We are fairly new to BDSM and I am gradually training my partner to be a good Dom so that I may enjoy what appeals to me. The narrative below is one such experience.

It was an overcast but warm day and we were relaxing in the garden. As the garden is secluded we were nude and enjoying the freedom from clothing.

I was laying on a canvas and metal sun lounger and we had been talking about trying another ‘scene’. Suddenly, Liz got up and said “stay there, I have an idea that I would like to try. It should prove a memorable experience!”

When she came back a few minutes later, she had a carrier bag of bits with her. Taking out a short length of rope she pushed one of my arms down to the side of the sunbed and tied my wrist to the leg of the sunbed. She did the same with the other arm.

Moving down to the bottom of the bed, she lifted my legs off the bed and down to the side where she tied a rope between my ankles, taking it behind the legs of the bed.

Picture the scene so far, I was now securely tied to the sun bed, on my back, with arms and legs touching the ground. Arms tied to the legs of the bed and ankles tied together and held back vertically under my knees.

Reaching in the bag again, Liz brought out a ‘Gates of Hell’ Cock Ring Strap which comprises a leather strap running the length of the cock and 5 metal rings fixed at intervals along the strap and going around the shaft of the cock at different positions along it. A strap at the base secures it around the balls and shaft of the cock.

She pushed the rings over my cock and secured the strap before arranging the rings along my cock shaft.

Liz reached into the bag again and brought out an vibrating butt plug, putting some lubricant on the tip, she placed it on the rosebud of my arse and with a push and a twist, pushed it fully home and pumped it up so that I really felt that my arse was filled up and that I badly needed a crap.

She now tied a rope to a ring on the cock-strap which was under my balls and taking it over the foot of, and under, the bed, pulled it tight and tied it to the rope linking my ankles so that if I moved my legs at all I would receive a greater pull on my balls and more pain in that region.

My cock was now already pointing to the clouds and to get the blood moving even better, Liz get a small 9 thong whip out of the bag.

Starting on my breast, she warmed the area up both sides with the whip bringing a pink flush to the whole area. Then without any sort of warning she adjusted the stroke so that the tips of the thongs hit my nipple, then with a backhand stroke she hit the other. The movement was repeated again. Oh what sweet pain.

Next she worked down my body and along both thighs bringing a nice deep pink glow to the skin. Each time I allowed a leg to jerk the connected rope yanked on my balls bringing a dull pain to that area in addition to the area she was working on.

Liz then briefly stood back to admire her work before she flicked the whip hard at my balls. I nearly came then but as she quickly whipped the shaft, the thongs easily going between the metal rings and the pending orgasm dropped back to an ‘orgasm pending’ type pain.

Having finished with the whip, Liz put it down and took a pair of ‘Butterfly Clip’ nipple clamps joined with a chain, out of the bag and clipped one of the clips on my left nipple, pulling it to test its security. Happy that it was securely fixed she then got another set from her bag and clipped one onto my other nipple.

Taking the other ends of the two chains, one in each hand, Liz now moved round to my head and placed her cunt on my face. “Eat me” she said and enforced the instruction with a pull on the chains connected to my nipples. I quickly applied my tongue to the already wet area!

I moved my tongue around to encourage the clit out of its hood and then sucked on it while gently teasing it with my teeth. Liz was now wildly riding my face and encouraging me on with the chain ‘reins’ on my nipples.

It wasn’t long before she came and sprayed my face with her female cum.

After regaining her breath, Liz got off of my face and taking a ball gag out of her bag of tricks, fitted it around my head before moving round to sit astride my body, facing my head. Taking my steel encased, rock hard prick in one hand, she slowly lowered herself onto it. There was so much lubricant on her cunt lips that my prick started to slide in without any problem. I felt a slight check as she reached the first ring and then a slight rush as it pushed past her muscle and slid in to the next ring. The feeling was a great new novelty to me and I could tell by the groans and body movements that it was doing even more for Liz.

Once my cock was fully home, Liz sat for a moment then leaning forward, to my surprise took another ball gag from the bag and tied it in her own mouth. She then picked up the chain connected to the clip on my left nipple and clamped its spare nipple clip it onto her right nipple, giving a muffled gasp as its jaws bit. She then connected the other chain and clip to her left nipple.

We were now connected at three points, my cock in her cunt and by our nipples.

Slowly she began to ride me, carefully moving so that the chains did not tighten. As she moved the rings on my cock gave her feelings inside her cunt more intense that anything tried so far. As she breathing became quicker and shallower, so her movements speeded up and the chains occasionally tightened briefly bringing sudden increased pain to our nipples. We were now both moaning in ecstasy which was pain, and pain which was also ecstasy.

I felt the tremors begin inside her wet, warm love canal and then build up until they exploded into an intense orgasm which caused her body to arch, pulling on the clamps on our nipples and in tightening them bringing cruel pain. As the pain hit my tortured nipples I orgasmed and as I shot my load forcefully into her my upward hip movement yanked the rope connected to my cock and ball strap further intensifying the strength of my orgasm and turning hers into multiple ones. Each time she orgasmed the nipple clamps tightened on our nipples drawing screams of agony and ecstasy into our gags and causing increased sensation through our bodies.

Eventually Liz could cum no more and she collapsed on top of me.

When she was eventually able to move, Liz carefully removed the clamps from our tits and climbed off of my cock. After untying me, we both staggered into the house for a shower and a drink.

The ache in our nipples reminded us of the experience for several days afterwards and as we later talked about it, we were turned on by the thought of it all happening within a few tens of yards of our neighbours and wondered what they would have thought, and how far we would have been heard if we hadn’t worn the gags.

There is a good chance that we may try it again sometime if we get short on ideas.

The End