I’m writing to you because a lot of other girls in my dorm are doing the same. This is my first year of college. After three weeks of college life, I have realized that campus is basically a smorgasborg of cute horny guys. I’ve gotten laid 8 times in the last 21 days. It wasn’t always like this.

Until a couple years ago, I was really insecure and uncertain of my ability to attract boys. I’m big. Not fat, just big.

I’m 5-9 and 155 lbs. By 8th grade I was already 5-8. I started working out with weights in 8th grade because my older brother did. A female fitness instructor at the gym told me and my parents that with my frame, I could be a top level junior class competitor. Finally, something I could do. I was a klutz. I don’t do well in things like basketball, volleyball, soccer or softball. When I tried to take ballet in elementary school, the instructor told my parents that I should try something else after just 3 lessons. About the only thing I could do moderately well was run cross country. I jumped into weight training with a lot of enthusiasm.

Muscle weighs a lot more than fat and I gained a lot of muscle weight. I wasn’t really bulked up with bulging muscles, but by 9th grade I could probably out lift many of my male classmates. Guy’s that age are insecure, and they weren’t interested in a girl who was physically strong than they were. A lot of my friends started dating as freshmen. I didn’t get any invitations.

On the plus side, I have my good features. My measurements are 40-29-37 so I have an hourglass figure, just a bigger hourglass than most guys prefer. I have long, silky auburn hair, really pretty eyes, a nice smile and a soft gentle voice. My legs are long and nicely sculptured with not a bit of cellulite. I have a killer ass that looks great in a small bikini. My stomach is flat with a hint of abs showing. My boobs are generous – 39 D – and full, round and firm. Guys who see them for the first time have a hard time believing they’re completely natural.

I look great standing alone in a bikini from 30 feet away or in a photograph. Its just that when I’m standing next to a petite girl or a smaller guy that my size is obvious.

I started my sophomore year without ever having been asked on a real date. That changed one really fun Halloween night. Despite my lack of dates, I had a lot of friends, male and female. One of them had finagled an invitation to a Halloween party hosted by some seniors. I went dressed as a Catholic school girl, and a naughty one at that. I didn’t leave my house that way, I adjusted my costume later.

Like I said, my figure is nicely proportioned and my tummy is flat and slightly muscular, in other words its sexy. I wore a pull over sweater vest which I rolled up to just below my ribs. Then I tied the front of the shirt up in a knot. My plaid skirt was riding low. I had 6 inches of tummy and upper waist exposed. The skirt was also very short. I was wearing bathing suit briefs instead of underwear just in case my skirt hiked up when I bent over. I liked the idea that the guys were admiring my legs and mid section.

I started talking to a cute senior. He was a big guy, about 6-4. He played both football and basketball so in comparison to him, my size wasn’t all that noticeable. I was surprised that he even knew who I was since he was a senior and I was just a sophomore. He said he had seen me around and asked who the cute tall girl was.

“Cute?” did he really say I was cute?

He excused himself to go greet some new arrivals and I thought “Well, that was fun while it lasted.”

A few minutes later he came back, this time with a glass of sparkling wine. I told him I’m not much of a drinker but he said “Just one, its a party”. It was kind of like when my parents let me have a glass of wine on holidays.

He took me by the elbow and introduced me to some other seniors. After a while he took me outside to look at the stars and asked if I was seeing anyone. When told him no he said we would have to go out sometime. God I was falling for him. We returned to the party and went our separate ways. Twenty minutes later he asked me if I wanted to go for a snack run with him. Apparently, nobody brought any clam dip and he loved his clam dip. We drove to the local store and bought fixins for dip – sour cream and clam dip mix. We were in the kitchen mixing it up when he dipped a chip and put it in my mouth. Then he followed with a nice gentle kiss. My first real kiss.

We took the dip out to the refreshment table and then he said he wanted to feed me some more chips and dip in private. He took me through the kitchen, up the steps to the 2nd floor and then up to the attic. He locked the door behind us and soon we were kissing and he was caressing my bare lower back.

He lifted me onto a desk and stood between my legs, kissing me and rubbing my thighs. “Beautiful legs” he muttered, “so smooth”. Then he untied the knot in the front of my rolled up shirt.

He said “You can tell me to stop you know.”

I just said “Uh huh.” but I didn’t ask him to stop.

He pulled my sweater vest off and unbuttoned my top. Soon he was releasing my breasts from my bra. My breasts are big but my nipples and areolas are small. My brownish pink nipples were more erect than I had ever seen. He sucked them and I felt shivers of pleasure up and down my entire spine.

He led me to a big overstuffed chair. Before he sat me down he reached under my skirt and slid my bikini bottoms down. I was so glad that I had trimmed my pubic hair earlier that week..

I was on the pill to help put my periods on a regular cycle. I wasn’t sure if he was going to try to go all the way or just feel me up. But I wasn’t going to say no. I was tired of hearing other girls talk about it without having any first hand knowledge of what they had experienced.

He asked if I was on birth control and I was glad to tell him I was. So there it was, he wanted to make love with me. He gently played with my pussy while he kissed me.

He asked if I had ever done this before. I shook my head slightly and he promised to be gentle. I stood slightly to slip my skirt off and I was naked in front of a boy for the very first time.

He told me to lean back and scoot forward, then he spread my legs to explore my vagina. I was embarrassed. I don’t like my labia, I think they are too big, but I couldn’t not let him see.

He opened me and slipped his middle finger into me. It felt good. My membrane was long gone from my putting a 5 inch dildo into me. An older female cousin had given to me.

He took off his shirt, then stood and dropped his pants. The front of his boxers were pushed out. He obviously had an erection. He stepped out of his boxers and I got my first view of a full grown penis in an erect state. Before that, I had changed diapers and helped little kids go potty, and my brother and I were bathed together until we were done 5 and 6 respectively. But this was sexual, and it was new and exciting.

It was the only one I had ever seen but it looked big. I said “It looks so big.” He was pleased and he told me “Its 9 inches and its all for you.”

He moved forward, to the side of the chair. He was obviously wanted me to suck it. I did, but I spent some time playing with it and admiring it first. The skin was so soft but the shaft was so hard. The head was purplish and soft but firm at the same time. I looked at the veins. There was one that ran right up the middle of the top of his penis, with a couple that branched out and wrapped around to the underside. I could feel the pulse in them. I felt what I later learned was his urethra along the length of the underside. I looked at that little membrane that runs from the cleft on the underside of the head. I still don’t know what purpose it serves. The balls were oval shaped, not round like the name suggests.

I took the head into my mouth as my friends had described to me before. I began to bob my head like I’d been told to do by those friends.

He stopped me after a minute. Then he knelt down in front of me and leaned forward to kiss my inner thighs. Then he did it: He inserted his tongue between my outer lips and found my clit with it. I was so glad I took a shower right before I had gotten dressed for the party.

I felt myself getting close to cumming. Then he kissed his way up my tummy to my breasts and I felt his penis probing for my vaginal opening. He told me to take his penis and guide it in. I obeyed. He didn’t try to force it in. He used short gentle pushing motions and soon the big head was inside. I looked down and watched his penis go deeper and deeper. I would guess he was about half way in when it started to hurt a little. That made sense because the deepest anything had gone into me before was that 5 inch dildo I already mentioned. His penis was a lot thicker.

I gasped and whimpered like a wimp. He stopped and said “Sorry baby, I’m trying to take it slow.”

He continued to enter me very gingerly. Eventually, and with only a minimum of pain, I took all of him into me.

The pushing and pulling sensation was so good. Felt him pick up the pace and the chair was squeaking. The pleasure was so intense for me and his panting, mixed with groaning and barely audible complements about how tight I was let me knew he was enjoying it too. He pushed deeply into me and ejaculated. It started as a hard throbbing and twitching and his penis seemed to get bigger inside of me. Then I felt the sensation of cum jetting into me. I was so proud of myself. I had made a guy cum.

He continued to stroke in and out of me until I came, then he had me doggie style, then more missionary. I think I had 5 or 6 orgasms.

We got dressed and went downstairs. Only problem…I put my sweater vest on inside out with the label showing. Talk about busted. The good news is that he actually did take me out on quite a few dates. He and I never declared ourselves a couple, but we dated frequently and had sex frequently. I also started to date other guys, and I had my share of sexual encounters.

I’ve never done a gang bang, never done anal, never had a girl girl experience. I might go for a multiple male partner experience. Some of the girls in my dorm have done it and it intrigues me. I don’t want to take on a dozen guys. Four, maybe five would do nicely. I’ll write about it if it happens.

– The End –