I was at a Christmas party with my husband. My husband was in the rec room drinking beer with the boys. My girl friend and I were chatting in the living room when this bozo came up to us with some mistletoe. He held it over my head and started kissing me. I didn’t want to but he kept insisting.

I went to another seat, but he followed me over and he sat down beside me and started necking with me. I was trying to get away but he had his arms around me in a strong clinch. He kept kissing me and putting his tongue in my mouth. He had one arm around me and was squeezing my breast hard with his other hand. I told him to stop but he just grinned and squeezed all the harder. He was trying to pin me down on the sofa. He finally released the pressure on my breast and I let out a sigh of relief, but not for long, the hand he had on my breast was now up my skirt.

I tried to squeeze my legs together on his hand, so he couldn’t get any further up my skirt, but he was able to force his hand up further. All the time he was french kissing me and had an evil smirk on his face. He was now touching my panties with his finger tips. I said “NO.”, but he forced his hand inside my panties. I could feel his finger groping my vagina. I said “I have to go to the bathroom.” He said ok I’ll let you go, but we’ll continue this when you’re done. I got up and went to find my husband. He was half pissed by this time and when I told him what happened, he said, “Just tell the guy ‘No’, and you’ll be ok.” I really had to go to the washroom, so I went upstairs to the john and took a pee.

When I came out of the toilet, the bozo was standing there, with the same big smirk on his face. He grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall, I could feel his erection pushing against my private parts. I struggled to get away, but he was too strong. He pushed me along the wall and through a doorway into a bedroom. I struggled with all my might and broke away. He grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground. He carried me to the bed and threw me down on it. He knelt on top of me facing my legs and quickly pulled up my mini-skirt and pulled at the crotch of my panties. Once my panties were off he swung around to face me. I said, “If you don’t let me up I’ll scream.” He said, “Go ahead, but your husband is going to wonder why you’re in here with your panties off, now isn’t he? And your girlfriend saw me put my hand up your skirt in the living room.”

He was kneeling over me and he grabbed my vagina and squeezed. He said “I’m going to fuck your little cunt and nothing is going to stop me.” I said, “My husband won’t like it.” He said, “I don’t give a shit wether your husband likes it or not. It’s about time you were fucked by a real man.” He started to take my blouse off, then my brassiere. “Nice tits.” he said as he bent down and suckled my nipples alternately. He took off his shirt, then undid his pants and fly zipper. His penis popped out and I could see some juice dripping out. I started to sob. He had a real mean look on his face and said, “Don’t move!” He stood up and quickly dropped his pants and shorts to the floor, then pulled my mini-skirt off and was lying on top of me before I could do anything.

I could feel his penis against my vagina. I was still sobbing. He said, “Crying isn’t going to help you. I’m going to work your little pussy over.” With that he started to guide his penis into my vagina and made small thrusts with his hips. I could feel my clitoris starting to get hot as his penis rubbed against it. I tried not to get aroused, but the more I tried the hotter I got. The juice from his penis was making my vagina wet and slippery. I could feel him position the head of his penis against the lips of my vagina. With one big thrust of his hips, he sank his penis into my vagina. He said, “Got ya, you little cunt.” He was making fucking motions with his hips, while his fingers were rubbing and pulling my clitoris. I tried to hold back but I couldn’t and started to make fucking motions of my own. He kissed me hard and said, “So the little cunt is starting to enjoy it eh? Maybe I ought to tell your husband you’re getting it off with another guy eh?”

“No, please don’t tell him.” I said. He said, “I won’t tell him, as long as you keep on fucking with me. The first time you say no, I’ll tell him!” I started to sob again but at the same time started to have an orgasm. The bozo sensed my quickening response and started to fuck me hard and roughly. “Ok cunt. Here comes your first load from me.” he said, as I felt his penis throbbing inside me. He had his lips pressed on my mouth and his tongue down my throat. I was fucking him back as fast as I could. I grabbed the cheeks of his ass and pulled him further into my vagina. “Fuck me, fuck me.” I moaned. I could feel his penis still throbbing as he ejaculated deep inside my vagina. My orgasm lasted for a long time as I tried to pull him deeper inside me.

I was covered in sweat and so was he. Finally we both started to subside and go limp. He looked at me with the same smirk on his face. “I knew I’d make your little cunt hot.” he leered. “As I said, you’ve taken my first load. The first of many more to come. I’ll be fucking you on a regular basis from now on. I’m going to keep your panties and if you try to stop me from fucking you, I’ll send them to your husband, with a note confessing that I’ve been fucking you.” I was feeling numb, because I knew my husband would recognize the panties as they were present from him.

“I’m going to let you go for now, but you meet me here before the party breaks up. I’m going to give you another fucking before you go home.” he said. I looked down at the floor I didn’t want to look into his eyes. “WELL’ he demanded. “Yes’ I said softly. “I didn’t hear you, cunt’ he replied. “YES’ I repeated. “Ok.” he said. “I’ll come over and kiss you when it’s time for us to fuck again.” I knew I was fated to be his sex toy from now on and I wondered what kind of antics he would make me do in the future.

I didn’t have long to wait. About 11 o’clock, he came over to where I was chatting with my girl friend. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me. “Time for you to get fucked.” he whispered in my ear. “Meet me in the bedroom. NOW!” I looked down at the floor and started for the stairs. I slowly opened the bedroom but he bozo was just inside. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room. He was naked, he threw me down on the bed and roughly took off my clothes. He didn’t use any fore play but just spread my legs and shoved his cock into me. He was fucking me hard and was already starting to throb inside me, I thought I heard something and looked past his shoulder. Across the room I saw a big black man. He was naked and stroking his erect penis. The bozo was blowing his load into me by now and turned to the black man and said, “Ok Sam. I’m done. She’s all yours now.” I started to shake as the big black man came toward me.

I put my hand over my vagina and breasts and murmured, “NO.”, but he kept coming. “Take your hand away from your cunt, you white bitch.” he muttered. I saw the look of lust in his eye, so I knew I better do what he said. I slowly moved my hand away and he grabbed my vagina with his big paw. “Now you’re really going to get fucked, you white slut.” He threw himself on top of me and rammed his big black cock into my quivering vagina. He was making violent thrusts, ramming his cock further in with each thrust. When his whole cock was in my vagina, he withdrew so just the head was in the lips if my pussy, then he rammed it into me crushing my vagina against his body. I let out a little yelp. He said “Shut up, you white whore. I’m going give you a fucking you’ll never forget.” He kept ramming me, then he went faster and faster. I started to moan as my clitoris started to respond, I started to thrust up as he came down to take all that big black cock. Finally he started to throb and I squealed in delight as he ejaculated.

It had been quite a party all right. I wonder what my husband would think if he knew what they did to me.

The End