Author’s Disclaimer: This is a story of pure fiction involving sex with a minor. If that subject offends you, then don’t read it.

I have often been fascinated by the early development of the female body. It seems that young budding breasts and hairless pussies are hardly ever seen or used, but to savor the excitement of being the first to suck on that young nipple and make it hard in sexual excitement for the first time, or lick that sweet hairless pussy, probing your tongue and feeling the first juices of its making draining onto your tongue, can be a sexual high that few have ever known thanks to our antiquated laws.

Candy was 11 when I first got to know her. Starved for attention that her mother never had time for and a father she hardly ever saw, she appreciated the closeness of our relationship. I was her Mother’s live-in boyfriend and as we worked different hours, I got to spend a lot of time alone with her. She was slightly spoiled, lied a lot and was getting into trouble at school and home. Her Mom hoped that I could straighten her out.

At first I did not like the thought and almost resented the kid being around, but that all changed when she came back from her Aunt’s house after spending a weekend there. Her Aunt, in an attempt to keep her happy and busy, had let her apply makeup. The gangly girl that left on Friday returned on Sunday with a look of a sexy lolita. I just kept staring at the transformation. I had the insatiable urge to see just what other hidden treats this young girl kept hidden.

One way Candy loved to get attention was to pretend to be sick. On Monday morning she complained of a fever. I did not have to go to work until late that night so I told her mother to go on to her job and I would check her out. Her Mom told her to do exactly as I told her and hurried out the door.

Here she stood in her normal bedtime attire, an oversized t-shirt and panties that could be seen when she bent over. I told her to go into the master bedroom bath area where we kept the thermometer and medicines. She smiled and walked down the hall towards the Master bath and I could not help but watch the way those young legs went up to that cute little behind of hers.

I had her sit on the bed while I opened the medicine cabinet. I palmed the regular thermometer and slipped it into one of the drawers by the sink. I pulled out the rectal one and told her it was the only one in there. It had been used on her before by her mother and she insisted that the oral one must be there instead. Look though she did, she could not find it and returned to the bed pouting. “I don’t like that one,” she said. Well I told her there were other ways of checking for a temperature, if she were willing to let me check it. She said that anything would be better then putting that thing in her butt. I told her I would have to hold my cheek against tender places on her body. She asked where, and I told her the inside of her arms and legs. She said that would be OK. I made her lie down on the bed and I lay next to her. I was still in my p.j. bottoms. I never wear the tops. There were only 3 snaps holding my fly shut and they never did do a good job. From her angle she could see into my fly and catch glimpses of my manhood.

I took her hand and placed it near my fly as I leaned over and placed my cheek on the inside of her arm. I held it there for a long time and then told her that I needed to move up higher. As I moved my cheek higher up her arm I made sure her arm stayed straight and I could feel her hand brush against my cock. I started getting hard and as it grew it pushed up against her hand. My cheek was on her arm and she could not move it. I fidgeted just enough to rub my hard cock against her hand several times.

“You don’t feel like you have a temperature,” I said. ” Are you sure you are sick?”

“Yes, I am. I feel terrible.”

“Take off your panties. I’m going to have to see if you are really sick or just faking it so you don’t have to go to school,” I demanded.

She hesitated.

“Remember what your Mom said, you have to do what I say”.

She stood up and slipped the cotton panties off. Her t-shirt hid the naked pussy.

I got up and got the rectal thermometer again.

“Oh no, not that thing. Can’t you check the insides of my legs first?”

“Well I could, but only if you do exactly as I tell you. But you had better not tell your Mom that I let you get away with this. She would insist on using this up your butt.”

“Anything but that. I promise to say you checked me with the thermometer.”

My aching cock was jutting out in front of my PJ’s as I looked at this young girl who had just given me permission to do anything. I told her to lie on the bed again with her legs over the side. She kept them tightly together and made sure her t-shirt was still covering her. I knelt on the floor in front of her and began rubbing my hands slowly up her legs. “They do feel a little warm, but I need to feel the insides against my cheek. Why don’t you just close your eyes and relax.”

She closed her eyes and my hands pulled her legs apart slowly and gently. I could now see that hairless pussy under her shirt and knew I had to taste it. I put my cheek to the inside of her right leg just above the knee. I stayed there for a good five minutes, just looking straight up at that beautiful young virgin pussy. With her legs apart it was opened slightly and I could see the deeper pink recess that looked so tasty.

“I need to move up higher,” I told her softly.

I moved up until I was about four inches from her slit. I could smell her very strongly now, it was perfume to my nose. I knew she could feel my breath on her exposed pussy and every time I exhaled I blew warm air onto it. Her breathing was becoming faster as I felt her other thigh close and press against my other cheek, holding me right there. Again I took my time and let her get used to having my head between her legs. Suddenly one small drop of moisture appeared at her pussy lips. I knew I would just die if I couldn’t taste it.

“You feel a little warmer but still no temperature,” I mumbled. “I think I am going to have to check higher. I need your help. You need to pull my head up tight against you and hold it there for at least 5 minutes so I can get an accurate feeling for how hot you are. When I am tight against you, close your legs against my cheeks so I can feel both sides at the same time. Do you understand?”

“Yes I think so,” She whispered ever so quietly.

I felt her put her tiny hands on the back of my head and pull me towards her pussy lips. I opened my mouth to cover her musky mound. When I first made contact with it she stopped pulling but I pressed forward on my own. My mouth was now covering her pussy and my tongue was resting on her wet slit. I could taste her nectar. Her hands pulled me tighter and I felt her legs close against my face. Her breathing was coming faster now. I let my tongue move along those lips and I felt her take a quick breath. More of her nectar slid onto my tongue. It tasted so damn good I wanted to suck her dry of every drop.

I had to explore her deeper. My tongue dipped into her slit and I ran it up slowly to her budding clit. Her hips involuntarily pushed up off the bed and forced my tongue to lick her clit. She was breathing really hard now and her juices were literally flowing into my waiting mouth. I made my tongue hard and pointy and pressed it down into her wet pussy. Her hips flew up at my face and my tongue slid in all the way. I started to tongue fuck that pussy like there was no tomorrow. I tongued and sucked for over 10 minutes while she just kept cumming and cumming into my eager mouth. Finally exhausted, I felt her hands leave the back of my head.

I backed slowly away staring at that beautiful hairless pussy that I had just invaded. It was bright pink and glistening. I could feel the precum dripping from my rock hard cock and knew I needed relief fast.

You feel a little hot I said as I moved up next to her on the bed. I wiped small beads of moisture from her forehead. It looks like you are running a fever and sweating. Her still had her eyes closed and a look of bliss on her young face. She just nodded. I need to test one more thing then I will be sure that you are not lying about being sick.

“Anything,” She moaned.

“I want you to keep your eyes closed and just relax. I have a thermometer that can be used in your mouth but it is different than most thermometers. Instead of the silver stuff going higher in a glass tube, this one has white stuff that comes out the hole in the top if you are really running a temperature. The white creamy hot stuff that comes out is good for you and you can swallow it. If you are faking it, nothing will come out. Do you understand?”

“I think so. I have to put a thermometer in my mouth and if I am sick it will give me a white medicine to drink.”

“That’s right sweetheart. It is a lot bigger then most thermometers and it is not glass. Now I am going to put it between your lips and I want you to suck on it. I will move it in and out looking for the hot spots.”


I moved up the bed so I was kneeling over her face with my cock. I undid the three snaps holding my fly closed and my cock sprang out. Just the sight of it hovering above those childlike lips almost made me cum right then and there. It took a real effort to hold back the flood of semen I knew was waiting.

“Now open your lips and keep your eyes closed. Remember to suck and let it slide in and out, but do not use your teeth. If you really are sick, it will give you some warm creamy medicine to swallow and I want you to drink every drop so you will get better. If it doesn’t give you any medicine, then I know you are faking it and you will be in big trouble, young lady.”

She parted her lips and I saw her tongue wet them. I leaned down and let the head move around her lips making them more wet with my precum. She opened wider as I pushed the head of my hard cock a few inches into her mouth.

“Remember to suck on it,” I said. She immediately sucked in and I gave her another few inches to suck on. Then I started moving in and out of that virgin mouth and I could feel a big load of hot sticky cum building in my balls. I wish I could have stayed there forever but the sight of that young face sucking on my big hard cock was pushing me over the edge. I pulled up her t-shirt and started rubbing my fingers over those budding breasts. The nipples were so hard already from me going down on her. I could not hold back much longer. I pulled my cock back until only the head was in her hot mouth. I wanted to give her plenty of room to take this load of cum. As I shot my first stream she opened her mouth wider and I could see it splash against her tongue. Then she closed her lips tight and started to swallow. I lost count of the globs of cum that I squirted into that young tender mouth but I know she was swallowing for all she was worth. Twice a little leaked out before she could catch up with it. When I finally stopped cumming I slid my cock deep into her throat and could feel her trying to swallow it too. Then I slowly pulled out and watched as her tongue wiped the few drops on her face away.

“Well it seems like you really are sick,” I told her. I will call your mom at work and tell her you are running a temperature and that I have given you some medicine for it. She will be glad to hear that you were not faking it,” I said as I put my cock back into my PJ’s. She sat up slowly and opened her eyes. I was waiting to see what she was going to do next.

“Thank you for taking care of me,” she said with love in her eyes. “Do you think you could check my temperature again and give me some more medicine before my mom gets off work?”

“I think that can be arranged,” I replied. “And sometimes this takes several days to go away, so why don’t I tell your mom that I will have to keep you home from school for several days until we are sure you are better.” My cock was already getting hard again at the thought of the doctor games we could play.

“Thank you, and I promise to do everything you ask me to.”

– The End –