When I was in elementary school and junior high, my two best friends and I were inseparable. We did everything together. At 13, one of my friends discovered masturbation. She shared her discovery and soon we were hurrying to her house after school almost everyday to have orgasms together. At first we compared our vaginas and watched each other. Next we started to explore each other, exchanging long tender kisses, sucking one another’s breasts, inserting fingers and other small objects into each hother. Eventually, we started performing oral sex on each other. To this day, we don’t think of it as lesbianism, it was just young curious girls exploring their bodies and finding an outlet for sexual release.

Then came a major change. My two friends got to go to a private but coed school. My parents decided to send me to an exclusive all girl’s academy. So at that age where boys are taking on a whole new level of importance in a girl’s life, they were going to be surrounded by them. I was going to be surrounded by nothing but girls.

As freshman, both of my friends were making out with guys. As sophomores, they started petting and having oral sex. We continued to have sleep overs and have mutual masturbation sessions, but I felt so left out. They had both had the chance to see, fondle and suck a real live penis. I was getting to be really boy hungry.

It might have been different if we were driving already and actually allowed to openly date. They could have had their dates fix me up with a friend. But all of us were restricted from dating until our junior years.

They had secret dates afternoon dates. An older guy, with a car would take them to some makeout spot then drop them off about the same time the school bus would have gotten them home. I had no opportunities for anything like that.

The last day of school was a half day for them. They both had after school dates with older guys, and they both wound up having intercourse for the first time. I was so jealous. I was happy for them, but upset that I hadn’t done so much as touch a real live penis.

I decided that no matter what, I was going to lose it before the summer was over. I didn’t have a lot of chances to be alone with guys. No cute neighbors in my age range, no coed activities like softball or soccer. I took horseback and tennis lessons, but my mother always dropped me off and picked me up right after if she didn’t actually stay to watch.

Every summer my parents would drive out to the south Washington coast where my grandparents have a summer home. They would stay for a long weekend visit then leave me with my grandparents for two weeks before coming to pick me up. I love my grandparents and visiting them is a treat. But they are just as protective as my parents, or at least that’s what I thought.

Several days into my visit my grandmother said that her neighbors were expecting their grandson for a visit. He was about my age and it would be nice if I showed him around. I said that my parents didn’t want me dating until I was a junior. My grandmother said there was nothing wrong with my showing a nice boy around town and besides, my junior year would be starting in just a couple of months. There was no harm in my being a good hostess.

The next day I me Andre. He was really cute. Not very tall, about 5 foot 4, but I’m only 5 foot 2. He was a month older than me, nice brown eyes, and an athletic build.

I could tell he liked what he saw in me. I was old enough to be well developed. I was wearing shorts and I have nice legs and I noticed him glancing at them.

We walked the quarter mile into town and I showed him the sights. Like I said, he was glancing a lot at my legs. I found out that this was his first visit to his grandparent’s summer place because his father’s job required his family to live oversees in Japan most of the year. He usually visited his grandparents at their home in the city at Christmas, and they traveled twice a year to Japan. Once in a while they would meet in the middle, in Hawaii. This was the first year where his parents let him travel to the US alone for a summer visit.

He also told me to call him Andy, it was less stuffy. He was funny and considerate and I really liked him. He asked me if I had a boyfriend so I knew he might like me too. We had a really nice day, and he and I gave each other a nice long hug at the end of the day. I wanted him to kiss me so bad but he didn’t.

The next day we decided to walk down the beach. The ocean waves in that part of the Pacific are really powerful and there are no lifeguards so we didn’t want to go swimming in the ocean.

But we decided to splash around in the shallow surf. I took my t-shirt and shorts off and saw the look on his face when he saw me in my bikini. I said “What, you’ve never seen a girl in a bathing suit?. He said “I’ve seen them, its just that you’re so beautiful.”

I was falling head over heals for Andy.

Like I said, I have nice legs and a cute ass. My measurements are 33B-34-31. I know I have pretty breasts, they’re round and firm, and I have small and cute pink nipples. We splashed around, then wound up wrestling and horsing around. I jumped on his back and made him give me a piggyback ride. We found a private spot and we wound up kissing. I let him lift my bikini top and kiss my breasts. We would probably have done more except I heard voices and I adjusted my top back into place just in time. A few seconds later, a couple of neighbors came around a clump of trees. Andy and I just sat there nonchalantly talking.

That evening, my grandparents and his grandparents were invited out. They left us to order pizza and watch a video. Of course we started to make out. I soon took off my blouse and bra and he was really enjoying sucking on my cute, medium sized tits as he caressed my smooth, firm thighs. He reached for the button on my shorts.

I raised my hips to help him pull them off. He took my panties down at the same time. Then he stood up and striped off his shirt, sorts and jockies in less than 5 seconds. His penis was already totally erect. I was fascinated by the sight of it.

I told him I had never seen one before. I was actually surprised by the way it looked. I knew a penis had a head, but it was so amazing the way it changed from pink at the very tip to a light purple, then rim was pink again. I could see veins running the length of it and also around it. I asked how long it was and he told me to measure it. I did and it was just under 6 inches. I fondled it, opening the tiny slit to try to look inside, played with that tiny tendon on the underside of the head, felt my way along the underside feeling the contrast between the hard shaft and the soft tube that runs from the balls to the tip. I softly squeezed his balls and discovered that they really aren’t round.

Then I got brave and put my mouth over it. The head felt so soft and smooth. I took about half of it into my mouth and began bobbing up and down as my friends had described. It didn’t take long before I felt has penis start to convulse in my mouth. His cum filled my mouth. It was warm, kind of salty and sweet at the same time. I swallowed it without hesitation.

Then he said it was his turn to taste me. He spread my legs and kissed my inner thighs. He told me my legs were just “too beautiful”. The he examined my pussy. I know I have a cute one. I’m blond, and my soft, downy pubic hair has never grown enough to cover my lips so he got a clear view of the little pink lips. He told me it was the nicest he had ever seen.

He went down on me. Feeling a tongue on and in my pussy wasn’t a new sensation because of the things my girl friends and I had done to each other, but it was the first time a guy had ever done this to me. I had a really intense orgasm.

Then he went over to his jacket and came back with a small tube. It was spermacide cream. He told me he had made a special trip into town to get it for us. He applied some into the entrance to my pussy then pushed it deeper into me with his fingers. He repeated it. Then he told me to suck his penis to get it wet so that he could slip it into me.

I was sprawled on the couch with my ass right on the edge and my legs spread apart. He knelt down and I watched in fascination as the purplish head disappeared between my tiny pink lips. It didn’t hurt and the sensation of feeling the walls of my vagina being stretched and spread was exciting. It didn’t take long for him to completely bury himself inside of me.

He gave a long moan of pleasure and said “God you’re so soft and tight”.

He began stroking. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch him moving his dick in and out of me. The pleasure of the in and out motion was so good. I climaxed for the second time that night. He kept fucking me, then he came. He shoved himself into me as deep as he could then started flexing his penis inside of me. I felt his cum rushing and spurting into me. He just stayed there, holding me close and kissing me as I tried to control my vagina’s mucles to squeeze and milk his cock. I felt so pleased with myself. I liked knowing that being inside of me was so pleasurable for him and knowing that I could give a guy such good satisfaction. Also, neither of my two friends had actually felt a guy cum in them, they had used condoms.

We got dressed, ordered our pizza and watched the video so that we could describe it if asked. Since he had known to buy spermacide, it was obvious that he wasn’t sexually inexperienced. He said that he had sex for the first time with the a 19 year old housekeeper a year earlier. He had also been with a 22 year old neighbor, his dad’s secretary’s 19 year old daughter and his friend’s 18 year old sister. Apparently, Japanese girls like to fuck white guys as kind of a novelty. I was the first white girl Andy had ever been with.

He got another blow job from me and he sucked my breasts, but we didn’t get undressed again. We had no idea how soon our two sets of grandparents would be returning home.

We fucked almost daily for the next 8 days until my parents came to pick me up. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends. That fall, we started to go on dates, and by the end of my junior year, I had experienced sex with 14 different guys.

Andy and I saw each other the next summer. We made love at every opportunity, and I stretched my visit from two weeks to 4 to match the length of his stay. I let Andy try anal sex with me and after two times, I know its not for me, not even with Andy. Our friendship has gotten much stronger. He goes to school in California, so he’s just a couple hours away from where I live and go to school in Seattle. Since we both get generous allowances, we are able to fly to see each other every few weeks. We have no problem with the fact that we both have sex with other people.

Last summer, the 3rd since he took my virginity, I got to go with him to Japan where I had my first oversees fuck. He also introduced me to a some of cute Japanese guys, and I had my first sex with an Asian guy. I had fucked a couple black guys by then here at home, and a hispanic guy, an East Indian, an American Indian. I think the idea that he was accepting of other ethnic groups made me open to it too. In Japan, I also had my first sex with more than one guy at the same time. Andy and three of his Japanese friends gang banged me. I had my first DVP.

Andy is going to transfer to school in Seattle to be closer to me. We still intend to have an open relationship but he and I still want to be closer to each other. Who knows, maybe we’ll actually admit that we’re in love and get married down the road.

I still have my “masturbation” sessions with my two girl friends, and I have fixed Andy up for sex dates with both of them. I have gone down on both of them after Andy came in them and enjoyed tasting his cum mixed with the taste of their cute little pussies. I may have gotten started later than either of my friends, but my sex life has probably surpassed either of theirs.

– The End –