my pussy, I’ll tell you the rest another time.