Were were teenagers when we met. THe first thing I remember about her was her sexy legs. That was the first part I saw of her as she came over to visit my sister. It didn’t take long for me to learn her name and learn she had moved in the neighborhood. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. Over the course of the next few months we kidded around with each other and did alot of the usual young teenager things. After several months in the relationship things began to get a little more serious. It started with the usual things like kissing and touching but never did proceed much beyond that because we both were alittle scared of going to far.We had been dating for about a year when things really began to heat up. We use to love to go to the drive in theater. As most of the teenagers then we would park in the back rows. And as usual most of the windows would be too fogged up to see into any of the cars. It was durning these times that we began to go a little farther with our relationship. It would be things like playing with her tits and feeling each other up alot. Gradually we began to get braver and there would be fewer clothes and more exploring. When she was undressed she was a gorgeous looking thing of beauty. Her nice round firm tits. Shapely legs nice ass and a sexy looking pussy with a nice triangular bush. Kissing her tits and slowly moving down her belly to her pussy became a the most daring thing we had ventured to do .

The first night I ran my tongue over her clit she shivered with the feeling. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it and she began to hump up against my face. I loved sucking and eating her pussy and could suck on her for hours. The first night we had sex we were both naked in the car and I was laying on top of her kissing when she reached down and guided the head of my cock to her opening. Looking into her eyes I asked if she wanted it and she said If you do. Slowly I began to push and suddenly the head popped in and she let out a gasp. Taking it slow at first my cock slowly began to enter her until it was all the way in. Slowly we began to fuck until we were both were so turned on that we begant o fuck faster and faster. Not wanting to get her pregnant when it was time to cum I pulled out and shot my load all over her stomach. We both had huge orgasims.After that night we were both hooked and it didn’t take long before we were trying to make up for lost time. We would have sex every chance we could in some of the most unusal places. I would pick her up at her house to go out and she would come out wearing more and more revealing things. One night I picked her up and she came out in this cute little thin dress. With the light from the door behind her it was easy to see through the dress and tell that she was not wearing anything underneath. Well I got a huge hard on just seeing that. Getting into the car when she sat on the seat and swung her legs into the car I could see all the way up to her hot pussy. On the drive to the theater I began to run my hands up her legs and the dress rode up higher and higher. It wasn’t long her dress was up above her pussy and she had spread her legs slightly to allow me to finger her as we drove down the road. If anyone pulled along side it wouldn’t take much for someone to look down into the car and see her teenage pussy being fingered.

As things progressed in our relationship over the next year or so we I finally asked her if she wanted to get married. And she said yes in no time at all. Prior to getting married I moved into a little house we had rented. Now our nights were spent at home most of the time which made it easy to have sex as much as we wanted. To this point whenever we had sex I would always pull out and never cum inside of her pussy because she didn’t want to get pregnant before we got married. Besides that she was affraid of what her mom would think if she did get pregnant. Finally one night while we were having sex she whispered to ne that she didn’t want me to pull out. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes.” I want to feel what its like to feel you cumming in me.”I asjed if she was sure sice she was not on birth control and she said yes please. As we began to fuck faster and faster we both became more excited as the moment drew closer. When the moment arrived I shoved it all the way deep inside of her and we both began to cum together. WHen she felt the first eruption of cum hitting the back of her pussy she began to have another wave of orgasims as she begged for more of the life giving seed that was filling her fertile pussy.

After that there was no stopping us. THe year after we got married out daughter was born. We still had sex whenever and wherever we could.And the thing that really turned her on more tha anything was being watched. She didn’t care who saw us. We ended up being seen by her sister, friends, strangers, you name it. She became a regular exhibitonist. Flashing truckers when driving down the road or wearing short skirts and letting total strangers see up her skirt and see nothing there. After Our daughter was born she loved he feeling of having her pussy shaved smooth so she would keep it like that so there was nothing to hide when someone saw her.

We are now in our 40’s and our sex life has not slowed down a beat. We have tried threesomes swinging you name it. And I for one am happy as can be.