At least Mickey had panties on, which she displayed gleefully after my face had recovered from the shock of seeing Angie’s naked slit.

“You can’t take them off though Dave” she grinned as Angie stroked her thigh,

“Oh okay then” I felt slightly miffed and obviously it showed as Angie leaned forwards and kissed me for the second time that night,

“I am Dave” she said softly, “I’m going to pull them down very, very slowly, while you undress and then when you’re naked, you can make your mind up who’s first, me or your sister”

As I watched, Mickey parted her legs, allowing Angie’s hand to slide up between them, the front of her panties showed her arousal, by the ever growing damp spot,

“On the other hand Dave” she giggled, “We might just decide to please each other without you”

Fred interrupted the proceedings by kindly bringing us another round,

“On the house” he said as he plonked the tray down on our table!

“Grumpy old fart” I whispered,


We all laughed uproariously at that and even Fred grinned at us, “Have you thought what you’re going to do, you two?” he said as he joined us with a half pint of his favourite beer,

Mickey took the bull by the horns as usual,

“Sell us the pub Fred, you must be about ready to retire and enjoy your millions”

“I am that Michelle” he said wistfully, “I dunno about millions though girl, but I’m ok for money that’s for sure”‘

“We mean it Fred, we’d love to buy this place” I said, “We’ve got a few ideas we’d like to throw about with each other, you know develop it a bit, perhaps put a boat stop in beside it, you know just generally improve things a bit”

“I own it you know David” he looked thoughtfully, “Not the brewery”

“I know Fred, you’ve told us before mate”

He ignored the gentle sarcasm and told us that he’d recently had it re-valued for insurance purposes,

“It’ll set you back more than you’ve got you know”

“Bloody hell Fred, if I’d got the sort of money to pay cash for it, I’d be on a bloody beach in the Bahamas!”

I told him about mum and dad’s insurance money and that the house was ours now, lock stock and barrel,

“We’d have to borrow some money of course, but that wouldn’t be any sort of a problem at all”

“Well I suggest that you make a few inquiries David, ‘cos I’m ready when you are mate”

and with that he ambled off to serve a few customers waiting patiently at the bar.

We strolled back to the cottage then, me feeling like a million dollars with a sexy girl on each arm, as we reached the gate, Angie leaned back against it whilst Mickey dropped to her knees.

“Have you ever seen a girl licking another girl Dave?”

All I could do was shake my head,

Angie lifted her skirt up and placed her feet wide apart,

“Watch and learn Dave” she laughed and drew my sister’s head into her crotch,

She looked at me firmly in the eye as Mickey ran her tongue slowly all the way up her slit and back down again as far as her anus,

“Oh Fuck, that’s good” she smiled as she used the fingers of both hands to open the petal like lips of her pussy.

I squatted down beside my sister and watched her as she licked deeply inside Angie’s cunt, it glistened with her juices, in fact it was awash and I realised somewhat belatedly that she was actually releasing little spurts of urine into Mickey’s mouth!

Mickey pulled back and allowed me to take her place, but I held onto her and kissed her deeply as Angie’s hot urine splashed over our mouths,

Together we swallowed her flow and together we wallowed in the sheer perversity of the act, Mickey feasted eagerly on the sweetness of her friend’s cunt, whilst I wormed a finger under the narrow gusset of her panties.

She began moving up and down on my finger as Angie squealed out in her climax and pulled away to let the sensations subside, quickly I moved behind my sister and unzipped my trousers, her bottom was tight but receptive and I slid easily into it, she gasped and lunged back against me, her mouth finding mine as I reached under her tee shirt for her breasts.

“Oh fucking hell” gasped Angie, “You’re fucking her Dave, you’re fucking your sister”

I was indeed but I wasn’t going to last very long, especially when she came over to us and thrust her wet pussy up against our faces, once again we licked her, I nibbled lightly on her clitoris and Mickey ran her tongue down between her legs.

Quickly Angie lay down between Mickey’s knees and I felt her tongue licking at my balls, then my penis as I withdrew from my sister’s anus, I took my time about thrusting back in again, preferring instead to savour the feel of her tongue on my cock, but Mickey was having none of it,

“Fuck me you bastard” she hissed, “I’m nearly there”

I didn’t know it at the time but Angie moved slightly and flicked her tongue rapidly over Mickey’s clitoris, she screamed and lunged back against my cock as she climaxed,

“Ooh you bitch” she laughed, “That tongue of yours should need a license”

“I feel like getting pissed” I said stuffing my still semi-erect penis back into my trousers, “Since nobody seems to want my body, I think I might as well!”

“Aw Dave” they laughed in unison, “Oh darling I forgot, you’ve not come yet have you”

“No” I said manfully, ” But don’t worry about me, I’ll be ok”

Angie slipped her fingers under my sister’s panties,

“Let’s all get pissed and then we promise, you’ll come all right, believe me you’ll come”

Well for the rest of the evening, we all lounged about in the garden drinking lager and generally fooling around, I did come as Angie had promised, I came in her pretty mouth as we lay in a three way oral coupling on the lawn, my mouth clamped onto Mickey’s hot, wet cunt!

We all dressed in black for the funeral, me in a sombre black suit and the girls in identical black business suits, black stockings and black panties even, I knew that because I was honoured to be asked to put them on the girls!

It was a very sad affair and none of us felt much like talking as we all filed back to the pub afterwards, it was Fred who got things going by ringing the bell for attention,

“Now look here you lot, I know we just been to a funeral, but all them who knew Meg and Bob would know that they’ll be up there now saying to each other, “Would you just look at that shower of miserable buggers down there” so come on, David put some bloody money in the juke box and I’ll buy the first round”

There was a stunned silence, none of us had ever known Fred to buy a round, it was like the pope being found in bed with a call girl, unheard of, absolutely unheard of!

“Yes” I added my voice to his, “You all knew our parents, they were a happy, loving couple, Fred’s right, let’s celebrate their lives, I’ll buy the second round”

Even then, there was only a slow uptake on our offer, people had a lot of respect for our parents and for that I was grateful, Mickey was quite choked too and stood back from the bar alongside Angie.

“Mickey” I said softly, “You know what Fred said was right, everyone round here knew mum and dad and loved them”

“I know”

“They wouldn’t want to see us crying you know”

“I know David” it was David again, “Can we go outside for a minute please?”

I took her hand and with an understanding nod from Angie, we walked outside into the sunlight,

“What’s up kid?”

“I don’t know David, I really don’t know, it’s just a mess”

“What is?”

“Our lives Dave, we’re brother and sister and we’re committing incest every day, mindlessly, that’s no way to honour our parent’s memory is it?”

“I think we both know that Mickey” I said, trying to choose my words carefully, “But neither of us intended it to happen, did we?”

“I suppose not”

“Do you want to stop?”

“I don’t know David, I really don’t know”

It wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear and it certainly wasn’t the one I was expecting!

“You don’t know?” I almost shouted,

There were tears in her eyes and I regretted it instantly,

“I’m sorry Mickey, I didn’t mean to shout”

I reached again for her hand but she pulled away,

“No David, that’s too easy, you’ll kiss me and it’ll all be forgotten, I need to move out for a while to get my head together”

I felt as if my world was crashing around me, I loved my sister more than anything else in the world, I didn’t just love her, I worshipped her!

“Mickey for God’s sake, what’s brought this on all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know David, honestly, I’m just all mixed up and I’ve got a blinding headache”

At the mention of a headache, alarm bells rang in my brain, the doctor had warned her to take it easy but we hadn’t exactly been doing that.

Suddenly her good eye glazed over and she slumped into my arms,

“ANGIE” I shouted and lowered Mickey gently to the floor, Angie was beside me in an instant, as concerned as I was, I got my phone out and hit three nines.

“What happened Dave?”

People were all round us crowding, looking and generally getting in the way, it was Fred who came to the rescue, shooing them all back into the pub,

“Come on now folks, I know you’re all concerned about her and so am I, but let’s give her some air, the ambulance is on the way and you all know David her will keep us in touch!”

“David as far as I can tell and I have to say my knowledge of mental illness is sketchy to say the least, but I think she’s having some sort of a breakdown”

The doctor was talking softly to us, Angie was beside me holding my hand and fighting to hold back the tears,

“I’m keeping her in for a couple of days for observation and I’ve sent for a specialist, he won’t be able to see her until first thing in the morning, but from what you’ve told me, I’m almost sure this is only very indirectly linked to her injuries”

“Mental illness?”

“I did say my knowledge is sketchy David”

I sat back and let it all sink in whilst Angie sat beside me in complete and utter silence, after an hour the doctor came back and told us she was sleeping and it would be best if we went home, he took our phone number and promised to call if her condition changed in any way at all!

I started to speak, but he hushed me and said very softly,

“David I know what you told me and I know what it took for you to do that, my lips are sealed, I promise you and as you know I like to think I’m a friend and not just your doctor, our conversation goes no further”

The crowd had gone from the pub when the taxi dropped us back there, only Fred and a few casuals were in the place,

“How is she son?” Fred was genuinely concerned, bless him, he really was a good friend,

“I don’t know Fred” I answered honestly, “The quack seems to think it’s some sort of a breakdown”

“Oh bugger”

The daft old sod put his arm around my shoulder and gestured Angie to get us both a drink,

“David, I’m sure it’s the last thing on your mind at the moment, but I’ll put the sale of the pub on hold until my little princess is better”

I’d got tears in my eyes when Angie returned with the drinks!

We sat in there until well after midnight and got quite drunk, I was morose and spoiling for a fight, if the loathsome piece of shit from Leeds h ad been there I’d probably have killed the bastard, but Angie was perfect, judging my mood to perfection,

“Come on Dave, we both love her you know, me no less than you, let’s get you to bed, I’ll sleep in my own room tonight”

“No, sleep with me Angie, please darling let me hold you, be my link to Mickey”

“Ok as long as you’ll be my link too”

“Yes, yes I will Dave, make love to me please, I want you to, make love to me for her Dave”

-To be continued…-